Dustin Johnson bestätigt den Rücktritt der PGA während der Pressekonferenz von LIV Golf


Dustin Johnson bestaetigt den Ruecktritt der PGA waehrend der Pressekonferenz von LIV Golf Dustin Johnson

ABONNIEREN ► https://​bit​.ly/​S​u​b​s​c​r​i​b​e​S​k​y​S​p​o​r​t​s​G​olf Dus­tin John­son hat bestä­tigt, dass er von der PGA Tour zurück­ge­tre­ten ist, um an der von Sau­di-Ara­bi­en finan­zier­ten LIV Golf Invi­ta­tio­nal Seri­es teil­zu­neh­men. Sehen Sie Golf LIVE auf Sky Sports hier ► http://​bit​.ly/​G​e​t​S​k​y​S​p​o​r​t​s​G​olf ►TWITTER: https://​twit​ter​.com/​s​k​y​s​p​o​r​t​s​g​olf ►FACEBOOK: http://​www​.face​book​.com/​s​k​y​s​p​o​rts ►WEBSITE: http:// www​.sky​sports​.com/​g​olf MEHR VON SKY SPORTS AUF YOUTUBE: ►SKY SPORTS FOOTBALL: http://​bit​.ly/​S​S​F​o​o​t​b​a​l​l​Sub ►SKY SPORTS BOXING: http://​bit​.ly/​S​S​B​o​x​i​n​g​Sub ►SKY SPORTS CRICKET: http:/ /bit.ly/SubscribeSkyCricket ►SOCCER AM: http://​bit​.ly/​S​o​c​c​e​r​A​M​Sub ►SKY SPORTS F1: http://​bit​.ly/​S​u​b​s​c​r​i​b​e​S​k​yF1 ►SKY SPORTS: http://​bit​.ly/​S​k​y​S​p​o​r​t​s​Sub ►SKY SPORTS GOLF : https://​bit​.ly/​S​u​b​s​c​r​i​b​e​S​k​y​S​p​o​r​t​s​G​olf

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1.450 thought on “Dustin Johnson bestätigt den Rücktritt der PGA während der Pressekonferenz von LIV Golf”

  1. Greed, for their fami­lies? Okay, 73m isn’t enough to look after your fami­ly, it’s enough for your next ten family’s, won’t watch that, PGA Tour all the way for me.

    1. @sievans79 — he’s soli­di­fied his sta­tus as a Hall of Fame gol­fer. Why not cha­se the money? The PGA con­ti­nues to tigh­ten restric­tions on the play­ers and some of them are over it. The LIV doesn’t requi­re their mem­bers to play a spe­ci­fic num­ber of tour­na­ments each year to retain their sta­tus. Is a mat­ter of time befo­re the PGA goes full WOKE and starts for­cing its mem­bers to dress in rain­bow pants. I don’t bla­me the­se play­ers for lea­ving. The PGA issued an ulti­ma­tum and Dus­tin John­son gave them the finger.

    2. He can make dou­ble that a lot fas­ter, so why wouldn’t you if someo­ne is going to pay that for your ser­vices! Your all haters! We all work for money remem­ber this is their JOB!

    3. So many jea­l­ous folk out the­re. Guys going to make more in 1 year than he ever did from the PGA and peop­le are cri­ti­cis­ing him 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Good, the PGA tour deser­ves it; they tre­at their fans like dog crap. 2 minu­te hig­hight vide­os every tour­na­ment… LOL what a joke.

    1. That is a huge issue with the pga tour. Euro­pean tour does at least 10 min high­lights and often for several play­ers. Pga tour real­ly do not care about the growth of the game for the non paying public. This new tour? I’ve no idea what they’ll do.

  3. It’s a shame that it’s come to a place whe­re a play­er has to with­draw his sta­tus from a tour. I under­stand why it makes sen­se for the­se guys to do it though like McDo­well say’s it would be cra­zy to turn down this oppor­tu­ni­ty down from a busi­ness side of things.

    1. You can’t work for two com­pe­ting com­pa­nies at the same time. This is all that’s going on here. Two dif­fe­rent tours com­pe­ting for the same employees. All good, the­se guys can choo­se who they want to work for.

    2. It seems to me that the PGA is being way too strict with not allowing guys to play in both tours. As long as they play the mini­mum num­ber of events like the Euro­peans and others are requi­red, I don’t see why that should be a pro­blem. If the LIV Seri­es is suc­cess­ful, the­re will pro­bab­ly be more defec­tions down the road. I don’t think an all or not­hing poli­cy is bene­fi­cial for pro­fes­sio­nal golf.

    3. @Holger Awa­kens I don’t get it. The PGA and McDo­well don’t pay sala­ries right? Just pri­ze money… you still have to be on con­tract to play?

  4. Almost $100mil in tour­na­ment ear­nings alo­ne and he is worried he would be for­ced to play golf for the rest of his life. LMAO.

    1. It’s a nice con­ver­sa­ti­on only the out­side world can talk about. We aren’t under a PGA con­tract and what’s asked behind the sce­nes legal­ly and illegally.
      Play­ers are resigning becau­se PGA are taking legal actions. If it does­n’t go their way, you’­re out.

