Dieser 1 Chipping-Tipp hat mein Golfspiel für immer verändert | Herr kurzes Spiel

Dieser 1 Chipping Tipp hat mein Golfspiel fuer immer veraendert Herr kurzes Spiel analysis

In die­sem Video gebe ich dir einen Tipp, den Bob Vokey mir gege­ben hat. Die­ser eine Tipp hat mein kur­zes Spiel für immer ver­än­dert und mir gehol­fen, mei­ne Punkt­zah­len zu sen­ken, mehr Selbst­ver­trau­en zu haben und zahl­rei­che Events zu gewin­nen. Ach­ten Sie dar­auf, den Kanal zu abon­nie­ren und über­prü­fen Sie die Links unten für Son­der­an­ge­bo­te und Rabat­te. My Mem­bers­hip Site ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​V​x​w​tj5 Swing Cad­dy SC300 Dis­count Link ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​H​G​G​d8w Swing Cad­dy SC200 Dis­count Link ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​T​F​O​xp9 Hier PowerStick ▶ https:// bit​.ly/​2​P​w​O​gEt Motivo Golf­mat­te ▶ https://​amzn​.to/​2​E​6​P​7b8 Net Playz Golf­netz ▶ https://​amzn​.to/​2​G​m​d​vI8 Vol­vik S4 Golf­bäl­le ▶ https://​amzn​.to/​2​G​m​2​XZk Vol­vik S3 Golf­bäl­le ▶ https://​amzn​.to/​2​I​a​u​HBY Tra­vis Mathew Hat ▶ https://​amzn​.to/​2​G​D​T​xaQ Mein Ent­fer­nungs­mes­ser ▶ https://​amzn​.to/​2​t​i​H​LLd Tol­ler preis­wer­ter Ent­fer­nungs­mes­ser ▶ https://​amzn​.to/​2​I​8​k​mq3 Swing Video Ana­ly­zer ▶ https://​amzn​.to/​2​T​P​W​gBD Mizu­no Gear Hier ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​D​x​G​wMO Atha­lonz Schu­he Hier ▶ https://​www​.atha​lonz​.com/​d​i​s​c​o​u​n​t​/​M​r​S​h​o​r​t​G​ame Ver­wen­den Sie den Code: mrshort­ga­me für Rabat­te auf Schu­hein­la­gen Mehr Aus­rüs­tung hier! ▶ https://​www​.ama​zon​.com/​s​h​o​p​/​m​r​s​h​o​r​t​g​ame Bit­te abon­nie­ren ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​F​a​D​vFG FOLGE MIR: Insta­gram ▶ https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​m​r​s​h​o​r​t​g​a​me/ Twit­ter ▶ https://twitter .com/MrShortGame Web­site ▶ http://​www​.mrshort​ga​me​.com/ Mei­ne Aus­rüs­tungs­lis­te Mizu­no JPX 919 For­ged Irons – 4‑GW Tit­leist TS3 – Dri­ver 9,5 Tit­leist TS3 – 3 Metal 15 Degree 818 H1 – Hybrid 19 Degree Odys­sey EXO Stro­ke Lab Seven 2 – Put­ter ⚠️ Haf­tungs­aus­schluss: Eini­ge der Links in die­ser Beschrei­bung sind Affi­lia­te-Links. Wenn du über die­se Links etwas kaufst, unter­stützt du den Kanal ohne zusätz­li­che Kos­ten für dich. Gewinnen/Gewinn! Vie­len Dank!

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397 thought on “Dieser 1 Chipping-Tipp hat mein Golfspiel für immer verändert | Herr kurzes Spiel”

  1. Seems like the same stro­ke length as a pitch, but open face and no “loo­sen the screw.” Assuming your still recom­men­ding weight for­ward given it’s a chip? One more ques­ti­on: What do you recom­mend for ball position?
    Abso­lute­ly love your vide­os. You’re #1 on YT in my book!

    1. Super­Du­per Awe­so­me It may help to think of pit­ching and chip­ping in terms of tech­ni­que. Pit­ches use boun­ce; chips use the lea­ding edge?

  2. I gave this les­son to one of my pals at Vil­la Sol Golf Club, he was a hands for­ward ball back scoo­per and chun­ker, he sent me an email one week later tel­ling me he was so exci­ted about how he was per­forming the chip shot he reck­ons it will trans­form his game!!

  3. At what yar­da­ge do you tran­si­ti­on from boun­ce to lea­ding edge? Is your quar­ter 30/40 yd and half 50/60 yd tech­ni­que still use bounce?

    1. Using boun­ce can be used for both 30/40 yard and 50/60 yard. Ins­tead of using the same club and swin­ging har­der. You use say 56 degree with open club to hit 30/40. Than use 52 degree same swing speed and open club to get 50/60 yards. Ever­yo­ne is dif­fe­rent though. So you have to play around with what works best for you.

  4. Gre­at advice as always.
    i strugg­le with whe­re to put my ball in rela­ti­on to bot­tom of swing arc.
    could you address this pro­blem in a future video.

  5. I’ve com­ple­te­ly lost my Irons over the last few weeks. Tur­ned strai­ght shots 90%of the time into Hook then sli­ce. Any tips?

    1. Relax your arms. Wagg­le to bleed out ten­si­on in arms and wrists. Focus on swing feel, not ball. Visua­li­ze the per­fect­ly timed swing in your mind for 3 seconds then… deter­mi­ne (say to yourself) to per­form that most excel­lent swing. Works with putts, too.

  6. Thin­king I’ve been watching your vide­os for about year, not only are you my favou­rite online tea­cher but I dare say my game is 10 strokes bet­ter than pri­or to watching! Plea­se keep doing what you do your awe­so­me!🏌🏽‍♂️🇨🇦

  7. Yes, good tip. I have found that on soft chips, you need to pay atten­ti­on to the grain. Most of the time, it’s not going to mat­ter. But if it’s a grai­ny grass like Ber­mu­da, that flan­ge don’t sli­de through so easy.

