Die besten Cable Machine-Übungen für Ihr Golfspiel

Die besten Cable Machine Uebungen fuer Ihr Golfspiel hochladen

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11 thought on “Die besten Cable Machine-Übungen für Ihr Golfspiel”

    1. Hi Mitch,
      Yes, you should do the exer­ci­ses on both sides of the body. I should have cla­ri­fied, try­ing to keep the length of the vide­os down. Thanks for the message

  1. I’m begin­ning to shoot in the low 80s, but I don’t hit the ball very far, and the inju­ries (ten­do­ni­tis, pul­led calf and obli­que) are beco­m­ing a pro­blem to bet­ter golf. I’ve been doing one of your mobi­li­ty rou­ti­nes off and on for a while now, and I just joi­ned a gym clo­se by. If I can make your rou­ti­ne and the gym regu­lar and mul­ti­ple wee­kly events, I’m hoping to avoid the inju­ries, and get more distance and control.

    Mike, thanks for your ener­gy, info, encou­ra­ge­ment and per­sis­tence – I hope to com­mit to bet­ter golf fitness.

    1. Bill, Thank you!! It’s why I do what I do, to help gol­fers like yourself. I’ve always said you can have the best pro­gram in the world, but if you don’t do it, it’s no good. Con­sis­ten­cy is key to anything, espe­cial­ly when it comes to working out. I made a video a few years back for our off-sea­son pro­gram about just that, you can check it out here https://​you​tu​.be/​B​U​F​3​4​Q​f​J​VwY Hope it helps!
      Plea­se let me know if I can help in any other way, and thanks again for your positivity!!

  2. I have a machi­ne at home but the cables share a cen­ter bar and share the same weight. So the cables are not clo­se to each other. Can I do the same exer­ci­ses you demonstrated.

    1. Sor­ry for the delay here Brad­ford, must have over­loo­ked. The ans­wer is yes, just do one arm at a time pre­ten­ding like you have 2 by not tur­ning the shoul­ders. It will be good for the rota­ry sta­bi­li­zers too!! Good Luck!

    1. Hey John, that’s tough to ans­wer, but for gene­ral pur­po­ses shoot for 2–3 sets. I like to say you do the first set to figu­re out how to do the exer­cise, the 2nd to mas­ter it and the 3rd to get the results. Big­ger mus­cles (rota­ti­ons, chest punch, rota­ry pull, legs) I’d say 3 sets. The smal­ler mus­cle groups (shoul­ders, and back of shoul­ders) you can 2–3 kee­ping the weight light.
      A far as reps, that depends on your goal. You never want to sacri­fice form for weight, but if you’­re loo­king for strength go hea­vy, endu­ran­ce go ligh­ter more reps. Hope this helps!

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