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361 thought on “Disc Golf Klischees | Discgolf-Komödie”

  1. For v2.0, sort of like the “wants ever­yo­ne to know he’s thro­wing a put­ter”, it’s the “I’m just gon­na hyzer over the top” guy.

  2. Your best video yet… you’­re even more fun­ny at the end of the video when you’­re tal­king about giving away 2 1‑month sub­scrip­ti­ons haha like isn’t that $20 or some­thing? 391–90-9273

  3. Mr. Rule-Bea­ter – The guy who enfor­ces every PDGA rule even during casu­al play
    Mr. Old School – Old hip­pie with no shoes thro­wing only a DX Roc that loo­ks like it’s been through war, but he des­troys you
    Mr. Local Rou­te – The guy always try­ing to find short cuts on the hole, even when not there.
    Mr. Pre­pa­red – The guy car­ry­ing 2 bags and a cart loa­ded with every disc pos­si­ble, 2 chan­ges of clothes for the wea­ther, first aid kit, etc.
    Mr. Pimp My Cart – The guy with a cart that has all the cool mods: Put­ter pocker, pho­ne clip for live strea­ming, hea­ted seat, mini bar, etc.
    Mr. Anti­cli­mac­tic – The guy who tells ever­yo­ne he’s about to make an ama­zing shot, but then shanks it, first avail­ab­le tree, etc.
    The Mob – The group of 10+ peop­le you have to awk­ward­ly play through

    1. @Tyler Brick­ley And Friends It’s got­ta go to Jere­miah Coles for his “Mr. Want me to tell you what you did wrong.” Also, one I for­got to list. Mr. One and Done – The guy who buys a new disc, talks it up befo­re the round, has a ter­ri­ble round, bla­mes the disc and kicks it out the bag, repeat…usually has a huge collec­tion bare­ly used discs.

  4. I’ve seen one too many “can I play through” solos who immedia­te­ly shank OB and spend 20 minu­tes loo­king for a disc. Love the video!

    1. Pro­b­ly cau­se the solo play­ers is so til­ted from having to play behind a group of 4–5 for 30 ‑45 minu­tes and they have no cour­te­sy or awa­reness that ppl are wai­t­ing behind them

    1. @Caleb H would love to. I think I play­ed a cour­se the­re once, kind of up on the top of a hill? Path to get up to it was by a gro­ce­ry store may­be? Super fun track

  5. just ent­e­red in my first tour­ney and watching this real­ly ligh­tens up the mood for the anxie­ty. you should do “the sailor mouth” guy for sure! but i enjoy­ed the skit and loo­king for­ward to more content.

    1. I won­de­red whe­re you got tho­se from. To be fair, eye color is poly­ge­nic, so @Christine Brick­ley def also assis­ted in them pear­ly blues. 

      That beard though

  6. The ran­dom dude who show up to throw with your group…and for some rea­son around hole 13 feels that he knows you enough to offer you some weed.

    1. Lol peop­le who smo­ke pot think ever­yo­ne smo­kes pot… no, you just stop­ped han­ging out with all the peop­le who told you to stop smo­king pot 😂

  7. The tur­bo end was legit. “Nai­led it”.
    Inco­me? Not enough…discs are high !
    Social Secu­ri­ty Num­ber? Wtf is that ? Ban­king info? Cash only !

    1. Seems this hap­pens to me, as BOB, a fair amount. Then, I don’t throw very far, so I’m usual­ly the 1st ’stop’ along the way. lol Ah well, bet­ter than a lot of the ‘others’ on here. 🙂 Hap­py Huking!

  8. Fun­ny stuff – I’m Mrs. Best Disc – as in I throw a second shot (and some­ti­mes third) and play from the best spot. Some­ti­mes I play from all the spots? #sor­rynot­sor­ry

  9. Im the “don’t play tour­na­ments” guy… but it’s cau­se i work wee­kends.… or im the “play ear­ly in the morning” guy …after night shift… no one around to get in the way…

  10. Gre­at Video! I would like you to know that I enjoy long rounds of disc golf on the cour­se! Also, what hap­pen­ed to the Aus­tra­li­an accent? My mind is blown!

