Dieser GOLFCLUB ist wie BETRÜGEN!!


Dieser GOLFCLUB ist wie BETRUeGEN golf

Tay­lorma­de Ste­alth Res­cue Review. Wir tes­ten den neu­en 2022 Ste­alth Tay­lorMa­de Res­cue und ist der ers­te 2022 Hybrid, den wir getes­tet haben. ► NEUER TEAMAL-VLOG-KANAL – https://​bit​.ly/​A​E​G​a​m​i​n​g​_YT ► MÖGEN SIE DIE MUSIK DES KANALS? Erhal­ten Sie 15 % Rabatt auf Sound­s­tri­pe mit dem Code “ETCHES15” – https://soundstripe.com?fpr=alexetches ►► Wer­den Sie TEAM­AL-Mit­glied! ein­schließ­lich benut­zer­de­fi­nier­ter Emo­jis, Abzei­chen, Rabat­te, Live-Streams und exklu­si­ver Inhal­te? Wer­den Sie ein #TEAMAL Mit­glied – https://​bit​.ly/​J​o​i​n​T​e​a​mAL FOLLOW ME ► Face­book – https://​www​.face​book​.com/​a​l​e​x​e​t​c​h​e​s​g​o​lf/ ►Twit­ter – https://​twit​ter​.com/​a​l​e​x​e​t​c​h​e​s​g​olf ► Insta­gram – https:/ /www.instagram.com/alexetchesgolf ► LIVE auf Twitch – https://​twitch​.tv/​a​l​e​x​e​t​c​h​e​s​g​a​m​ing ► #TEAMAL Dis­cord – https://​dis​cord​.gg/​f​W​x​D​3​G​z​bvx ► #TEAMAL Merch Store – https://www.teamalstore. com/ ► UNTERSTÜTZE MICH BEI PayPal (Reisen/Ausrüstung) – http://​bit​.ly/​D​o​n​a​t​e​O​n​P​A​Y​PAL ALEX ETCHES GOLF YOUTUBE EQUIPMENT ► Mei­ne Kame­ra – https://​bit​.ly/​a​l​e​x​e​t​c​h​e​s​-​c​a​m​era ► Kame­ra­ob­jek­tiv – https:// bit​.ly/​a​l​e​x​e​t​c​h​e​s​-​l​ens ► Go Pro Hero 8 – https://​bit​.ly/​a​l​e​x​e​t​c​h​e​s​-​g​o​p​ro8 ► Droh­ne – https://​bit​.ly/​a​l​e​x​e​t​c​h​e​s​-​d​r​one ► Mikro­fon – https://​bit​.ly/​a​l​e​x​e​t​c​hes ‑mic ► Lap­top – https://​bit​.ly/​a​l​e​x​e​t​c​h​e​s​-​l​a​p​top ► Tas­ta­tur – https://​bit​.ly/​a​l​e​x​e​t​c​h​e​s​-​k​e​y​b​o​ard ► Apple Track­pad – https://​bit​.ly/​a​l​e​x​e​t​c​h​e​s​-​t​r​a​c​k​pad ► Bear­bei­tungs­soft­ware – htt­ps ://bit.ly/alexetches-editingsoftware Hey Leu­te, ich bin Alex Etches und ich bin Golf­pro­fi und Pro­dukt­prü­fer. Falls Sie mich nicht ken­nen, ich habe mit 10 Jah­ren mit dem Golf­spie­len begon­nen, bin mit 22 in Groß­bri­tan­ni­en Pro­fi gewor­den und erstel­le seit 10 Jah­ren unter­halt­sa­me und infor­ma­ti­ve Golf­in­hal­te auf ver­schie­de­nen Platt­for­men. Mein Zuhau­se ist jetzt AUSTRALIEN und ich hof­fe, Sie zu eini­gen der bes­ten Golf­plät­ze von Down Under füh­ren zu kön­nen. Auf die­sem Kanal erwar­ten Sie vie­le lus­ti­ge Rezen­sio­nen und Vide­os. Vom Tes­ten eini­ger Mini­golf­schlä­ger bis hin zu den neu­es­ten Pro­dukt­ver­öf­fent­li­chun­gen, dar­un­ter Tay­lorMa­de, Cal­la­way, Cobra, Mizu­no, Tit­leist und vie­le mehr … Ich rei­se auch viel und wer­de Sie auf mei­ner Rei­se beglei­ten. Mit Golf-Vlogs aus Groß­bri­tan­ni­en, den USA und vie­len ande­ren Orten wird es auf Tour mit #TEAMAL nie lang­wei­lig! Wie auch immer, genug über mich – Wenn Sie neu auf dem Kanal sind oder schon eine Wei­le bei #TEAMAL sind, schrei­ben Sie eine Nach­richt in den Kom­men­tar­be­reich und sagen Sie Hallo!

