Dies BEWEIST, dass die PGA TOUR VORBEI ist. RATTEN fliehen vor einem sinkenden Schiff.

Dies BEWEIST dass die PGA TOUR VORBEI ist. RATTEN fliehen vor einem sinkenden Schiff. hochladen

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42 thought on “Dies BEWEIST, dass die PGA TOUR VORBEI ist. RATTEN fliehen vor einem sinkenden Schiff.”

  1. Final­ly Ship­nuck com­ing around! He knows he has to play nice if he has to step on any LIV event espe­cial­ly the 3 remai­ning on US grounds or he will be bund­led and ship­ped out of the­re gates.

  2. I wat­ched this inter­view on Satur­day and was won­de­ring you would com­ment. Colin threw him under­hand pit­ches. Alan will somehow sli­ther his way around being held respon­si­ble to some degree. He’s star­ting to see the LIV has strong legs and he needs to find his future

    1. I star­ted making this video on Satur­day: if I did the Director’s Cut it would just be Ship­nuck back­tracking on ever­ything. He is the guy that, if he accu­ses someo­ne of doing something..well, that means he’s doing it himself.

  3. Ship­nuck is syn­ony­mous with.….….….…..befuddled
    unab­le to think clear­ly; con­fu­sed or perplexed.

    1. He gets asked a simp­le ques­ti­on and then he goes through 10 can­ned ans­wers that are all over the place. Very weird.

  4. So he’s the Aho­le who phil tal­ked to sup­po­sed­ly off the record. But, Phil does run his mouth to much and should of been smar­ter to know a A hole when he sees one.

    1. I don’t see how Ship­nuck gets inter­views with ath­le­tes after he threw Phil under the bus and keeps see­king the spotlight.

    1. Exact­ly.. LIV is clea­ning the sta­le ros­ta by remo­ving Jay … the new talent is Mol­lie from the LPGA … good clean up LIV keep up the out­stan­ding work

  5. The PGA is pro­ving that the way they con­trol their play­ers is a mono­po­ly eit­her com­ply or you don’t play. Mona­han miss jud­ged his influ­ence and when made the ban known out loud and on prime time golf. He lost. If try to be the tough guy you bet­ter be able to back it up. He needs to be fired befo­re its all gone.

    1. @Big Boy Pants Golf Gre­at epi­so­de, good rese­arch again. You’ll have that $50 befo­re Christ­mas, can spend it on your set. I’m thin­king some nice art­work on the wall behind you. I hear Hun­ter Bidens arn’t sel­ling domesti­cal­ly so you may pick up a Cheap “Biden”. Most of his sales have been an Art Collector/Gallery in down­town Bei­jing. ( not­hing to see here, plau­si­ble denia­bi­li­ty ). opti­on 2 for that $50 would be some makeup. 😊😊

  6. the pga tour has always been gree­dy with utubers like mys­elf who loves golf n loves to make con­tent to grow the game online. im hoping liv golf nvr mer­ges with the pga tour cuzz theyll just ruin what nor­man has going. ship­nuck is a spi­n­eless wea­sel, have met many oh his type thru my life­time, they r disgusting…

  7. Thanks for dig­ging all,of this up, laug­hing at all the back tracking and hypo­cri­sy now and about to come from PGA tal­king heads.

  8. Big boy pants golf is my favou­rite You­Tube chan­nel! You are the man and ever­ything you say is exact­ly on point!
    Start making some big boy pants so I can wear them please!

    1. He seems per­pe­tual­ly con­fu­sed nowa­days. Like he rea­li­zes now he gets bad intel and doesn’t know what to do.

  9. Its cra­zy to me the hoo­p­la over liv golf, and all the nara­ti­ves, but there’s only been TWO Liv events so far, if the pga is losing, they’­re doing it themselves

  10. Alan Ship­nuck is a wea­sel. No inte­gri­ty. Spil­ling on Phil and brin­ging all the grief. The­re was a time when jour­na­lists can be trus­ted. Tho­se are gone. Ship­nuck is one cor­rupt agent of PGA Tour. No ques­ti­on. If I were Nor­man, he willn ot just get the boot from the LIV event, he will liter­al­ly get the boot up his ass. And then some.

    1. Ship­nuck will do anything to sell his book. I’m sur­pri­sed he hasn’t kid­nap­ped Phil yet. He’s strai­ght up stal­king him at this point.

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