Die Golf-Chipping-Methode Nr. 1

Die Golf Chipping Methode Nr. 1 #1 chipping method

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232 thought on “Die Golf-Chipping-Methode Nr. 1”

  1. Question…watching Phil Michel­son video on chip­ping, may­be the best chip­per of all time, says ball is eit­her in front or in the back. The midd­le is gra­vey­ard, Weight cen­ters, not for­ward and death shots.

    1. Phil uses the “hin­ge & hold” hands for­ward method that’s the oppo­si­te of what’s shown here. It can work. I’ve done it my who­le life. But this newer method is easier to exe­cu­te on tight lies and has a much lar­ger mar­gin of error. Check out James Seickman’s short game book. This is the method he tea­ches. This video does a gre­at job of exp­lai­ning it.

    2. Hey Ter­ry!

      Yeah that’s an inte­res­ting one. While I agree Phil is one of the grea­test of all time, I per­so­nal­ly do not agree with his advice the­re for the average play­er who does­n’t have hours to practice. 

      The more Phil method you chip (in my opi­ni­on) requi­res much more skill and time due to the level of pre­cisi­on required. 

      Same way I would not advo­ca­te Jim Furyk swing yet he’s one of the best ball stri­kers of all time statistically

    3. @Eric Cogor­no Golf with snow almost gone. I will be out the­re prac­ti­cing this tech­ni­que. It loo­ked and sound­ed like you were catching it crisp and clean.
      Thank for all you do!! Video saved!!

  2. Good tips on set-up, but need advice on wrist action. How much wrist cock? How to avoid wrist cock to insi­de? Note Eric right wrist stay­ing cran­ked back through impct…if you for­get that, hel­lo skull! Pro­bab­ly could do a who­le vid on chip­ping wrist action. Thx!

    1. Thanks!

      I would keep the same angles during back­swing you star­ted with at set­up for stock shot. 

      Add more hin­ge for hig­her shot

  3. For me, I have my weight just a litt­le for­ward and try to make put­ting stro­ke whe­re I just hard­ly hit the ground with no divot.
    My big­gest pro­blem with chip­ping is distance con­trol. If I get that down, I’m usual­ly around 3 feet from the hole. I have had 3 chip ins in a row before >

  4. Ano­t­her gre­at video Eric. This is the same method James Seick­man tea­ches. Grant Wai­te does also. I have always used the con­ven­tio­nal chip­ping method like you, with the hands well ahead & the ball back in my stance. I’ve been very suc­cess­ful with that method on my home cour­se with bent grass and soft con­di­ti­ons. But I strugg­le on tight Ber­mu­da when I play in South Caro­li­na a cou­p­le of weeks a year. As you demons­tra­te, the lea­ding edge digs with the steep strike and it just does­n’t work unless you’­re per­fect with your con­ta­ct. After stu­dy­ing the newer method, I’m con­vin­ced that it’s far bet­ter if I can learn it. As you demons­tra­te, the mar­gin of error is huge. You can liter­al­ly hit 2 inches behind the ball, and drop kick it and still get the same result. One of the things I strug­gled with when try­ing it is that the impact feels so dif­fe­rent from what I’m used to. You don’t get the hea­vy fee­ling of com­pres­sing the ball and pin­ching it into the turf like you do if you use the con­ven­tio­nal method. It almost feels like you aren’t hit­ting it as solid but the results show that you are. The key for me is set­ting up with the club face a touch open and kee­ping it open all the way through the swing. This ensu­res that the boun­ce inter­acts with the ground ins­tead of the lea­ding edge. It’s very dif­fe­rent from the “hin­ge and hold” method I’ve always used but I’m going to try to stay with it this year and see how it goes. I real­ly think it’s bet­ter. Thanks for doing this video.

    1. That fee­ling of less than solid mes­sed with me at first too until I rea­li­zed the result was pret­ty con­sist­ent­ly in one putt ran­ge (assuming I can putt that day)…

    2. I belie­ve using the boun­ce is the way to go for cer­tain shots. My ques­ti­on is What if I hit the ball with the boun­ce ? Good or bad? If bad, is this why I should use the boun­ce fist on the ground in front of the ball? Thanks.

  5. This is such a black hole in my game. Going to give this a shot. I real­ly strugg­le with chunks due to bury­ing the lea­ding edge.

  6. I saw a chip­ping video made by Pad­dy Har­ring­ton, he meant that you always want to hit the ball first, but if you miss the boun­ce can save you. Is this how you see it too? thanks.