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115 thought on “Dieser GOLFCLUB ist wie BETRÜGEN!!”

    1. I like to step mine 3,5 and soon get­ting a 7.…..just no sure whe­ther 29, 31 or 34° as it most likely repla­cing my six iron.….not a 7 iron.

  1. I was hit­ting one of the­se and the Ping G425 hybrid. In the past I ten­ded to hook the hell out of hybrids but the Ping and the Ste­alth were pret­ty solid. I ended up get­ting the Ping only becau­se I was get­ting a sof­ter lan­ding with the Ping com­pa­red to Tay­lorma­de and thats what I was loo­king for on that spot in the bag.

    Gre­at review, Alex!

  2. #pick­me Would you ever do a second hand chal­len­ge cour­se vlog? you have a lot of club know­ledge so would be cool to see what clubs you pick for around £500 🤔

  3. Ești un idol miku​ja​va​.Mons​ter mereu în ini­ma mea 💋 fru­mos, dra­gos­te, ale­ge­re, cul­tu­ral. Sunt unul din­tree cele mai bune concerte.…

  4. what is your favo­ri­te of all time dri­ver, woods, irons, and wed­ges. Enjoy the vide­os bro. Thanks for the con­tent. #PICKME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I demo­ed the Ste­alth Plus and did­n’t love it – I’m a cur­rent Tay­lorma­de GapR Hi user and the GapR Hi feels bet­ter to me. Would love to see you demo the Plus and try and figu­re out why you’d buy it over this ‘regu­lar’ Stealth.

  6. Al, I put a hybrid shaft in a Sim head. Total fair­way fin­der and super for­gi­ving. No good off the fair­way, but ama­zing off the tee.

  7. #pick me – do you think it’s a good idea to put a hybrid shaft in a dri­ver for tho­se of us with a up and down swing plane?

  8. If u don’t like hybrids then your a real­ly real­ly good ball stri­ker (irons) love my 3 and 4 hybrid and like a few other comments I’ve seen will pro­bab­ly use a 5 hybrid in the near future, as the body goes down hill

    1. IMO the 5 hybrid is an abso­lu­te MUST in the golf bag espe­cial­ly for com­pe­ti­ti­on tee par 3s depen­ding on how far you hit the ball of course.….I’m 40 play­ing off 8

  9. I cur­r­ent­ly use a Sim2 Res­cue 17°its the pre­vious model of the Ste­alth Plus res­cue that hope­ful­ly you will test soon. Incredi­ble club. 

    My ques­ti­on for you is, if you could build an all time bag, what would you put in it?

    Also, what is your cur­rent dri­ver shaft?

    Pick me!

  10. I have both a 3 & 4 Ste­alth Res­cue & they are very easy to hit. I also have a Ste­alth 5 wood & it’s just as good as the hybrid

  11. i use the Sim2 Max hybrid & it fly’s like f**k. I ima­gi­ne not alot of dif­fe­rence bet­ween this newer model. Gre­at vide­os Alex 😎🙌

  12. Gre­at video, I tried the ste­alth and it was fine howe­ver the hybrid that caught me off guard and is in my bag is this years Sri­x­on ZX. An abso­lu­te stun­ner in all aspects. If you can get your hands on one I’d love to see you give it a go 🏌🏻‍♂️

  13. Can we get an on cour­se video (def­fi­nitly from Brenda’s play­ground) with this club?

    Oh BTW love LUV your con­tent. Always puts a smi­le on my face

  14. Hi Alex, you’ve got loads of club­head speed, for me loo­king to add speed off a 10 han­di­cap got any advice? What do you do to get so fast? #pick­me

  15. #Pick­Me Have you ever con­si­de­red some sort of talkshow/interview for­mat? Bring a guest on, ask them stuff, may­be have a Ch-Al-len­ge with them? You seem very friend­ly, and your ban­ter is hil­arious. Love your vide­os Al! Always infor­ma­ti­ve and entertaining.

  16. Al, Kevin in Indy here. Have you had a lot of inst­ruc­tion over the years or is that very power­ful and effi­ci­ent moti­on of yours more of a natu­ral thing for you? Thanks, mate. #pick­me

  17. I’ve just bought the new Cobra King Tec hybrid. Exact­ly the same. For­gi­ve­ness is off the charts and heel strikes still go strai­ght. Has much more adju­sta­bi­li­ty than the Ste­alth too if you want to play with the head weights.

