Die besten Golf-Rage-Momente!

Die besten Golf Rage Momente hochladen

Golf kann frus­trie­rend sein.… Genie­ßen Sie eini­ge der welt­bes­ten Schlag- und Wurfschläger!

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472 thought on “Die besten Golf-Rage-Momente!”

  1. I some­what under­stand the frus­tra­ti­on howe­ver I can not stand play­ing with a regu­lar wee­kend gol­fers who get this pis­sed as if they play for the PGA. Like dude your not a pro­fes­sio­nal why are you so mad.

    1. @Morgan Von bogel Pss­sh thro­wing a tem­per tan­trum becau­se one has high expec­ta­ti­ons of them­sel­ves is “Toxic”. If one dis­plays this much frus­tra­ti­on I can only ima­gi­ne what the home life is like

  2. I run a nice men’s league and make sure to play with every new mem­ber on their first week. Throw a club like the­se guys and you won’t be around for week 2.

    1. @VanEerd29 true. They don’t have to work Mon­day. We do. Unlesss you make a living gol­fing and get clubs for free, best not to break them or sink them.

  3. A play­er in a tour­na­ment loca­ted in Wis­con­sin lost his cool after a dri­ve. Took the dri­ver and bro­ke it over a bench. The head boun­ced off the bench seat and the bro­ken shaft speared him in the chest, hit­ting his heart and kil­ling him.

  4. I can under­stand their frus­tra­ti­ons but c’mon it was­n’t the club that hit a poor shot. Don’t bla­me it. Just punch yourself in the face next time

    1. Fun­ni­ly enough, if I’m frus­tra­ted enough I will just flip the club in wha­te­ver direc­tion the cart or ball is, and i never thought about it lol but that is smart

  5. This is a lame com­ment but I feel like there’s a dif­fe­rence in thro­wing your club in a golf water fea­ture ver­sus fuck­in Lake Michi­gan lol

    1. Repent to Jesus Christ
      “This is the con­fi­dence we have in approa­ching God: that if we ask anything accord­ing to his will, he hears us.”
      ‭‭1 John‬ ‭5:14‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  6. All pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fers are pri­ma­don­nas at 1 time or ano­t­her. It’s not the club’s fault that you did­n’t swing well or can’t read a putt. They’d be bet­ter off thro­wing them­sel­ves into the water.

  7. Us ama­teurs could never afford to do this ! Ins­tead of brea­king them they could give them to someo­ne in the crowd ‚they’ve still made the point about the club and would pro­bab­ly feel bet­ter than making a dick of them­sel­ves . ever­y­bo­dy wins!

  8. クラブを作っている人達をバカにしてる!




  9. Abso­lu­te bunch of knobs the lot of them beha­ving like that. I’ve been to one golf tour­na­ment, and on the 17th tee saw Dan­ny Wil­lett shout an F bomb and smash his dri­ver into the ground. My opi­ni­on of him ever sin­ce by that one action is that he’s an obnoxious turd. Not how you behave on a golf course.

    1. If a play­er breaks a club during a round, (eit­her pur­po­se­ly or unin­ten­tio­nal­ly ), is he or she per­mit­ted to replace it ?

    2. @Gary Mor­ris Bry­son did it unin­ten­tio­nal­ly and he got to replace it, I’m not sure about inten­tio­nal­ly but by the loo­ks of it sin­ce si woo kim put­ted with his wood, I would say no

  10. Lis­ten up pros, you want that club to suf­fer??? Send it to me! Im the worlds worst gol­fer, dri­ve 300 plus, can park a pit­ching wedge 4 ft from the hole and three putt, ussual­ly score around 100 even with mulligans.

  11. And all of the­se play­ers are tour pro’s play­ing under equip­ment con­tracts. In other words – they are given the clubs.… and then they act like this. Very disrespectful.

  12. いくらプロでも道具を大事にしない人は心の貧しい人。 見ていると不快以外ない。
    クラブが悪いのではない。 使う人が下手なだけ

    1. Dude that’s what pis­ses me off per­so­nal­ly clubs aren’t cheap and they tre­at them like it’s cool they’ll give me ano­t­her, I loo­ked for my bag for years

  13. Is Ser­gio Gar­cia the rein­car­na­te of Ana­kin Sky­wal­ker becau­se he clear­ly “I don’t like sand” a lot in this compilation!

    1. @Devin Con­ley Thanks, I real­ly thought the­re would be. Golf being such an old sport I thought they’d be some rules about good sports­manship etc. and not yee­ting your club into the nea­rest lake 😅

  14. プロってスポンサーから無料で道具支給されるから

    1. Tru­ly is unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly. I think everyone’s done it once but pro­bab­ly does­n’t do it again becau­se clubs are pricy.