  7. Hel­lo Eric.
    Gre­at video.
    What is the maxi­mum distance you would use this tech­ni­que for on chipping/pitching?
    Could use this tech­ni­que on bun­ker shots?

  8. Good solid con­tent from a man who obvious­ly knows his stuff. How about some sand shot and lon­ger chipping/ pit­ching shot tech­ni­que from David.

  9. Hi Eric, the best chip­ping coach you have worked with. With many hours of prac­ti­cing chip­ping and pit­ching, I worked the basics and came across this way of chip­ping by acci­dent, My chip­ping and pit­ching is the best part of my game, and as a 18 han­di­cap­per, I chip and pitch as a plus 4. just my put­ting is sh—————-t , I can­not belie­ve that you found this guy and I chip just exact­ly as he descri­bes. I just did it as It worked bril­li­ant­ly for me, thanks again

    1. Yeah I heard that as well…sorry about that. We have sin­ce hired an audio pro­fes­sio­nal to come out and purcha­sed new mics so hope­ful­ly the­se audio issu­es are gone for good!

  10. Eric this was one of your best ses­si­ons!! Love it. On back swing is the arc a bit out­side or is it just an illu­si­on with the set up. More with David plea­se:) thank you

    1. Thanks, David! I like to see the club head ride basi­cal­ly right up the pla­ne line.…club head even with or just slight­ly out­side of the hands gene­ral­ly speaking

  11. This is a gre­at start. But once a play­er finds a chip­ping feel that works for them and gains strike con­fi­dence, they then need to start figu­ring out how to hit dif­fe­rent kinds of chips – high, medi­um, low, lots of spin, low spin, hooks/cuts, etc. No one ball posi­ti­on and method can deli­ver all that. Wish you guys woul­d’­ve touched a bit on ball posi­ti­on and how to mani­pu­la­te the club deli­very to pro­du­ce dif­fe­rent out­co­mes. May­be ano­t­her video?? 🙂

  12. “Con­fi­dence comes from bet­ter mis­ses.” BRILLIANT!!!

    My only ques­ti­on is this: do the­se tips also app­ly to bunker/sand shots?

  13. Very inte­res­ting con­cept. I have pret­ty much sea­led my pit­ching with pre­vious hard work on crea­ting a flat spot. It see­med fool­pro­of but recent­ly I have been a litt­le incon­sis­tent and I can’t figu­re out why. Going to give this an honest try to see if it works for me.

    1. What i mean was ur cha­nel is not for seni­ors high hcpers. Too much yoo think,learn about. For much youn­ger play­ers i yhink ur cha­nel is ok Bove average. For me jeff is my favo­ri­te simp­le less to think about

  14. Eric and David fan­tastic video, this is going to be very hel­pful. We would luv to see the two of you do a pit­ching vid. Thanks! 👍

    1. Thanks, Greg!

      Yeah I real­ly lik­ed that one as well–good stuff from David. 

      I belie­ve the intent would be to hit the back side of it

    1. @Eric Cogor­no Golf I cras­hed through 80 today with a 77. First time under 80 in 5 years. Your chip­ping video enab­led 7 good chip and 2 up& downs. I am so happy.

  15. Coach is a good advice and tip I tried it, it works how is it for my full swing though I have a tilt to the right with my trail arm many times I can’t release the club on my impact and at times is half top, plea­se advi­se thank you from singapore

    1. Hey Paul! Glad to hear this helped! 

      To be able to advi­se on your full swing I real­ly need to see your swing on video.…or else I would be making too many gues­ses as to why you are not able to release and get the top shots. 

      Could be lots of things…need to see. 

      Join us at http://​www​.cogor​no​golf​.com so you can send in your swings and we can help!

    2. @Eric Cogor­no Golf hi coach, as cur­r­ent­ly I am a mar­shal used to be a cad­dy when school days lear­ned the swing in gods grace and by watching all the pro­fes­sio­nal player’s I cad­di­ed for, when I use to prac­ti­ce dai­ly few years back I use to shoot the lowest 69–78

    3. @Eric Cogor­no Golf But due to unfo­re­se­en cir­cum­s­tan­ces I had to stop as need to care for my late dad, and now I’m back to train and turn pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fer here in Sin­g­a­po­re coach, honest­ly I know all the coa­ches here and can get free les­sons but the pro­blem is they don’t cater to my swing as I have a short swing, here coa­ches only train the stu­dent to swing as them, which is not pos­si­ble due to due to dif­fe­rent built and size coach I am actual­ly now fol­lowing the legend Moe Nor­man one pla­ne swing pro­cess but I real­ly hope your coa­ching will enab­le me to pro­gress fur­ther in my care­er pro­gres­si­on coach, I will be prac­ti­sing this week will upload you the video, coach will appre­cia­te and be gra­te­ful to your help in my care­er pro­gres­si­on coach thank you so much also for reply­ing coach, have a bles­sed week ahead

