Die letzte Golfrunde?

Die letzte Golfrunde glof

Das ist das letz­te Mal, dass dies auf dem You­Tube-Kanal pas­siert, Omp wird nie wie­der spie­len. Mit die­sen aktu­el­len Schlä­gern setzt omp auf ein Golf­schlä­ger-Fit­ting mit mizu­no und bekommt alle neu­en Golf­schlä­ger ►For All Things Golf Mates https://​www​.golf​ma​te​s​of​fi​cial​.com ► Offi­cial Golf Mates Tra­vel Com­pa­ny http://​Golf​Ma​tesTra​vel​.com / Liam Har­ri­son wird gespon­sert von ► Mizu­no Clot­hing & Shoes https://​mizu​no​golf​.com/​u​k​/​a​p​p​a​r​el/ ► Mizu­no Golf Equip­ment https://​emea​.mizu​no​.com/​u​k​/​e​n​-​g​b​/​s​t​-​m​i​z​u​n​o​-​g​o​l​f​.​h​tml ► Wer­den Sie ein Golf Mate, indem Sie sich jetzt KOSTENLOS ABONNIEREN! https://​bit​.ly/​2​G​2​S​1vf —————————————– ——————— Mei­ne Socials: Twit­ter ► https://​twit​ter​.com/​G​o​l​f​_​M​a​t​es_ Insta­gram ► https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​G​o​l​f​_​M​a​t​es_ Face­book ► https://​www​.face​book​.com/​G​o​l​f​m​a​t​e​s​-​1​1​0​1​7​2​3​1​0​4​3​1​947 ————————————- ————————- Will­kom­men auf dem You­Tube-Kanal von Golf Mates! Wir brin­gen Ihnen lus­ti­ge Golf­vi­de­os mit einer Rei­he von Cha­rak­te­ren, die Sie alle genie­ßen kön­nen. Es gibt Cha­rak­te­re, an denen wir uns alle erfreu­en kön­nen, von Gol­fern mit mitt­le­rem Han­di­cap, Fun­ny-Gol­fern, Senio­ren-Gol­fern, Scratch-Gol­fern, Ex-PGA-Pro­fis und PGA-Pro­fis. Mei­ne Vide­os sind hier, um Ihr Golf­spiel zu ver­bes­sern und den Spaß und die Gemein­schaft zurück ins Golf zu brin­gen! Play­lists unse­rer Cha­rak­te­re: OMP ► 70 Jah­re Gol­ferfah­rung und legen­dä­rer Gol­fer – https://​bit​.ly/​3​p​n​T​vsD Young Man Josh ► Ein jun­ger Golf-Super­star – https://​bit​.ly/​3​o​e​A​itZ Mr Bar­low ► Der lus­tigs­te Gol­fer auf You­Tube – https://​bit​.ly/​2​Z​M​h​NDV Lee Jones ► Scratch-Gol­fer & Golf-Rezen­sent – https://​bit​.ly/​3​d​d​9​STa Ebay Pete ► The House­wi­fes Choice & Mid Han­di­cap Gol­fer – https://​bit​.ly/​3​D​h​l​GhV Stu ► Roy ‘Chub­by’ Brown Look Ali­ke Bry ► Euro­pean Long Dri­ve Cham­pion – https://​bit​.ly/​3​2​T​Z​PR5 Peter Finch ► Ex-Pro­fi & Scratch-Gol­fer #Sub­scri­be #HitT­he­Bell #Golf­Ma­tes

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1.213 thought on “Die letzte Golfrunde?”

  1. Gre­at vid golf mates bring on the new clubs pat I actual­ly play with Ben­ross very for­gi­ving clubs but pat could play with a bucket and spa­de hes that good legend

  2. You rot­ten sod you had me and the Mrs pani­cking with the tit­le of this video,we thau­ght it meant we were going to lose the best gol­fing pat­ter on the show 👏👏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 OMP👍👍⛳

  3. OMP. Tho­se wed­ges I’d love to own. ⛳ OMP, s magic might be on them. My wedge play is rubbish😀If not be a honour to own eit­her of tho­se clubs.