    2. @JJ G they don’t have spe­cial skills. lop off the top 50 from the earth, you would still watch. it’s irrele­vant how good the­se guys are. peop­le just like watching com­pe­ti­ti­on. no one should be paid as much money as the­se peop­le get. it’s absurd and just pure greed, that’s all.

  5. Ulti­mate­ly the Golf Fan will be paying the wages of players.
    I know some Tour­nies will be free to view on YT but going for­ward it’s gon­na hurt my pocket.

  6. Good for the­se play­ers. Screw the PGA if they want to mono­po­li­ze play­ers. More money for 1 less round of golf, sounds solid to me.

    1. Dj will have made more from liv than his ent­i­re care­er on tour befo­re even gol­fing they gave him a 9 figu­re pay day just to show up

    2. @Michael Fong Whe­ther you like the for­mu­la or not, it’s still their right to choo­se a les­ser tour. They get to work 25% less for more pay. And stop it with your mora­li­ty play about play­ing for the Sau­dis, I bet you buy Chi­ne­se pro­ducts every day.

  7. I’m hap­py to watch more golf. The pga is sal­ty after ever­ything the­se play­ers have done for the game. Without their talent the pga is not­hing . They deser­ve to make all the money they can without being threa­tened or ban­ned from the pga . Anyo­ne who says they would do dif­fer­ent­ly is full of it.

    1. You know that other play­ers on the tour tur­ned this down and that peop­le can have various moti­va­tions and dri­vers, right? Per­so­nal­ly, it doesn’t thrill me that, like every other walk of life sin­ce the 70s, this fur­ther con­cen­tra­tes wealth at the very top; and I don’t think that would be a gre­at thing for a gol­fer loi­te­ring below the top 75 or so. But yeah if you wan­ted to give a That­che­ri­te take on this issue, well done 👍

    2. @Nicky Con­nol­ly So by allowing tho­se at PGA tour to make all that money on the­se play­ers and not allow them to be able to make money else­whe­re, is that not fur­ther con­cen­tra­ting wealth to the “top”? 😂 like what are you tal­king about

    3. @Michael Fong This for­mat does start to sound a bit like the Champions/Senior Tour while com­pe­ting for three rounds and no cut. Oost­hui­zen is honest about that part. From a golf per­spec­ti­ve it is tur­ning into a hig­her pri­ced Cham­pions Tour or perhaps pre-seni­or tour. It’s kind of like when Pele came to play soc­cer in the US or David Beck­ham with the LA Gala­xy. The­se guys even DJ are taking the stance that they eit­her can­not or do not want to real­ly play golf at the hig­hest level and want some easier money.

  8. Ban them all for life. Not one per­son in the field has the game to win a major at the moment. DJ is on the recli­ne and took the easy way out

    1. Why should the PGA be so sca­red of a rival tour that it has to ban their play­ers? If they belie­ve they tru­ly are the best tour then they should have no issu­es at all with this hap­pe­ning. Same as for examp­le there’s mul­ti­ple foot­ball orga­ni­sa­ti­ons, UEFA doesn’t ban play­ers from fifa tournaments

    2. Lol Phil won a major last year…he still has the game. DJ also was right the­re in the mas­ters this year. DJ defi­ni­te­ly has the game to win ano­t­her major

      Lou­is oost­hui­zen finis­hed in the top 3 at three majors last year. He also has the game

    3. @Brian Vos last year is a long time in any sport espe­cial­ly golf. Yes Phil did win a major but it was his only top 10 finish of the year. Given he’s 52 next week, odds are he aint win­ning ano­t­her major again. Lou­is is com­ple­te­ly off the boil this year, 152nd in the money list and his put­ting and dri­ving have gone down­hill. Dus­tin cant put 4 good rounds tog­e­ther, even But­ch said he aint prac­ti­sing as much.

    1. It depends on how dilu­t­ed this gets,what if ano­t­her orga­ni­sa­ti­on comes along,then ano­t­her, it’ll end up like boxing whe­re noo­ne knows who the best is

    2. @Michael Fong …. Nah he wouldn’t..

      The pres­su­re would still be the same during the last round be that second, third or fourth..

    3. @M C The ques­ti­on is will the play­ers be awar­ded pints for a 3 round tour­na­ment. Base­ball tried the a real chan­ge when they went to the 7 inning(second game of a doub­lehea­der) and pla­cing a run­ner on second in extra innings. It went over like a lead bal­loon .Golf is as tra­di­tio­nal as base­ball may­be even more than base­ball. Final­ly no points no majors no s sau­di golf league..

    4. @Michael Fong … No idea what your going on about the­re🤷🏻‍♂️

      To cla­ri­fy. Wha­te­ver the “final round” may be, the pres­su­re is on becau­se it’s the “final round”👍🏻👍🏻

  9. Greg Nor­man claims Tiger tur­ned down almost 1 BILLION DOLLARS to join them, wow if i was tiger i would of joi­ned, the pga would not have stop­ped tiger play­ing in what ever he wants.

    1. Tiger is not like Phil. He rea­li­zes that the PGA is how he made all his money. It was his domi­na­ti­on of the PGA which trans­la­ted to his enor­mous wealth. As oppo­sed to Phil who seems bit­ter to me Tiger is loy­al to the orga­niz­a­ti­on that gave him the venue to beco­me very wealt­hy. The­re is a rea­son why almost all the fel­low gol­fers love Tiger and hate Phil.

