Dieser 149 Pfund teure Driver könnte eine Bedrohung für die großen Golfmarken sein?

Dieser 149 Pfund teure Driver koennte eine Bedrohung fuer die 2019

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Nur ein durch­schnitt­li­cher Gol­fer, der unvor­ein­ge­nom­me­ne Mei­nun­gen über alles, was mit Golf zu tun hat, Pro­dukt­tests, Golfrei­se-Vlogs und Golf­nach­rich­ten veröffentlicht! 

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25 thought on “Dieser 149 Pfund teure Driver könnte eine Bedrohung für die großen Golfmarken sein?”

  1. I real­ly like the ine­sis equip­ment. Theyve got a put­ter about to drop which loo­ks very nice.
    I bought the juni­or set for my son for christ­mas, the qua­li­ty is very good. The clubs and woods seem very solid. I will hsp­pi­ly recom­mend them. 👍

  2. Gre­at video Andy. This is a video for the mas­ses. Most of us don’t have the money for the high end equip­ment. Loo­king for­ward to your vide­os on the rest of the Ine­sis line. Here in Thai­land we have a Dec­a­th­lon store and I have used the o

  3. I was plea­s­ant­ly sur­pri­sed at the value for money and the equip­ment, clot­hing and shoes give you a gre­at bang for your buck. A friend of mine got a set of clubs and a bag for £600. Not a full set but as a begin­ner he’s chuffed.

  4. To me, all tho­se num­bers are in the way. You found the midd­le with that cheap dri­ver. That’s the main thing ever­yo­ne should be loo­king for. Too much tes­to­ste­ro­ne affec­ting what some think they need to do with a dri­ver. Too many loo­king at distance only. Me, I am 61 and would much rather be short, and down the midd­le, than long and I can’t find my ball. I think that Inesis(sp?) would be gre­at for MOST average gol­fers. To me, that extra 20 yards does not equal $300. That’s just my opi­ni­on. But basi­cal­ly for me, whe­re does the ball end up, is all I need to know. The rest of the num­bers are a wash. Put a stiff shaft and you will pro­bab­ly get back half of the 20 yards you lost with that. Plus 12 degrees is a tad much for a dri­ver, but.… that was the stan­dard loft of a per­sim­mon dri­ver back when I star­ted play­ing.
    Gre­at video, and yet ano­t­her less expen­si­ve brand to take a look at.

  5. Hi Andy Gre­at 👍 video you often sur­pri­se me (in a good way) when I visit a sports store I may pick up some tee’s, but would turn my nose up & just glance at the club’s expec­ting them to be poor qua­li­ty, this Video has chan­ged 😃that, I would not con­si­der buy­ing club’s the­re (I need to com­pa­re against my clubs) on a launch moni­tor, but now next time I visit a sports shop I will check them out and would hap­pi­ly recom­mend them to someo­ne star­ting the game may­be with a half set, loo­king for­ward to you tes­ting the Irons, Thanks Dickey 9hcp 75year Seni­or Golfer

  6. I have been using Dec­a­th­lon & the Ine­sis Golf Ball & Gloves for several years, excel­lent per­for­mance at a gre­at pri­ce point.
    For anyo­ne Gol­fing on a bud­get, Dec­a­th­lon is an excel­lent option

  7. It seems too many are worried what’s in the bag, or if a $750 dri­ver will lower your score. Bull! No club will cure a bad swing. Spend on a les­son it will pay divi­dends and just go out and enjoy!