  8. I alrea­dy knew this but the way you exp­lai­ned it is like a pen­ny drop moment for me.
    Take the lea­ding edge out of play by get­ting it up and out of the way.
    I now can inten­tio­nal­ly keep it out of play through the shot.

  9. Next video. 100yd shot tech­ni­que plea­se. I have mas­te­red your low fligh­ted 60yd spin­ner and I use the same on my chip shots but sin­ce have lost my feel for the 100–120 yd wedge.
    Plea­se help

    1. Jona­than Hix I was won­de­ring how long it would take for someo­ne with your problem.Chipping 60. Yar­ders or less is gre­at for this tech­ni­que but gets frus­tra­ting after 100–150 yards becau­se your not com­pres­sing the ball hit­ting behind it.

  10. I was ‘doo­med’ befo­re, but have been try your tech­ni­que off a mat. Ama­zing. Ball goes up then down. Just love it. I try to hit an inch befo­re the ball. I find the sand wedge seems to work well for me. Thanks so much.

  11. Thank you man. I do set up squa­re and kin­da clo­sed like your say­ing. Thats why I’m catching it fat and com­ing up short more often than I like.. I’ll be sure to open up the face next time I play..

    1. @Gideon Works for me and I don’t shank any…I say try it and see if it works for you. I had a guy com­ment at the ran­ge the other day at how tight my 30 yard chips were to the flag.

  12. The­se are all good tips but as with anything you want to do well the­re is a thing cal­led PRACTICE! Does not mat­ter if it is base­ball, foot­ball, ten­nis, hockey,archery, dance, musi­cal instru­ment and so on you have to PRACTICE and do what is right for you then hone it and you will own it!

  13. One thing I don’t under­stand about ope­ning the face is that the club head is angled out towards your right. So do you adjust your body more to the left more to line up with whe­re you want the ball to go or swing dif­fer­ent­ly? Basi­cal­ly what keeps the ball from fly­ing out to the right when you have the face ope­ned like that?

    1. Exact­ly. Body is ali­gned left of tar­get and club face is aiming strai­ght at tar­get after you open the face. Same thing for bun­ker shots.

  14. i’m gr8 at prac­ti­cing this. but to exe­cu­te it i have to use so much more club than i think. usual­ly i end up dig­ging in and come up short but, if i don’t dig then the ball only gets half way the­re. it’s sca­ry ope­ning a gap wedge to hit 20ft

  15. I wan­ted to let you know I wat­ched your video on rota­ti­on and it hel­ped me get back the 10 yard I lost on shots . I was sli­ding ins­tead of twis­ting. Thanks Matt keep up good work!!!!!!

  16. The wed­ges are uni­que clubs in your bag with that God-given (or in this video Vokey-given) boun­ce on the bot­tom. Most average gol­fers don’t even think about it, or use it! Such a small adjus­t­ment (by ope­ning the face) that will pro­du­ce drastic results! Gre­at video tip!

  17. This is a good video BUT.….….. I would­n’t recom­mend thin­king about the boun­ce becau­se more times than not ama­teurs will bla­de the shit out of it plus if you “boun­ce” the club into the ball it’s becau­se you’­ve made a con­ta­ct mista­ke (no you don’t want that, even if you get away with it) Now what I would recom­mend and this works very very well is to SWEEP the ball of the grass/dirt/or wha­te­ver lie. Don’t think about hit­ting down on it and don’t think about picking the ball off the ground. A sweeping moti­on will give you gre­at con­ta­ct and you can use this theo­ry with any club. Remem­ber to sweep the ball and your chip­ping and pit­ching and even your long game will impro­ve ten fold!

    1. @Robby G13 No pro­blem don’t take my advice but do me a favor the next time you prac­ti­ce chip­ping on your first 10 chips just think about sweeping the ball (don’t hit down and don’t pick it) and if it does­n’t work then you can tell me that I’m full of shit fair enough?

    2. @Gideon The thing is it works though. I am the very defi­ni­ti­on of a high handicapper…found Matt’s chan­nel and have been put­ting this and some of his other short game tips into prac­ti­ce. I have drop­ped about 4–5 strokes off of my scores. I was told long ago to put the ball back in my stance, hands for­ward to chip. Worked about 1/3 of the time. Moved the ball more midd­le , shaft more in the midd­le, weight 70 per­cent on lead leg like Matt has sug­gested and my pit­ching has been trans­for­med. Came up about 20 yards short on a long par 3 last wee­kend. Pit­ched it two about 1 ft. Befo­re that would have been a bogey at best and easi­ly a 5 without too much effort lol. I am a believer.…dude has game and good tips . Thanks MSG !

  18. When I open the face to use more boun­ce, it appears that the club face is not mee­ting the ball squa­re­ly (at a 90 degree ang­le). What adjus­t­ments if any should I be making?

  19. Gre­at vide­os! I’m a new view­er and sub­scri­ber to the chan­nel. excel­lent con­tent and I think it’s awe­so­me that your vide­os are filmed at Rustic Can­yon. Being from Moor­park, it’s cool to sup­port a local You­Tuber. Keep up the good work!

  20. No pro­blem ope­ning the club face, the pro­blem is in hit­ting the ball on an accu­ra­te line to tar­get. Too many times the ball tends to go way right or left.

  21. Best chip­ping tip I ever Got was from an old timer who told me to chip with an 8 iron are the greens. Grip it like a put­ter with your fin­ger down. I chip in so much my bud­dies crin­ge when I setup.…pretty sure Gary Play­er tea­ches the 8 iron chip too..