    2. Tiger is loy­al to a tour…but not loy­al to a wife…ehhh stop making Tiger sound like an angel or hero…I love watching Tiger but let’s not make him some­thing he’s not…Again…

      Tiger is loy­al to a tour and not a wife….Phil is loy­al to a wife and not a tour…lol I guess they real­ly are opposites 😆

  10. PGA tour is good .. but not­hing ama­zing . LIV is giving life back into real com­pe­ti­ti­ve golf … loo­king for­ward to watching com­pe­ti­ti­ve golf !!!

    1. Right, If he would have just said “What chan­ged? LIV backed a truck­load of money to my door, that’s what changed.”

  11. Golf has always been about money …the PGA makes a for­tu­ne out of the play­ers as much as play­ers making a for­tu­ne out of the PGA

    1. not in 5 years as tons of gre­at Eas­tern gol­fers will emer­ge. Right now it’s almost impos­si­ble to make it on the tour most go bro­ke unless they have rich par­ents to spon­sor them.

  12. The­se guys shouldn’t have to jus­ti­fy why the­re here …the pga and Euro­pean tour will have to deal with it ..there’s room for all

  13. For­get about ever­ything else. This is all about money. Put enough on the table and it will still get you anything you want. Cash is ulti­mate­ly king in this world.

    1. @Reece Jones What else? May­be not put­ting their talents in the ser­vice of a clan of medi­eval head-chop­pers, sadists and human rights abusers?

    2. @Sandra Heaton they alrea­dy are… Ame­ri­ca bene­fits mas­si­ve­ly from tra­de deals with Sau­di etc in fact Sau­di is one of America’s big­gest tra­de part­ners so ame­ri­ca alrea­dy got in to bed with tho­se guys. Also I’m sure the peop­le of Iraq/Iran/Afghan would argue that Ame­ri­ca is as bad as Sau­di with all the civi­li­ans they took out which is over 300,00 by the way. So my point is it’s Pure hypo­cri­sy to claim Sau­dis are any worse.

    3. @Sandra Heaton I under­stand exact­ly how the Sau­dis run their coun­try, and as much as I dis­agree with them, I can also see the hypo­cri­sy of Ame­ri­can media out­lets try­ing to make out Ame­ri­ca is some how bet­ter. We live in the west and wes­tern coun­tries are just dif­fe­rent. But why on earth should a gol­fer con­si­der poli­tics when deci­ding whe­re to play golf!? DJ isn’t going to pop up in the back­ground of the next isis recruit­ment video. But my point is that you can’t claim Sau­dis are this awful régime without accep­t­ing that Ame­ri­ca is guil­ty of war cri­mes just as bad so what gol­fers have to choo­se the les­ser of 2 evils?

  14. Take your blood money and ride off into obscu­ri­ty. To quo­te a famous irish­man, – “it’s greed, greed and more f&cking greed”.

  15. And if the Sau­dis offer me a 5 mil­li­on dol­lar house to live in over the­re for nothing…well…I’d rather free­ze here in Cana­da in my poor dwel­ling thanks.

  16. From just one fan’s per­spec­ti­ve, it’s hard to watch golf unless it’s a major. It’s like watching grass grow, I mean who has time to watch 20 hours plus, most­ly com­mer­cials over 4 days play­ed on cour­ses that are way too easy for pro­fes­sio­nals. Initi­al­ly, I was worried about the Sau­di government, but the USA has also com­mit­ted some human atro­ci­ties too. From a busi­ness point of view I would defi­ni­te­ly sus­pend all LIV play­ers from the majors if I was hea­ding the PGA, but they could play in shit­ty who cares tour­na­ments. Con­tro­ver­sy sells and so does nega­ti­ve atten­ti­on. The golf world needs a shake up.

    1. Let’s name the tour­na­ments. The Bone­saw open and the mass exe­cu­ti­on of gays tour­na­ment and final­ly the Bur­ka invitational.

    1. What do you think he was tal­king about when he said he was doing what was best for his fami­ly. The­se play­ers don’t owe the PGA tour so what dif­fe­rence does it make why they deci­ded to play on the LIV tour that’s their busi­ness. I belie­ve the more opti­ons pro­vi­ded for pro­fes­sio­nal golf the bet­ter for the fans.

  17. So if you miss the cut is the PGA Tour going to sup­port you ? Inde­pen­dent Con­trac­tors is what the­se guys are. No per­for­mance, no money. Eco­no­mic decision.

  18. Dus­tin is doing what Bob­by Hull did…become the first star hockey play­er to jump from the NHL to the upstart WHA for a mil­li­on bucks. End result? Hull play­ed with most­ly minor league play­ers, the league fold­ed after tying to dilu­te the best pro­duct in the world, and Hull reti­red into obscuity.

  19. Any per­son who cri­ti­ci­ses any gol­fer who choo­ses to go to LIV is jea­l­ous and that is all. Who in their right mind wouldn’t dou­ble or trip­le their money for doing the same job. The­se folk that say it’s moral­ly wrong to work with the Sau­dis, Ame­ri­ca have been tra­ding with them for deca­des and are one of their lar­gest tra­ding part­ners. This is sim­ply sports­men maxi­mi­sing their inco­me and the­re is abso­lute­ly not­hing wrong with that. The cri­ti­cism should be with the PGA for being so ter­ri­fied of the chal­len­ge of a new tour that they have essen­ti­al­ly black­lis­ted any play­ers who go.

