Die besten Eisen für alle Golfer


Die besten Eisen fuer alle Golfer glof

Ich habe die bil­ligs­ten Bügel­eisen bei Ama­zon gekauft und war vom Ergeb­nis über­rascht! Ich spie­le in einem 3‑Loch-Match mit der Golf­le­gen­de Old Man Pat, dem Mann, der den Dri­ver gera­de trifft und die Eisen rein schlägt. Die­se Golf­ei­sen sind ein güns­ti­ges Box-Set von Ama­zon und sie sind die preis­wer­tes­ten Eisen für das Geld im Jahr 2022! Kom­men­tie­re unten, was du denkst! ►For All Things Golf Mates https://​www​.golf​ma​te​s​of​fi​cial​.com ► Offi­cial Golf Mates Tra­vel Com­pa­ny http://​Golf​Ma​tesTra​vel​.com/ Liam Har­ri­son wird gespon­sert von ► Mizu­no Clot­hing & Shoes https://​mizu​no​golf​.com/​u​k​/​a​p​p​a​rel / ► Mizu­no Golf Equip­ment https://​emea​.mizu​no​.com/​u​k​/​e​n​-​g​b​/​s​t​-​m​i​z​u​n​o​-​g​o​l​f​.​h​tml ► Wer­den Sie ein Golf Mate, indem Sie sich jetzt KOSTENLOS ABONNIEREN! https://​bit​.ly/​2​G​2​S​1vf —————————————– ——————— Mei­ne Socials: Twit­ter ► https://​twit​ter​.com/​G​o​l​f​_​M​a​t​es_ Insta­gram ► https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​G​o​l​f​_​M​a​t​es_ Face­book ► https://​www​.face​book​.com/​G​o​l​f​m​a​t​e​s​-​1​1​0​1​7​2​3​1​0​4​3​1​947 ————————————- ————————- Will­kom­men auf dem You­Tube-Kanal von Golf Mates! Wir brin­gen Ihnen lus­ti­ge Golf­vi­de­os mit einer Rei­he von Cha­rak­te­ren, die Sie alle genie­ßen kön­nen. Es gibt Cha­rak­te­re, an denen wir uns alle erfreu­en kön­nen, von Gol­fern mit mitt­le­rem Han­di­cap, Fun­ny-Gol­fern, Senio­ren-Gol­fern, Scratch-Gol­fern, Ex-PGA-Pro­fis und PGA-Pro­fis. Mei­ne Vide­os sind hier, um Ihr Golf­spiel zu ver­bes­sern und den Spaß und die Gemein­schaft zurück ins Golf zu brin­gen! Play­lists unse­rer Cha­rak­te­re: OMP ► 70 Jah­re Gol­ferfah­rung und legen­dä­rer Gol­fer – https://​bit​.ly/​3​p​n​T​vsD Young Man Josh ► Ein jun­ger Golf-Super­star – https://​bit​.ly/​3​o​e​A​itZ Mr Bar­low ► Der lus­tigs­te Gol­fer auf You­Tube – https://​bit​.ly/​2​Z​M​h​NDV Lee Jones ► Scratch-Gol­fer & Golf-Rezen­sent – https://​bit​.ly/​3​d​d​9​STa Ebay Pete ► The House­wi­fes Choice & Mid Han­di­cap Gol­fer – https://​bit​.ly/​3​D​h​l​GhV Stu ► Roy ‘Chub­by’ Brown Look Ali­ke Bry ► Euro­pean Long Dri­ve Cham­pion – https://​bit​.ly/​3​2​T​Z​PR5 Peter Finch ► Ex-Pro­fi & Scratch-Gol­fer #Sub­scri­be #HitT­he­Bell #Golf­Ma­tes

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145 thought on “Die besten Eisen für alle Golfer”

  1. I thought OMP was going to get fit for a new set of Mizu­no clubs. What’s up? Aldo thought Mr Bar­low was get­ting them as well. What’s up?

