Die hässlichsten 80 der Golfgeschichte

Die haesslichsten 80 der Golfgeschichte hochladen

Ist das der häss­lichs­te 80er der Golf­ge­schich­te? YT: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​/​N​o​t​A​S​c​r​a​t​c​h​G​o​l​fer IG: http://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​N​o​t​A​S​c​r​a​tch 0:00 Intro 0:48 Front 9 5:44 Back 9 10:10 Recap

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148 thought on “Die hässlichsten 80 der Golfgeschichte”

  1. I have to say this was­n’t the ugliest but you were defi­ni­te­ly struggling!! But I think you are right with accep­t­ing what we hit!!

  2. I’m star­ting to learn that u can afford a bad shot n still have a decent chan­ce at par. I just need ur men­ta­li­ty stay­ing posi­ti­ve on tho­se bad shots !

  3. You play­ed gre­at the back 9! And that’s with mis­sing two clo­se putts! Could’ve been E on the back. Gre­at con­tent man

  4. Hey Adam, gre­at video as always. I do have to dis­agree with you on the idea of con­sis­ten­cy. I don’t think gol­fers mean that they always need to shoot wit­hin a nar­rower win­dow. Hell, tour pros will have a big win­dow too, any­whe­re bet­ween 63 on their best days, and high 70s on their worst days. I think con­sis­ten­cy more or less means that we have more of a bell cur­ve ins­tead of a flat­ter dis­tri­bu­ti­on over our scores (whe­re most ama­teurs are likely). So ins­tead of a dis­tri­bu­ti­on of scores being 76, 78, 80, 82, 84, 86, 88, 90… they want some­thing clo­ser to 76, 80, 82, 83, 83, 84, 86, 90. They’ll still have tho­se good and bad days, but their aver­a­ges days will actual­ly be clo­ser to an average. 

    Keep up the good work, hmu if you’­re ever in Houston!

    1. Cheers, Gre­go­ry. It’s hard to arti­cu­la­te exact­ly what I mean while kee­ping main­tai­ning pace in the video. I agree with all of the above 🙂

  5. Tho­se new clubs are sure for­gi­ving on the score­card Adam! They must have saved you six or more strokes based on how poor­ly you hit the ball.

  6. Grin­ding is exhaus­ting. But I guess that’s golf some­ti­mes. I had one today. A full 10 strokes worse than my typi­cal. Painful.

  7. when i say i want con­sis­ten­cy what i mean (as someo­ne who used to play a lot now has a fami­ly and can’t play enough to get back to old form) is too have my off the glo­be mis­ses go away while play­ing. they used to not be the­re but i also used to play or prac­ti­ce 5 or more times a week now i’m LUCKY if i play twice in a mon­th. yay­y­yy kids lol

    1. @Not A Scratch Gol­fer my son hits 5 tee shots 5 iron shots and putts on 5 greens then by 6 he’s riding and by num­ber 9 he’s rea­dy to go but I was the same way at his age.

  8. Lucky BC play­ers, gol­fing when the prai­ries are get­ting hit with a bliz­zard haha. Just hoping my cour­se opens by May, I’ve got the gol­fing itch! I’m jea­l­ous of your sand game late­ly, well done

  9. Your shoul­ders Adam!! Your shoulders!
    Let them come after the hips, don’t for­ce them!
    I know you know, jus­te a friend­ly remin­der to avoid huge draw/hooks!
    Love your vids 😉

  10. Your ball striking impro­ved dra­ma­ti­cal­ly once you shed that jacket. I’d rather my teeth chat­ter for 18 than play in foul wea­ther gear.

  11. OMG! I go past that cour­se all the time wan­ting to play it on our way to the Tsaw­was­sen fer­ry when visi­t­ing friends.
    Are you going to try and play Gam­ble Sands this year?!

    And I real­ly enjoy my PXG irons!

    1. Cheers, Brent. I was actual­ly loo­king at get­ting to Gam­ble Sands next week but could­n’t make it work. Hoping to get the­re this Summer 🙂

  12. I appre­cia­te your modes­ty. If you think that’s ‘ugly’, then may I show you ‘dis­gus­tin­g­ly gro­tes­que’ some­time? Hap­py Easter!

  13. Would love to walk off 18 with an 80 after my ugly rounds. More likely to be 90+ due to pen­al­ties. Gre­at atti­tu­de from start to finish and even when you tried to hit it in the water, you did­n’t suc­ceed. Hope to catch you next time in the Bay Area.