  15. Heli­co­p­ter method folks. Toma­hawk is almost a gua­ran­te­ed break. Also I have seen the over the knee method abso­lute­ly sli­ce someone’s leg wide open.

    1. @justandy333 Wow, now you’­ve plan­ted the seed so to speak, I can see what you mean., (that’s made things 10x worse has­n’t it?) I’ll get my coat. 🤣🤣

    2. 1.5 mil­li­on views, that’s some gre­at num­bers right the­re. One day who knows one of mine might get some­whe­re near 🤣🤣 we’ll play­ed mate, might be time for no 2 in this series 😉

  16. 운동선수한테 있어서 자기마음에대한 표출. 즉 자신이 자신에게 화났을때 표출하는건 진짜 좋은 습관이다 라고는 얘기합니다.
    소리를 지른다든가.. 여러 표현이 있겠지요. 그걸로 인해 다시 한번더 멘탈을 잡는 선수들도 많구요.
    속에서 끙끙 앓지말고 밖으로 표출하라는건데.
    이영상은 대표적으로 하지말아야할 행동 과한 행동이라는것이죠..ㅎㅎㅎ

    테니스도 보면 본인의 샷이 맘에 안들면 부시는 프로들도 많아요.
    근데 유일하게 라켓 1개도 안부러뜨린 선수가 있습니다.
    바로 라파엘나달… 소리를 지르고 해도 라켓은 절대로 안부러트리는..
    진짜 천재적인선수죠.

    1. What a stu­pid thing to say. The­se are high­ly pas­sio­na­te, com­pe­ti­ti­ve indi­vi­du­als and some­ti­mes it shows. Doesnt hurt anyone.

  17. This is kind of sad. I get they’­re frus­tra­ted but acting like a child and breaking/throwing equip­ment is piss poor beha­vi­or. The­se ath­le­tes are at the top of the world and are ambassa­dors for the game and are respon­si­ble for the growth of the game. I would be very upset if I rai­sed a child and they deci­ded to break their club and throw it becau­se they “saw Rory do it”. Accept you made a mista­ke and move the hell on and make the next shot your best shot. Very few of the­se play­ers would win or even place after acting that way; the game is more men­tal than phy­si­cal and I think we all know that.

    1. @Willy Rem­pel haha yeah, qui­te fre­quent­ly. It is mad­de­ning but I don’t let it get me down. Ple­nty of big­ger pro­blems in life to be worried about other than a sin­gle bad shot.

  18. This is why I could­n’t get pas­sed scratch, my expec­ta­ti­ons of mys­elf excee­ded my abi­li­ties and the frus­tra­ti­on just took over every game.
    I’m 10 years older now, may­be I could have a ano­t­her snap. I reck­on it would only take me 1 year to get back to scratch and at 35, golf is one of tho­se sports it’s never too late to go pro. A man can dream.
    Howe­ver, I only work 1 day a week now, so I can easi­ly dedi­ca­te 8+ hours/day prac­ti­ce, 6 days a week and other than the 10 year hia­tus, I’ve been play­ing sin­ce I was 10, it’s some­what part of my bone deve­lo­p­ment. I just need the mus­cle memo­ry again I think

  19. I’d rather swe­ar to mys­elf or yell a bit, ins­tead of laun­ching my club into the water or bea­ting the ground with it.…the play­ers should get fined and disci­pli­ned for that imo. Was­te of money and resour­ces tbh. Reminds me of ‘Hap­py Gilmo­re’ hehe.

  20. one of the­se days a gol­fer will beat their metal shaft club on the ground and when it breaks it will fly up and stab them in the throat. Its hap­pen­ed befo­re, just not on tour

  21. We’re all guil­ty of snap­ping a club out of anger but honest­ly it’s not the clubs fault the ball doesn’t go whe­re we want it to go.

  22. My bro­ther in law has just star­ted play­ing golf after reti­re­ment. He has had a load of les­sons and I asked him how it was going. ““I am real­ly enjoy­ing it” he said, “Then you are not doing it right” I said😉

  23. The Bil­ly Hor­schel one was ent­i­re­ly jus­ti­fied. I’d be having a few more choice words than that. Si Woo was abso­lute­ly stu­pid. 4 under through 15 at Augus­ta and you break your put­ter?! Grow up.

  24. 4:07: Jud­ging by that guy’s shirt, I figu­red he wha­cked hims­elf in the head with the club BEFORE his round. What else would ent­i­ce someo­ne to con­scious­ly don that outfit?