  11. I like this skit style con­tent much more. It must be har­der to coör­di­na­te and edit this way but keep it up! I’ll be wai­t­ing for D.G. Ste­reo­ty­pes 2. 

    Next, may­be some shor­ter vide­os about goofy tos­ses, or a rol­ling disc that keeps on rol­ling the ent­i­re video. Who knows whe­re it ends up.

  12. The “I for­got x on hole x, wait while I go get it.” The “always angry about the round until the end when they exc­lai­med how much fun disc golf is”. The “did you see whe­re my shot went” as soon as you lea­ve the tee. The “ pris­ti­ne disc that has never actu­al been thrown that is their favo­ri­te disc in their bag”. The “hasn’t play­ed in six mon­ths, and ano­t­her six mon­th befo­re that, but gus­hes bad advice” and the “outs with a dri­ver, dri­ves with a put­ter drunk one”

  13. The group of ulti play­ers thro­wing ham­mers at trees, the church group with a 12year old McBeth that doesn’t even real­ly like disc golf. The “disc golf date” that is t going well.

    1. LOL I car­ry 12 discs. All but 3 of them, I’ve had sin­ce the late 90’s or ear­ly 2k. Ligh­tening Discs, being a few of them- #2 Put­ter, #1 Hyzer, #1 Rol­ler, Ori­gi­nal Grey Blow­Fly and most of the Innova’s don’t have ‘flight num­bers’. When did that beco­me a thing, any­way? lol Hap­py Huking!

  14. What about the guy who com­pa­res ever­ything to pros? Like “Simon would throw over the top here” or “Paul could make this putt no problem”

  15. This is gre­at! How about Mr. plastic bag, Mr. refe­ren­ces pro play­ers all the time, Mr. you should try my disc, Mr. has a newer, big­ger bag every time

  16. You left out the one that I’m guil­ty of, the “guy who tells you what he did gre­at on the hole in the past that nobo­dy cares about.” You might want to shor­ten that up. 😄

  17. i’m mr touchy fee­ly i love discs and i’m always curious what others are thro­wing and wan­ting others to try my discs. Also i’m in the woods try­ing to scram­ble from bad shots a lot so the takes his time guy try­ing to find a shot. Love the video but dude you got­ta loo­se that awful fake ame­ri­can accent. No way do we sound like that.

    1. Me too, Well “the guy with two dogs” but they do the­re own thing and do not care about cha­sing discs. It only bothers me when people’s dogs go for discs

    2. @cavanwacker same. i car­ry mul­ti­ple bags becau­se my dogs always take at least 2 shits each. I will call peop­le out or pick up stray crap. I hate step­ping in dog shit so much. plus i feel it is a respect the cour­se i play on. Peop­le stop picking up their dog crap then we have shit fil­led courses

  18. I loved the woul­da been guy, reminds me of mys­elf. new and i suk so im con­stant­ly loo­king at stuff and being it could have been. not inte­res­ted in the app, no smart pho­ne for me, so itll do me no good. wai­t­ing for part two now.

  19. The “tape my form” guy
    The “I slipped/ it slip­ped” guy
    The hippy
    The “teen­ager that beats all the expe­ri­en­ced players”
    The guy that gets real­ly angry in the moment and is fine by the next hole
    The guy who lea­ves befo­re ever­y­bo­dy shoots

  20. Mr Exer­cise the guy that plays through does 10 push-ups steps up and throws runs to his disc taps in his bir­die runs to the next tee pad busts out 10 sit ups and so on! I have seen several and they always have a put­ter and can crush it!

  21. Mr talks through others puts. 

    Mr, got­ta record my score

    Mr. his­to­ri­an-know all the chan­ges of the plastics of all the discs. 

    Mr. hung over. 

    Mr. VAPE

    Mr. buys all the latest discs.