    1. This was the norm back in the day. Even on tour. I like to use p‑8 when I can. Does­n’t look as cool but there’s no pic­tures on the score card

  22. My pro gave me a short game les­son , showing me this approach. Very use­ful. Gave com­mand and con­fi­dence to pitch it close.

  23. Gre­at video, I like them all but on this one some­thing I don’t under­stand. Why isn’t the ball going hig­her sin­ce you have it ope­ned up? I have no pro­blem at all with flop shots but my chip­ping is going south espe­cial­ly short ones. Any ide­as? Thanks.

    1. to be fair.. it was *becau­se* he took a divot that he remem­be­red to say that that is what you DON’T want to do. All makes sense.

    1. Rob Harms Tri­al and error, go prac­ti­ce and find out what works for you. I prac­ti­ce chip­ping in my gar­den, 100 balls a day and vary up bet­ween low, medi­um and high chips. Defi­ni­te­ly worth the effort 👍

  24. This works gre­at but bewa­re of hit­ting a few of the­se pit­ches just befo­re you tee off with your dri­ver. You will very likely push your dri­ve right becau­se you will lea­ve the dri­ver face open.

  25. Thats all well and good but I don’t have a pro­blem with short grass. I have big pro­blem with deep green side rough with the qua­li­ty of con­ta­ct on the ball.

  26. I like to squa­re up everything.…open the club­face to say 2 o‑clock.….then open stance to 2 o‑clock to get the club­face aimed back at the tar­get. Then regrip. Ball con­ta­ct and height come off per­fect­ly. And always ace­le­ra­te. To dece­le­ra­te is death, espe­cial­ly in hig­her rough.

    1. You are so cor­rect.. when I hit a bad shot using this tech­ni­que it is becau­se I did­n’t acce­le­ra­te. You have to trust your swing.

  27. Mr Short Game. YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE GOD. What did we do to deser­ve a man like you. Tried this out while at the prac­ti­ce ran­ge and it works a tre­at. Thanks a bunch!

    1. Wil­mer Feli­cia­no If you open the face it will go more right for a right han­ded gol­fer. He should real­ly men­ti­on you need to aim slight­ly dif­fer­ent­ly mate.

  28. Gre­at tip! While I have always ten­ded toward a hig­her pitch and chip shot tra­jec­to­ry and, thus, ope­ned my clubs (use anything from 8i-60°) to enga­ge the boun­ce, I found that my grea­test ally is swing path. Having a shal­low swing path, com­ing from the insi­de to out, allows me to sweep the ball clean­ly. Sli­cers often come from out to in and have a stee­per ang­le of attack. The mar­gin for error is much grea­ter due to a more nar­row arc at the bot­tom of the swing path.

  29. This tech­ni­que is all very well on the per­fect grass you’­re play­ing off, my cour­se has rock hard bare fair­ways with no give in the sum­mer, mea­ning the­re is a place for hands for­ward ball back, lea­ding edge chipping/pitching.

  30. This was a gre­at tip! The idea rein­for­ced a small bre­akthrough I had yes­ter­day while prac­ti­cing chip­ping. I wasn’t sure what was going on but con­ta­ct was much clea­ner and results were more con­sis­tent. Thank you for clarifying 👍🏻🥃

  31. Thanks so much or this video! Went to the prac­ti­ce ran­ge today and prac­ti­ced this for a litt­le bit. Then I play­ed 9 holes and man, does this work! I think I may have bla­ded just 1 shot, but all my others shots whe­re pret­ty accep­ta­ble even though I had just star­ted doing it today. I plan on prac­ti­cing more and get­ting it clo­ser in the future. No more fat chips or pit­ches I hope. Thanks man, gree­ting all the way from Puer­to Rico!

  32. Like your vide­os alot. Howe­ver unless you are alrea­dy using Paul Runyon’s putt/chip stro­ke, you can impro­ve your chip­ping. It’s sim­ply easier, and more accu­ra­te for the ama­teur golfer.

  33. On shots of 4o to 60 yards I tend to you use a 60 degree wedge and I screw it all up. Some­ti­mes I feel that I hit the ball to hard, but it goes like to 5 yards. I dont chunk it, it has good loft but goes no whe­re. I usuallg play neu­tral, but should I chan­ge ball for this short shots.

  34. Dude.. You saved my life. I’ve been stubbing chips like cra­zy for weeks. No clue why. My cour­se is not­hing but tight lies and I took your advi­se and chip­ped like a pro today.

  35. Con­tra­dicts what you’ve told us befo­re with tight lies you said clo­se the face to remo­ve the boun­ce now you say open the face to crea­te more bounce

  36. I tried chip­ping and and pit­ching and this tip made it work per­fect­ly ! So I deci­ded to use it on my other irons from 9 to 4 iron and guess what.… the ball flight was super strai­ght !!!!! It even worked on my woods ! Can you plea­se exp­lain how ope­ning the club face on all my irons while main­tai­ning a squa­re posi­ti­on actual­ly made my strikes super solid ???

    1. Sin­ce this works for you on your full shots, that means you have a high club­head speed. You pro­bab­ly hit more that 240 yards with your dri­ver. The open club­face cau­ses the ball to go a litt­le hig­her. But, sin­ce you have power, you don’t lose distance byThe smo­the­red shot is the worst in golf bes­i­des a shank. Ope­ning the
      club­face avoids that but wea­ker play­ers lose distance by ope­ning their club­face. Ben Hogan desi­gned his irons to be slight­ly open.