    1. The pro­blem with the new league is the for­mat as much as the Saudi’s. Golf has always been about 4 rounds and a cut. Golf fans like the cut. It makes the play­ers per­form immedia­te­ly. We admi­re athlete’s being able to hand­le pres­su­re. The three most admi­red ath­le­tes of the last 30 years are Micha­el Jor­dan Tom Bra­dy and Tiger Woods. Teams don’t mat­ter unless it is the Ryder cup. This is like a tour­na­ment at your local muni. Greg Nor­man would have won the Mas­ters if it was THREE rounds.

    2. @Michael Fong see that’s the issue, new fans don’t want to watch 4 rounds in fact I would bet my house that you haven’t wat­ched all 4 rounds of any of the majors in the last year. To grow the game you need to appeal to the wider audi­ence not just the golf purest. For examp­le there’s a who­le wave of play­ers who only play 9 hole rounds now becau­se 18 is too long.

    3. @Reece Jones The second fac­tor is awar­ding points. I don’t think any gover­ning body is awar­ding points for a 3 round golf tour­na­ment and no points means no majors.

    4. that is not true at all . I was once a pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fer – not qui­te good enough to make it on the pga tour. so at age 30 i stop­ped and got a nor­mal life . I do not envy play­ers who made it – they were able to do things a litt­le bet­ter than me – and that is how sports goes at that level of com­pe­ti­ti­on. I have not been acti­ve for several years but i went out and was an offi­cial for a korn fer­ry event recent­ly and the­se young kids are real­ly real­ly good – I admi­re them – good for them. So I am not in the least bit jea­l­ous of the­se guys . I also know the life­style that the­se guys live and the idea that they are being done wrong in some way is real­ly sick – I do not know what to call some­thing worse than insa­ne – but it is. I can pro­ject mys­elf into their shoes – and honest­ly I do not know what i would do . being offe­red some­thing like $150 mil­li­on is a lot to pass up so i do not know what i would do . On the sur­face I would not want to be asso­cia­ted with this group in any way for a bunch of rea­sons – not the least of which I would have estab­lis­hed rela­ti­ons­hips along the way with all sorts of peop­le on the PGA tour – tour­na­ment direc­tors – hosts spon­sors . And I do not know how easi­ly i would aban­don that even if it were a lot of money . any­way your blan­ket assump­ti­ons are incor­rect is all .. Like wise the idea that the pga is ter­ri­fied is absurd . That orga­niz­a­ti­on has a long histo­ry and deep estab­lis­hed rela­ti­ons­hips and good will with lots of cities , cor­po­ra­ti­ons , spon­sors , venues , net­works etc . They have taken excep­ti­on with an upstart attemp­t­ing to buy away the most popu­lar play­ers – that is natu­ral – but they will be around a long time after this thing has run its course

    5. @PJ Pred­hom­me I don’t envy any cele­bri­ty and the life of a PGA pro­fes­sio­nal is tra­ve­ling all the time. I’m in busi­ness and tra­vel sucks. Ever­yo­ne hates tra­vel. My son’s tea­cher was David Potts who was mvp of the UGA team in the nine­ties. Gre­at guy and a gre­at tea­cher. He also was­n’t good enough w even though in juni­or tour­na­ments he was on the daïs with Woods and Cink. He has a nice bunch of peop­le he tea­ches and a nice fami­ly life. I’m sure Tiger was­n’t the only one who mes­sed around with the ladies. The PGA has all the gre­at cour­ses and like you said has gre­at good­will at the venues and cities. The PGA is far from per­fect but this Sau­di group and Nor­man are hea­vy han­ded. It is obvious that the Saudi’s are try­ing to era­se their medi­eval image. To me Phil has e cemen­ted his image as a sel­fi­sh dou­che­bag while John­son has always come across as a man with low intel­lect. Histo­ry is important to many play­ers and many of the fans.

  20. He not doing it for his fami­ly , he’s earnt 80 mil­li­on in pri­ze money plus wha­te­ver he’s ear­ned in endor­se­ments , his fami­ly is finan­cial­ly secu­re for life , dis­gus­ting gree­dy beha­viour from all them

  21. They can all go. I just love watching the cour­ses, the com­pe­ti­ti­on, and the lea­ders tough it out or choke…no mat­ter who it is up top.
    The player’s name never real­ly makes a dif­fe­rence to me.

    1. Dus­tin wants to do other things than golf he says. Well I have bet­ter things to do than watch well paid gol­fers not com­pe­ting, but exi­bi­t­ing their golf skills with not­hing on the line.

  22. Plus whe­re Is this money com­ing from ??? Have they asked them­sel­ves how the Sau­dis have gene­ra­ted this money ????

  23. Going to be inte­res­ting to see if the manu­fac­tu­rers are still going to spon­sor the­se play­ers! Phil is going to be hap­py with TopFlite!

