Die unvorhersehbarste Knock-Out-Golf-Challenge

Die unvorhersehbarste Knock Out Golf Challenge golf

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888 thought on “Die unvorhersehbarste Knock-Out-Golf-Challenge”

    1. @Gee Whiz I would love this guys to point out a sin­gle “fun­ny ” thing grant said EVER, just to try and under­stand how their brains are wired (I’m gues­sing black to black, red to red, it has to)

    1. If you haven’t noti­ced the Good Good boys don’t drink,cuss or advo­ca­te drug use,that’s why they are so popular,so plea­se keep your blunt to yourself

  1. Y’all’s vide­os make me smi­le and remind me to enjoy the rounds even when it’s not what you wish it was. Thank y’all again for com­ing out to Cog, it was ama­zing to see y’all!!

  2. You guys should do a chal­len­ge whe­re ever­yo­ne get someo­ne else dri­ve using the wheel to choo­se so if Tig dri­ve and you spin the wheel and it lands on grant grant gets it

  3. Ya’ll should do a stran­ger things match. One per­son would be nomi­na­ted to be Vecna/001, and they could put the per­son who did the worst on that hole in pre-death. But if the play­er choo­ses the per­son who play­ed the best on the next hole cor­rect­ly, they are safe from ful­ly dying, and start play­ing again. If wrong, then they are dead com­ple­te­ly. If four peop­le die, the play­er who is Vecna/001 can choo­se to make one per­son die, ins­tead of get­ting the worst play­er of that hole and put­ting them in pre death. The rest just fol­lows the rules sta­ted. The goal is to be the last alive.(please like so they see this)

  4. *Let’s take the moment to appre­cia­te how much effort he puts into his con­tent for us*

  5. As a wee­kend hack Grant’s con­sis­ten­cy bothers me almost as much as his per­fect teeth, get that swing and that smi­le away from me my guy 🇨🇦

  6. Gre­at job boys…went out for the first time in my Figh­t­ing for Par Hat and Vaca­ti­on Polo and had one hell of a round. Tag­ged you all on Instagram!

  7. For future knock­out vide­os ins­tead of the per­son having to make a hole in one to get back in you should do if they score lower than the hig­hest scorer that is in.

  8. Knock­out Idea: Along with all of the eli­mi­na­ted play­ers taking shots on par 3s to get back in, what are ever­yo­nes thoughts on them also picking a tee shot on par 4/5s and try­ing to hole that to get back in as well? The more con­tent the better!

  9. Guys can y’all tell me which video the Micah chip in from the good good mem­bers best shots video is in? I remem­ber watching the video and wan­ting to rewatch the Micah chip-in in the video it’s in again so plea­se let me know

  10. MATT DESERVED THIS MAN!! impec­ca­ble play­ing when he nee­ded it most. tru­ly ama­zing, golf doesn’t get any more enter­tai­ning than this!!!

  11. Love the Good Good com­mu­ni­ty. You six are so real and like­ab­le and appre­cia­ti­ve that peop­le are drawn to your sto­ries. Ever­yo­ne han­ging around to watch and “cad­dy” and cheer ever­yo­ne on is phe­no­me­nal. Love how ever­yo­ne is so humble.

  12. Idk if this makes sen­se but you all should do a video whe­re you play 7 holes scram­ble stumps vs twigs, like a best of 7 game seri­es, each hole being 1 game

  13. I love how ever­yo­ne worked tog­e­ther, hel­ping each other when they were alrea­dy out, the com­mu­ni­ty was gre­at too, ama­zing atti­tu­des guys. congrats matt🎉

  14. YOOOO VIDEO IDEA!! Stumps vs twigs team scram­ble knock­out chal­len­ge. Every hole the win­ning team gets to choo­se 1 per­son from the loo­ser team that eit­her can’t hit the next t shot, so approach shot, or put. If someo­ne has been cho­sen twice they get kno­cked out for the rest of the match.

  15. VIDEO IDEA – You should play a 2v2v2 knock­out chal­len­ge. Scram­ble style but the losing team loses their team­ma­te. So that per­son would then have to play solo. If a team with one play­er wins the hole, they can eit­her elect to add their team­ma­te back, or eli­mi­na­te ano­t­her teams play­er. Last team stan­ding wins.