  37. Your tips do help my golf game a lot. They are easy to under­stand and prac­ti­ce. I have been going through so many golf inst­ruc­tion books, maga­zi­nes, tips, vide­os and prac­ti­ce count­less hours the past 20 years, and have not reached the level I want. I was an 18 han­di­cap­per 20 years ago and mana­ged to bring it down to about 6, and then it see­med to hit the wall. alt­hough I have bro­ke par twice, it is not con­sis­tent. I am now reti­red, but still try­ing to get bet­ter at golf every day, hoping to find the click some­whe­re, somehow until a few mon­ths ago I wat­ched some of your vide­os. I find your atti­tu­de and posi­ti­ve­ness in your pre­sen­ta­ti­on to be admi­ra­ble, so I fol­lo­wed them. Though the tips were inte­res­ting, they did­n’t click me until I wat­ched the clip “The Best Golf Rota­ti­on Drill Ever” of yours. I went out to try it right away and it on the lawn without a ball and it worked. Today I tes­ted it at the golf cour­se and it also worked very well too! I also like this “Chip­ping Tip Chan­ged my Golf Game Fore­ver”, which I find to have a simi­lar con­cept as the “Kevin Kis­ner Fixes Wee­kend Golfer’s Chip­ping Game” pos­ted a week ago. The­se two tips of yours do take my golf swing to the level I wish, and now I am con­fi­dent I have a pro­per swing to play the game I love.

  38. you don’t need to open the face to enga­ge the boun­ce, depends on club too, I like my 50 with 6 degrees boun­ce, 56 with 8 has too much for clo­se lie short grass, many wed­ges have even more boun­ce, but with prac­ti­ce you will find what works for you in dif­fe­rent grass conditions

  39. Thanks for the tip. One ques­ti­on though, is this still a good tech­ni­que when the ground is very wet? My cour­se is real­ly wet at the moment and I’m fin­ding if I catch just a bit of ground befo­re the ball the club just buried its­elf and I chunk it. I guess I’ll find out soon enough if this hap­pens with the boun­ce too 😂

    1. Chri­sA, if you lea­ve the club squa­re that lea­ding edge is far more likely to dig in than if you open the club­face and use the boun­ce. Boun­ce is liter­al­ly desi­gned to skim through the soft dirt and keep the lea­ding edge from dig­ging in. Good luck!

  40. I love your inst­ruc­tion tech­ni­ques. I have a question.…I have been focu­sing on my takea­way with a smooth rota­ti­on becau­se I had the ten­den­cy to come over the top at times. I have been focu­sing on the trai­ling edge of the ball ins­tead of the lea­ding edge you hit. it has allo­wed me to swing thru the ball with solid strikes . Is this a posi­ti­ve fix or am I asking for trouble?

  41. Ama­zing so many inst­ruc­tors this far off the green call such a shot a chip shot vice a pitch. Such a shot with an open face is gre­at for tight pin posi­ti­ons with very litt­le green to work with whe­re you want a soft high shot with spin that checks up soft­ly and relea­ses very litt­le. This tech­ni­que in this video is the worse enemy when you are try­ing to hit a low run­ning chip shot which is free from side spin becau­se you are run­ning the lea­ding edge with a low swing arc, not steep, strai­ght down the tar­get line – no fear of dig­ging. Not a side open face spin­ning cut shot that checks and is incon­sis­tent in release and often if it gets near the cup often spins out vice run­ning strai­ght in. Go with a high per­cen­ta­ge chip shot with a lower lof­ted club and lea­ve the open, boun­ce wedge shots to situa­tions whe­re a crea­ti­ve shot deman­ds such. In tea­ching the short game high per­cen­ta­ge shots, I often teach stu­dents how to use a lower lof­ted club with empha­sis on path and con­trol­ling the face ang­le and then exe­cu­te the same lie and distance with a wedge. The results and need for a chan­ge to their approach of how to exe­cu­te the chip shot more effec­tively is obvious to the stu­dent which club to go to given the results bet­ween the two approaches.

  42. I found a tour spec wedge with 14 degrees of bounce.…i guess it has a lot so they can grind it down how they want.….pre grind wed­ges with this much boun­ce is like cheating.…my 2c.

  43. I was just watching this and I noti­ced in wasn’t sub­scri­bed. ??? I sub­scri­bed a long time ago and your vide­os pop up. But how was I unsubscribed???

  44. Thanks for the video. How do you aim with this shot? Ope­ning the club face to use the boun­ce makes you aim left with the club. Are you swin­ging across your body?

  45. Gre­at info, thank you!! When you open the face, do you adjust your aim, or will you hit to the left? I’m just asking for cla­ri­fi­ca­ti­on as this would be a new tech­ni­que for me. Thank you

    1. Lan­ce and Del­rae Ben­son I open my stance a litt­le bit so the face is poin­ting strai­ght to tar­get, then it usual­ly cor­rects the direc­tion, but small amounts.

  46. Good video les­son! Here’s a ques­ti­on. I have always thought that ope­ning the face would send the ball off to the right, so, when you open the face do you have to modi­fy your swing at all? Or, was I wrong in my assumption?

    1. I may be wrong but if you look and watch some of his other vide­os he has an open stance which should com­pen­sa­te a little ?

  47. Nice to meet you mr short game – liken your vide­os – like to know more about your back ground- if that’s ok – keith luce­ro Sam Francisco

  48. I am a new gol­fer (1 year) and your vide­os have hel­ped my break 100 regu­lar­ly but I feel real­ly sca­red to open that face becau­se I am afraid of going way right! Plea­se exp­lain con­cep­tual­ly how open the face of the wedge does not make the ball go right. Also how to use the boun­ce, how to hit the ground first without chun­king bad­ly.. thanks a lot.

  49. I am a reti­red fire­figh­ter after over 38 years. I just star­ted play­ing like a year or so befo­re I reti­red. I have only had 1 les­son on golf not coun­ting all I have wat­ched vide­os like yours. They are a God sent for peop­le like me but not a repla­ce­ment for what I real­ly need for what I am doing. I would love to have some les­sons from you. Whe­re are you loca­ted and what would it cost me to get rid of all my flats? Plea­se help me.