  25. I love how cut­throat golf is from a golf club’s per­spec­ti­ve, like we’­re all cool when we’­re shoo­ting par but if you fail me once YOU DIE:o?

  26. LOL! 2:22 i 4 put­ted the par 3 2nd hole in a juni­or tour­na­ment after kno­cking it to like 5 ft from the tee one time. so i snap­ped my put­ter in two and threw it in the lake. put­ted with my dri­ver for the rest of the round and did­n’t 3 putt the rest of the day. gg

  27. I never under­stand thro­wing your club in the water hey.. Chuck it toward the gal­le­ry to gift to someo­ne else, I’d glad­ly take a few new irons and wed­ges tbh

  28. The­se jack­ass mil­lion­aires need to be sus­pen­ded for a year if they can­not con­trol their anger. May­be a years worth of anger manage­ment will help them and make them bet­ter gol­fers. Some of the­se were plain dan­ge­rous. Why do they get away with it? This is to be a gentleman’s game, not an mma fight.

    1. Me too. I could com­pe­te with anyo­ne on rage fits.…. when I was youn­ger lol. I can still cus mys­elf out at a world cham­pions­hip level.

  29. Fun fact: turns out a lot of peop­le have been serious­ly inju­red if not kil­led from the gra­phi­te shaft splin­te­ring and pier­cing their body. Con­trol your temper.

  30. I find it weird you can scream wha­te­ver tf you want at almost any spor­ting event but if you say “get in the water” on a golf cour­se peop­le act like you’­ve com­mit­ted a crime.

  31. The­se are pro­fes­sio­nals and for them to throw their clubs into any water should be a huge fine along with paying someo­ne to retrie­ve it. What gives them the right to pol­lu­te the waters or even worse the oceans.

  32. How can you have a golf rage moment without the immor­tal Pat Perez. I know he’s cal­med down a lot but the video doesn’t lie. Love that guy.

  33. Ser­gio has pro­bab­ly bro­ken a few hund­red clubs in his time, he natu­ral­ly exu­des rage, even when things are going well. Lol

  34. Get in the water! just like any sport you should be able to hope against someo­ne if you paid your money. As long as he doesnt talk during his shot.

  35. Awe litt­le pri­ma don­nas, don’t worry, ur litt­le spon­sor will give you ano­t­her one. Gre­at con­trol of ur emo­ti­ons. Spoi­led ass litt­le CC Brat !

  36. What a bunch of spoi­led babies. It’s easy to trash your clubs if you don’t have to pay for them. This is not fun­ny ‚it’s poor sports­manship and the­se play­ers that car­ry on like this should be pena­li­zed or dis­qua­li­fied. How can a meltdown help your game? How do you exp­lain this beha­vi­or to a child?

    1. @JesseJ it would be con­si­de­red a prac­ti­ce throw and you would be given a penal­ty stro­ke and the “tem­per tan­trum” throw would be disregarded.

  37. Yep. It’s the clubs fault for sure. Too bad the club can­not throw the gol­fer for poor exe­cu­ti­on. Would not be many sna­ke kil­lers roa­ming the cour­ses who call them­sel­ves gol­fers and that inclu­des cer­tain “pro­fes­sio­nals” as well.

  38. I think we should have a golf club thro­wing con­test for cha­ri­ty. I can win. I threw wedge 112 yards once on a super short par 3, and it stuck grip up on the green, 3 feet from the hole. The ball went in the water, 4 times.

  39. So I was extre­me­ly lucky to have par­ents that taught me from birth frea­king out won’t help. My dad was a test pilot and my mom flew aero­ba­tics. I now have 5 daugh­ters and 1 son. But a say­ing (Hoots law) my dad picked up from ano­t­her test pilot and he lived by which is “no mat­ter how bad your pro­blem is, YOU CAN ALWAYS MAKE IT WORSE” mea­ning don’t start thro­wing a fit brea­king stuff becau­se at the end of it…. Well your still gon­na have the same issue but now you’ve made the situa­ti­on 100x worse. I raced for 25yrs. 20yrs under spon­sor­s­hip so I’ve been in situa­tions far worse than any of the­se like in 1999 I had a 185g crash and ended up in a coma 29 days. I had a skull frac­tu­re with a lot of inter­nal inju­ries so the best bet was indu­ce a coma and hope it would help. I retur­ned to racing. But I’m lucky I always kept mys­elf tog­e­ther. But having a bad day in racing is nowhe­re com­pa­ra­ble to a bad day in golf. Your just hap­py your ali­ve alot of the time.

  40. If you act like that, you should be ban­ned from the sport. If you don’t like a club, just hand it to someo­ne in the crowd, I am sure they’d love your thousand dol­lar stick.