  24. I think this is good for golf. The PGA Tour have shot them­sel­ves in the foot becau­se they’­re com­ing across as too dic­ta­to­ri­al in try­ing to for­ce play­ers from play­ing on ano­t­her tour. Ins­tead, what they should be doing is asking them­sel­ves how they can impro­ve their pro­duct . In the end, if the LIV tour is good and works out, gol­fers and golf enthu­si­asts around the world will bene­fit becau­se it will for­ce the PGA tour to impro­ve their product.

    The money thing is inte­res­ting. Why should money be such a dir­ty word? Let’s face it, if you were offe­red dou­ble the money for doing the exact same job, working fewer days of the week, most peop­le would take it. Do the­se play­ers need more money? Pro­bab­ly not. But if it’s not going into their pockets it’s going into the PGA tour’s pockets and they’­re pro­bab­ly thin­king why I should I work twice as hard to put money in the PGAs pockets when I can work half as much and earn more. It’s kind of a no-brainer.

    1. Exp­lain ‘impro­ve their pro­duct’.… nobo­dy seems to be able to do that. For 90% of us who watch golf each week the ‘pro­duct’ is just fine.

    2. @Lake Ozark REI what’s wrong with try­ing some­thing new? Every other sport is chan­ging the rules almost every year. If you have two dif­fe­rent for­mats peop­le have the choice to view whiche­ver one they like. I defi­ni­te­ly will be watching the LIV tour, I hope it succeeds.

    3. Agreed. The PGA and the USGA have no inten­ti­on of chan­ging and evol­ving, so they will be for­ced to. Sin­ce nobo­dy goes to LPGA tour­na­ments any­mo­re due to the extre­me bore­dom invol­ved, they ought to com­bi­ne the tours so the ladies can have more inte­rest from golf fans. I’ll go to a LIV tour­na­ment, it sounds like fun and some­thing dif­fe­rent. Plus, I bet LIV won’t for­ce crap­py bud and miche­lob ultra for 19 bucks a can on us either.…

    4. @Lake Ozark REI If you’­re hap­py with a pro­duct that is “just fine” then I guess that’s all you need. But the pro­blem with sett­ling for “just fine” is that you’ll never know how gre­at it could be.

      Look at it this way. You don’t need to impro­ve your pro­duct for exis­ting cus­to­mers. They alrea­dy con­su­me it and are the­re­fo­re (by defi­ni­ti­on) hap­py with it. Or as you put it, “just fine”.

      They can impro­ve their pro­duct by put­ting more money back into the game. They could try to come up with dif­fe­rent for­mats of the game that attract more cus­to­mers to con­su­me their pro­duct, which in turn brings even more money into the game, which in turn can be put to good use.

      The gol­fers are one of the resour­ces that make up the pro­duct. If ano­t­her com­pe­ti­tor appears on the mar­ket, your employees are at risk of being poa­ched. This not only enhan­ces your competitor’s offe­ring but wea­kens your own.

      So trust me, the PGA have a lot they can do to impro­ve their product.

  25. This isn’t complicated.….the phra­se goes “fol­low the money” Lea­ving all the noi­se aside.…hard to bla­me someo­ne for not tur­ning down this kind of $.

    1. @Jacob Lovejoy I am sure we both have bet­ter things to do than spar with stran­gers on You­tube. Having said that, let me reply. First­ly, the $75M is gross.…..take off taxes, agents fees, expen­ses, etc. etc. and the net is likely clo­ser to $40M odd. Still “loa­ded” but its mea­ningless. He is a young man, and still has lots of his pro­fes­si­on left in him. Few pro­fes­sio­nals in busi­ness and sports just say…I have enough I will stop…they say I have ple­nty but I love my care­er. Whe­ther the who­le league is desi­gned to do what you say or not, the play­ers have their care­ers and fami­lies to con­si­der. Few peop­le turn down a rai­se.….$ is part of what one works for. In sports the­re is a who­le dif­fe­rent dimen­si­on once the $ is no lon­ger real­ly a focus…but $ and the reward of $ is part of the equa­ti­on for “working”. As I began with my post.…this is all about $. As for being blood money, I have a phi­lo­so­phi­cal pro­blem with your idea that blood money is tur­ned into good money if it is given to cha­ri­ty. While a wild leap, it is not unli­ke the medi­cal rese­arch community’s moral dilem­ma about using the medi­cal expe­ri­ment results of Nazi Ger­ma­ny on inma­tes. Is it moral to use tho­se results and advan­ces given how that rese­arch was car­ri­ed out. Its golf, its $, its about indi­vi­du­al choice, and the­se play­ers are making their own decisi­ons. No “worker” first has a duty to hims­elf and his fami­ly, not his “employ­er”. Every worker is enti­t­led to take care of #1.

    2. @Jacob Lovejoy How much one needs is up to them, not to you, me or anyo­ne else. How much the mar­ket given what they do will reward them with is part of the point of “working”. Should a guy who can kick and foot­ball through two posts make 10 times the inco­me of a child brain sur­ge­on? The mar­ket says yes.…so the kicker gets his reward.

    3. @Arnold Fine agree it will be much clo­ser to 40mil and agree with your objec­tion to my sur­face level idea to somehow make blood money clean again. I guess once it’s blood money, it’s blood money. So it’s fore­ver dir­ty… but if it’s fore­ver dir­ty then might as well use if for good any­way? Ano­t­her ang­le is that the money he pays to taxes could be con­si­de­red clean­sed… sin­ce it’s retur­ning to Ame­ri­ca. Not that Ame­ri­ca money is that clean… plus I’m wea­ring Nike… pro­bab­ly all the clothes I’m wea­ring right now were made from child labor. 