  50. Gre­at stuff thanks ! I actual­ly lear­ned some­thing , going to try this right away. It makes sen­se just never thought to open it that much or at all really

  51. I love your enthu­si­asm and your know­ledge. You have hel­ped me in a many ways. I like Mr. Short Game but I think you should name your chan­nel “Chips Ahoy”. It might appeal to a lar­ger audi­ence? Wha­te­ver you do don’t stop making vide­os. Thanks

  52. Just worked for me off a mat.….excited to try this on the cour­se and espe­cial­ly out of the rough (which kills my game). Bes­i­des “ope­ning the face/using boun­ce”, the even big­ger key for me is “you are just going to turn”. I was try­ing to chip w/putting stro­ke and the club was not rota­ting through and balls go right out of the rough. Very frus­tra­ting. This is much more natu­ral. thanks for sharing…subscribing now. wish me luck!

  53. I’ve been watching vide­os for years try­ing to impro­ve my chip­ping, but nobo­dy has real­ly tal­ked about using the boun­ce of the club. This tip is an instant fix to tho­se frus­tra­ting chip shots. Gre­at tip! Thanks

  54. This is the secret. Every pro does this. I wat­ched pros do this at the memo­ri­al on the prac­ti­ce green. I always won­de­red how they did it. After watching for hours I final­ly figu­red it out. Gre­at info

  55. This could be the best golf tip I’ve EVER got­ten! Makes total sen­se! Other­wi­se why even think about boun­ce, right?! Bril­li­ant. Thanks for sharing!

  56. Why do peop­le keep cal­ling things “chip­ping” les­sons when they are for pit­ching? Chip­ping and pit­ching are two dif­fe­rent things.

  57. Gre­at video this hel­ped me a lot. I just star­ted gol­fing last sum­mer with my Dad, and the­re is not­hing more frus­tra­ting then hit­ting a gre­at tee shot and then hit­ting my wedge eit­her 20 feet over the green or 5 feet in front of me.

  58. First off, you’­re a Wild Man. Second, I saw some of your vide­os for the first time on Thurs­day, tried them on the cour­se on Sunday, and it com­ple­te­ly chan­ged my approach and suc­cess. So thanks for all that!

  59. most strugg­le with chip­ping becau­se the attack ang­le is not steep enough, also they do not rota­te and they release their wrists…swing down until you hit the ball, try to hit the ground, and most­ly “prac­ti­ce” !

  60. I think you con­fu­sed pit­ching with chipping.…That loo­ks like the defi­ni­ti­on of a pitch, it flies far­t­her than it rolls.

  61. Very basic tip but you exp­lai­ned it real­ly well, loved the way you bro­ke it down so sim­ply. Going out­side now to prac­ti­ce. Thanks.

  62. I was chip­ping just like he show­ed. Dig­ging that lea­ding edge in and rare­ly get­ting up and down. I ope­ned the face and went to 60% on around the green saves. Now I fly it just short of the hole and stick the lan­ding or throw it up and let it roll out on down­hill chips. One tip made my short game a lot more fun.

  63. Thank you. The ONLY thing pre­ven­ting me being par or bet­ter is my short game – thir­ty yards or less to the green, I am always under the green or over the green or on the frin­ge of the green and have LONG putts which I end up two put­ting and I can’t figu­re out anything right now, so I’m taking a short game les­son on Tues­day. I am going to try this. I am real­ly good with my dri­ver, irons and woods, which, honest­ly, I kill with. It’s the short game and how to use my wed­ges (sand, uti­li­ty and pit­ching) that is kil­ling me. I sub­scri­bed to Mr. Short Game, so thank you for being out the­re – you’­re easy to understand.

  64. This les­son immedia­te­ly saved me 4–5 strokes yes­ter­day. I hit two buckets at the prac­ti­ce green focu­sing on ope­ning the face, using a flat­ter swing pla­ne, and kee­ping arms tight to my body. Wow!!! I got so much sta­bler. Kee­ping the arms clo­se to the body is important. I chip­ped more like wit­hin 10 feet some­ti­mes 3–4 feet. I went over hills on the green rather than around them due to con­fi­dence. As I prac­ti­ce this will save me 5 shots easi­ly. I shot an 89 which I had never achie­ved befo­re. Fewer putts as I was clo­ser to pin. This is bet­ter than les­sons I took in per­son for $200. Thank you man!!!

  65. I like it. I am always con­cer­ned that ope­ning the face like that also points that face more to the right (right han­ded swing) and that I will have to aim my swing more left to com­pen­sa­te as in a trap shot. Any truth to this?

  66. I wish I had your short game. My wife bought me an f9 dri­ver in April for our anni­ver­s­a­ry. It is the best dri­ver I have ever owned. I hit it gre­at and long for a 55 year old fat man who has had five back sur­ge­ries. I dri­ve it about 280–290 total but have found that becau­se my short game is hor­ri­ble I must use three and five woods off tee. Espe­cial­ly on par fours so that I have a full shot into greens.

  67. I wis­hed to learn about appro­pria­te Golf swing and the gui­de was the first gui­de I selec­ted. Show­ca­sed in the gui­de are signi­fi­cant advices such as selec­ting the right club model and length depen­ding on your arm length, height, and shoul­der width. Through the trai­ning les­sons in the gui­de, I‘m able to redu­ce my han­di­cap to 15 from 22 in one year. I found this gui­de by Goog­le. Name is Logan Ballοyshot

  68. I don’t know who to thank you or Bob? I real­ly did­n’t under­stand how the ground is for­gi­ving and enab­les you to use the boun­ce. All I could con­cei­ve was on a tight lie bla­ding the ball. No So appar­ent­ly. Who Knew bes­i­des you and Bob? Thanks.

