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    1. Yea I honest­ly found that the fun­niest haha. Bet­ween some of the bugs and the cool short­cuts and the turn based sys­tem, it was so funny

    1. @JXT_Jack yeah but as Josh said in this video tower unite was more chil­led gaming, Golf it and golf with your friends were so fun­ny to watch

    2. @Jonathan Han­son you’re not wrong the­re😂 it just meant they took less risks with their shots becau­se they didn’t want the +1

    1. Defi­ni­te­ly, the era of golf it, gta races, skribblio/draw my thing and cards against huma­ni­ty was the best time on YouTube.

  1. Mini golf was an all time clas­sic for the Side­men. I feel like golf needs to be pos­ted more con­si­de­ring how big it was. A lot of newer fans don’t rea­li­se how big it was and just think FIFA and GTA crea­ted the Side­men. Har­ry never recor­ded a sin­gle mini golf ses­si­on. JJ and Tobi would show up occa­sio­nal­ly. Ethan, Josh, Vik and Simon were the­re almost 100% of the time for mini golf vide­os. I remem­ber the first mini golf game that they play­ed whe­re it would show the gol­fer that they were choo­sing. I think it was cal­led 3D ultra mini golf.

    1. @Nugget Yeti rocket league just sim­ply doesn’t work as a con­tent game, nobo­dy wants to watch them play a 5 minu­te game of car foot­ball, be about as inte­res­ting as them play­ing a game of fifa except they’re all con­si­der­ab­ly worse at the game, same goes for cod too, just way worse con­tent than what the side­men post the­se days.

    2. 3D ultra mini golf was the best golf game they play­ed, it was so fun­ny becau­se of all the powerups. That time when Simon rui­ned JJ’s win­ning game was legen­da­ry. I wish they would play it just one more time on MoreSidemen.

    3. @Luka Vuko­vić come on. That’s how I know you are a real OG Side­men fan. Not many peop­le know the game. But the fact you don’t just remem­ber the game but remem­ber Simon rui­ning JJ’s game pro­ves you are an ori­gi­nal Side­men fan. Nice to know the­re ano­t­her OG Side­men fan

  2. You know what I’d love to see the side­men play with Ran­dolph, Pico Park, ima­gi­ne the rage, and you know KSI would troll.

  3. The golf sure bought out some fun­ny rages. And other gene­ral fun­ny moments. Defi­ni­te­ly up the­re among the best con­tent gaming wise from the sidemen.

  4. Abso­lute­ly cri­mi­nal how the­re wasn’t a sin­gle 3D ultra mini golf clip. Defi­ni­te­ly the best mini golf game they play­ed imo

  5. The golf vide­os were all goa­ted, espe­cial­ly becau­se they were all indi­vi­du­al per­spec­ti­ves. I find the newer com­bi­ned vide­os much har­der to fol­low and enjoy ✌️

  6. Can’t belie­ve some clips weren’t on here, like Josh say­ing “tha­t’ll do don­key” when he mis­sed a jump, Vik shou­ting “I’m gon­na kill mys­elf” when he boun­ced over the hole in tower unite, and Ethan say­ing “I mea­su­red my dick and it said big”

  7. Golf it was actual­ly so éli­te honest­ly wish you could play more on more side­men. Mini­golf mania was a hid­den gem too. Would love ano­t­her reac­tion video to dif­fe­rent golf moments

  8. Golf It will always be the most éli­te golf game. That game crea­ted far too many gol­den moments. The best game that the side­men play­ed apart from GTA.

  9. It’s cra­zy the grind the­se boys went on. Used to watch all their gaming vide­os when I was youn­ger it’s not until now you rea­li­se they’d record GTA, mini golf, skits, vlogs, fifa and still edit all their vide­os back then 🤯

  10. I didn’t rea­li­ze the count­less hours I’ve spent watching 5 grown men play mini golf and it was total­ly worth it

  11. I didn’t rea­li­ze the count­less hours I’ve spent watching 5 grown men play mini golf and it was total­ly worth it

  12. None of the­se ‘éli­te com­pi­la­ti­on’ creators respect or remem­ber the 3D mini golf game the first ever golf game which had so many moments but I’ve never seen them in any compilation

  13. spent so much time rewatching the­se golf vide­os as well as gmod vide­os over and over when i was youn­ger, hope gmod makes a come­back or we can see josh reac­ting to a best moments

  14. Defi­ni­te­ly need to revi­sit some of the­se games! I’m sure there’s loads of golf with your friends maps that you haven’t even played

  15. Id defi­ni­te­ly would like to see a new golf video on the ori­gi­nal maps they used to play…when they do play it every once in a while, its the cus­tom or new maps…been a while sin­ce the old ones

  16. i can’t belie­ve they mis­sed the 2 best moments in tower unite
    when vik raged he bro­ke his key­board and bro­ke the game
    and when vik and jj got abu­sed by the game and for unknown rea­son kept going out of boun­ce (even though they were in it)

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