      I’d just like to see DJ set some­thing up and beco­me more of an ambassa­dor. Ins­tead he’s just taking a deal and play­ing for the enemy.

    4. @Jacob Lovejoy kk. Well, ya know, Dus­tin is still young. Give him a chan­ce. At that age, kids, fami­ly, new mar­ria­ge are the focus. Bill Gates took a lot of flack from the media as he was in his for­ma­ti­ve and Micro­soft buil­ding years, that he had done litt­le if anything for phil­an­thro­py. I would ima­gi­ne all tho­se cri­tics have been silenced.

  26. Why all you ful­ly grown men get­ting so emo­tio­nal about a game you watch on the tv? Let him do what he’s got­ta do surely com­pe­ti­ti­on only makes things better

  27. hey gol­fer dickholes.….I love golf, I golf, enjoy watching and going to Bay Hill here in Otown.…however do you know how ridi­cu­lous you sound imply­ing that you’­re struggling with $$$ and LIV will help you get to so you can spend more time w your family.…YOU HAVE MILLIONS already.…get off your f’n pedestals

    1. I just had a job offer that pays me more money and bet­ter bene­fits.. what’s the dif­fe­rence should I stay and be loy­al to my cur­rent com­pa­ny or should I lea­ve and ty to bet­ter myself

  28. The­se play­ers are sel­ling their soul to play in a tour spon­so­red by a coun­try that dis­re­gards human rights. I will not watch LIV so the­se player’s signi­fi­can­ce will fade into distant memory.

  29. Sad that the­se play­ers sup­por­ting sports washing, was a big fan of Dus­tin but not any­mo­re! Sel­ling out for money when they clear­ly dont need it, Dus­tin made over 74m USD so far how much more can he need.

    1. Pro­bab­ly needs lots..that lavish wed­ding he just had wasn’t cheap and his wife loo­ks like she can burn through money too🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    1. @The Goat Bro­ke Loo­se Appar­ent­ly DJ is that per­son and the pri­ce tag was repor­ted­ly $150,000,000. I’m curious what the recep­ti­on will be like if any of the­se guys tee it up in a PGA event, ever again.

    2. @The truth For now Them why do you seem to care so much what they do if you think they’­re was­hed up? Sounds like sour gra­pes and dou­ble stan­dards to me.….

    3. @Richo why do you care your golf game is not in their league and you can­not live in their neigh­bor­hood. I care about tho­se struggling not tho­se living hol­ly­wood life styles for hit­ting a golf ball. They all are over­paid com­pa­red to gol­fers of old.

  30. An inte­res­ting insight into the life of the pro gol­fer. Three batt­le-wea­ry tour gol­fers loo­king to ease them­sel­ves out of tour­na­ment golf. Dus­tin even talks at 6:38 about choo­sing LIV becau­se he does­n’t want to play golf for the rest of his life and cho­se LIV becau­se other­wi­se he feels he would “have to”. Shows how even hobbies/ pasti­me can turn into a drag if they are your job.

    1. @Djhd Ahsh total­ly. IMO, they’­re not being “gree­dy” becau­se they alrea­dy have x mil­li­ons of dol­lars. They’­re not doing this so they can buy ano­t­her boat. They’­re buil­ding wealth that will last genera­ti­ons long after they’­re gone. When You get a rare oppor­tu­ni­ty to make money that you’­re gre­at gre­at gre­at grand kids can bene­fit from you take it.

    2. @Daniel Vla­sic yes that sounds easy to peop­le who don’t have 100 mil­li­on. We don’t know what his life invol­ves and what he wants to pay for or has to pay for. Let the­se peop­le live and let them com­pe­te in wha­te­ver they want to.

    3. @Djhd Ahsh Of cour­se he’s free to do wha­te­ver he wants. I’m just say­ing he should­n’t have $ issu­es at this sta­ge of his life. And he was­n’t exact­ly hur­ting for $ play­ing on the PGA Tour. He was making upwards of $ 30 M a year com­bi­ned with his endor­se­ment deals.

  31. Con­se­quen­ces?! Why should the­re be con­se­quen­ces? They have free­will and can do what they want. Fill yer boots guys and good luck.

  32. The PGA is/was a mono­po­ly. The play­ers are pri­va­te con­trac­tors and have the tight to work whoever they can. The PGA is kil­ling its­elf being hea­vy handed.

  33. I’m wea­ring his watch.

    Fair play to him. 

    Note to pga: you do not own the players.

    PS. How do we watch this in the uk. We have access to the pga, the Euro­pean tour and the DP tour.

  34. I think it’s very unsel­fi­sh of the­se guys to do this. They are making enough money to take care of genera­ti­ons in their fami­lies com­pa­red to cha­sing wins in the PGA for their own benefit.

  35. If they ( the LIV golf tour ) gave me $125 mil­li­on dol­lars to play golf on their tour. It’s a no brai­ner. He’ll never make that kind of money on the PGA tour.

  36. The only thing that has chan­ged is money….blood money. DJ, you could have won many more majors and PGA titles….who cares about LIV golf….not interested.