  16. it’s soo cool what you guys have crea­ted. the good­good com­mu­ni­ty has impac­ted tons of peop­le from dif­fe­rent back­grounds and genera­ti­on. i can honest­ly say that I love watching your you­tube vide­os more than pga golf tours on tv. you guys have crea­ted an authen­tic way of con­nec­ting to peop­le. well done good good crew! 🔥👏🏻

  17. Gre­at video idea, knock out but you don’t know who’s play­ing. Ever­yo­ne plays the hole but 2 peop­le are cho­sen by Colin befo­re the hole
    Starts. He keeps it to him self until ever­yo­ne is done with the hole and then the 2 play­ers are reve­a­led. Like knock out rules win­ner advan­ces but throws a twist in it and makes ever­yo­ne play hard on each hole.

  18. “A cicle of ten­si­on, and nobo­dy is loo­king at each other, what’s up B?” MASTER CLASS IN GETTING INTO SOMEONE“S HEAD!!

  19. You guys need to chan­ge the rule about a kno­cked-out play­er nee­ding a hole in one to get back in. What might be bet­ter is the kno­cked-out play­er having to be clo­sest to the pin on the par 3 to get back in. It gives the play­er a more rea­son­ab­le chan­ce to get back in.

  20. The­res going be a New golf cour­se sup­po­se to in colo­ra­do that is sopu­se to be huge does any one knows about it?

  21. Dude, the kids rocking the gear and giving reads on putts… That’s what GG has done for golf. Love every one of you guys! Like. Sub­scri­be. And put a litt­le gaa­aass in ‘er!

  22. I know it’d be awhile but are the­re any plans for an Arm­lock put­ter? Bc unless you want to con­vert one you have to spend 600 dollars

  23. Love the vide­os, boys. I Haven’t play­ed in almost 2 years and y’all moti­va­ted me to get back out the­re and play a round with my dad today. Grateful

  24. You guys real­ly got some­thing spe­cial here and this is the most enter­tai­ning golf I have ever wat­ched. The beau­ti­ful thing is that I’m actual­ly impro­ving my game lear­ning from you guys!!!! Much love!!!!

  25. An idea for a video would be “Cele­bri­ty Golf” … Get spec­ta­tors to shoot a shot for the TWIGS v STUMPS scram­bles each hole and get the ener­gy from the peop­le who come to watch GOOD GOOD live.

  26. Would love to have you guys men­ti­on the cour­se and whe­re it’s loca­ted in all your vide­os. Good job on this one – men­tio­ned right at the outset.

  27. Video Idea!! – Infec­ted but ins­tead of get­ting a mul­ligan the infec­ted gets a REVERSE mul­ligan. This they can choo­se at any time to make whoever hit the best shot on the NON infec­ted team rehit/ putt like the first one never happened.

  28. About to go to bed and I see this video pop­ped up. Love the con­tent guys! Can’t stop watching y’all! And I’m from Chi­ca­go area also! Love to see y’all in the hometown!

  29. I cad­di­ed in the Wes­tern Open the­re years ago. One of my favo­ri­te cour­ses to play. Wish I knew you were out the­re and I might have swung by 🙂

  30. Bub­bie I love you my guy but stop tal­king into the came­ra with the cigar in your mouth your way too good for that . C’mon Bubbie

  31. I think you should do a 3v3 or 2v2v2 bestball/worst ball ran­dom scram­ble. Hit the ball then flip a coin to see if you are play­ing best or worst ball, repeat

    1. He should have been out though. His tee shot was so obvious­ly dead that he should have rel­oa­ded and been three off the tee. No red steaks so you can’t just drop your second down there.

    2. @BlackHowl1 if its a red sta­ke late­ral hazard you can take a drop at a point the ball cros­sed into the hazard and play your third from there. 

      Your under­stan­ding of the rule only app­lies for white sta­kes out out of bounds.

      So as long as the group feels like Matt’s drop pla­ce­ment was the legi­ti­ma­te spot whe­re it cros­sed then he can hit his third from there

    3. @BlackHowl1 almost every cour­se will have a red or white sta­ke next to the trees along the boundary…especially a cham­pions­hip cour­se like cog hill…im sure they fol­lo­wed the rules

  32. Ever sin­ce Iv star­ted watching GOOD GOOD iv always loved Matt’s style and how he plays the game!! Need­less to say Matt is my favo­ri­te of the group but I love every sin­gle one of y’all dude! But Matt….. I love you bro!😂😂😂

  33. y’all should do a 3v3 4ball. i think it would bring in more com­pe­ti­ti­on and ever­yo­ne still plays their own ball

  34. Awe­so­me con­tent! Shout out to the boy behind the Camera’s! Col­lin! Max! Ryder! You guys do an incredi­ble job. The con­tent and the brand you have sacri­fi­ced so much for. This comes from all of us I belie­ve when I say thank you for all your hard work!

