Diese “GOLF-WORKOUTS” SIND DUMM … Lassen Sie mich erklären

Diese quotGOLF WORKOUTSquot SIND DUMM ... Lassen Sie mich erklaeren andrew jensen golf

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134 thought on “Diese “GOLF-WORKOUTS” SIND DUMM … Lassen Sie mich erklären”

  1. Sor­ry for the semi click­bai­ty video tit­le, but hope­ful­ly the edits were dope enough to make it worth it lol

    Got a bunch of comments in my last video wan­ting me to share what I’m doing for my golf work­outs, reps/sets. NOT say­ing I am right and NOT say­ing you should fol­low me, just sim­ply sharing what I’ve been doing for years and how the­se weird “golf work­outs” have pret­ty much done next to not­hing for me. But that’s just me, may­be it’ll help you. Only way to know is to try for yourself.

    FREE VERSION of my Cour­se MGMT program:

  2. Rory said the same thing you said about his speed trai­ning. He got fas­ter but mes­sed up his swing. When I worked out I think I got fas­ter becau­se I was more con­fi­dent I would­n’t get hurt swing it fas­ter with more mass on my body. I think I got the speed alrea­dy but I found that the strength made it easier to swing at the same speed. That is what made me better

  3. Good to see you doing well Luke, roll on the comps. Have you ever play­ed over here in Scot­land? Nice to see my name on the patrons list, glad to help

  4. I think there’s pros and cons,

    I don’t do a “golf” work­out, but I do some explo­si­ve jumps/throws. Then a cou­p­le big com­pound exer­ci­ses. Then super­set some mini mus­cles and finish with core. 

    I’m trai­ning speed at the moment which is working well at the moment – up to 116mph CHS from 104ish a cou­p­le a months 🙌

    Enjoy your vids.

    1. Yep i def like the explo­si­ve move­ment! I try to explo­de on the con­centric to try and empha­si­ze the fast twitch. Thanks chris!

    1. I dont real­ly know what they do exact­ly but from the few things I saw they loo­ked pret­ty sil­ly lol but if it works then not­hing I say matters!

  5. I’m with you regar­ding squats, chest press, over­head press, dead­lifts and bent over rows. Star­ted two weeks ago and I find I’m able to run again!! Weird. I dis­co­ve­r­ed Star­ting Strength on You­Tube. He runs a gym in Wichi­ta Falls. Mark Rip­pe­toe. Gre­at video Luke.

  6. I’m the same way. I tell peop­le I work­out to help with golf but it’s honest­ly just fun lif­ting becau­se all the work you put in the gym pays off with size or strength. The pre­dic­ta­bi­li­ty of it all is a nice break from my golf game

  7. Sweet vid Luke!! Thank you soooo much for this video. Being a 15 year old i always find mys­elf try­ing to hit it just like full grown men will and I can testi­fy to just how much that can kill your score. It’s real­ly not worth it. 😎👊👊

    1. @Luke Kwon Golf out­door only with masks on. I refu­se to pay for that. It’s eit­her too cold, rain and then having to wear a mask is absurd for the mon­th­ly plan I have so my account is fro­zen until the wea­ther warms up. Also depends on the coun­ty as each has some goofy tie­red sys­tem. We have 58 coun­ties in CA. Some may be open but one indoors from what I know unless they go against the sta­te man­da­te. In my city we don’t have any.

  8. Super speed sticks did the same thing to me.
    I actual­ly got fas­ter doing the weight lif­ting, but I was pret­ty slow so…🤷

  9. Always uploading a qua­li­ty video. What Bry­son did was he worked out hard but also ate a lot to get big­ger. I would sug­gest loo­king into star­ting strength. I star­ted about 8 mon­ths ago squat­ting 135, 5x3. Now I have gai­ned 10 pounds of mus­cle and am squat­ting 350 5x3. If you want to get stron­ger I belie­ve this is the fas­test way and I honest­ly belie­ve that if you train this way you will hit the ball fur­ther. Again, thanks for the awe­so­me con­tent. Keep up the grid and best of luck!

  10. Luke, just won­de­ring, have you tried any explo­si­ve and/or speed trai­ning befo­re. For me being in the TPI pro­gram, whe­re we first train for basic strenght and mass and then do some explo­si­ve move­ments, it has real­ly hel­ped me gain speed. And I’m not tal­king about like your basic golf speed move­ments. What we do in our pro­gram is the same thing that NFL line­back­ers do. Love the videos❤

    1. Yeah I try to be explo­si­ve in the con­centric parts of the move­ments just to try and favor the fast twitch fibers if it even does anything lol but I got­ta ima­gi­ne thats got­ta help some­what. So yeah that sounds like good stuff to me!