  22. Mr. thumber/ Tomah­wk thrower
    Mr. Angles Guy – knows every ang­le but cant throw them
    Mr. Rol­ler cart – uses his cart in the rol­ling woods hills and mud
    Mr. Tea­cher guy – cna teach you the game but cant play at all
    Mr. Let me show -

  23. Plays in any wea­ther guy.…Yeah, I’ve lost a disc in the snow. Always losing a disc guy. How about the Has no idea whe­re the bas­ket is but feels like the tee pad is poin­ting towards the bas­ket so he throws as hard as he can and hopes the disc will find the basket.…guy

  24. I feel like I just got roas­ted like R Kel­ly at a play ground! Keep the­se vide­os rol­ling, I’m dying laug­hing! So many more to call out.….can’t wait to watch! Gre­at job!!!💯💯💯

  25. The Mr. It’s a put­ter shot is my favo­ri­te so far. Sub­t­le and hap­pens a lot. 

    One I laugh at is when someo­ne takes more than one disc up to the tee. I know someo­ne who will take 3 or 4…Mr. Indecisive

  26. How about “Mr. Over­ly-Exci­ted for a Near-Ace” or “Mr. Too Much Small Talk” or “Mr. I Dye My Own Discs” or “Mr. Woul­d’­ve Aced It If The Bas­ket Was In The Alter­na­te Position”?

  27. Mr. Brand Fan­boi, Mr. MA3 1,000 rated round “This is my first tour­na­ment”, Mr. Ins­a­nely over­st­a­ble disc for nood­le arm guy, Mr. stands too clo­se while you’re put­ting guy, Mrs. I’m just play­ing becau­se my boy­friend plays but I don’t actual­ly like disc golf, Mr. beer bot­t­le ban­dit lea­ving bot­t­les on top of every bas­ket, mr. hey man I know what’s wrong with your form guy, your friends “is disc golf even a real sport?”, mr. hey man did you ste­al my disc? *** after you just saw it fly over­head and into the water ***, Mr. we don’t need more begin­ners on this PRO cour­se *** even though it’s a public park***, Mr. plays even cour­se in his sta­te “yeah honey I pro­mi­se just ano­t­her 200 miles and we are done today …”, mr. I total­ly could have out thrown Simon and Eagle back in my prime if I had the discs they have now, Mrs “hey guys mind if a girl plays through?” *** pro­ceeds to out­dri­ve all the guys thro­wing way too over­st­a­ble plastic for their nood­le arms***, mr honey I need to get this one disc becau­se it might be the only run they ever make of this *** has over 1,000 discs unthrown in sto­rage but doesn’t call them­sel­ves a collec­tor***, mr hey man I’ll be the­re in 20 minu­tes **** 2 hours later ****, mr wal­king PDGA rules ency­clo­pe­dia, Mr. man I’d total­ly be pro if I didn’t have a job and a fami­ly … the list is endless.

  28. The ol collec­tor who throws discs that sell for $50+ on eBay if 10/10 who shanks their recent­ly purcha­sed CE 🦅 right into the pond

  29. Mr. U‑Disc
    What’s you rating Guy
    I play­ed against Ken Cli­mo back in the day Guy.
    I can’t tell if you play disc golf in this park or you live here Guy
    The 95 Hon­da Civic full of used discs Guy.
    The “to much Hyzer” guy
    The signa­tu­re disc guy

    1. Would have loved to do that, and have several fema­le ste­reo­ty­pes on my list. Wasn’t able to get anyo­ne out the­re that day. Part 2 for sure!

  30. The guy that’s always wal­king in front of, dig­ging in their bag, or gene­ral­ly jacking around when some­bo­dy is put­ting without rea­li­zing it. (me unfortunately)