  37. I guess I am mis­sing how this “hel­ps the game”. Gro­wing a game like golf seems to be the abi­li­ty to encou­ra­ge youn­ger peop­le to play and learn the game. As is the case with most pro­fes­sio­nal sports, the money can taint the per­cep­ti­on of “it’s for the game” men­ta­li­ty. I know times have chan­ged, but it was always nice back in the day to see pros play a sport becau­se they loved the game and enjoy­ed the chal­len­ges of impro­ving and get­ting bet­ter. Golf is alrea­dy a game that is hard for peop­le who don’t have money to par­ti­ci­pa­te in.…now you throw more money at it. It is what it is. I wish them luck.

    1. Don’t be naï­ve, every pro gol­fer always play­ed for money. It doesn’t mean they don’t want to win. As far as gro­wing the game, I think it’s gre­at that the­re will be ano­t­her for­mat that golf fans can view. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

    2. LIV is offe­ring gol­fers con­tracts plus the pur­se of a tour­na­ment. It’s gua­ran­te­ed money. The money in the PGA only comes from tour­na­ment pla­ce­ment. The­re are no gua­ran­tees. Gol­fers make a lot of their money through spon­sor­s­hips and endor­se­ments. Peop­le thought this new league would put the PGA’s back against the wall, but the PGA, ins­tead, dou­bled down. You say you don’t know how it hel­ps the game. Ok. Ans­wer this—how does it hurt the game?

    3. Then why does the pga have a top money list? If the pga isn’t about money? Have you ever asked your boss for a rai­se? The pga is the only pro­fes­sio­nal ath­le­tes with no Gua­ran­te­ed con­tracts if I’m a young kid and I’m loo­king at all the­se in nIL deals that col­le­ges are doing now and I’m loo­king at a tour they can gua­ran­tee me a con­tract or com­pa­red to a tour that doesn’t give me a gua­ran­te­ed con­tract I think I’m picking the liv tour tournament

    4. @Lake Ozark REI Could be lots of ways of making it more exci­ting that this could try as a new event – dif­fe­rent for­mats, new cour­ses, fan expe­ri­en­ces with play­ers, impro­ved & stream­li­ned rules, bet­ter TV coverage with more access, many more… they COULD do all sorts.
      Now do I want tho­se impro­ve­ments com­ing from Sau­di money? For sure not. But that’s a dif­fe­rent dis­cus­sion to how this could objec­tively make the game more ent­i­cing for people.

  38. Let’s not act like the US is inno­cent. Like we didn’t kil­led hund­reds of thousands of inno­cent ppl in the Midd­le East during the war. Plus Sau­di is US second lar­gest tra­ding part­ner so regard­less what they have done let’s stop the poli­ti­cal BS. I sup­port liv golf

  39. Tiger tur­ned down a bil­li­on. The majo­ri­ty of the PGA guys going to LIV are was­hed up guys who would have trou­ble win­ning again. McDo­well was­n’t going to play on ano­t­her Ryder Cup regard­less of whe­re he plays. DJ can’t be honest and just say it is all about the money

    1. @Derek L he has ear­ned a lot more than $75 mil­li­on – that was in pri­ze money – a play­er like him earns waaaaaaay more in endor­se­ments – even if they can bare­ly put tog­e­ther a cohe­rent sentence

    2. @Neu User you’­re living in fan­ta­sy land if you belie­ve the US isn’t important in glo­bal sports, let alo­ne the world lea­der in them. Last I che­cked, star­ting from 1996, the US won the gold medal count in 6 of the last 7 Olym­pic games and the total medal count in all 7… Seems like the US is about as domi­nant in the 21st cen­tu­ry as they were in the 20th and 19th 😂. 

      The US’s ath­le­tic pro­wess is even more domi­nant when you con­si­der a lar­ge por­ti­on of its best ath­le­tes (out­side bas­ket­ball) spe­cia­li­ze in sports that most of world, admit­ted­ly, does not play or watch (foot­ball, hockey, base­ball). By your stan­dards, the US isn’t important becau­se peop­le don’t watch Ame­ri­can sports glo­bal­ly, but the US’s ath­le­tes are far supe­ri­or to the rest of the world (indi­ca­ted by the Olym­pic medal count), making them the undis­pu­ted pre­mier ath­le­tes. Regard­less of glo­bal expo­sure, all the money in sports is in the US, which is a more signi­fi­cant mea­su­re of “impor­t­ance.” 5 of the top 6 pre­mier sports leagues of the WORLD resi­de in the US, and they account for a whop­ping 50% of ALL reve­nue gene­ra­ted by every sin­gle sports league in the world (~80 sports leagues world-wide). 

      Con­tra­ry to your belief, the US is important in sports, and the best ath­le­tes in the world, who undoub­ted­ly come from the US, play the pre­mier sports of the US. If the best ath­le­tes grew up play­ing soc­cer, rug­by or cri­cket becau­se the money was the­re like it is for them now in their respec­ti­ve sports, you bet­ter belie­ve the US would wipe the floor with the rest of the world.

      …And btw, I don’t want to make it sound like the US has some­thing spe­cial in the water, making their citi­zens intrinsi­cal­ly more apt for sports. It’s just that eco­no­mi­c­al­ly pro­spe­rous coun­tries can afford shiny things and dump tons of money into their athletes.