  2. Final hole, thought Liam was at Wimbledon.
    Ladies flex good for OMPs swing speed, lea­ves the face open for Liam. ❤️

  3. good to show the­se for anyo­ne thin­king about star­ting, when you been play­ing a while you think good clubs will help, they were well to short for you liam, but i recon omp would beat you with broom lol

  4. OMP know what he wants .. just goes to show how to just take 150 yards and move on. Nice and Steady ⛳️⛳️ unlu­cky Liam.

  5. Gre­at vid with yourself and omp. Im con­vin­ced omp could play with a hockey stick and he would still play well what a legend.

  6. Bought a brand new mens set of the same clubs when I star­ted out 10 years ago.
    £90 brand new at the time! Bril­li­ant star­ter set. 🏌‍♂️⛳️👍🏻👏🏻

  7. I’m kin­da with OMP here Liam I’ve always said it’s not the wand it’s the wizard. If your swing is not cor­rect it does­n’t mat­ter how much you spend on clubs your gon­na hit a bad shot. Is OMP get­ting che­cky try­ing to get you to play his ball again Liam?

  8. The one and only O.M.P 🏌🏌🏌🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️

  9. Liam…..in the video you sta­te that You­Tube is ‘Unsub­scrib­ing’ sub­scri­bers?! Why? How do you know too? Sounds like a real­ly bad thing they’re doing?

  10. Is the­re anything OMP can’t play with gre­at video and as I’ve just brought a star­ter set to get into golf it’s good to see peop­le reviewing pro­per bud­get star­ter sets no mat­ter if it’s a ladies or men’s set.

  11. Gre­at video as it shows peop­le it’s not all about the clubs it’s how you strike the ball and omp does it so well so good win omp But hope you start to get your game back on track Liam.

  12. Yes OMP is defi­ni­te­ly one of the best You­Tube golfer’s. Then we have our Liam the non-gol­fer. Awe­so­me round of golf OMP and Liam. Gre­at video work Joe👍👍⛳️🏌️🇨🇦

  13. Liam do you think Mr Bar­low will play bet­ter with them??? or eBay?? OMP could play with hick­ory club’s keep them coming 👍👍⛳

  14. I could watch OMP all day what a star!!!
    Nice video with the Ladies clubs.👍
    I think OMP could play with anything if you men­ti­on a £5 note.😂😂😂

  15. Tho­se irons look like my Cal­la­way X20’s and I can play pret­ty well with them. I’m sure OMP can make any golf club look good. The two of you are such a plea­su­re to watch, such as with Mr. Bar­low and YMJ.

  16. So do you reck­on they are bet­ter than the Sla­ze­ger for a simi­lar pri­ce? Well play­ed both, love Pats humour 👏 🤗❤️

  17. Per­fect clubs for seni­ors & peop­le with arthri­tis. Be nice to see more club reviews from you lads again. Spot on 👍

  18. Love OMP, my Nairn Blue and Greysca­le shirts arri­ved today, qua­li­ty is excel­lent, gre­at cau­se let’s hope you rai­se enough to sup­port gol­fers with limi­ted mobi­li­ty get back to play­ing golf.

  19. Love the­se vide­os, love your enthu­si­asm, anyo­ne else doing the­se vide­os they would be boring. Love you work and commitment.

  20. Old man not caring about club head speed or try­ing to car­ry his clubs as far as his bud­dies and just having fun. 

    Yep. Best golfer.

  21. I would like to see a video with OMP and you just sit­ting having a beer 🍻 and tal­king golf ⛳ super video 👏👏👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  22. Gre­at vids Liam and it’s so good to see the legend omp he is a golf maes­tro ⛳️🏌🏼‍♂️⛳️🏌🏼‍♂️

  23. Just to ask pat how would he hit a ball well abo­ve your feet in the deep rough and what club I know he ent in the rough ever but mite know⛳👍

  24. Gre­at to see OMP again! My wife has a simi­lar set from Cana­di­an Tire but her put­ter loo­ks better. 👍🇨🇦

  25. Ano­t­her £5 in OMPs wal­let. Enjoya­ble video. OMP is so con­sis­tent he could play to his han­di­cap using hick­ory shaf­ted clubs

  26. Gre­at match OMP in for the fivers again ‚just can’t beat class think he would win play­ing with a broom stick . Keep safe and well golfmates

  27. Hey Liam gre­at video with OMP. I just thought it would be fun to see you play a few holes on a video whe­re you try to swing just like OMP. The nice litt­le half swings and see how you do!