  31. Mr. Loses his disc on every woo­ded hole, and ends up adding 20 min per hole to the game.
    Mr. Tree kno­cker, cant seem to miss even small trees
    Mr. Dri­vers Only. Uses dri­ver for every shot, inclu­ding putts
    Mr. Tra­ve­ler. Has play­ed every hole in 100 mile radius.
    Mr. For­ces his girl­friend to come play, even though she doesnt under­stand the game
    Mr. Pas­sing the torch, someo­ne tea­ching their kids how to throw (love see­ing this one)
    Mr. Prac­ti­ce. Just wants to play the prac­ti­ce tee, never seems to actual­ly want to start the game
    Mr. Bro­ken clock. Always late to the cour­se no mat­ter what time is agreed upon.
    Mr. Phel­ps. Always plays in water shoes and swim trunks, for when its swim­ming time for your disc. (This ones a good one to be with)
    Mr. Sca­ven­ger. Doesnt real­ly even play, just goes from cour­se to cour­se collec­ting lost discs from hazards to resell
    Mr. Never Keeps Score
    Mr. New Disc. Someo­ne who always thinks the solu­ti­on to their poor throws is buy­ing a new disc.

    Loved this video. I hope you guys end up making a few more in this seri­es. Keep up the good work 🙂

  32. Mr. Only Uses the New Hot­ness. Dude who show­ed up last year thro­wing a Pig and put­ting with a Luna. This year he’s thro­wing an Anax or wha­te­ver new disc McBeth comes out with.

  33. “Here is what you are doing wrong” guy. The one that has to show you the EVERYTHING in your game. Also the ” nice run guy ” on almost every shot he says ” Nice Run”

  34. Stat guy
    Nice guy
    Inde­cisi­ve guy
    Foot fault guy
    Knows no rules guy
    Sto­ry tel­ler guy
    Cant make a shot now but “has made all sorts of epic shots” guy.

    1. lol Was play­ing in a Dea­lio (can’t remem­ber what it’s cal­led) whe­re ‘They’ give you a Dri­ver, Mid Ran­ge & Put­ter and you have to play with tho­se discs. 2nd round I end up on a card with a guy that’s only packing the put­ter. “Where’s the other discs, I ask?” Oh, I did­n’t real­ly care for the Dri­ver or Mid Ran­ge, but I’m real­ly liking the Put­ter. It was an Avi­ar and he could throw the hell out­ta that thing, no mat­ter what he nee­ded it to do. Was actual­ly fair­ly impres­si­ve to me. But then, a Hel­la Good throw for me is strai­ght and about 250′. lol

  35. Mr. Take it too Serious­ly- I use too play with a guy who would kick his bag, throw discs in dis­gust and make a loud sce­ne. I did­n’t enjoy play­ing with him, but I did enjoy bea­ting him.

    1. Ahah i had a friend like that. Every time we play­ed. But i did enjoy him thro­wing his ugly ass Ata­lan­ta Falcon’s hat down and kicking. Im a BUCS fan. And bea­ting him was the best part too.🤣🤣🤙

    2. @BucDaworld 2.0; I just star­ted watching the­se vide­os. I was glad too see the pro’s are very mel­low. I real­ly haven’t seen any out­bursts or bad sportsmanship.

  36. The ‘gets too angry mid-round’ guy
    The ‘I only play for fun, I know I’m not good’ guy
    The ‘my discs are going too left, I need a 12 speed dri­ver and I’ll be bet­ter’ guy
    The ‘unsu­spec­ting’ guy (guy who loo­ks like he wouldn’t play, has his discs in a 12 pack box, and smo­kes everyone)
    The ‘side­arm only’ guy
    The ‘no approach’ guy (always runs it and qua­dru­p­le bogies)

  37. The guy who tees off first, and immedia­te­ly starts wal­king down­field befo­re the rest of the group has time to throw. I have a cou­sin like that.

    1. 1. Who says? I’m just real­ly good at the Kan­sas accent sin­ce I’ve been here so long. 2. No, but…thank you? 3. Holla!

  38. Mr. “I’m rea­dy for the pro tour” guy who can only mus­ter 850 rated rounds.
    Mr. “Over­ly modest guy”
    Mr. “I know the minu­tia of every mold and plastic from my favo­ri­te manu­fac­tu­rer and I want to tell you all about it” guy
    Mr. “Com­p­lain about the tour­ney but will do NOTHING to help the TD” guy

  39. Me and my bud­dy are Mr. “In sum­mer though…” when we get a bad skip on the ice or no skip from it sti­cking in the snow. We play at least 1x a week up here in Mai­ne during the win­ter. Worst part is, when we say it, that god­damn song the snow­man sings (“In Sum­mer”) in Fro­zen gets in my head. I have 2 daugh­ters that are obsessed.