  41. I dunno…I just wat­ched a bunch of grown men break clubs becau­se of shots I’d be hap­py with ! That’s why I don’t golf anymore !

  42. I’m impres­ses – NOT. In my opi­ni­on, anyo­ne – pro or begin­ner – who throws a club ought to be kicked off the golf cour­se. In the case of the pros, may­be a two mon­th coo­ling off peri­od. I don’t give a d**n who the guy is.

  43. Well, the­se jokers can AFFORD to do stu­pid $h!t like this. I know it’s frus­tra­ting, but why would you break the club becau­se of a crap­py swing or stro­ke? Makes no sen­se to me.

  44. I’ve seen the­se chil­dish tan­trums fil­ter down to Juni­or Golf events. I hope the­se over­paid clowns are proud of themselves.

  45. The­se guys should have had Cur­tis Strange’s par­ents who bro­ke him of his tem­per. Bunch of cry­ba­bies. What your never gon­na hit an ugly shot? But you’ll always be remem­be­red for your ugly reac­tion! Yeah it’s your club not your poor swing or men­tal atti­tu­de. Yeah right!

    1. JC, Jack did, at St. Andrews no less. He was in Hell Bun­ker took 3 or 4 to get out and then tos­sed the club. He exp­lai­ned after­wards that he did­n’t throw the club, he was just try­ing to get it back to the cad­die as fast as pos­si­ble! The­re should be a vid on here somewhere.

  46. I did this once. Threw my dri­ver at the gold cart not expec­ting it to snap in half but just pis­sed off. Best and worst thing I’ve ever done. Still have the same head but new shaft and grip. I hit that thing bet­ter than I ever have now. Just goes to show. I put all tho­se same grips on all my clubs and it hel­ped lower my han­di­cap as well. Who knew? Damn sure not me or I would have saved mys­elf some trou­ble. Lol

  47. Why play? Serious­ly. Why take on a game that is sub­stan­ti­al­ly bey­ond your con­trol just to have a heart attack and make a fool of yourself. Why? You’­re a bunch of emo­tio­nal­ly stun­ted children.

  48. As a past gol­fer I have to say that I have shame­ful­ly par­ti­ci­pa­ted in bla­ming the club when I know it was the Idi­ot using it. The­se clubs were inno­cent and deser­ved a bet­ter fate. I once play­ed golf with someo­ne who threw their who­le bag with ALL the clubs into a pond. That was an expen­si­ve round.

  49. Just like hit­ting the ball with a slow tem­po ‚I find my clubs tra­vel far­t­her with a more deli­be­ra­te slower tem­po. In fact just yes­ter­day my 4 iron actual­ly went 20 yards far­t­her than the ball did becau­se I did­n’t rush my back swing.

  50. love the way the­se tem­pe­ra­men­tal mul­ti­mil­lion­aires and spoi­led brats can throw away and break clubs, and just reor­der a cus­tom built one immediately..should be MASSIVE fines and rebuild cos­ts for every club thats dama­ged or thrown away.…terrible advert for the game of golf

  51. อ้าวๆอารมณ์​เสียแล้วพาล

  52. I’m 38 years old. I grew up watching golf from a very ear­ly age.…so for­gi­ve me if I’m wrong, but I feel like the genera­ti­on of gol­fers today have more anger issue and brea­king or thro­wing clubs, com­pa­red to the gol­fers from the 40s to the 80s. Any of you older fans, cor­rect me if I’m wrong. We’­re guys as angry back then as they are today? I don’t recall any vide­os of Jack or Arnie or Gary Play­er doing that kind of beha­vi­or. I under­stand golf can be frus­tra­ting, but I don’t think it’s pro­fes­sio­nal or a good image for young kids. To see grown men throw tem­per tantrums.

  53. wow the­se guys bet­ter be a human befo­re play­ing golf. why not bla­me them­sel­ves and prac­ti­ce more? not pro­fes­sio­nal atti­tu­de at all

  54. they left out all the times tiger woods drop­ped F bombs on natio­nal television.…he basi­cal­ly tur­ned the PGA into a R‑rated event.