  4. What a legend OMP is. Level par for tho­se 4 holes. Why is he chan­ging his clubs? Would be gre­at to see the video of his fit­ting if one was made. Hope­ful­ly he gets used to the new clubs and plays as well with them. Think OMP will end up with stiff shafts.

  5. Gre­at video. Can’t wait to see OMP with his new clubs. The magic in his old set may­be help me impro­ve my golf 😀

  6. Enjoy your day fit­ting OMP would of thought A rated /senior shafts would be appro­pria­te depends on swing speed fill your boots Pat

  7. This inspi­res me. I had a bad stro­ke 5 years ago. It mes­sed up my visi­on and balan­ce. This seni­or gol­fer gives me such hope. Love the­se videos.

  8. One of the cour­ses at the club I play you have to dri­ve over water 175 to 200 yards to get on the fair­way , a lot of the old boys are going to struggle
    Pat plays that dri­ver so well
    Seni­or flex I recon

  9. OMP……..I’m so loo­king for­ward to watching his fit­ting video!!! The fel­la is a legend and inspi­ra­ti­on. Thanks for the video. Cheers lads 👏🏻

  10. I wish I could play golf half as good as that, OMP always brings a smi­le to my face. Liam your enthu­si­asm and encou­ra­ge­ment are second to none. Keep up the good work.

  11. Pro­of of “not HOW but how MANY”. Liam pay atten­ti­on that OMP is sel­dom Short in putts. Inte­res­ting to see what shafts and I bet, a “strong” 3 wood will be Rx’d.

  12. OMP
    Bril­li­ant video lads , can’t wait to see the video of omp get­ting fit­ted for his new clubs 😎🏌‍♂️ , abso­lu­te legend 👏

  13. I agree with OMP I play with a cou­p­le of OAPs who strugg­le with nor­mal gent’s back tee’s for medals we do have a seni­ors medals but still find it dif­fi­cult with long holes.🏌️🏌️😤🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  14. Omp . Have a gre­at day @ the mizu­no fit­ting pat . Hope the new clubs help you keep top­ping up your pen­si­on by taking the fivers of the non gol­fer and your lad Barlow

  15. Serious­ly which I could play like OMP. Wish him a good fit­ting and I am loo­king for­ward to see­ing more of OMP in the future.

  16. gre­at golf Pat… love your game its so stress free… i would love your signed wed­ges Pat.. love ya and good luck with the fit­ting hope you get what you want as you deser­ve it bud­dy… keep up the good work Liam..

  17. Good luck OMP! Won’t be long until you’re sma­shing it from any tea on the cour­se. Look for­ward to see­ing all the vide­os in the future with your new sticks

  18. I was going to say ‘hope­ful­ly I can play like the legend OMP when I’m 80’, then I came back to rea­li­ty and thought ’I wish I could play that well now’.

  19. OMP, omg well done Pat, we’ve also got a seni­or, seni­or at our club (aged 87) who plays 3x a week and alt­hough he has lost distance he is strai­ght down the midd­le then strai­ght in the hole. Good luck tomor­row and enjoy the new clubs 👍.

  20. Think I would stand Pat’s clubs proud in my living room, could­n’t use them. It wouldnt feel right. Glad to see Pat get­ting some bet­ter cus­tom fit­ted clubs. Can­not wait to see the video with him using them.

  21. OMP is a true living legend what an ama­zing 4 holes again 👏. I would be hono­u­red to win any signed OMP clubs got ever­ything cros­sed. Thanks again for the awe­so­me con­tent as always can’t wait for the fitting.

  22. I’ve alrea­dy got Pat’s clubs, in a way, becau­se I bought a set of Ben­ross Gold HTXs second hand a cou­p­le of years ago hoping I would be able to emu­la­te the gre­at man hims­elf. Now all I need is his game. More serious­ly, I’m very hap­py he’s still using it though. Long may he do so!

  23. The Legend that is OMP love his sen­se of humour and chil­led out approach. Loo­king for­ward to see­ing the fit­ting. Keep up the gre­at work all, best golf chan­nel on YouTube

  24. omp omp is a living legend,id love to play a round of golf with him,love how liam has so much respect for omp,well done guys and i hope omp new clubs work for him,all the best guys

  25. Love the man, that was gre­at stuff. Loo­king for­ward to the video of the fit­ting, and then the first holes with the new clubs.