  28. The cor­po­ra­te machi­ne mar­ches on. I won­der how big a con­fi­dence power drink is 😂 i com­ple­te­ly under­stand why this video has hap­pen­ed but £200 would be bet­ter spent on a 5 year old set of Calloway’s and Liam and co know it

  29. OMP could play golf with a wal­king stick liam & still take £5 from you 🤣🤣 the mans an abso­lu­te geni­us joy to watch keep up the good work guys 👍⛳️🏌🏻‍♂️

  30. Liam, if OMP offers to try a res­cue to pro­ve you wrong then you’­ve got to let the man try! Gut­ted I did­n’t see OMP’s res­cue attempt there!

  31. My first set of clubs were from argos, half set 3,5,7,9 pw £35 in 1974, they whe­re left han­ded then 20 quid for a dri­ver and 3 wood oh I nicked a put­ter from the golf shop at hai­gh hall

  32. super video very enjoya­ble and enga­ging. A gre­at review of tho­se clubs in their own terms! Half sets always bet­ter for begin­ners. I’ve always thought slazenger/sports direct could learn a thing or two by put­ting slight­ly fewer clubs of bet­ter qua­li­ty into their begin­ners box set.

  33. I got to say I left golf becau­se of an inju­ry and when I came back I play­ed with some lady’s irons that were given to me just to see if i could play again. They were so easy to hit!

    1. @Golf Mates not sug­ges­ting your an old f**t yet Liam but look how good OMP was with them. If you are slight­ly height chal­len­ged like mys­elf and Pete the long clubs are par­ti­cu­lar­ly good as they are shor­ter! Keep up good work!

  34. OMP is the defi­ni­ti­on of expe­ri­ence trumping youth… he hits it half as far as ever­yo­ne else and still wins… class 👌🏼

  35. Got my new shirt today in Cana­da. Orde­red it last week when Liam announ­ced the new pro­ducts. Shirt loo­ks gre­at as usual.

  36. I’m pret­ty Con­fi­dent the their logo is Clear­ly too Clo­se to Cleveland’s and the they just see the Power of attor­ney come into play in a Copy­right case.

  37. I did­n’t rea­li­ze Con­fi­dence was still around. I have my Dad’s Spi­der by Con­fi­dence put­ter has to be from the late ’70s to ear­ly ’80s. He had it with his set of Peer­less Lee Tre­vi­no irons. It was his pri­zed club

  38. A few of the high school girls I coa­ched play­ed the­se clubs. They’­re very light and well made. A cou­p­le of them did chan­ge out the put­ter. Good Job OMP!

  39. Pro­fes­sor Eme­ri­tus OMP schools Liam again! The point is well made Lads that this is a gre­at set for Novice Gol­fers of eit­her gender!

  40. Just recei­ved two new shirts here in the Sta­tes orde­red April 28 got them May 9. My golf­ma­tes collec­tion is up to 5 shirts. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly the laven­der swea­ter in lar­ge was out of stock. The­se are qua­li­ty shirts but they don’t impro­ve my game.

  41. Liam could­n’t get a bir­die on the Pa 3 gave a 4 out of 10 for the put­ter whe­re else Mr. OMP got His Par and gave it a 6. lol. Mr. OMP inde­ed is a fair gentlemen.

  42. Gre­at vid as usu­al. For us non Bri­tish, what is a “bit of a dri­ver”? Would love to under­stand OMP’s Doris joke

  43. Love the­se vide­os. My dad does­n’t golf but we spent many many years fixing our fami­ly cars tog­e­ther and the­se vide­os remind me of tho­se days.

  44. OMP reminds me of my late Uncle Tony. Irish­man, no non­sen­se! i play­ed Luton Hoo with him once years ago. I over thought every shot, he just play­ed simp­le golf and wiped the floor with me. God bless you Pat.

  45. The old fel­la dont look too good, has he been real­ly ill, i am con­cer­ned for him. I want to get the OMP cap but here in Aus­tra­lia its very hard to find them, can any­bo­dy help.

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