  16. Gre­at video Eric. I love the “fault che­cking” pro­ce­du­res you inclu­de in the vide­os that allow me to have a cou­p­le “pre shot remin­ders.” I think I have read/heard 80% of a suc­cess­ful shot comes from the pre-shot rou­ti­ne and the­se fault che­cking remin­ders are key to kee­ping me “honed in.” Thanks

    1. Thanks, Rico! Set­up parts are defi­ni­te­ly a HUGE indi­ca­tor of what’s to come later! And the easiest parts to get correct!

  17. This is legit and the video exp­lains it pret­ty well. I’ve been working on it for awhile, it defi­ni­te­ly feels like more upper body lean to the tar­get and a hig­her trail shoul­der, though video shows it’s not near­ly as much as it feels. When you first try it it will pro­bab­ly feel like crap and total­ly hosed, stay with it and lea­ve the tri­al arm exten­ded to main­tain the radi­us. In the back­swing it feels kin­da like the oppo­si­te of a full swing, main­tain the radi­us and land the boun­ce with the turn and it is more con­sis­tent over­all even when the strike is of les­ser qua­li­ty. I’d rather have say 6 putts under 6′ than 3 tap ins and 3 skulls or chunks, net to get in the hole will be less with the former.

  18. New to your Chan­nel. Feel like I’ve been mis­sing out. Try­ing to help my wife with chip­ping and fai­ling mise­r­a­b­ly. Hope I can get her to watch this!

  19. I dedi­ca­ted the ent­i­re last spring/summer/fall to beco­m­ing a bet­ter chip­per & pit­cher of the ball. As soon as I adop­ted & got com­for­ta­ble with the fee­ling of ‘fal­ling for­ward & down­hill’, whe­re the Lead-Left Shoul­ders feels below the Right Shoul­der, it was the very moment I beca­me a much bet­ter, even good, short game play­er. I can’t empha­si­ze more how important this was – it’s 90% of the battle.

    1. Yes­sir! I lear­ned most of this for the first time from James Sieck­mann who would call this a fines­se wedge. 

      I would say this app­lies for shots insi­de of 30 yards as a gene­ral idea

    2. @Eric Cogor­no Golf thanks – for strict chip­ping I tend to use more of a put­ting moti­on but pro­bab­ly that works as well!

  20. I could see that this tech­ni­que allows to use the boun­ce of the club effec­tively and this, with some adjus­t­ment, pro­bab­ly could be used for sand shot as well… Gre­at stuff!!!

  21. I have tried this a few times on the golf cour­se. My con­ta­ct and spin was so much bet­ter. I need to do it more, but it feels so coun­ter intui­ti­ve. I haven’t prac­ti­ced it enough to get real­ly con­fi­dent with it but I will have to this year.

  22. Good explana­ti­on of how using the boun­ce impro­ves spin. So many others exclu­si­ve­ly exp­lain the boun­ce as “pro­tec­tion” from dig­ging during bad shots (which boun­ce does help with). But often don’t teach how inten­tio­nal­ly incor­po­ra­ting the turf con­ta­ct befo­re ball con­tent hel­ps incre­a­se spin. I lear­ned that a few years ago and it has been a game chan­ger. I’m sure you see it often but so many peop­le put the ball back in their stance with a delof­ted wedge face and expect to get more spin on short shots.

    1. @Eric Cogor­no Golf Thanks Eric! One other ques­ti­on. I was taught that get­ting the heel up a litt­le and having the club toe down slight­ly will help pre­vent any digging/chunking during chip­ping. Any thoughts on that?

    2. 100% like that.…shaft more ver­ti­cal is a nice safe fail.…go to shot 

      I think we did on video on that a few years ago, will see if I can find it

  23. Good video, but the pro­blem i have is up hill lies around the green. Its hard to match your shoul­ders to the slo­pe and still keep your weight left. It tend to chunk it alot. A les­son on this would be gre­at. Thanks

  24. Every time I watch one of your vide­os, I take it to prac­ti­ce and it immedia­te­ly impro­ves wha­te­ver I am working on. Keep up the gre­at content.

  25. Gre­at video! Would you say your upper body is much more uti­li­zed than the lower body, or both are used equal­ly other than the slight throw in the downswing?