    1. I’m in Wis­con­sin and just this year got into win­ter play. On the one hand, you can’t get any foo­ting in the snow. On the other hand, the trees are bare and the weeds that are head high in the sum­mer are not­hing to hide a disc. I say some­thing like your com­ment a lot, becau­se the vege­ta­ti­on is all dead and I sneak shots through the trees that would get sma­cked down in the summer.

  40. Mr.” throws a bad shot and turns around pis­sed off while the disc is still fly­ing and has no idea whe­re it lan­ded and then com­p­lains about losing discs.”

  41. The “Fal­se Encou­ra­ge­ment” Guy
    “Oh, you’ll be good from there.”
    Serious­ly?? I’m 150 feet left of the bas­ket on a 250 foot hole and you’­re par­ked for your tur­key. No, I’m not good from here, but thanks.

  42. I’m glad you cut the came­ra on Mr. Touchy Fee­ly guy when you did. It was about to go into NSFW ter­ri­to­ry real fast.

  43. Gre­at video! 1: Car­ri­es 50 discs, never throws the right disc… 2: Throws speed 13 over sta­ble dri­ver at 20 MPH. 3: Yell’s “420” ins­tead of “4”. 4: Inap­pro­pria­te rol­ler man.

  44. The casu­al who does­n’t care about rules, the rules Nazi, the “is this out­side the cir­cle” guy, Mr. Decisi­on Time (car­ry 4 discs to every tee and pre­tend to throw each, “Got­ta deci­de!), Mr Glo­ry Days (always tel­ling you how gre­at he did once, tel­ling you he’d aced this hole before)

    1. Jere­miah Coles hey do you have a DGN sub­scrip­ti­on yet? Cha­ser won but alrea­dy had one, and nomi­na­ted you to win next!

  45. Lik­ed, Sub­scri­bed and Shared! This is hil­arious! I am total­ly “Mr. No Disc Left Behind”! Thank You! 😂😂😂

    …oh also, the hat is dope… fa sho. 👊

  46. I am Mr. One More, I’m thro­wing a put­ter guy, and will look for my disc for hours. Other ste­reo types would be “lie impro­ver” “only throws a tomo­hawk guy” “talks when you’re dri­ving guy” “advi­se guy” “over-cele­bra­tes an ace guy” “san­dals guy” “slow group that never let you play through” “foot fault put­ter guy” “always finds his/your disc guy” “girl friend tag-along” “throws high speed dri­ver for every dri­ve and approach guy” “clu­eless patrons that are unawa­re that they are in dan­ger” “drug dea­ler” “untrai­ned dog guy” “pump put­ter that pumps 20 times befo­re mis­sing the putt” “the guy that always throws into the woods and you get tired of loo­king for their disc guy”

  47. Stoner/weed, that is like the only ste­reo­ty­pe I know when it comes to disc golf.

    Edit: I have seen (and been) the hol­ding beer guy too ^^

  48. A few ste­reo­ty­pes you guys could add, if not alrea­dy on your list:
    – Mr/Mrs. For­get­ful (friend who always for­gets to pick up a disc)
    – The “nice” guy (who says nice on someone’s throw, making the disc hit a tree immedia­te­ly when he says nice.)
    – friend who talks right when you’­re about to throw.
    – friend who con­sist­ent­ly lands their disc in a tree, body of water, or on a roof.