  69. I feel like this might be an idio­tic ques­ti­on, but how does the ball not go screa­ming to the right if I open the face? Seems like it would send the ball fly­ing off line.…

  70. I was not able to play for a mon­th and prac­ti­ced this and it worked gre­at but then on the cour­se I was stum­ped with uphill chips, ball abo­ve my feet and below my feet and things went back to ugly … HELP…

    1. Lol 🙂 you have to shut the face through con­ta­ct. Other­wi­se it won’t work and the­re is a hugh chan­ce of hit­ting the guy next to you xD. That counts near­ly for every shot. Don’t hold the open club face through impact. Don’t block the club face, let it clo­se. Think of having a table ten­nis racket in your hand. It is the same move.

  71. This tech­ni­que works gre­at for per­fect, con­sis­tent secon­da­ry cut or rough. When I play in soft, wet con­di­ti­ons or whe­re the grass is incon­sis­tent or lon­ger, and try to open up the club­face and use the boun­ce I most often will chunk or some­ti­mes even shank. What’s up?

  72. Can’t chip if my life depen­ding on it…„ keeps going right… then when I get to the ball …, can’t pull the trig­ger… cau­se I know it’s going to the right.…, any suggestions?

  73. If you wish to under­stand golf swings in details, you will find out about the stra­te­gies and secrets of right golf swings through the. The gui­de tells the pre­cise abi­li­ties as well as swing tac­tics used by all golf tour­na­ment experts. I‘ve read 1/2 of this book and also the con­cepts are gre­at. After figu­ring out the secrets, I tried it instant­ly and I scored low 80s rounds three times con­se­cu­tively. You can dis­co­ver this gui­de on Goog­le. Name is Logan Ballοyshot

  74. Right after stu­dy­ing the­se golf swing stra­te­gies and exer­cis­ing the drills as I stu­dy, I went out and also shot a seven­ty three. Ano­t­her achie­ve­ment I‘ve made is hit­ting 13 of 18 greens in regu­la­ti­on. On the other five holes, I got clo­se to hit­ting five to ten yards with the green. My han­di­cap is a 9 so I do not shoot 73s all the time. It has been actual­ly a very long time sin­ce I made an out­stan­ding round.. You can find this gui­de on Goog­le. Name is Logan Ballοyshot
    With thanks

  75. Right after rea­ding through the golf swing stra­te­gies and finis­hing it a week ago, I tried the guide’s advices on the field. I had been at it for 3 deca­des, but I was sur­pri­sed that my swin­ging skills was still impro­ved. Asi­de from that, the prac­ti­ce drills also hel­ped fine-tune some small but cru­cial posi­ti­ons that I once thought didn’t mean much. I found this gui­de­book on Goog­le. Name is Logan Ballοyshot
    Take care

  76. After rea­ding through the golf swing tech­ni­ques and com­ple­ting it last week, I tried the guide’s ide­as on the field. Never ima­gi­ned that after play­ing for 30 years, my swin­ging abi­li­ty could still be enhan­ced. Asi­de from that, the prac­ti­ce exer­ci­ses also hel­ped opti­mi­ze some small but cru­cial posi­ti­ons that I used to think didn’t mat­ter. You can rese­arch this gui­de­book on Goog­le. Name is Logan Ballοyshot

  77. My dear Mr. Shortgame !
    Your fre­ne­tic style of pre­sen­ting makes me worry you will indu­ce one of my migraines.…However l will love you fore­ver becau­se of your ” CHIP AND SLIDE ” les­son. It has trans­for­med my short game !
    Den­nis Evans, Australia .

  78. Does the amount of boun­ce on my wed­ges make a dif­fe­rence. I alrea­dy have 12* of boun­ce on my 54 and 60 wed­ges. Would you recom­mend I still open them?

  79. Hel­lo! Awe­so­me video. Do you mind if this video is shared to the coun­try club mem­bers of various golf cour­ses? We are doing a golf/tennis/health tip cam­pai­gn for the begin­ning of 2021

  80. Not real­ly hel­pful, as so many on ope­ning faces are. That is, talk about ope­ning the club and NOT men­tio­ning the aim is now off right. OR is the­re some secret that your open face shots go strai­ght? If so, again, why do most inst­ruc­tions lea­ve this out or some men­ti­on in pas­sing (1–2 seconds) say aim “bit” left. Boun­ce is good, your friend, that is why it is built into low lof­ted clubs even in a squa­re nor­mal shot as long as you do NOT lean the shaft for­ward. Also, why not play the ball more for­ward? Use boun­ce that way, i.e. par­ti­al flop shot but square?

  81. I also use a wea­ker grip to keep the club face from clo­sing. Thanks for the tip. I’m always for­get­ting this over the win­ter here in the north.

  82. How do you know what boun­ce is right for a play­er. I am the worst and I mean worst short game play­er on the face of the earth with a sin­gle digit hdcp. Help me beco­me not the worst…

  83. What do you think of the chip­ping tech­ni­que of stan­ding clo­se to the ball with the club face tip­ped slight­ly onto the toe ? Thanks

  84. I like Mr. Short Game. He is very enthu­si­astic and real­ly enjoys to teach. In this les­son he also show us how to move the shouders.

  85. Gre­at video! At Cad­dy­boo we belie­ve that both the right skills and the right mind­set are cru­cial for a suc­cess­ful gol­fer. 💪 That is why to inspi­re gol­fers we crea­ted Cad­dy­boo Doing What We Can’t film, check it out on our channel! 😍

  86. This is so simp­le it is unbe­liev­a­ble – but yet so effec­ti­ve! It has chan­ged and impro­ved my short game bey­ond belief – Thanks and Regards, Rod Fox

  87. Gre­at video, thank you! May­be demons­tra­te on sand, clo­se up even. It would should the exact sli­ce into the ground as you’­re describ­ing; while lif­ting the edge.