  26. Love this seg­ment, Eric. I find your les­sons and insight to be some of the more intel­li­gent golf con­tent on You­Tube. No non­sen­se. Just clear direc­tion for the mas­ses for any alrea­dy com­plex game we are all try­ing to impro­ve upon. Many thanks.

  27. This may sound weird but I actual­ly chip way bet­ter using Eric’s method from his pre­vious chip­ping les­sons lol. I do howe­ver see the wis­dom in this method David is tea­ching, per­so­nal­ly when I lean to the left(as demons­tra­ted) I find it very hard to only have 3–5 degrees of shaft lean, becau­se I’m so ’sta­cked’ on my left side my ten­den­cy is to get more shaft lean than I get from Eric’s pre­vious method, but that’s just me lol. I kin­der get what they are say­ing though(I think lol), Lean left BUT try to main­tain a ’near’ ver­ti­cal shaft through impact by releasing the head more on the downswing and not drag­ging the hand­le for­wards, but somehow when i ’stack’ left I tend to lead with the hand­le for­wards and I get dig­gy. I get the main princi­pal though, keep the bot­tom of the swing below the ster­num and make sure the ball is posi­tio­ned befo­re the bot­tom of the swing. Gre­at video guys!

    1. Thanks!

      Yep—both ways can work. 

      As you men­ti­on you iden­ti­fied what you would need to do with this method.….the more you get upper body for­ward the more you need to get rid of that shaft lean!

    2. @Eric Cogor­no Golf Agreed, Just feels weird being sta­cked left but hol­ding the hands back, feels unna­tu­ral, but I can see why it’s important.

  28. Real­ly gre­at con­tent, and this is a type of tech­ni­que that is easy to under­stand to also to imple­ment. Only issue is that other short game gurus (Phil M) will regu­lar­ly say “never ever have the ball in the midd­le of your stance”. This is whe­re Ams start get­ting con­fu­sed and struggle.

  29. Eric…I have been loo­king at your chip­ping vide­os with gre­at inte­rest. Do I gather that you have had issu­es with your chip­ping? Some yips? I would like to have a serious dis­cus­sion with you regar­ding this sub­ject that I know you will find fasci­na­ting bey­ond all com­pre­hen­si­on. Plea­se direct me as to how to con­ta­ct you. You won’t be sorry.

    1. Hey Don! Appre­cia­te the kind words and offer! Pla­te is full at the moment but may­be we can con­nect in the future

  30. Gre­at video! Are the­re any video tips that show very short chips? (1–3 yards off green in the rough and may­be ten yards or less from pin). All the chip­ping vids seem to be chip­ping 30 yards. I have a ten­den­cy to dece­le­ra­te on the very short ones. We all know that does­n’t end well 🙂

  31. Yeeeess­s­ss! I star­ted figu­ring out this method works best for me too. Had a good prac­ti­ce yes­ter­day going today as well to ensu­re I tru­ly “got it”.

  32. Hi Eric..new sub­scri­ber here. I live south of you in Doyl­es­town PA. I saw your video, went to the prac­ti­ce area of my local cour­se and could­n’t belie­ve how many gre­at chip shots I hit from 50 ft. I’m not kid­ding. I must have hit 100 balls and all were wit­hin 10 ft of the pin. I holed a few too. No fat or thin­ned shots, no sculls, no shanks, etc. which nor­mal­ly hap­pen when I chip. All the shots were from tight fair­way lies too. I can’t thank you enough. Rob

  33. Prac­ti­ce chips 3 hours a week. Very plea­sed when at the prac­ti­ce green, but unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, it has NOT trans­fo­red to the cour­se. Dont under­stand why!

    1. Hey Andrew!

      I do not know. 

      3 hours is MORE than enough prac­ti­ce to see improvement 

      I would likely say MORE ran­dom style practice/games. Ran­dom lies, holes, shots etc. 

      Less and less from one spot to one hole 

      One ball. Drop it and play it as it lies. Dif­fe­rent hole on every shot. Never 2 in a row from same spot 

      that should help

  34. Eric some Feed­back – I’ve been try­ing this method out qui­te a lot late­ly and I’ve found that having the ball more for­ward of cen­ter is the key(for me), I tried this method with the ball in the midd­le and found i was still a litt­le steep some­ti­mes due to having my ster­num in from of the ball, but by moving the ball more towards my left instep and having my ster­num for­wards slight­ly of that i found my con­ta­ct much more con­sis­tent, the for­ward ball posi­ti­on allows for a frac­tion more shal­lowing of the club head and the for­ward ster­num still gua­ran­tees the bot­tom of the strike is still for­ward of the ball. So yeah ball for­ward, ster­num for­ward , hands just in front = very solid chip shots(in my case)…thx…Once again gre­at video!

