Donald Trump gegen Joe Biden beim Golfen Lustige Golffehler

Donald Trump gegen Joe Biden beim Golfen Lustige Golffehler hochladen

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29 thought on “Donald Trump gegen Joe Biden beim Golfen Lustige Golffehler”

  1. This is the big­gest fake news A not biden B trump has a awful dri­ve and a yuge sli­ce. Seen the man golf a few times he’s fuck­ing gar­ba­ge Bark­ley has a bet­ter swing.

    1. @Jimmy Roberts thank you ! I tru­ly didn’t know. I think I now have more penal­ty sto­kes than I do sto­kes in my ama­teur hacker career.

  2. trump gol­fed alot during his pre­si­den­cy, no sur­pri­se he would be slight­ly bet­ter. also, rump’s in a much bet­ter posi­ti­on to com­pa­re lmao

    1. As they should. I never com­p­lai­ned about Pre­si­dents play­ing golf. It’s the har­dest job in the world. Also as a sales­man I know of many an important deal or nego­tia­ti­on that have taken place on a golf cour­se. You never know who they are gol­fing with but it’s a gre­at way to have an important face to face 5 hour sum­mit with some CEO or world leader.

  3. The­re is some­thing meta­pho­ric about this. One shot taker takes you for­ward and one shot maker is regres­si­ve. Just like the two men took the coun­try. One for­ged ahead the other clum­si­ly takes us back­wards into much worse territory.

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