  35. We neeeeeed a com­pi­la­ti­on of gar­ret say­ing dir­ty things he doesn’t rea­li­ze. Like every video! I’m gon­na com­ment the time of each one.
    For instance 22:40

  36. I abso­lute­ly loved to see the coa­ching on the last hole. I think a cool idea would be to play a 1v1v1 match play 3 gol­fers, 3 cad­dies, whe­re the win­ning cad­die recei­ves $1000. The inten­si­ty in the coa­ching and the rela­ti­ons­hip bet­ween cad­dy and play­er would be GOLD

  37. Lets go Mr. Ace Matt!!! The 2x back to back! You pick your head up and don’t for­get you tf you are! I need you to have fun so WE ALL CAN WATCH YOU AND HAVE FUN!!! You Guys Rock

  38. Very good good!
    In knock­out chal­len­ges, espe­cial­ly in the ear­ly holes whe­re there’s a lot of play­ers left I lose the stro­ke count for some of you. Would be cool if you could add some­thing like “For par”, “3rd shot”, “to avoid playoff”, …

    I will watch you no mat­ter what <3

  39. INSANE PERSEVERANCE FROM THE YOUNG MAN. With their backs against the wall, the lone stump fought off an ent­i­re team of twigs. Incredible

  40. You all should do a legit match play event bet­ween stumps and twigs. 1v1 matches. Flip a tee to see who plays each other. 18 hole best two out three matches wins.

  41. idea: 3v3 best ball(not scram­ble), team with best score pics to eli­mi­na­te oppo­si­te team play­er, next round is 2v3, 1v3, etc. last team stan­ding wins
    Call it ?Spar­tan chal­len­ge? Wol­veri­ne chal­len­ge? Honey bad­ger chal­len­ge, y’all are crea­ti­ve you’ll come up with some­thing, gre­at win Matt!!

  42. Let’s go!!! Just got done watching the first GG open and then the grea­test shot on You­Tube. I got to tell you all. I was a fan of Grant and Gar­rett first. Now I’m a fan of you all Matt,Bubba, Ste­ve. I know I’m mis­sing a cou­p­le names but I’m still a huge fan at this point. Guys… keep up the awe­so­me golf. And I got an idea for some con­tent and it’s a win­ner but I’m not going to post it to the world. Gar­rett you’­ve hit me up befo­re so hit me up again and I’ll feed this gem to you!

  43. You guys should do video whe­re team stumps and team twigs. Whoever finis­hes the fas­test but has bet­ter score. Depen­ding how slow/fast they finish

  44. I have a cra­zy bad sli­ce like bub­by. When I’m at the ran­ge I turn twist my hands towards each other when I’m com­ing back from my back­swing and somehow it strai­gh­tens out my shots he should real­ly give it a try

  45. I did­n’t rea­li­ze you guys were in texas! May­be one day I can make it out for one of y’all’s events love y’all’s videos!

  46. video idea – have each of the guys have a fan cad­die for them and whiche­ver team wins the cad­die gets some polo’s or a cou­p­le hund­red dol­lars or something

  47. For the very short chips I would real­ly like to see Bob­by use like a 56° and just hit it like a put­ter the exact same swing. Or hit a litt­le bump and run the same way would like an eight iron or nine iron

    1. Or just liter­al­ly plant it on his back foot and hit direct­ly down on the ball and hit 75 of them and get a fee­ling of distance con­trol. The end. Easiest chip shot for someo­ne like bubby

  48. Tig’s the kind of guy who I know has never chea­ted in golf and see­ing his genui­ne joy for Matt. what a thing the­se fel­las have going, gre­at video.

  49. Idk why but grants smi­le and quir­ky sayings is gro­wing on me, my favo­ri­te to watch! Keep up the video guys, gre­at work and edit team

  50. Can tell bub­bie has no confidence…golf is full of varia­bles you can’t control…I’m 2 holes in and he has added varia­bles on each of the first 2 holes ..put­ting from the rough on 1 and not teeing it up on 2

  51. We need some good good stats do go along with the­se chal­len­ges. Wins,win pct, first round knock­out, sco­ring avg for 18 hole events etc

  52. Haven’t even star­ted the video yet but i am alrea­dy elec­tri­fied by the intro. The­se knock­out vide­os are some of my favo­ri­te. Also, swag­gy shirts as always.