  8. The shaft opti­ons for a club make the big­gest dif­fe­rence I think . I tried all the new dri­ver relea­ses went with TM Sim 2 becau­se of the stock shaft which sui­ted me best . If Cal­lo­way had the same stock shaft that could have been my choice. I am sure the dif­fe­rence in club heads is less signi­fi­cant. So any clubs off the shelf will suf­fer a litt­le with the shafts unless your lucky and the one opti­on real­ly works for you . But when your lear­ning the game befo­re your swing has taken shape then the­se value clubs are a gre­at opti­on. Also if your play­ing 6 times a year again why pay 3 times the pri­ce for a TM etc. My cus­tom fit irons were gre­at when I was off 27 now the shafts my be too light for me off 18, so they are going high and left more .
    I think reviews need to con­cen­tra­te more on shaft opti­ons ( stock) but that needs mul­ti­ple tes­ters ( dif­fe­rent swing speeds) so the view­er can work out which might be best for them .
    Thanks Andy real­ly love your cour­se reviews ……

  9. this club is fan­tastic excel­lent value for money, very good shaft, my pro has put on a magni­ficent shaft which makes this club even more effi­ci­ent my dri­ving is more regu­lar and more power­ful, my best dri­ve for 15 years .… the irons and wed­ges aren’t bad either

  10. We’­ve had a dec­a­th­lon near us for year’s just off jnc 26 M1 at giltbrook they pro­vi­de a fan­tastic gate­way into any sport for the mas­ses and it’s most­ly good qua­li­ty stuff on a bud­get so no not sho­cked and unless they have chan­ged can’t see you being disap­poin­ted in the balls

  11. Good stuff.….lot’s of good equip­ment out the­re that is pri­ced rea­son­ab­ly. Also, newer ren­di­ti­ons of dri­vers & irons, rare­ly pro­vi­de much impro­ve­ment. If you have qua­li­ty clubs, stick with them, and learn to hit the cen­ter of the club face with more regularity.

  12. Hi,
    I’ve just star­ted play­ing golf and i bought an ine­sis 100 seri­es dri­ver with a regu­lar shaft and 14 degree pitch for £60 brand new. My scores have tumb­led main­ly due to being more con­sis­tent on lon­ger holes from the tee. I rea­li­se the­re are tho­se who will turn their noses up at this, but my game is impro­ving and may­be if my dri­ving starts to hold me back I may upgrade. But top of the list for me is the club you’­ve just review­ed. As a casu­al, recrea­tio­nal play­er cost is important and gre­at per­for­mance for lower cost is rele­vant.
    So good review and I hope some gol­fers out the­re take the plun­ge with the dri­ver and may be plea­s­ant­ly sur­pri­sed
    Thanks for pos­ting this review

  13. Gre­at that you do the­se tests with an open mind Andy. For irre­gu­lar­ly play­ing high han­di­cap­pers on a bud­get they are gre­at. I bought my daugh­ters each an Ine­sis half set and they have worked gre­at (even sur­pri­sed their inst­ruc­tor). For me reti­red, play­ing 3–4 times per week, loving the pro­cess of fit­ting, prac­ti­ce, fin­ding small gains I have jus­t­fied the cost of my Mizuno’s and Ping Driver/woods/hybrids! Foot­no­te: I have bought alot of Dec­a­th­lon stuff and have been impressed.

  14. Andy gre­at video. Like the les­ser known brand con­tent. You men­tio­ned the ele­ments shaft was not a good fit for you being 5F3. From other vide­os that is the same weight and flex as your Pro­for­ce V2 HL shaft. Wouldn’t they be pret­ty com­pa­ra­ble ? I think the extra loft in the Ine­sis being 12* is likely the big­ger factor

  15. Sho­cked that someo­ne has­n’t been ever to Dec­a­th­lon. I’m abso­lute­ly sure it’s the #1 here. If you ever go cam­ping in Spain you’ll see 99 out of 100 tents being from Decathlon. 

    Per­so­nal­ly, I use their Soft 500 balls. Cheap and I can’t real­ly tell the dif­fe­rence at my level.

  16. I find the real pro­blem with Dec­a­th­lon is being able to purcha­se some of their pro­ducts. I loo­ked into buy­ing a left han­ded put­ter and they were out of stock and have been for mon­ths. I wear Dec­a­th­lon golf shoes, they are bril­li­ant. The water­pro­of shoes are excel­lent and I have just purcha­sed a pair of golf shoes for the summer.

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