  14. I hear you Adam, fel­low PNW gol­fer in Port Town­send, WA, hop skip and a fer­ry from you, our coo­ler two club length less until June wea­ther makes one a tougher gol­fer, a zen mas­ter in the way of the Grind!

  15. Gre­at video as always!! I recent­ly star­ted watching your vide­os a few weeks ago, and you just hel­ped me break 80 for the time!!

  16. Adam, was it King’s Links that pre­vious­ly told you that you could­n’t film, or was that ano­t­her cour­se? Eit­her way, very prac­ti­cal les­sons that I’ve been working to app­ly to my own game. Thank you

    1. Ano­t­her cour­se. Kings Links is awe­so­me and they’­re always wel­co­m­ing when I show up with my came­ra in tow. Thanks for the kind words.

  17. Nice man!! Shot an 87 today felt gre­at only bro­ken 90 three times a lot of it goes to watching ya chan­nel and gai­ning insight.

    1. Why? You’­re gon­na have to exp­lain that one, sounds like you heard that some­whe­re and now you’­re just say­ing it to try and sound cool. Tell me, what bene­fit would he have by tip­ping his dri­ver? I know what tip­ping a dri­ver does, seems that you do not.

    2. Three rea­sons: 1) “it worked for me”. 2) l’m try­ing to help. 3) Tip­ping decre­a­sed the tor­sio­nal deflec­tion I suf­fe­red befo­re I tip­ped my dri­ver shaft and the ball star­ted going incredi­b­ly more strai­ght. It was obvious to me in the voice­over that he was frus­tra­ted with the hooks. I am try­ing to give away what I know to others.

    3. I just went with what the fit­ter recom­men­ded. Took it out again a cou­p­le of days ago and star­ted fee­ling it 🙂

    4. @Bill Glab Lmao this guy real­ly said tip­ping his dri­ver “decre­a­sed the tor­sio­nal deflec­tion” as if he has any idea what that actual­ly means. Lis­ten man, tip­ping a dri­ver makes it less fle­xi­ble making it a stif­fer shaft. So in Adam’s case that would be a no go as he does not have the swing speed to move up a stiff­ness in shafts. Would it help make a ball go strai­gh­ter? Yeah it could help with that, if your wil­ling to lose 20 yds of distance in exchan­ge, that litt­le bit of “whip­y­ness” at the bot­tom is what crea­tes the pop. So I do see that your try­ing to help, but had Adam just went ahead and did what you said it woul­d’­ve been bad cau­se there’s no put­ting the tip back. Adam needs to work on his swing for tho­se hooks more than new equip­ment (no offen­se Adam)

    1. Thanks, man. I defi­ni­te­ly would­n’t say it was a good ball striking day but I won’t com­p­lain when I hit the ball like poop and flirt with brea­king 80.

  18. I real­ly do enjoy your vide­os but at the same time I feel like I’m get­ting worse watching you swing that swing 🤣
    Your short game is gre­at, but plea­se plea­se plea­se can you get some les­sons and impro­ve your swing?
    You’d see more distance as well, you men­ti­on that often how you’­re not a long hit­ter, why not get a few yards.
    (unless the charm of the chan­nel is to have that ugly swing on pur­po­se to look more ende­a­ring, in which case igno­re ever­ything I said.)

    1. Haha I hear you. My issue is that I dis­li­ke prac­ti­cing almost as much as I love play­ing. Every now and then I’ll take a les­son just to hear what I *ought* to be working on. But I have pret­ty lou­sy body awa­reness and – like I said – don’t like to spend time on the ran­ge. So I’m stuck with what I’ve got :p

  19. I look at you and our ball striking is about the same. And yet I’m more of a 12–15 han­di­cap. Your short game is very good – that’s the dif­fe­rence. I made a trip­le on the first hole the other day after lea­ving it in the bun­ker TWICE! And my put­ting is poor even though I work on it. Any­way, at least I know I can get into sin­gle digits if my short game impro­ves. Love the content.

    1. Thanks man. And yeah, most of my game is com­pa­ra­ble to a 10–15 hc but my put­ting is clo­ser to scratch. Give me the put­ting of a 15hc and my own hc pro­bab­ly goes to ~15, too :p

  20. I have been ter­ri­b­ly incon­sis­tent in my play the last 5 rounds but my scores have been remar­kab­ly con­sis­tent (I am asha­med to say bet­ween 102–106). As a 22.4 han­di­cap I am play­ing about 10 shots abo­ve whe­re I need to be. But for me con­sis­ten­cy isn’t about my scores but about a more con­sis­tent golf swing. I can’t seem to hit two con­se­cu­ti­ve decent shots.