  26. Iron fit­ting is useless for OMP, he usual­ly goes dri­ver, dri­ver, put­ter for bir­die! ( I made this com­ment befo­re he near­ly did exact­ly that…)

  27. ohhh yee­aaah, he is back, run­ning Liam @4:25
    Joe is doing a real­ly good job, but some­ti­mes I miss the simp­le old days 🙂
    I can­not wait to see the fit­ting of OMP!

  28. I won­der if Greg Nor­man wat­ched this, the legend that is OMP might get more distance with his new fit­ted clubs but if he keeps his accu­ra­cy he will be a sin­gle figu­re octo­gena­ri­an befo­re Christmas.

  29. OMP Have a gre­at day get­ting fit­ted with Mizu­no my clubs are about 20 years old could do with some newer ones I have lea­ned a lot watching OMP over the last few years

  30. GMF Done .….….….….…..OMP put­ting ama­zing distance con­trol he real­ly does feel his way round the golf cour­se just show its not all about that per­fect swing

  31. What can you say about OMP that hasn’t alrea­dy been said!!!
    Consistent,quality,great banter,just a true gent.
    Can’t wait to see his fit­ting and new clubs.
    Liam I never tire of see­ing the respect and love you have for your Hero. ❤️❤️💋

  32. I’ve play­ed that par 5 a few times and it’s not an easy hole. I can’t belie­ve how simp­le he made that and all the holes look. Being fair that was bril­li­ant play ⛳️👍

  33. You got to love OMP, it’s just a plea­su­re to watch him play. True gent too! So hap­py to see him get­ting the new clubs 👍

  34. omp is an excel­lent player.Would love to know what his han­di­cap was in his prime?Look for­ward to the mizu­no fit­ting video and well done mizu­no for spon­so­ring omp and the channel.

  35. What a legend OMP can help anyo­ne with the­re game an abso­lu­te inspi­ra­ti­on to all ages of gol­fers keep up the ama­zing work golf mates 👍

  36. Why is “HE “ chan­ging his clubs? For God’s sake OMP keep that putter?
    Good luck with new clubs – hope the new Hybrid works for you?

  37. depends on OMP’s club head speed pro­bab­ly a seni­or flex. Abso­lute­ly right about the for­ward tees. Anyo­ne in their 70’s + should play from seni­or or for­ward tees. Makes for a level play­ing field. Good luck OMP I would love to have a Mizu­no fitting.

    1. @Golf Mates would be such a nice litt­le win and come in so han­dy for my bro­ther in law to final­ly have his own set and stop bor­ro­wing mine 👍🏼

  38. Liam, you sca­red the dog stew out of us with the tit­le of the video. We thought that OMP was real­ly lea­ving and not play­ing again with Golf­Ma­tes and was going to play on the LIV Tour!

  39. I have so much respect for Pat for sti­cking with his Ben­ross clubs for so long, he’s been so gra­te­ful and loy­al to the brand that were good to him 5 years ago👍👍 Hope OMP enjoys his Miz­zy sticks, deser­ves them. All the best Pat👏😁

  40. OMP Deser­ves ever­ything good that comes to him, an abso­lu­te gent and a legend. Have a gre­at day at Mizu­no Pat⛳⛳👌👌

  41. I was pani­cking when you said last round 😅 omp bloo­dy bril­li­ant ama­zing .good luck on your fit­ting fan­tastic well deser­ved .the­re will be no catching you then can’t wait to see your first round with the new clubs .I think omp tees is ball to low .

  42. I’ve seen alot of peop­le get fit­ted for clubs on You­Tube and no one deser­ves to have the set that he needs more than Mr OMP, the only pro­blem I can see is unlu­cky to the rest of you as he will be even more unbeatable,have a gre­at day Mr P look after Liam can’t wait to see you with new clubs.

