Dieser Golftipp ist reines Gold – treffen Sie jedes Mal, wenn Sie dies im Golfschwung tun, PERFEKTE CHIP-Schläge

Dieser Golftipp ist reines Gold treffen Sie jedes Mal wenn Sie dies im Golfschwung tun PERFEKTE CHIP Schlaege alexelliottgolf

Die­se Golf­spit­ze ist rei­nes Gold und hilft Ihnen, jedes Mal, wenn Sie die­sen Golf­schwung ver­wen­den, den per­fek­ten Golf­chip zu tref­fen. Das Chip­pen über einen Bun­ker pas­siert jedes Mal und ich den­ke, es ist einer der am schwie­rigs­ten zu meis­tern­den Schlä­ge im Golf … stimmst du nicht zu? Ver­wen­den Sie die­se ein­fa­che Chip­ping-Tech­nik, die pures Gold ist, um den Chip-Schuss jedes Mal mit dem per­fek­ten Schlag zu meis­tern. PGA-Golf­pro­fi Alex Elliott zeigt Ihnen, dass die­ser Golf­tipp PURE GOLD ist – Schla­gen Sie jedes Mal PERFEKTE CHIP-Schlä­ge, wenn Sie dies im Golf­schwung tun, pures Gold, schla­gen Sie jedes Mal den per­fek­ten Chip, Golf-Chip­ping, wie man beim Golf bes­ser chip­pt, chip­pt und Pit­ching-Tipps, Chip­ping-Tipps, Chip­ping-Golf, die bes­te Art, im Golf zu chip­pen, was ist ein Wedge im Golf, Golf-Wedge-Shots, Golf-Wed­ges erklärt, Golf-Wed­ges, Bun­ker­schlä­ge leicht gemacht, Alexel­liott­golf, Golf-Chip­pen für Anfän­ger, Chip­pen im Golf leicht gemacht, Bedeu­tung des Chip­pens im Golf Ver­ges­sen Sie nicht, https://​offscratch​golf​.com/ zu besu­chen. BUCHEN SIE HIER EINE GOLFSTUNDE MIT MIR https://​www​.alexel​liott​golf​.co​.uk/​pla… Mein Laser und schau! Ich emp­feh­le die­se https://​golf​bud​dy​.co​.uk/​?​r​e​f​=​F​X​f​V​x​YoL… Mei­ne Balan­ce-Bar-Trai­nings­hil­fe https://​mail​or​der​golf​.com/​p​r​o​d​u​c​t​/​pga… Mein aktu­el­ler Golf­ball https://​mail​or​der​golf​.com /pro­duct-cat… Mein Laser und mei­ne Uhr! Ich emp­feh­le die­se https://​golf​bud​dy​.co​.uk/​c​o​l​l​e​c​t​i​o​n​s/a… Mein Pod­cast “How To ruin a good walk” Apple – https://​pod​casts​.apple​.com/​g​b​/​p​o​d​c​ast… Spo­ti­fy – htt­ps ://open.spotify.com/show/6riGeiS…

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36 thought on “Dieser Golftipp ist reines Gold – treffen Sie jedes Mal, wenn Sie dies im Golfschwung tun, PERFEKTE CHIP-Schläge”

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  2. Ano­t­her gre­at video Alex. This sce­n­a­rio is whe­re I lose the most strokes during a round. I’m hoping to mas­ter this tech­ni­que to impro­ve my short game around the green.

  3. 16:41 dri­ves me XX18​LI​KE​.Uno have that cur­vy body. You did a good job mode­ling it too. Also like the last out­fit 20:11.… Love how the gar­terd belts con­nect to the sto­ckings and sheer top

  4. Ano­t­her gre­at video, thanks for doing this for me Al. I’ll let you know how I get on the next time I’m in that situa­ti­on ☀️⛳️🏌️‍♂️

  5. Excel­lent explana­ti­on on hit­ting the short chip shot Alex! I have always thought of moving the tri­ang­le in my golf swing! Your lie for hit­ting over a bun­ker was pret­ty “cus­hy!” What hap­pens on the thin lies that one gets on most muni cour­ses? I am defi­ni­te­ly archi­ving this video for future refe­rence! Gre­at Job Alex!!!

  6. Dear Alex, I am very hap­py with your con­tents and I Just saw your inst­ruc­tion video on chip­ping with a 58degr.
    wedge. Its nice if the­re is grass under­ne­ath the Ball, but What if the­re Is hard ground under the Ball?
    How to hand­le this?
    Cor­ne­lis Fey, The Netherlands

  7. Been prac­ti­cing that one at the Home course…Very hard to hit with the pin only 5 paces from the frin­ge and over the bunker…Use a 56 deg and can get 14 out of 18 on but 4 always fall short an spin back into the trap..Not to worry, though I just jump into the trap and then pull out my 58 deg SW prac­ti­ce my sand shots…Thanks Alex.…Ok I car­ry a PW @ 46, AP @ 50 and a GP @ 56.…

  8. Gre­at video Alex, the chip­ping tech­ni­que is the second easiest to learn. What gol­fers need to do is con­trol the mind. Yes the bun­ker is in front of you. Now block it out. Only think of the ball on the green. Your brain is smart it will auto­ma­ti­cal­ly cal­cu­la­te what it needs to do. Think about what you want to do , not what you don’t want to do.

  9. Alex love the con­tent as usu­al very clear. Is that tech­ni­que still pos­si­ble on a bare lie, I can’t seem to make a good con­ta­ct and end up bla­ding the ball, very ugly shot.

  10. Hi Alex, a gre­at simp­le tip. I guess I fall into the cate­go­ry of still kee­ping my hands ahead of the ball (even though I know it redu­ces loft (hence a 60 degree wedge) as I’m worried about catching the fat part and sim­ply having the ball end up in the oppo­si­te bun­ker. Less height, more con­trol (is the way I’ve been approa­ching the­se shots). I will howe­ver take just my wed­ges to the ran­ge area today as it has two greens with bun­kers for you to prac­ti­ce both in and behind “the beach” to land at various pin pla­ce­ments. Nice tip, espe­cial­ly with Mel­bourne get­ting col­der and wetter. 👍😎🇦🇺

  11. Nice video. I have a cou­p­le ques­ti­ons. First, I live in the desert SW in the USA and I see that you’­re hit­ting from tall fluffy rough. Here, it’s hard ground and a lot of tight lies and spar­se grass. Is the tech­ni­que the same? Second, the hig­her shot seems to be a simi­lar wrist hin­ge and release as a bun­ker shot, whe­re I’ve been told to feel as if you’­re thro­wing the club head under the ball. Am I see­ing this right? Is the high soft-lan­ding chip (which I real­ly need on the­se hard cour­ses) real­ly simi­lar to the bun­ker shot but without get­ting wide and low?

  12. hi Alex. many thanks for ano­t­her excel­lent video. can you also do the same but from a tight lie (which to me is much more dif­fi­cult shot).

  13. Hi Alex yes I am pret­ty good at my chip­ping but do find when it goes wrong is when I don’t get the speed in the fol­low through. Some­ti­mes I get some non­sen­se in my head which gets me cho­king on the fol­low through and duf­fing the shot. Thanks for the gre­at video.

  14. Alex, ano­t­her gre­at tip!! I do car­ry a 64 degree wedge, a Wil­son RAM Tom Wat­son model, just for any short sided pitch. Ter­ri­fic too, on many super fast greens, we have here in So Calif. I have had this wedge for 30+ years.

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