    1. @Not A Scratch Gol­fer Not real­ly. I have several recur­ring ‘issu­es’ with my swing and my put­ting but I stron­gly suspect that my big­gest pro­blem is my tem­po. Going to focus in on tem­po in prac­ti­ce and on the cour­se over the com­ing weeks. I know that you are self-cri­ti­cal of your swing and style but I have noted that you have a gre­at tem­po to your swing and I sen­se that this, tog­e­ther with your skill with the flat stick, is your strength.

  21. “I’m Bob Par­sons. When you buy my PXG clubs you immedia­te­ly gain 30 yards on your dri­ves, 10 years on your life, and the instant ado­ra­ti­on of anyo­ne pas­sing by. Our clubs will bring peace to the midd­le east, stop world hun­ger, and give free aff­lic­tion t‑shirts and punis­her decals to under pri­vi­le­ged stock brokers.” 

    But serious­ly, way to grind out a good score!

  22. 42+39=81- no?

    Edit: Why in the world would yo go with PXG?? That’s like buy­ing a Pri­us cau­se you want to be “that guy” and look cool. Gua­ran­tee you put some Ping 425’s (or even 400’s) you’d strike the ball 10x than that mess. No hate just saying

    1. Typo on the back, it was actual­ly 41. And lol, I’m sur­pri­sed by such strong opi­ni­ons towards PXG in the comments. Just ano­t­her golf brand (and my under­stan­ding is that they actual­ly employ a ton of for­mer Ping engi­neers). I don’t think there’s a sin­gle manu­fac­tu­rer that would make any gol­fer strike the ball 10x bet­ter. PXG had a good offer for a full fit­ting (this is what I was real­ly after – a pro­per­ly fit set of clubs) at a gre­at pri­ce + the abi­li­ty to get clubs in my hands in a few days rather than a few mon­ths like the other manufacturers.

    2. @Not A Scratch Gol­fer Honest­ly the­re are clubs out the­re that will help peop­le strike the ball bet­ter the­se days, or should I say are more for­gi­ving of off cen­ter strikes. I may be Ping bias becau­se I’ve always been a Ping guy, but I wat­ched peop­le try other brands with no suc­cess only to come to Ping and get exact­ly what they were loo­king for. And I dare say that PXG would­n’t be doing all that if their pro­ducts were fly­ing off the shelf, seems to me they are back-loa­ded and try­ing to get rid of pro­duct, if they had good pro­duct they would­n’t need all tho­se incen­ti­ves. But hey, good luck with them bro play well. And if it does­n’t work out then move to Ping, pro­mi­se you won’t be disappointed.

    1. Hey David. I have no back­ground in photography/videography and have more or less been win­ging it. I use “Shot Tracer Pro” for shot tra­cing and they have a video tuto­ri­al of how to best set up the came­ra for shot tra­cing. I’d recom­mend che­cking that out.

    2. @Not A Scratch Gol­fer thanks for the feed­back! Do you usual­ly let a cour­se know that you are going to be filming or does it not real­ly impe­de your pace of play enough to the point whe­re you don’t think it’s necessa­ry to tell them?

    1. Haha cheers, Kyle. May­be today they came out alright. If you want to feel bet­ter, the­re are ple­nty of vide­os on my chan­nel of me blowing up and shoo­ting 90+ :p

  23. Wouldn’t it be an 8.3 dif­fe­ren­ti­al? 71.7 + 7.3 is 79, Or am I just not cor­rect on how it would be coun­ted. Slo­pe and han­di­cap are still some­what confusing

  24. Been watching your stuff for a while now and just now rea­li­zing you’re in Sur­rey. Rad. May­be I’ll see you around kings links or North­view sometime.

  25. Thanks for the video lear­ning alot from you vid, I’m not a scracth gol­fer but you’­re right some­ti­mes you will shoot your lowest then the next you play will shoot more than ten on your nor­mal score. But golf is fun. by the way what app you use to edit your video to dis­play the pars/strokes/hole num­ber, is it a dif­fe­rent pro­gram you use to put the pin flag on your video. I record most of my games but have not tried pos­ting them in video, still try­ing to put the vide­os tog­e­ther and also filming while play­ing is very dif­fi­cult unless yoou have a desi­gna­ted came­ra man.

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