  43. OMP all I can say is what an abso­lu­te legend pat is an abso­lu­te plea­su­re watching this man play golf so hap­py for him on get­ting new clubs deser­ves it enjoy your day pat and Liam keep up the gre­at work buddy 👍

  44. What a lovely man Pat is, he deser­ves new clubs, and what a tidy gol­fer Pat is, a lovely gent­le easy swing, makes it loo­ks so simp­le , gre­at watch Liam, a big thanks for arran­ging that for Pat, your a gent

  45. OMP….. What I wouldn’t give to have seen this man play in his prime !!! Liam and the rest of chorl­ton would have been as bro­ke as a joke 🤣

  46. OMP
    What a legend I hope the boys at mizu­no get you sor­ted OMP no one more worthy of being spoilt love the dri­ver off the deck 💪🏻👍🏻

  47. OMP, what a joy to watch, as always. Have a gre­at fit­ting at the best truck on Tour.
    Gratz to Mizu­no as well. Well done.

  48. OMP It would be a pri­vi­le­ge to play with ur old dri­ver, you never know ur pro­wess may rub off on me and help my han­di­cap 😂😂⛳️🏌🏼‍♂️

  49. Watching OMP has chan­ged my mind set and approach to golf. I’m play­ing bet­ter and bet­ter. I’d love to have an OMP signed club but plea­se give it to a local youth ins­tead of try­ing to ship it to the USA.

  50. Good luck w/the Mizu­no fit­ting and much enjoy­ment from tho­se new clubs. But, plea­se don’t let Liam wear that ugly blue shirt any­whe­re near that Mizu­no fit­ting. The fit­ters don’t need any unne­cessa­ry distractions!

  51. OMP my hero, thought you had me the­re in the intro. Real­ly plea­sed for you and your new clubs. Hope your new clubs ser­ve you well.

  52. tot­ta­ly agree too with the for­ward tees, OMP in the seni­ors at the club ? sur­ley the club could chan­ge comp rules i bet he plays with the youth though he would be a ban­dit in the seni­ors lol

  53. Omp what a guy! Makes it look so effort­less. Strolls up, steps back, and wallop!! Strai­ght down the fair­way!! Pure class.🏌️🏌️🏌️🏌️

  54. Gre­at 4 holes you play­ed the­re Pat , can’t wait to see you spank tho­se mizu­no clubs.
    Cheers for the con­tent Liam.
    #golf­ma­tes #omp #golf­wi­th­liam

  55. OMP, still have my signed score­card hol­der, man is an abso­lu­te legend, may­be I could gain his strai­ght shots if I won haha 😁

  56. I think OMP is going to teach the boys at mizu­no a thing or two about golf. He’s awe­so­me in every sen­se of the word.

  57. I’m try­ing to watch this without sound (at my old mum’s fun­e­ral). You­Tube auto sub­tit­les real­ly do strugg­le with your accent!

  58. Gre­at to see Pat play­ing again, he is fan­tastic for his age.I am 80 years old and have just got mys­elf some irons with Ladies car­bon shafts and length. They are ligh­ter and real­ly are what I need.

  59. HI Liam and pat hope you have a gre­at day at mizu­no tomor­row .A few more yards on your dri­ves would be nice Pat but as for the rest of your game you just make it look so easy well play­ed my friend superb golf as all ways .

  60. OMP, shame I didn’t see you both when the Mer­sey League team match was on. Have to say cour­se was in incredi­ble con­di­ti­on. Was very impressed.

    1. You are wel­co­me all the best for the new clubs and all the best in life golf is to be enjoy­ed and im glad to see OMP hap­py it makes me hap­py to see a legend of the sport smi­l­eing keep it up OMP and keep it up liam #TOP GUYS LIAM,OMP,

  61. It’s OMP’s abi­li­ty to just walk up and hit the ball so well that impres­ses me the most. So many peop­le stand over the ball, take prac­ti­ce swings, fidget and what­not, but he just walks up and nails it. AMAZING!

  62. If you’re suc­cess­ful­ly hit­ting dri­ver off the deck, you are miles ahead of the rest of us. Best of luck tomorrow

  63. I will be going to Dub­lin in the fall. I was hoping to play a cour­se cal­led Cor­bal­lis Links. I wan­ted a short cour­se that was not too expen­si­ve but I wan­ted to get the links expe­ri­ence. It loo­ks like fun but very tight. I am not very good so I will make sure to bring a lot of balls.