  18. AL,

    Love the chan­nel, obvious­ly. My ques­ti­on: If you were only able to eat one ani­mal the rest of your life, which one would it be and why? Ever­ything else you eat must be meat­less. Sea­food counts as meat. And go…


  19. I still play Adams Super LS it has very simi­lar shape Ste­alth. Pro­bab­ly sin­ce TM bought my favo­ri­te hybrid brand. Would take a mira­cle shot maker to get that Adams hybrid out of my bag. It’s white. That’s the only thing I hate.

  20. You know, i keep che­cking your merch and im still wai­t­ing to see an AL Etches Golf Adi­das Hat…ive got chal­len­ges of my own to try mate

  21. Hi Al in the last cou­p­le of mon­ths I’ve been loo­king at second hand dri­vers, in the last few rounds I’ve been play­ing real­ly well, my dri­ver is from 2006. So my ques­ti­on is sin­ce I’m play­ing real­ly well should I even bother repla­cing a dri­ver that I’m play­ing well with, or are the­re big enough gains to war­rant empty­ing my wal­let for spa­re change?
    #Pick Me.

  22. just fit for a new 3 wood and 3 hybrid. Ste­alth felt good, but was­n’t as hot or for­gi­ving as Sim2 in eit­her case for me. Pret­ty club though.

  23. #pick me

    I am a 15 year old who hits dri­ver 265 yards total and I wan­ted to know what dri­ver should I get used at around $200-$300? love the videos.

  24. I’d love to see you do more hybrids. I’ve heard reeeeeeeeeeeee­al­ly good things about the Cobra LTDx hybrid. Ya know, may­be with your new­found love of hybrids and how easy they are to SMASH, you could do a hybrid bracket? 😆

  25. Bli­mey, that thing’s a beast! But, if this gets you exci­ted wait until you give the Ping G425 3H a go. Abso­lu­te mons­ter from any­whe­re. And it’s one of the flat­test lie angles in a hybrid you can get (and adjus­ta­ble). Love mine. Set it on super flat set­ting and see if you can hit a draw. Bet you can’t, lol. #pick­me

  26. I chAl lan­ge that state­ment Sir!I would still Not hit fair­ways Al​.My golf is brown and aro­ma­tic but in a vile pun­gent kin­da way.

  27. He’s some­thing fun­ny. I have a 21 degree hybrid, and a “5 iron” also at 21 degrees. Sounds useless right? Com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent ball flights and still get more car­ry from the hybrid. I’d be inte­res­ted in some more com­pa­ri­sons bet­ween hybrids and irons with simi­lar lofts to see how others get on with that

  28. Would you run a comp to let some average gol­fers play with you at Joon­da­lup? And how frus­tra­ted would you get when they lose a box of balls after 9? #pick­me

  29. Why is no one tal­king about acce­le­ra­ti­on pro­files when it comes to fit­ting or even just under­stan­ding what shaft is cor­rect for you. It’s like chea­ting. But I’ve never seen a fit­ter or coach use it. Other than mys­elf. #pick­me

  30. I get the fee­ling that some of what you are say­ing is scrip­ted sounds like an advert, is it a paid pre­sen­ta­ti­on or your own per­so­nal words?

  31. Not sure if you’­ve review­ed the Rouge ST Max 5 hybrid, I call it my school bell club, com­ple­te with “Schools in ses­si­on” on a pure hit. It rings when you hit it. It’s ama­zing and goes a mile. Some­ti­mes I somehow over take my 3 wood (Rogue ST LS as well) becau­se I’m dealing with a bad back, but Dayum. You can come up with, as the kids say, “Hel­la catch phra­ses respect­ful­ly, Sheeeeee­sh” with the 5 hybrid. Love the videos.

  32. How do you hit a hybrid???? I hook the shii­ta­ke mushrooms out of them and never know if I’m sup­po­sed to hit down on them or kind of sweeepy like a fair­way Wøod. I still love watching your vide­os even though I think hybrids suck lol! I’m just jea­l­ous really.

  33. Gre­at video Alex – they make the­se all the way down to a seven. Does it make sen­se to add down to a six or seven? Pick me

  34. Thin­king about it more, it might be inte­res­ting to fill your bag 3–7 hybrids, add irons to give you the rest of your yar­da­ges. You may need some ran­ge time to figu­re out your hybrid yar­da­ges. Then go out on the cour­se, play a few rounds with the new bag set up. See if you could score bet­ter. See if greens in regu­la­ti­on achie­ved gets bet­ter. You may be giving up some advan­ta­ges in the set that a play­er of your cali­ber would gain from using more irons but may­be it may help mid to high han­di­cap­pers- pick me. Thanks!

  35. Just found this bad boy in the used club bin today. Tried it out and I loved it. I’m a 24 han­di­cap that just star­ted play­ing last year,and I could­n’t belie­ve how easy it was to stri­pe this club high and long down the midd­le of the fair­way. Had to buy it! Love the vide­os, AL.

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