Driver-Schwung einfach gemacht | wie man ihn weiter schlägt & konstanter

Driver Schwung einfach gemacht wie man ihn weiter schlaegt amp Gmgolf

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Im heu­ti­gen Video spre­che ich über die Grund­la­gen, um wei­te­re und bestän­di­ge­re Schlä­ge zu machen. Fah­ren ist eine Men­ge Tech­nik und ich hof­fe, das hilft. Dan­ke fürs Zuschauen! 

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45 thought on “Driver-Schwung einfach gemacht | wie man ihn weiter schlägt & konstanter”

  1. Thanks a lot Micah, that was very insight­ful. I know you empha­si­ze on pro­per swing and not fit­ness in this video but that made me won­der: do you work­out? I actual­ly saw a bump in my swing-speed of about 5mph without chan­ging my swing by gai­ning 10pounds of mus­cle, but I strugg­le to real­ly get the ball MUCH fur­ther and this is whe­re I think your advices in this video mat­ter the most: it’s about whe­re you app­ly the for­ce. I’m gon­na try it this after­noon.
    Edit: your dri­ve at 8:14 sound­ed like a gunshot, damn.

  2. Yes, you aren’t a tea­cher Micah BUT this is pro­bab­ly the best inst­ruc­tio­n­al video I’ve ever wat­ched.. You exp­lai­ned things like you were tal­king to a friend and it made sen­se!! Golf inst­ruc­tio­n­al vide­os are so ridi­cu­lous nowa­days with all the gim­mi­cky tuto­ri­als so this was per­fect! Time to test this out! Thank you!!!

  3. https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​C​q​M​F​O​n​t​J​UFg



    …gre­at deals on last years gear are to be had, last wee­kend I picked up a nice used 11.5 deg TSi2 on the stock regu­lar Mit­sub­u­shi shaft for $235, I’m lovin’ it.

    Saw a new demo TSi2 with the bron­ze face for sale at an even lower pri­ce at a club shop clearan­ce-sale the next day…

    Tig I have to agree, long and pain­ful les­son, dri­ving balls is like slap­ping your girl­friend on the butt, it’s an art-form..
    If you try too hard to put a lot of power into it & hit it far then you’­re just going to reg­ret even trying. 

    The trick is to be firm yet smooth.
    Get con­trol of your swing then add power.
    On the tee hit­ting 3 is an awk­ward place to be, sear­ching for your ball in the hea­ther is not much better.

  4. I feel many of the­se gre­at tips will trans­la­te to cas­ting and flip­ping. But yeah when it works should gene­ra­te more distance. Let the club fall into place then start your moves. And get that chi­cken wing under control!!

  5. You are abso­lute­ly cor­rect on all points. I do exact­ly like you. I’m 65 years old, 5 8″ and 155 lbs. and I can still hit it 255yards. All of my speed comes at the bot­tom and a pro­per release.

  6. Just to keep peop­le from get­ting off track – the speed at the bot­tom comes from phy­sics. It’s the mass of the club­head for­cing your wrists to unhin­ge. It is NOT you snap­ping your wrists con­scious­ly. A good golf swing has to keep the club in posi­ti­on to allow the natu­ral phy­sics to hap­pen. Poor golf swings get the club in such a posi­ti­on that the phy­sics are rui­ned. If for examp­le, you allow the club to get too far behind you, your wrists will be unab­le to ful­ly hin­ge and your swing will beco­me an all-arms swing and you’ll lose a huge por­ti­on of your power – in addi­ti­on to your body doing inef­fi­ci­ent con­tor­ti­ons in an effort to just make contact.

  7. I always start swin­ging fast from the top. I don’t get poten­ti­al distance. If you think you suf­fer from this just hit it half swing gua­ran­te­ed you’ll hit it just as far. I think tony fin­au and Jon rahm have rea­li­zed this. Thanks first video I’ve wat­ched of yours and it’s made me rea­li­ze some things in my own game

  8. Why do ama­teur gol­fers insist on giving les­sons on You­Tube lol you won’t get bet­ter watching his vide­os or any other ama­teur on YouTube….you guys are so gul­li­ble lol there’s rea­son why Golf pros are cer­ti­fied to give instruction

  9. I get my mind con­fu­sed. Im a for­mer base­ball play­er and lef­ty. When I’m try­ing to hit a draw and hit­ting the ball out to the left, I feel like my club­face is open even more by try­ing to hit it out to the left. How do you visual­ly think about hit­ting to the left but with a clo­sed club­face? I just can­not get it to make any sen­se in my head.

  10. When some peop­le ask me how I can hit it so far becau­se I’m a small guy and I don’t look like I’m very strong, I just laugh at them and say that it’s not all about strength.

  11. This video is gold. i dro­ve the ball ter­ri­b­ly this wee­kend but after watching this video and imple­men­ting the­se tips on the ran­ge i’m fee­ling so con­fi­dent with my dri­ver now! thanks tigs

  12. hey micah, gre­at video and love the chan­nel. during your explana­ti­on of your downswing you men­ti­on using the ground as a way to set a base, while also pushing your body upwards to crea­te speed and the snap­ping of the club near impact. could this same con­cept be app­lied to an iron swing?

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