    1. @Golf Mates Do you guys know of anyo­ne who has play­ed Cor­bal­lis Links. It is in Don­aba­te Ire­land near Dub­lin. Thanks and keep up the good work. Cheers to all.

  64. OMP. This man just keeps ama­zing me every time I see him I love his sen­se of humor and that he doesn’t get flus­te­red on the cour­se Would love to sit and have pint or two with this true gen­tle­man Liam God bless you for brin­ging this kind soul to all of us he has made this wirkd a bet­ter place for sure! Liam con­ti­nue the gre­at work and God bless you both !

    1. @Golf Mates any chan­ce of a les­son from Pat if I win? Wil­ling to collect in per­son as I’m from the nor­thwest too 🤣

  65. Wow OMP you defi­ni­te­ly are a legend. Wish I could play as well as you. God bless you pal and enjoy you fit­ting day, you deser­ve it 👏 ❤️

  66. OMP is a major rea­son I watch this chan­nel (not to slight Liam, Mr. Bar­low, Pete, and Joe) becau­se I am clo­ser to his age. Best of luck with the new clubs Pat. I hope we will be able to see Pat get fit­ted to his new clubs.

  67. Loo­king at OMP’s swing…
    I’m not sure they will fit him into whip­py shafts…
    They will defi­ni­te­ly be light weight…
    But he has qui­te an aggres­si­ve tran­si­ti­on. So some­thing too soft will just end up lea­ving the club­head behind and open, unless the shaft kick point matches up.
    Shaft stiff­ness isn’t all just about abso­lu­te club­head speed…
    Also I’m posi­ti­ve he has qui­te a down­ward attack ang­le with dri­ver, some­thing around the 13+ degrees loft mark could help with spin num­bers due to the slower club­head and ball speed num­bers could opti­mi­se things and help the ball stay in the air lon­ger, incre­a­sing car­ry. But it will stunt the roll out more…a more neu­tral attack ang­le or pre­fer­a­b­ly up. Would help no end aswell with optimisation…
    It will be an inte­res­ting video, I’d like to see what num­bers he pro­du­ces and here the mizu­no techs thoughts on it…👌

  68. The­re is no rea­son at all why Golf Eng­land cant let Seni­ors play off the front tees. yet again with golf its becau­se of hund­reds of years of tra­di­ti­on and an ina­bi­li­ty to reco­gni­se chan­ge is good some­ti­mes. gre­at to see bir­die putts avail­ab­le to seni­ors as well. the sport is about enjoy­ment, cant be much fun hit­ting Dri­ver, Dri­ver, wedge on most holes. Give them a chan­ce Golf Eng­land and drop the Snobbery!!!
    Thank you to Ben­ross for sor­ting out OMP. remem­ber watching the video, gre­at people.
    Good luck with the fit­ting OMP. won­der if OMP will end up with Gra­phi­te shafts matched with swing speed, as they are sup­po­sed to be excel­lent for seniors.

  69. congrats OMP you are the Man. Hope your new clubs play bet­ter that the­se, if so we might ask you to go out on the senior/legend tour.

  70. Super. Love the fact that you know the green kee­pers names too. I remem­ber when my grandad first took me to his cour­se. His advice was i) never trust a thin chef; ii) ALWAYS be nice to the bar staff; and iii) If the club cap­tain doesn’t know the green kee­pers names then he shouldn’t be cap­tain. Still good advice 30 years later.

  71. Best of luck, Pat, with the fit­ting. I love your no-non­sen­se approach to the game, just stan­ding up the­re and hit­ting the clubs.

  72. I’ve com­men­ted on every give away recent­ly for the 4 balls etc howe­ver this is the one I want. The blo­ke is a living legend and he’s such a inspi­ra­ti­on to many older players!!!