  53. Perhaps y’all could con­si­der imple­men­ting a “Colin the Came­ra man mul­ligan” for each team in the­se chal­len­ges. That dude deser­ves some more came­ra time! I am blan­king in the other editor/producers name but he rocks as well! Zack or Will I think? Thank y’all for the gre­at con­tent as always

  54. Bros… someo­ne on Bob does sports just com­men­ted they should do match play every hole loser eats a wing and they get hot­ter as you go. You should con­ta­ct them and if they aren’t doing it y’all should. Or y’all should col­lab on it. Gre­at video idea

  55. Video Idea- 6v6 with the No Lay­ing Up crew. they deser­ve so much more atten­ti­on and i know you guys could help them grow even more

  56. What’s the point of the “has to be on the green” rule when it’s a play­off. They’ve all mis­sed and it was clo­sest to the pin, which I under­stand, but then bub­bies went off the green and Matt’s was on and Matt won, I’m confused

  57. i real­ly don’t get how they freak out when they win like that. i mean it’s 6 peop­le and a yt chan­nel. not the mas­ters lmao

  58. Let’s go Matt!!!!!! Big dubs!!!! That play­off when you muf­fed it and you thought you were out, nope!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  59. Had two adds pop up with “Good­Good Pets” feels a litt­le like they are try­ing to “ste­al” the Good­Good Golf name with how they pre­sent the ad… litt­le odd on that com­pa­ny to me! The­re is only ONE GoodGood!

  60. Pro­bab­ly an unpo­pu­lar opi­ni­on but Bub­bie tal­king with the cigar in his mouth is get­ting a bit… play­ed out.. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  61. Yo I hang out at that ran­ge and play put­ting games on that mas­si­ve green! Love cog hill! I woul­da been out the­re to see you guys, I was at the hos­pi­tal brin­ging in my baby boy that wee­kend! I’ll catch you guys next time! Holy cow hope­ful­ly at the ran­ge next time!

  62. Defi­ni­te­ly not the MOST unpre­dic­ta­ble finish, cuz Matt has game, the tit­le should of been just “An Unpre­dic­ta­ble finish”. The MOST unpre­dic­ta­ble finish would of been if Ste­ve beat Bub­bie in the final, lol!!!

  63. Gar­ret with the dou­ble entendre sayings “some­ti­mes you got­ta just spread your legs and let it fly!!! Haha­ha kills me everytime

  64. You guys should try to start doing ball flight shots
    That would be a gre­at addi­ti­on to the pro­duc­tion of the channel👍

  65. Been watching for a while now and the con­tent has con­ti­nuous­ly impro­ved and the mil­li­on is get­ting clo­se! Let’s go boys!

  66. Matt!!!! The dub!!!! Let’s go!!!!!! Congrats bud­dy! Way to rep team “STUMPS”, baby baa­abb­baaay­yy!!! Hats off to all the guys of good good, love yalls con­tent! Every last one of y’all guys!!! Y’all kick ass!!! Keep it flowing boys!

  67. You guys need to get rid of bub­bie. He is so annoy­ing. Worst play­er, most annoy­ing, and cocky af. I wan­na play him 1v1 and if I win he quits gg. Ans­wer this com­ment bub­bie if you aren’t scared

  68. VIDEO IDEA: each hole you play is simi­lar for­mat to nor­mal knock­out but ins­tead of the worst score get­ting eli­mi­na­ted the best score on each hole gets to choo­se who’s eliminated

  69. You know, Gar­ret giving that par putt to Matt was epic. If Matt putts it and makes it, it would throw his con­fi­dence through the roof. That’s how you play match play

  70. Gar­rett giving that par putt to Matt was just how match plays should be. If Matt makes that is boosts his con­fi­dence for the next hole.

  71. This was an emo­tio­nal one for me…never in my years would I see my dreams play­ed out in front of me. Thank you to my friends and loved ones for get­ting me here but most import­ant­ly thank you Matt for making my dreams com true.

  72. Pret­ty upset that you guys aren’t offe­ring the put­ter line online, and only released in a Texas dept store. That puts a lot of us fans in other sta­tes unab­le to make the release or even have a chan­ce on get­ting one of your put­ters :/ hope you guys make a choice to have them avail­ab­le online one day or at least dis­tur­bed in other sta­tes whe­re peop­le have a chan­ce to get one.

  73. Hey boys, would love for y’all to come to Ari­zo­na. Gon­na get this bro­ken hand hea­led up so I can show out for y’all. All love guys. <3333

  74. Knock­out leaderboard
    Tig: 11
    Gar­ret: 7
    Grant: 4
    Geor­ge: 2
    Kyle: 2
    Matt: 1 (I have him at 4 so idk)
    Andrew: 1
    Ste­ve: 1

  75. I’m tel­ling you – Matt’s power incre­a­ses the lon­ger his hair gets. He was so good back in the day when he had the full mul­let. He chop­ped the locks off and his game dete­rio­ra­ted. You know what you have to do Scharff