Dieses Roblox-Spiel hat mich zum Weinen gebracht …

Dieses Roblox Spiel hat mich zum Weinen gebracht ... funneh

Krew spielt Roblox Super­golf! ► Abon­nie­ren & kein Video ver­pas­sen! http://​bit​.ly/​F​u​n​neh ► Neu­er Merch! https://​krew​district​.com/ ► Vor­he­ri­ge Vide­os! http://​bit​.ly/​K​r​e​w​v​i​d​eos Wer­de Mit­glied! https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​i​t​s​f​u​n​n​e​h​/​j​oin ► Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​i​t​s​f​u​n​neh ► Insta­gram: http://​insta​gram​.com/​i​t​s​f​u​n​neh ► Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/ its­fun­neh KREW! @PaintingRainbows @GoldenGlare @ItsFunneh @Lunar Eclip­se @DraconiteDragon Game Link ► http://​bit​.ly/​R​o​b​l​o​x​S​u​p​e​r​G​o​ilf Genie­ße das Video und ver­giss nicht, es zu mögen und für mehr zu abon­nie­ren. Dan­ke fürs zuschauen! :]

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  2. Annoy­ing ppl: oh yes I’m first she will defi­ant­ly heart my comment >:)

    Also annoy­ing ppl: comments *”First!”*

    Other ppl: *”pOtA­tO”*

    Also other ppl: gets pinned

  3. me:thinking fun­neh sad­dest ball on earth not so sad any more me: i get hip­ed up fun­neh is in first place uh me: being sad sob­bing with pata­to chips
    fun­neh: gets hip­ed up too then gets sad she last place
    draco:trying to eat dire­tos then hides them


  4. Yous­hould play Make a Cake again cuz it has a update and i don’t mean the Tit­le Make a Cake back for seconds i mean they actual­ly updated it and added some­thing new!

  5. When fun­neh post a video: me at school cry­ing 😭 😭 becau­se I want to watch mah queen
    Me at Satur­day and Sunday: woo­hoo this is the best I love watching fun­neh my queen

  6. Uh wow their more bad at roblox super golf than golf it or other golf games they play­ed and lit­te­ra­ly they both like have the same levels and they can’t even past the first level with a par

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  8. me: about to click this video
    my sis­ter: don’t click on that, it’s clickbait

    me: i know. of course

    my sis­ter: lea­ves my room

    seconds later after she leaves

    also me: *clicks the video*