  11. In my opi­ni­on the best thing about your con­tent is that you know about put­ting dis­c­lai­mers on what you say, put­ting it into per­spec­ti­ve or rela­ti­on (how ever you want to say it). The con­tent is what you do and you like and the­re­for it is inte­res­ting. I know I could not do what you do in the gym and still enjoy the content.

  12. That’s the thing with working out almost like golf swings. What works for someo­ne won’t work for ano­t­her. Loo­king for­ward to see­ing you have a gre­at year

  13. 100% Spot on Luke..Also, Some of the stron­gest guys in the world have even said…if you are not lif­ting for com­pe­ti­ti­ons, than you should­n’t be doing squats or dead­lifts. The risk reward is not worth it. No point in ending your care­er doing an lift that is not real­ly relevant.

  14. Wait 25 years and then see how many band stret­chy things you can do. You say you don’t lift with your ego but then judge ever­ything peop­le are doing around you.

    1. Con­si­de­ring its basi­cal­ly just hol­ding a lun­ge posi­ti­on I think I’d be able to do qui­te a bit in 25 years lol. Also, not lif­ting with ego is not caring what jud­ge­ment is pla­ced on you, not the other way around? Again, I said I think its a bit sil­ly to ONLY do tho­se things in the gym when you can easi­ly do it at home or hotel. Key word only. If you wan­na do that in addi­ti­on to other stuff then gre­at but to only do that seems sil­ly to me. I’m a pret­ty non jud­ge­men­tal guy I could care less what ppl do and I even out­right say in the video that you can think I’m wrong and what I’m doing is wrong. I dont real­ly care lol

  15. Agree on the bands. Howe­ver in gym the­re is ropes with weights that we used ins­tead of band so that way we are lif­ting and do rota­tio­nal exer­ci­ses. It was a golf high school in Swe­den by the way. Seni­or year😎
    You are making good content👍

  16. I feel mus­cle isn’t important for crea­ting speed. But it is important for hand­ling speed.
    For­ce = mass x speed, the more speed the more for­ce. Thus, the stron­ger you have to be to keep con­trol and remain inju­ry free.
    Bry­sen for as far as he hit’s it is real­ly con­si­stant and does­n’t get injured.

    1. @finn saun­ders Only par­ti­al­ly, a body buil­der won’t be able to crea­te much speed. You also need mobi­li­ty and good tech­ni­que among other things. But crea­ting speed is one thing mana­ging is yet another.

  17. Luke,
    What do you think about the gains Bryson’s made in distance from his exten­si­ve strength/speed trai­ning pro­gram? Do you think it makes sen­se for the average gol­fer to work on fit­ness just becau­se a lot of peop­le walk cour­ses and they need to be fit to play 18?

    Cool video! Keep making this stuff!

  18. I guess it depends what “golf work­outs” you are tal­king about, but most of the claims I have seen late­ly have been dubio­us­ly pro­mis­so­ry. “Gain 40 yards on your dri­ver,” “Gain 15 mph of club­head speed in X weeks,” etc. So many peop­le want the easy way to be bet­ter at golf, but it sim­ply does­n’t exist. I hired a golf fit­ness inst­ruc­tor this year (Coach Duffy) and I can assu­re that it isn’t the same as some golf fit­ness class on you­tube. Our metric is not distance off the tee, it is incre­a­sing the dif­fi­cul­ty of the exer­ci­ses. If I hit the ball fur­ther and strai­gh­ter, that’s cool, but honest­ly the big­gest bene­fit will be being healt­hy and fit, and not fee­ling exhaus­ted at the 12th hole when wal­king. With any luck, I’ll still be wal­king 18 holes and play­ing this game at 70 becau­se of the health bene­fits of exer­cis­ing, even if I’m not bom­bing 360 yard drives.

  19. A lot of the value of a good work­out rou­ti­ne is inju­ry risk reduc­tion. Needs to be tailo­red to your high impact move­ments (i.e. golf swing) and the joints that take the most stress.

  20. Luke, my favo­ri­te vid thus far. True and entertaining.
    Tho­se useless twis­ting exer­ci­ses with bands just cau­sed a spi­ne her­nia­ti­on for me. Stick with com­pound lifts to keep in decent shape and stick with your swing.

  21. Rota­tio­nal band type stuff is why Aks­hay Bha­tia will dri­ve it past you even though he pro­bab­ly weighs 50 pounds less. It’s not about being the buf­fest guy out the­re (not say­ing that it does­n’t help) but most peop­le would bene­fit more from having core strength and fle­xi­bi­li­ty than huge arms in golf.