  35. The shirt David is wea­ring real­ly demons­tra­tes the shoul­der tilt angles very well(white line). I’d guess it’s no acci­dent he’s wea­ring that shirt for golf coa­ching pur­po­ses! Gre­at visu­al aid imo.

  36. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons! Abso­lut­ly gre­at les­son: Easy tipps with huge impact on the chip­ping game. And easy to rem­eber to take to prac­ti­se and course.
    Also the explana­ti­on of the root cau­ses and the reme­dy is bril­li­ant. Thank you both for this gre­at insught. I would love to see a simi­lar les­son of both of you for bun­ker and for pit­ching (30–70m). Kind Regards Michael

  37. Gre­at video Eric. Whenever I am on the golf cour­se ‚I recom­mend u as a trus­ted source for golf inst­ruc­tion. Your thoughts on using all 4 wed­ges to chan­ge launch ang­le and roll out ?

    1. Appre­cia­te that Brian! 

      I’m cool with that IF you can exe­cu­te it! 

      I have seen GREAT short game stats with that method. Ive also seen gre­at short game stats when play­ers only use one club. 

      Both can wrk!

  38. I’m a 6 Hcp. who was struggling with chip­ping con­sis­ten­cy for the past few years. I wat­ched this video the day befo­re I play­ed this week and I have never chip­ped the ball bet­ter in my life! No BS!
    Tight lies around the green were no pro­blem. I never play­ed the ball in the midd­le and lea­ned so far left at address on a tight lie. 60 degree or 54 degree…No pro­blem! My distance con­trol on very fast greens at my club was incredi­ble! Got up and down 4 out of 5 times! Watch this video and chan­ge your chip­ping woes fore­ver! You guys rock! I just wish I would have seen this 10 years ago!

    1. @Eric Cogor­no Golf I’m a com­pe­ti­ti­ve gol­fer, (col­le­ge golf, high level ama­teur stuff) and Seikman’s book on the short game saved my golf game. It was abso­lute­ly broken..and he fixed it…thru a book. I like how the ide­as are con­vey­ed in your video here. It’s well done sir

  39. I know the tit­le says chip­ping but I think this is pit­ching. How far out would you say you could go with this method. 15 yards, 20, 30, etc? At what point does the tech­ni­que need to chan­ge? Would like to see you do ano­t­her vid on that topic. Inte­res­ting stuff. Thanks.

  40. eric, at set­up, i’ve tried shif­ting my mass to the front leg, shirt buttons/sternum in front of the ball all while kee­ping my shoul­ders level, but this ine­vi­ta­b­ly leans the shaft for­ward and delofts it. do you recom­mend kee­ping the shaft neu­tral or with very litt­le for­ward lean? is it as simp­le as moving the ball a bit more up in the stance?

  41. Awe­so­me chip­ping video pro­bab­ly the best I have seen on you­tube. Well done Eric keep up the good work and keep pos­ting more con­tent on this topic, par­ti­cu­lar­ly short pit­ches (<20 yards)

  42. Eric – ano­t­her gre­at video. Your video on iron vs dri­ver is GOLD. With chip­ping, it appears to be an arm thro­wing moti­on with head going slight­ly for­ward and lower body just following?

  43. Eric, been working on chan­ging my chip­ping approach from old school with lots of shaft lean and hands for­ward to what you and David are showing in this video. I have two questions…1) Are you chan­ging your grip? 2) Is your grip strength 50% of your full shot or less?

    1. All else equal I would have a wea­ker grip posi­ti­on (hands tur­ned coun­ter clock­wi­se rela­ti­ve to normal)

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Short Pitch Shots mit dem Bounce angle of approach

Short Pitch Shots mit dem BounceShort Pitch Shots mit dem Bounce

PGA Golf Pro­fes­sio­nal und Voll­zeit-Coach bei The Bel­fry, Chris Ryan, beschreibt, wie Sie Ihre kur­zen Pitch-Schlä­ge am bes­ten rund um das Grün spie­len und wie der Auf­prall und die Vor­der­kan­te unter­schied­lich mit dem Boden interagieren. golf,swing,golfswing,lesson,tuition,pitch,pitch shot,lob shot,chip shot,short pitch,strike,shaft lean,bounce,leading edge,divot,angle of approach,steep,shallow,foley,tiger woods,grip,shaft,thin,fat,short game,pga,belfry,professional,coach,teacher,stenson,spin,backspin Sports: %Video­Cap­ti­ons%