Die richtige Art, fette Puttergriffe zu verwenden

Die richtige Art fette Puttergriffe zu verwenden fat grip vs normal

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106 thought on “Die richtige Art, fette Puttergriffe zu verwenden”

  1. Thanks for this video. I just recent­ly added one of the­se grips to my gamer and have been struggling to hit it like I want. I am going to use it tips and see if that helps.

  2. What about a thin­ner super stro­ke like the mid slim 2.0. How would you grip that? Becau­se that isn’t thick enough to do thumbs tog­e­ther. Would you just use that grip like a con­ven­tio­nal one?

    1. Almost, the slim 2.0 is pret­ty much just a thick grip but it does allow the hands to come a litt­le clo­ser. How do you grip the put­ter currently?

    2. Try and bring the right hand fur­ther up the grip and over­lap the last two fin­gers of the left hand. A dou­ble over­lap. This should bring the hands almost level and be mana­ge­ab­le on the 2.0 

  3. Dot you think they are they bet­ter to use on Mal­let style put­ter rather than a toe hang put­ter which tends to use a arcing put­ting stro­ke, rather than the along the line style that Mal­let is desi­gned for?

    1. Yes, defi­ni­te­ly. A face balan­ced put­ter (usual­ly mal­let) with the big grip is a bet­ter com­bi­na­ti­on in my opi­ni­on but loo­king down at a put­ter which you have con­fi­dence with is the most important thing 

  4. I have this grip and the same Yes put­ter. I am real­ly struggling with long putts. Will try grip­ping the way you suggest.

    1. Hi Adri­an, yes and no. The slight­ly slim­mer grip might requi­re more of a dou­ble over­lap. So the back two fin­gers of the right hand sit on top of the first two fin­gers of the left. This should still ensu­re the thumbs are very clo­se together

    18 HOLDS ..

  6. Hi, I’ve just repla­ced my old scot­ty came­ron grip for a super stro­ke 1.0 sized grip, I did­n’t want to incre­a­se the width too much as you exp­lai­ned, poten­ti­al­ly loo­sing feel, but as you have men­tio­ned in you video and also below, by brin­ging the thumbs tog­e­ther and “rocking the shoul­ders” could this work on a 1.0 sized grip? or (for a right han­ded play­er) kee­ping the left hand pas­si­ve and the right hand over­lap­ped over the left hand but import­ant­ly making sure both palms are still facing each other, work?

    Thanks In advance, 

    Ed Smith

    1. @Edward Smith Hi Ed, brin­ging the thumbs tog­e­ther can be done with almost any put­ter grip but the thin­ner they are the more uncon­troll­ab­le the stro­ke will beco­me. I’d pre­fer the right to over­lap the left but wha­te­ver you feel more com­for­ta­ble with. Give it a go and let me know what happens

    1. Ste­ve it’s working well had the big­ger ver­si­on on first 1.62 did­n’t work well , chan­ge down one size made a big dif­fe­rence, not­hing wrong being a lef­ty , I’m a lef­ty but play right handed

  7. Hi Pete just having a second old A Bla­de put­ter fit­ted with a super­stro­ke fat grip, wil­ling to try it to impro­ve my game on the greens. A good point you made about the feel through the dif­fe­rent grips.Will let you know how I get on .Regards Rob Atkinson.Knaresborough G C.

  8. I am won­de­ring what your thoughts on using one of the­se on a ghost spi­der s put­ter? I am get­ting it cut down from the stock 34″ to 30″ next time I am in the city. My issue is with over­shoo­ting almost every shot, so I was hoping that by cut­ting it to my size and one of the­se grips, I might be able to have more over­all con­trol of my putts.

  9. I used a modi­fi­ca­ti­on of this grip today with the ball posi­ti­on you taught me and it worked gre­at. Real­ly rol­ling it nice now.

  10. Gre­at put­ting infor­ma­ti­on thanks. I wan­ted to know what that cir­cu­lar thing behind you is cal­led Used to be avail­ab­le but late­ly seems to have gone off the mar­ket. Plea­se let me know the brand name so i can order one. Many thanks

  11. Thank you for the boun­ti­ful infor­ma­ti­on. I just instal­led a Winn 1.60 put­ter grip on my Scot­ty Came­ron. I’m loo­king for­ward to taking it to the prac­ti­ce faci­li­ty today.

  12. Thanks Peter, I tried my regu­lar hand posi­ti­on ‚right low after I chan­ged to a fat grip and could not get any con­si­stant roll at all. After watching this video I star­ted rol­ling it very well, have much more con­troll of whe­re my putts are going.

  13. Thanks for the info Peter. I just got a Super­Stro­ke 3.0 on my scot­ty bla­de and play­ed three rounds with it. I real­ly like the feel and can’t see mys­elf going to any smal­ler grip in the near future. The per­for­mance has­n’t been the grea­test for me yet but I was grip­ping it like I was on my old put­ter and after this video I’ll be swit­ching grip methods. Thanks!! Keep tho­se vids com­ing sir.

  14. hi pete your wri­te about the dif­fe­rence bet­ween the two dif­fe­rent speeds the grip it self is gre­at and it like you said ii usual­ly use rever­se grip which it makes me putt as hard as I like but the other grip on the fat boy feels good plus it is just com­ing into spring in sou­thern aus­tra­lia so I do feel what you are say­ing try­ing to make up my mind cau­se I did have to give it a bit of a waking you do feel a nice least ten­si­on in the hands but gre­at video buddy

  15. Thanks for this video. I got one of the­se and could­n’t use it until I lear­ned this new grip. Now, I am put­ting much much better.

  16. Excel­lent tip Peter I have been thin­king about chan­ging to this very grip sin­ce i put one on a mate’s put­ter, after watching the vid I orde­red one and am going to give it a go!!!

  17. Gre­at video, I have recent­ly beco­me a Fat­so user – and I’m not over­ly impres­sed as yet – I am con­stant­ly figh­t­ing with the grip – as I have small hands (glove size S) I hoped this would have help but have I gone the wrong way? Should I look at a thin­ner grip?? What would you recom­mend…? Thanks mate

  18. Take a tough club to hit such as a 4 or 3‑iron out of the bag and replace with a second put­ter. That way you have your feel put­ter for long putts and play cleanup with the fat grip.
    Is that legal?

  19. Peter, it is cra­zy how far you have come along with your vide­os from 2014 to 2020. Let’s get Peter to one mil­li­on – need to watch and hit like for that goog­le algo­rithm. Jay. Canada.

  20. if you take your hands put them tog­e­ther an swing an its strai­ght ever­y­ti­me ben­ding lean­ning all that gets the natu­ral move­ment out of squa­re swing fact of the body​.one arm lon­ger than the other noway to have the same stroke

  21. I think you have to ulti­mate­ly deci­de if your mecha­nics are so bad you’ll tra­de feel for more con­sis­ten­cy. becau­se public cour­se greens are so varied in con­di­ti­on, feel is more important than mecha­nics. howe­ver the 1.0 ver­si­on of this grip loo­ks to be a very good compromise.

  22. Hi Peter. Not sure if you’ll see this con­si­de­ring the video was pos­ted 7 years ago, but worth a shot. Two ques­ti­ons: 1) when I put my thumbs tog­e­ther on the fat­so grip it feels like there’s not enough room for both of them to sit com­for­ta­b­ly – what do you recom­mend to fix that? and 2) does it mat­ter how the hands over­lap on the back? I see that you put your left hand on top of your right, is that just per­so­nal preference?

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