    OMP!!!!! Never stop play­ing!! ❤️❤️❤️

  73. The rumor going in the US is the movie Tin­Cup is based on OMP plays with anything.…..at least that’s the rumor I’m starting

  74. OMP, what a gent. Hope­ful­ly get to meet him some­day if he comes back to Ire­land 🇮🇪. OMP, Liam and all the crew are wel­co­me at my club any­ti­me you are in Dub­lin again

  75. Always love watching OMP, abso­lu­te legend! His game seems to get bet­ter ever­y­ti­me I watch. Hope he enjoys the new clubs. 👍🏼

  76. The club could arran­ge comps off the Red Tees as they are WHS rated, its a club decisi­on to inclu­de them in comps not­hing to do with Eng­land Golf

  77. OMP… I real­ly enjoy watching you play golf. You’­re an inspi­ra­ti­on to all the Golf Mates. So hap­py to see you’­re get­ting new clubs from Mizu­no. All the Best to you!

  78. Pat you are a legend.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
    Liam, the ans­wer to your pro­blem is sta­ring you on the face mate.
    Take put­ting les­sons from OMP.🤔

  79. OMP agree with Eng­land golf off reds Liam some­ti­mes I strugg­le to get past the red tees off the whites 🤡⛳️🙈 gre­at video good luck Pat with your new clubs

  80. O.m.p the led­gend , his 8 iron trick made me from a 15 han­di­cap to a 11 car­nt thank him enough , been watching sin­ce u guys star­ted and havent been dis­sa­pi­on­ted yet , love.

  81. Pure class.…that last putt would have lip­ped out for 99.99% of us…but there’s only one OMP…of cour­se it was going in. It would­n’t dare not. I’d love tho­se clubs for my grand­son who is just star­ting out with his golf jour­ney and who is play­ing with a 30 year old set of my Nick­laus Air Bears, which are not the most for­gi­ving. Enjoy your fit­ting, Pat. You deser­ve it.

  82. OMP, loo­king for­ward to see­ing the legend play with his new clubs. Your all losing some more Fivers if it impro­ves his game anymore

  83. Always gre­at to see OMP play­ing golf. Pro­bab­ly a good tip from OMP to not mess around when your going to play (set up and hit it).

  84. Hey Liam, I don’t think it mat­ters what shafts OMP has, you could give him a bag of span­ners and he’d still play great!! 🤣

  85. What an abso­lu­te legend OMP is. Had a fright due to the tit­le lol I would love his clubs. What if I dona­te £1000 to the cha­ri­ty – total bri­be I know 🤣 but dead­ly serious

  86. He’s a bloo­dy geni­us. All he needs is a dri­ver, wedge and put­ter, never mind new irons. Enjoy your day with Mizu­no Pat. I’m green with envy. I’d love to see what they could do for me.

  87. I mean you near­ly had me good and pro­per with the tit­le and then the intro…was rea­dy to kick up a right stink!.…But OMP, I mean what more can you say, one of the big rea­sons I keep watching this chan­nel, what a blo­ke! Some of the shots are just genui­nely unre­al, top class all round!

  88. OMP. You got me with that intro lads. So hap­py OMP will be stay­ing on the chan­nel even though he’s rob­bing poor Liam near­ly every match.

  89. Been watching this chan­nel for a few mon­ths now.

    New to golf and OMP makes me love the game even more.

    If anyo­ne deser­ves a fit­ting with mizu­no it’s the big man.

    Keep up the gre­at work 👍

  90. The one and only O.M.P have a gre­at day at mizu­no love to have one of O.M.P clubs 🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️

  91. I am half pats age and I had to hole a 25 foot putt on the last hole to get a 6. He’s unbe­liev­a­ble. I’d love his clubs so his magic can rub off

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    Good luck with the fit­ting. You guys should come to Myrt­le Beach on your next over­seas adven­ture. I (Barns­ley boy) can show you round some of the 100 golf cour­ses in the area and you could play in our Satur­day scram­ble. It is only $45 which inclu­des golf, bug­gy, free beer and lunch. We also have men from the white tees, overs 60’s from the yel­low tees and over 70’s from the green tees, it makes for a very fun morning. It is a beau­ti­ful area and you guys would have a lot of fun and can hand deli­ver my sou­ve­nir OMP club!

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