Die BESTEN Druck-Putts, Park-Jobs und Scramble-Aufnahmen der DGLO 2022

Die BESTEN Druck Putts Park Jobs und Scramble Aufnahmen der DGLO 2022 2022 disc golf

Vie­len Dank, dass Sie sich die Höhe­punk­te der Jomez­Pro Disc Golf-Tur­nier­be­richt­erstat­tung der MPO-Lead-Kar­te bei den Dis­craft Gre­at Lakes Open 2022 ange­se­hen haben. Spie­ler: Corey Ellis, Paul McBeth, Simon Lizot­te, Cal­vin Heim­burg Platz: Ken­sing­ton Tobog­gan DGC | Mil­ford, MI BigSexy­Bar­ri Kom­men­tar: Jere­my „Big Jerm“ Koling, Nate „Sexy“ Sext­on, Paul „Uli“ Uli­bar­ri //jomezpro.com/patreon ⛓️ KAUFEN Sie offi­zi­el­le Jomez­Pro-Discs und Merch unter https://​www​.jomez​pro​.com/ 📱 Schau­en Sie sich mehr Jomez­Pro an: https://​jomez​pro​.com/ https://​insta​gram​.com/​j​o​m​e​z​pro htt­ps: //www.tiktok.com/@jomezpro https://​twit​ter​.com/​j​o​m​e​z​pro https://​face​book​.com/​j​o​m​e​z​pro Copy­right ©2012–2021. Alle Rech­te vor­be­hal­ten. Jomez­Pro™, Fol­low­F­light™, Slo­Mez™, NoMez™, BigSexy Com­men­ta­ry™, Big­Bar­ri Com­men­ta­ry™, BigSexy­Bar­ri Com­men­ta­ry™ sind alle geschütz­te Mar­ken von Jomez Pro­duc­tions, LLC. #jomez­pro #disc­golf War­um liest du das immer noch? Gehen Sie raus und spie­len Sie etwas Discgolf!

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44 thought on “Die BESTEN Druck-Putts, Park-Jobs und Scramble-Aufnahmen der DGLO 2022”

    1. We are living in the gol­den age of disc golf, that fun­ny era bet­ween rela­ti­ve obscu­ri­ty and main­stream accep­t­ance whe­re you can still watch pro­fes­sio­nal qua­li­ty pro­duc­tion with com­men­ta­ry pro­vi­ded by a trio that refers to them­sel­ves as BigSexyBarri

  1. Was roo­ting for Corey Ellis after see­ing his play­er spot­light whe­re he talks about his strug­gles with alco­ho­lism. He play­ed an ama­zing tour­na­ment, hope to see more of him on lead cards!

    1. Yeah, I don’t real­ly want to see one of the ‘Usu­al Podi­um Suspects’ win again, it gets red­un­dant, but I did need to see Heimburg’s round. Cory came to play. Lon­ger the round went, the odds kept incre­a­sing for H, 2nd play­off win this year.

  2. Gre­at tour­na­ment and coverage to watch as always! Real­ly wan­ted to see Corey Ellis win but can’t wait to see him play on more lead cards soon!

    Also #4 Simon did very clo­se to the same thing on Hole 18 in Round 3, wasn’t much far­t­her away at all with the same rol­ler shot

  3. Simon span­ked so many putts it was­n’t fun­ny, but you’­re restric­ted to just what J‑pro shot. Klein had a long up hill kil­ler scram­ble dou­ble kozy kick (yes it went back for more) on 17 final round I believe.

  4. If Simon had his C1 put­ting right on day one, I feel like this tour­ney would have a dif­fe­rent out­co­me. My favo­ri­te DGLO to date!

  5. Simon’s hole 7 skip approach out of the woods was my per­so­nal #3 shot of the tour­na­ment. Sup­pri­sed to see it at #8 on this list. I do agree with Jomez’s #1 and 2.

  6. So, I get that 45ft putts are hard. I pro­bab­ly only have a 5% make per­cen­ta­ge. But wide open 45ft putts are not that inte­res­ting to watch. All the putts in the video were pret­ty rou­ti­ne putts I feel. Its tob­ba­gen show us some of the cool long dri­ves and stuff

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