  55. Let’s see them try raging if ever the sport paid them less to play. This sport ain’t cheap… But it’s alright, a pro gol­fer can throw a tan­trum like the rest of us and still be able to replace an expen­si­ve pie­ce of equip­ment. While the rest of us will work at cor­rec­ting our game and not bla­ming the equip­ment.. or may­be that’s just me and every other working class golfer. 🤔😏

  56. im ok with play­ers thro­wing clubs, i love it in fact but i do think it should come with a penal­ty not of stro­ke or anything. may­be you cant replace it all wee­kend. that would be qui­te enter­tai­ning i think

  57. Here’s a sto­ry for ever­yo­ne, one time I was on the 18 of a small town golf outing with a grand-pri­ze of 1000 split bet­ween 4 peop­le. It was all gen­tle­men sco­ring and the­re was 2 groups neck and neck the ent­i­re day. About 75 of us all went down to watch them put on the final hole and show some sports­manship.. this igno­rant POS who was like a +17handicap thought he was Tiger… mis­sed 3 short puts back to back to back.. took his put­ter and star­ted stab­bing and sma­shing the 18th green… he liter­al­ly des­troy­ed and ever­yo­ne just stood and watch in com­ple­te dis­be­lief. He even des­troy­ed the hole itself. 

    I’ve seen peop­le throw their clubs and stab the sand or rough.. but never a green befo­re. This man is ban­ned at 10 of the most popu­lar golf cour­ses in the area and nobo­dy has seen him sin­ce the event.

    1. Repent to Jesus Christ
      “This is the con­fi­dence we have in approa­ching God: that if we ask anything accord­ing to his will, he hears us.”
      ‭‭1 John‬ ‭5:14‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    2. @Jesus has given you all. Repent or die. He loves us but would send us all to hell to burn for eter­ni­ty. Hmm­mm. Also why did he crea­te the ani­mal king­dom and insects tht eat each other ali­ve. If you ask me this place is F up. And if the­re is a god its insane.

    1. What an excep­tio­nal per­son you are loo­king down on the­se mere mor­tals get­ting angry at a frus­tra­ting sport they par­ti­ci­pa­te in.

  58. We had a nor­mal four­so­me that play­ed most wee­kends. One guy had a tem­per and we told him if he did not keep it in check we would find ano­t­her to replace him. One day he shank­ed a dri­ve and went over to a post and swung the dri­ver at it but par­al­lel to the ground. Head snap­ped off with about 10 inches of shaft on it. Head went spin­ning at the carts whe­re one of our four­so­me was sit­ting. He got up to move but too late. Shaft part of the head went into his leg. Came clo­se to kil­ling him. We never spo­ke to the bad tem­per guy again. Plus he paid all medi­cal expen­ses. He was also sued and lost. If you can­not con­trol your tem­per you should not play.

    1. I’ve seen a guy in my four­so­me get into a fist­fight with a guy in the group ahead becau­se his 2nd shot on a par 5 trick­led onto the green while they were put­ting. Blood came out of both faces. I sip­ped on beer and enjoy­ed this stupidity.

  59. I don’t feel so bad now, my son gai­ned a Cleve­land 60deg Wedge when a friend of mine tos­sed it into the woods. 6 holes later near the said woods I asked if it was okay to retrie­ve it for my son, go ahead it sucks, my son has had not­hing but suc­cess with it…maybe it’s not the club…

  60. I recall hea­ring a sto­ry about
    a guy slamming his club on the ground and when the shaft snap­ped the one half went right through his heart.

  61. I know the frus­tra­ti­on but some of the­se play­ers real­ly end­an­ge­red others. Also, tho­se clubs aren’t cheap. May­be a set of Tay­lorMa­de irons wouldn’t cost $1500 if they weren’t han­ding them out for free to tour play­ers who throw them in the lake.

  62. I want the­se guys’ life for five minu­tes becau­se their big­gest pro­blem is they screwed up while play­ing a game for millionaires.

  63. Repent to Jesus Christ
    “This is the con­fi­dence we have in approa­ching God: that if we ask anything accord­ing to his will, he hears us.”
    ‭‭1 John‬ ‭5:14‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  64. I feel so sor­ry for the club when it fails the gol­fer. Why can’t they inven­ted a club that always deli­vers that per­fect shot?

  65. Whenever that hap­pens to me (though, with the excep­ti­on of the guy put­ting at 2:22, my “mis­ses” are much worse), I usual­ly just take a ball out of my pocket and chuck it into the water. It’s a lot che­a­per than my club. 😂

  66. Wow, I don’t feel so bad, after see­ing this!!! 🤣 I did the same thing this past Sunday. Bro­ke my dri­ver, and 7 iron, and threw the WHOLE bag of clubs, and went to the 18th hole, and wat­ched the end of the nas­car race!!!

  67. When you get your clubs for free I sup­po­se it’s a lot more temp­t­ing to bust ‘em in half or toss them away after a bad shot.

  68. Exact­ly why I don’t prac­ti­ce, I’ll play a round may­be three times a year and I just wing it with a lot of beer.

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