DUeRFEN WIR DIESE KARTEN SPIELEN Golf mit Freunden chilled

Uhhh .… was zum Teu­fel spie­len wir lol Mach mit bei STREAMS! – http://​www​.twitch​.tv/​C​h​i​l​l​e​d​c​h​aos Möch­ten Sie die­se Vide­os live sehen? Schaut auf mei­nem Twitch vor­bei! STREAM! – http://​www​.twitch​.tv/​C​h​i​l​l​e​d​c​h​aos Wenn Sie Nicht-Live­stream-Inhal­te möch­ten, abon­nie­ren Sie mei­nen Haupt-You­Tube-Kanal https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​u​s​e​r​/​C​r​i​o​u​s​G​a​m​ers. Möch­ten Sie Updates, falls You­Tube oder Twitch abbricht, fol­gen Sie mir auf Twit­ter . Ich twit­te­re über mein Leben, mei­ne Hun­de, mei­ne Lego-Sucht und mehr! Zwit­schern! – http://​www​.twit​ter​.com/​C​h​i​l​l​e​d​C​h​aos ————————————– ————————————————– —————— Was ist Golf It? Gol­fen Sie es! ist ein Mul­ti­play­er-Mini­golf­spiel mit Fokus auf ein dyna­mi­sches, lus­ti­ges und krea­ti­ves Mul­ti­play­er-Erleb­nis. Eine der auf­re­gends­ten Funk­tio­nen ist ein Mul­ti­play­er-Edi­tor, in dem Sie zusam­men mit Ihren Freun­den benut­zer­de­fi­nier­te Kar­ten erstel­len und spie­len kön­nen. Um ehr­lich zu sein, das Bes­te am Golf ist für mich der Ball­kol­li­si­ons­mo­dus! Du kannst dei­ne Freun­de wirk­lich WIRKLICH ver­mas­seln. Sie wer­den uns in zukünf­ti­gen Vide­os defi­ni­tiv mehr trol­len sehen. Viel Spaß!

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74 thought on “DÜRFEN WIR DIESE KARTEN SPIELEN?! (Golf mit Freunden)”

    1. Just bor­row that tag­li­ne from Sark from years back when Hut­ch had the DSC-spon­so­red stream, “Do you want cheeks as smooth as a Hitler’s youth?”

  1. I ate a Phi­li cheesesteak once. My friend who lives near Phi­li said he knew a place. Turns out that place was in Cam­den on a real­ly sket­chy street that has a curfew.

  2. Okay, I need to jump in about the meat/steak dis­cus­sion here. If you like some­thing less fat­ty, New York Strip would be a good choice. Sir­loin might be okay, it’s sof­ter, and as Chee­sy said, it’s a clas­sic. For the pri­ce, go with the Sir­loin. As for sau­ces, as someo­ne who also eats steak with ketch­up if the cut isn’t the best, yes you can eat it with ketch­up. Howe­ver!!! If you’­re going to an expen­si­ve place and get­ting a steak that’s like $20 or more, take the first 3 bites without any sau­ce first. That way you can actual­ly tas­te what you’­re eating. Oh and you can always put some but­ter (gar­lic but­ter would be ama­zing) on top of the steak as well. Also, if you do get any fat­ty pie­ces, just cut them off and put them to the side. Okay, that’s enough about the choice of cut, next is the cook.

    If you like a litt­le pink in your meat, that’s com­ple­te­ly fine to eat but don’t know exact­ly, ask for Medium/medium well if you want more coo­ked. If you like chi­cken, espe­cial­ly the bre­ast, you sound like a Medi­um Well/Well Done to me. And you can have so many dif­fe­rent sides to go with it. Like Broc­co­li and mas­hed pota­toes or baked pota­toes. Good luck, enjoy a steak, try new foods. As a foo­die, hea­ring that you haven’t tried so many dif­fe­rent types of food hurts my soul. 

    Also, love your golf vids. I actual­ly star­ted watching you way back when you and the derp crew were play­ing con­stant­ly. Also, fun fact, you did play the first map befo­re, bc you were such a dick on that map befo­re lol and I still remem­ber it.

  3. Is chee­sy tal­king about Ran­dy Buys a Books­helf on Gum­tree? Becau­se he does­n’t do it jus­ti­ce with “oh, it’s a lie.”

  4. Chil­led, a man that lives off chi­cken and is mis­sing so much good food out the­re. Have fun on your food jour­ney, hope­ful­ly you haven’t mes­sed up your pallet

  5. That second map brings me back to BigJigglyPanda’s game­play on this map (he’s even credi­ted at the final hole along with Ter­ro­ri­ser as well). The moment I saw Mis­ty befo­re they star­ted the map, I knew some­thing felt fami­li­ar about it (as well as the name of the map)

  6. “You’­re gon­na play a game full of ali­ens and fuck a human?” Lol, Look side as a gay male I did­n’t have a choice in that Mat­ter, kai­den was it 😆

  7. Chil­led has the pala­te of a 7 year old > not that im a big steak eater but tal­king like fat isn’t ren­de­red down during coo­king and nee­ding ketch­up to make beef tas­te ok? geeez! stick with the mecha­ni­cal­ly rec­lai­med chi­cken chil­led > just dont look into how its made 

  8. So fun sto­ry… went mini gol­fing with my bro­ther and some friends and we were just mes­sing around. So my bro­ther deci­des to star slamming his club right next to the ball…. And it hits the ball which launch’s right at me and hits right next to my knee cap
    And I had a welt on my leg for about two weeks

    Fun times!

  9. Ever sin­ce you met Cour­til­ly, and star­ted regu­lar­ly play­ing with her, I have loved the streams even more than I alrea­dy did. She’s fun­ny and she is a gre­at addi­ti­on to your friend group!

  10. Cour­til­ly screa­ming, “CHILLED!” when he kno­cked her off the map made me laugh. Their best fre­nemy sta­tus continues.

  11. “how do you guys get pret­ty balls?” ‑cour­til­ly

    “let me intro­du­ce you to the law­mower 4.0 by man­s­caped” – ad insert

  12. Hey! Day 125 of remin­ding Chil­led he’s ama­zing, appre­cia­ted, loved, uni­que, and awe­so­me! Go get that golf crown king.

  13. Don’t you dare order ketch­up with your nice steak, espe­cial­ly an expen­si­ve steak my heart hurts. I feel betrayed… 😪

  14. chil­led if you want ketch­up on your steak use heinz 57 its basi­cal­ly ketch­up for steak, its a spi­ced up ketch­up i high­ly recom­mend at least a try it with a piece

  15. For tho­se not in the know, when Chil­led said some peop­le poop stan­ding up that’s a refe­rence to a Gues­spio­na­ge ques­ti­on whe­re Chil­led reve­a­led that he wipes stan­ding up, and ever­yo­ne respon­ded with audi­ble shock and confusion.

  16. I like how Chee­sy and Chil­led are tal­king about chi­cken bre­ast and Pla­ty and Side just f*king lose it for no rea­son and nobo­dy can tell if they’­re laug­hing at Chilled’s child­hood diet or Side’s child­hood sen­se of humor.

  17. Steak is alright but I agree.
    It’s hor­ri­ble tex­tu­re wise.
    Chi­cken and ground anything, much better.
    Chi­cken ten­ders are my favou­rite and pasta.

  18. To be fair, I have a friend who puts ketch­up on near enough ever­ything and eats sau­sa­ges dip­ped in yoghurt. Chilled’s food cri­mes are a mis­de­me­a­nour in my eyes

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