  88. good advice but not in the situa­ti­on he is showing. This is 9 iron – 8 iron bump and run every time and you pro­bab­ly make a cou­p­le with as many as he hit.

  89. try that when the ground is wet/soggy. You will hit it about a foot. You have to take a low loft club like a 7 iron and hit it with a put­ter stroke.

  90. What about ball pla­ce­ment? When I chip off the green on tho­se tight lies I usual­ly set the ball back in my short stance, basi­cal­ly lined up with my back foot. That’s how I usual­ly get a bet­ter spin on my chip shots. The only time I’ve real­ly ope­ned up my club­face on my wed­ges is when hit­ting out of the sand­trap. I’m always worried about shaking the ball to the right with an open clubface.

  91. what’s the boun­ce on your 54 degree. The amount of boun­ce obvious­ly mat­ters. You did not indi­ca­te the boun­ce. Thanks, you’­ve hel­ped me qui­te a bit.

  92. I love it when you say some­thing insa­ne and have that litt­le snig­ger after­wards. In this instance the cart path com­ment. My chip­ping has come on so much this last few weeks and also I’m crun­ching my approach irons fair­ly con­sist­ent­ly now so thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏻

  93. Gre­at video. I can’t wait to try. Ad befo­re you video sucked. Never got the sli­ce tip. He kept say­ing “what I’m going to show you will chan­ge your game” but never got to the point.

  94. Mr. Short Game, I have been doing this for the past 2 years by acci­dent! I have been play­ing the ball off my front foot and my weight on the left side and ope­ning up my club face. I have been cut­ting across the ball with my 54 degree wedge and play­ing a small flop shot around the greens. It has worked ama­zin­gly! But I now know that it is becau­se I have been ope­ning up my wed­ges to allow the boun­ce to work! I even use this tech­ni­que on my 40 to 50 yard shots, and just take one more club and play it higher!

  95. Alright , I can’t say thank you enough for this ama­zing tip . Wat­ched it twice , went out to my backy­ard and it real­ly works well . Now , to try it tomor­row on the cour­se . Can’t wait ! Rod­ger Dodger

    1. @David Moss I did and I did stay strai­ght but I pop­ped the ball into the stra­to­s­phe­re and it went may­be 20 ft! LOL! 🙂

  96. Gre­at video bro­ther thanks again for your time and exper­ti­se!! What cour­se are you play­ing in this video? Thanks it loo­ks beautiful!!

  97. If I’m not hit­ting a flop shot I put the ball back of my stance, hit down on the ball with the least amount of wrist action unless I need spin.

  98. What’s the dif­fe­rence bet­ween ope­ning up the club and doing a flop shot? Isn’t that basi­cal­ly a flop shot which is hig­her risk?

  99. Man I’m not good at golf by any means but I will have to try this, but usual­ly if I try to open the face I scold the ball like crazy

  100. do you use the boun­ce on your sand wedge and pit­ching too from fur­ther out ? do you use it for bump and run . i saw a video for rati­os with bump and run won­de­red if you wat­ched and tried ?

  101. Having a gre­at game yes­ter­day and the only place I fell short was my chip­ping, gai­ned so many strokes just on bad chips, I hope this helps.

  102. I’ve always pre­fer­red clubs with low boun­ce for chip­ping unless con­di­ti­ons are super wet. I often thin it if I open it up with a hig­her boun­ce club. My lob wedge has 4 degrees of boun­ce and it works out alright for me. 

    Ope­ning up the club face is gre­at though

  103. Final­ly! Ever­yo­ne says “you need to use the boun­ce”, but nobo­dy says exact­ly how to do that. Took me years to figu­re out what that meant on my own and once you do it chan­ges your who­le game. For anyo­ne watching though, how he finis­hes is very important too, bey­ond “using the boun­ce”. This is espe­cial­ly good for 50y and under pit­ches imo. Good tips 🙂

  104. I will know this after­noon if this works bla­ding as I refer to it base­bal­ling it as my short game late­ly loo­ks like Im try­ing for a grand­s­lam thanks.

  105. When I play­ed a lot of golf I could get the ball up and down from the ball was­her. I hit ever­ything with an open face from 100 yards in. Guys would ask me why I did that and I could­n’t real­ly tell them why, but I rare­ly mis­sed a chip, pitch or 100 yard wedge. I play­ed with soft cove­r­ed balls and I always achie­ved the flight I wan­ted, whe­ther it was high, low or usual­ly qui­te medi­um height and the ball grabs on the second or third hop and it’s like thro­wing darts at a board. Your tip just remin­ded me, a now 64 yr old geezer, of how I used to exe­cu­te tho­se shots and I’m loo­king for­ward to my next round of golf to empha­si­ze this “rule” and see how I do. (I don’t play much any­mo­re and my short game has real­ly suffered.)

  106. This for me is the best chip­ping tip I’ve ever used. I’ve been play­ing golf for 30 years and scroun­ged around the greens the who­le time. This works, just took it down the park to see. The con­sis­ten­cy of the strike is unbelievable,even off the tigh­test and dir­tiest lies. You can hear the sound of the strike is so much bet­ter. Along with the swing plan tip, I thank you. This will turn my game back around.Looking for­ward to try­ing this one on the chip­ping green. Thanks again.

  107. This was fan­tastic. Immedia­te­ly tur­ned me into a good chip­per this week. But yes­ter­day I ran into a pro­blem. Cour­se was very soft due to over­wa­te­ring, and when I tried to use the boun­ce the club, 60 degree wedge, sucked into the turf and I chun­ked the shots. After 4 of the­se I con­clu­ded the turf must be firm enough or this won’t work. After­ward I thought about using my put­ter to chip in the­se con­di­ti­ons but would like your thoughts. Or may­be just swing faster?