  49. Mr one bowl per hole
    Mr fake sponsorship
    Mr “get out­ta my lie, dude”
    The bicke­ring hus­band and wife squad
    The rule inventer

  50. Mr. does it like this…
    Mr. let me show what you did wrong…
    Mr. buzz(ed) and not the dis­craft kind

    My social secu­ri­ty num­ber is 7
    Blood type is red

  51. The giant bong guy com­ple­te­ly ensh­rou­ded in weed smo­ke try­ing to get ever­yo­ne on the cour­se to look at him by yelling his ent­i­re con­ver­sa­ti­on to his friends.
    Cra­zy guy with dog and two discs who won’t ack­now­ledge anyone’s exis­tence on the course.
    Con­trol­ling impa­ti­ent boy­friend over­tea­ching his girl­friend how to dri­ve from hole 1.
    The friend who com­p­lains about his shoul­der having lifel­ong pro­blems that seems to never be an issue until after not fol­lowing through on his dri­ve and tor­quing his shoul­der joint on hole 3; and refu­ses to take input on his form.
    The Mcbe­ast swag head to toe guy.
    The plastic specialist.
    The chewing tob­ac­co rage guy.
    The old man with the safa­ri hat, the hip pouch, and the hiking boots that doesn’t even move but dri­ves 550ft only to exp­lain again that it’s not about power, it’s about experience.
    Guy who thinks disc golf is about tal­king non­stop from hole 1 to hole 18.

  52. Ter­mi­no­lo­gy guy that repeats ever­ything he heard Nate Sext­on say the wee­kend befo­re. Uses the word upshot in casu­al conversation

  53. Im friends with 3 of tho­se. Mr run up, mr one more, and mr inter­net distance. But you for­got my friend David, Mr. My discs are fan­cy. He only has first run, CE, pro­to star, oop. Etc… thro­wing like $3000 worth of discs

  54. Haha­ha man I look like a cou­p­le of tho­se wan­na have a good laugh watch my first disc golf video hahah brand new chan­nel man on the quest to be pro and have it all docu­men­ted in the process!

  55. Add the gol­fer who wants ever­yo­ne to see them spin­ning the disc on their fin­ger. Most­ly it hap­pens when they meet new peop­le, or when they’re on came­ra. It’s just impul­si­ve. This per­son real­ly needs peop­le to see this action hap­pe­ning, becau­se somehow it makes them bet­ter at disc golf.

  56. Anyo­ne else see that red­dish disc sized object in the water at 3:31 during the “No Disc Left Behind Guy” (cen­ter vert just in from left of screen) 🤣🥏

  57. The spea­ker one is gre­at, only it’s tran­ce tech­no or reg­gae usual­ly. Gene­ral­ly, no one wants to hear your music, just wear an ear bud

  58. Mr. bla­me his bad throws on being used to ulti­ma­te discs (me, I’m try­ing to grow out of it)
    Mr. “Can you throw my disc?” when a skil­led solo behind your group cat­ches up to your group
    The guy who can tell you all about gyro­scopic phy­sics, Bernoulli’s princi­pal, moment of iner­tia, and all the princi­ples aero­dy­na­mics and how they give dif­fe­rent discs their flight paths

  59. Regar­ding Jomez Pro:
    I com­men­ted about all the “Fluff” they’­re pro­du­cing. I
    men­tio­ned they might do a post about what shots it takes to make an
    1100 or even 1000 rated round, what are the stan­dards for such a
    round, and pos­ted on about seven dif­fe­rent vide­os. They dele­ted EVERY
    SINGLE ONE. Back to Nazi tac­tics and cen­sor­s­hip I guess, ins­tead of
    try­ing to push disc golf like they say, when they ask you for money.
    Make it acces­si­ble to ever­yo­ne, they say.

  60. You for­got the big­gest ste­reo­ty­pe. “The 90s kid”. Thats all of you. Every sin­gle play­er loo­ks the same. Res­ting com­for­ta­ble in bet­ween a ska­ter and a hipster.

  61. Mr. “hold on while I update my score and stats on Udisc”…while stan­ding next to the bas­ket, hol­ding up the group behind him even more.

  62. The Ran­ger – has to check distance on every shot with his new Bushnell

    The Brand­S­nob – ONLY throws one brand religiously

  63. Hey could you tell Tyler I’m loo­king for some talent? But I don’t want that Aus­tra­li­an guy, see if Ray’s around.

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sollte von den Seiten eingedrückt werden. #golf #shorts #golftiktoksollte von den Seiten eingedrückt werden. #golf #shorts #golftiktok

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