    1. Sup­po­sed­ly KFT has mea­su­red my dri­ving average at 312 and Akshay’s at 294. Honest­ly I dont think they mea­su­red mine cor­rect­ly, its pro­bab­ly some­thing like 300–305 and i wouldnt be sur­pri­sed if his is mea­su­red wrong too. But eit­her way I just think it comes more down to swing mecha­nics than anything fit­ness rela­ted. Not try­ing to come at you lol I know it sounds like it. I’d love to be pro­ven wrong bc all the “golf spe­ci­fic” exer­ci­ses I’ve been told to do hasnt ever done anything. Trust me I would love to be pro­ven wrong any day now 😂 its just been my per­so­nal expe­ri­en­ces with them

    2. @Luke Kwon Golf I agree that swing mecha­nics are defi­ni­te­ly a com­po­nent of Akshay’s abi­li­ty to hit the ball as far as he does at 130 pounds or so. He real­ly gets his hands high with a deep shoul­der turn which real­ly gives him all the speed he can get out the body he has. Regar­ding golf fit­ness, (I am not an expert) but I do belie­ve that like 90% regu­lar ama­teur gol­fers would bene­fit more from doing “golf spe­ci­fic” exer­ci­ses as tho­se often pro­mo­te the fle­xi­bi­li­ty nee­ded to opti­mi­ze the strength that they alrea­dy have. Lif­ting and try­ing to pack on tons of mus­cle would pro­bab­ly be futi­le for the majo­ri­ty of gol­fers who lack the fle­xi­bi­li­ty to turn without sway­ing off the ball. Any­way what you have been doing is clear­ly working so keep it up 👍.

    3. @Luke Kwon Golf Side note, if I am not mista­ken KFT plays at least a cou­p­le of events in Colo­ra­do and Utah at high ele­va­ti­on so if you play­ed tho­se events your average dri­ving distance is pro­bab­ly a litt­le abo­ve what it would be at sea level.

    4. Luke exp­lai­ned in the video he isn’t try­ing to gain yar­da­ge… Most peop­le lift weights to boost their con­fi­dence by maxi­mi­zing their physique…

  22. I am a strength and con­di­tio­ning coach and I am in my Ph.D. for sport phy­sio­lo­gy and all the­se golf work­outs dri­ve me cra­zy with how unsci­en­ti­fic they are. This video warms my sci­en­ti­fic heart.

  23. The weight room as it rela­tes to golf is to make strength and power pro­gress through things like squats and oly lif­ting, much like what you are doing. Keep it up

    1. Appre­cia­te that man! Yeah I just think strong is strong. No such thing as “golf strong”. Just my opi­ni­on and in my expe­ri­ence tho lol

  24. Kind of same thing with Rory, as he star­ted cha­sing speed and distance with the who­le Bry­son gai­ning speed deal, when he real­ly did­n’t need to. He’s admit­ted he has been struggling a litt­le becau­se of that. Kind of important to just stay true to yourself.

  25. So you don’t think if u stop­ped working out for mon­ths that you wouldn’t hit the ball the same distance you do now? Espe­cial­ly sin­ce you have been working out sin­ce col­le­ge. I would assu­me that part­ly the rea­son you are at the level of play­er you are now is becau­se you have been working out.

  26. Total­ly agree with you Luke golf work outs wont make you hit it fur­ther speed trai­ning will. Also lif­ting is addic­ti­ve and fun, also it can help a lot with men­tal Heath and get­ting threw things.

  27. Pro­gres­si­ve over­load occurs in all ath­le­tic trai­ning. When pro­gram­med cor­rect­ly a golf work­out is power-based much like other sports, track, and field (throws and jumps), or even hockey. I belie­ve you may be refer­ring to rehab based of exer­ci­ses only. A good golf pro­gram will inclu­de squats, dead­lifts, push, pulls, and carries.

  28. To the speed com­ment, look at peop­le like Lou­is Oost­hui­zen. Been at the top for ~20 years now. Smooth as silk swing, does­n’t over­due it.
    Edit: nice vid btw. I did­n’t think it was a click­bai­ty tit­le. Its just a state­ment that I find to be true as well

  29. Have we con­si­de­red the pos­si­bi­li­ty that Luke Kwon is actual­ly Antho­ny Kim try­ing to make a come back without the media atten­ti­on of being AK?

  30. Brah just hit the weights, sling weight. That’s how to get fast, and strong. As a trai­ner, you have to build a foun­da­ti­on thru com­pound move­ments, all the micro move­ments are a was­te of time.

  31. 6:55 ok have you tried night put­ting or no look put­ting? Just thro­wing it out the­re cau­se i’ve been gol­fing sin­ce I was 2 and I will try anything once if I think it may work.

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