  108. Gre­at Demons­tra­ti­on. I will try adjus­ting my swing to use the boun­ce more. I real­ly only used the boun­ce in green­si­de bunkers.

  109. Love watching your vids,been struggling with chip­ping on and off for a while,gunna try it.When I was young I’d chip in mum’s yard,a real ball(B51 small ball) lol,tennis ball,and a golf prac­ti­ce ball with holes in it,got so good I’d go out front and chip real balls with a 56’iron over the house into the backy­ard ‚big front win­dows 20ft in front of me,then star­ted doing it to the neigh­bours house„made me con­fi­dent in any situation,could fly the club under the ball as fast as I wanted,30yrs though of com­ing and going-dim­med my con­fi­dence ‚so I’m gun­na do as u say,back to basics..hope I didn’t bore u bruva,love golf,love your vids..

  110. I have wat­ched several of Your vide­os. This one here has chan­ged My game! You touch on this in other Vids as well. I prac­ti­ce off tight lies and use the boun­ce ! I have taught this to friends too. Its the real deal! A Must have skills set! Thanks again Brochocho!

  111. It is dif­fi­cult to see your set up in this video. Appears feet clo­se tog­e­ther but are hands slight­ly for­ward or cen­te­red. Is ball pla­ce­ment cen­te­red bet­ween feet or insi­de front heel? And sin­ce you are ope­ning club head should I com­pen­sa­te by aiming slight­ly left for a right han­ded golfer?

  112. Yup tried this last week just won­de­red what would hap­pen. Total­ly sho­cked hit­ting up to 2″ behind the ball. Per­fect loft. Had no idea.

  113. I star­ted using the ide­as pre­sen­ted in this video 2 years ago and it has hel­ped lower my scores signi­fi­cant­ly. Lis­ten, the­re are lots of you tube vide­os out the­re, but Matt’s are by far the best! His inst­ruc­tions are easy to under­stand and imple­ment! Thanks Matt for hel­ping me play the best golf of my life in my 60’s.

  114. THANK YOU so much. I’ve wat­ched count­less vide­os on chip­ping, but this is the first time anyo­ne has poin­ted out that ope­ning the wedge brings the lea­ding edge hig­her ( duh), and that ‚for folks like me that natu­ral­ly swing down a bit, that results in a per­fect strike. That makes things so much clea­rer for me.. I can­not wait to get to the ran­ge and work with this!!!!

  115. I have used this tech­ni­que with my 4 iron under a tree 🌲 to pitch a 6” high ball back on to the green so not to hit the tree lim­bs han­ging down at 5’ from the ground. I am having fun making my 4 iron any pitch I want to meet my needs.

  116. Hi the­re, just love so much your tuto­ri­als and my game got from 105 to 90 and below. Still loo­king for some impro­ve­ment on any aspects of the game. The big frus­tra­ti­on I have hit­ting the ground befo­re the ball and some­ti­mes hit­ting with the shaft wen I open the wedge. Let me know what you advi­se. The prac­ti­ce swing is per­fect, but on the Strock the ball move is not the same. Thanks, Nick

  117. This has impro­ved my game so much. A light bulb moment. My only issue is that the occa­sio­nal shank slips in now and then and then I get anxious over the next shots. Any idea what may be causing the shanks?

  118. Awe­so­me tip but I alrea­dy new this and have been doing it for deca­des … I vote you the num­ber one chan­nel on you­tube … Tho­se other clown chan­nels on you­tube ( robin­son , sheils , etc) do not hold a cand­le to you my friend …unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly the­re sub­scri­bers are lost in a sea of mis-infor­ma­ti­on cau­se they dont know bet­ter … I refer ever­y­bo­dy to your chan­nel that I know …Why? , cau­se my 40 years play­ing golf tells me you know your stuff and this video is spot on Mr Short Game … Folks , lis­ten to this man !

  119. I watch 2 golf coa­ches, one is more “reser­ved” but you’re more “fun” and infor­ma­ti­ve to watch. Thanks!

  120. Play­ing in a scram­ble this Satur­day in Sun­ri­se, Flo­ri­da. I will let you know how ope­ning the face works out. Thank you for all the gre­at tips.

  121. Gre­at explana­ti­on bro on why the boun­ce is desi­gned the way it is becau­se the ground gives way slight­ly. I’ve been an abso­lute­ly hor­ri­fic chip­per until just a few days ago and I lear­ned to do what you’­re say­ing but I’m doing it on the downswing let­ting it come in open but I feel like I’m using the toe of the club only. Gli­ding under the ball beau­ti­ful­ly. Appre­cia­te the info

  122. That les­son is, as you qui­te right­ly poin­ted out, the oppo­si­te of how I usual­ly think about chip­ping. Must get out the­re and prac­ti­ce it. Cheers

  123. I for­got I wat­ched this vid a few weeks ago. I’ve got­ten pret­ty adept at pin­ching the ball with my pitch & chip shots, striking down on the ball first & taking the sligh­test hint of a divot in front of the ball in order the ball sput­ters on the 2nd boun­ce, then rolls out ( hope­ful­ly ) up to the hole, but I’m going to put this ’new’ sug­ges­ti­on to the test in an upco­m­ing round. I’ll get back with the results with an added / edi­ted tes­ti­mo­ny wit­hin the ‘2nd leg’ of this very com­ment, like right.…

  124. Bril­li­ant and thanks for this real­ly gre­at tip. I do strugg­le with this aspect and get sca­red to chip around greens as I often stuff it up. Thanks all the other videos.

  125. My anxie­ty after ope­ning the face is how it appears to chan­ge direc­tion-as if ball will fly right. How do you open the face but still grip and direct ball flight correctly ?

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