  40. For tho­se who have made their mil­li­ons alrea­dy and are get­ting paid 10s of mil­li­ons to be a warm body during a tour­na­ment- what is their moti­va­ti­on to tru­ly com­pe­te? I get it if # 900+ wants to com­pe­te for the 4M top pri­ze – but does­n’t the golf fan want to watch the “names” com­pe­te against one ano­t­her with some­thing on the line? Pri­de I guess – but they’­ve alrea­dy taken the paycheck so.….My main moti­va­ti­on to tune in is to see how big (or small) the gal­le­ries will be.

  41. The PGA did NOT give any gol­fer the oppor­tu­ni­ty to com­pe­te at the PGA Tour.
    Every gol­fer has to EARN his Tour Card. Now the PGA Com­mis­sio­ner will BAN gol­fers for com­pe­ting at ano­t­her Tour.

  42. Only spea­king from the lon­ge­vi­ty of this “busi­ness model,” this LIV out­fit may not be around in 4 years. No plan to recoup the payouts, the play­ers are cool being pawns & get­ting paid. Let’s call a spa­de a spade.

    1. You don’t even know the plans they have pro­jects in the works. This is not a upstart com­pa­ny this is Sau­di Ara­bia the­re plans and visi­ons 50 to 100 years into the future. 

      You can­not be this naïve.

    2. First of all, who cares? What is it to you? Why does it mat­ter what ano­t­her gol­fer does? Second­ly, are you real­ly worried about money issu­es when it comes to the Saudis?

    3. @UglyhoodRAT I’m awa­re of how math works, you can have deep pockets all day, but los­ses are los­ses. Whe­re the Sau­dis have sports­wa­s­hed pre­vious­ly, they have inves­ted in alrea­dy estab­lis­hed leagues.

  43. What the PGA needs ro real­ly under­stand is.… It’s the Play­ers who make the PGA not the other way around. With out the likes of Michel­sons, the Pal­mers, the Nicholas’s and all the past histo­ry of golf which the PGA was crea­ted, Without play­ers , the­re will be no PGA.…. Wake up!!! You can’t look back­wards but you all must move for­wards indoor thought pro­ces­ses. Times they are a changing’!!!!!

    1. Mickel­son and Nick­laus you mean? Top play­ers got bonus money for Euro­pean tour events but les­ser ran­king peop­le need money so get it

  44. It’s fair­ly basic. If this new tour did­n’t have a signing bonus and paid the same pri­ze money as the PGA tour, none of them would be the­re. It is all about the money. There’s not­hing wrong with that, but it seems that only Lee West­wood had the balls to admit it.

    1. @4c-able8 Well I know Mickel­son pro­bab­ly would sin­ce he’s paid for military’s kids col­le­ge tui­ti­on. Not sure about the others.

    2. @Dennis Becer­ra yes real­ly amu­sing you can’t figu­re out that greed is dan­ge­rous. Now, go play with the uni­corns in won­der­land. Blend

  45. Just like all the other pro­fes­sio­nal sports.. No team loyal­ty just SHOW ME THE MONEY.. $125 mil­li­on for a gol­fer, NOPE

  46. If Dana White was in char­ge of pga, he would tell the­se guys to do what u want, but you’re not allo­wed to fight against the best in world anymore.

  47. Let them go. Plan­ty new young play­ers com­ing up the ranks from the USA and Euro­pe as well as Latin Ame­ri­ca and Asia. Good buy and if the pga wants them back it’s ok with me but they pro­bab­ly will make asso­cia­ti­on rules more clear I assume.

  48. I hope the PGA sof­tens their view of this new tour. The play­ers honest app­rai­sal of why they have joi­ned LIV has pos­si­b­ly given it nega­ti­ve publi­ci­ty. A 3–4 year reti­re­ment tour is pro­bab­ly not what the pro­mo­ters wish to sell.

  49. Bro you have made hund­red and hund­reds and mil­li­ons of dol­lars. tur­ning your back on the Pga is like joi­ning a farm for the local glo­ry. Djs out of the lime light and wants to flex in a weak league. The man is a fami­ly man though wish the best

  50. I just wish the $500-$1bn they paid the hand­ful of named play­ers to join LIV tour could have been put in the pri­ze fund ins­tead. It’s still a gua­ran­tee pay day with no cut and only 48 play­ers . 1st pri­ze ins­tead of $4m could’ve been $25m for examp­le. Ima­gi­ne if one of the unknown play­ers picked up the win­ners che­que that would have been brilliant.

  51. A lot of peop­le are loo­king at this from a pure money per­spec­ti­ve, as they should. The PGA tour has been, for lack of a bet­ter term, a mono­po­ly up until this point. NIL deals in NCAA sports have been a topic of dis­cus­sion late­ly. Howe­ver, ever­yo­ne cea­ses to remem­ber that the PGA limits what spon­sor­s­hips play­ers can have, and how they are able to use their own Name, Image, and Likeness. Money asi­de, tho­se things pro­bab­ly would have taken years for the PGA to chan­ge, not to men­ti­on the pur­ses. Hope­ful­ly with the thre­at of a new league and com­pe­ti­ti­on, tho­se things will chan­ge with the PGA and they won’t con­ti­nue to look at the­se 48 play­ers in an oppo­sing way.

    Not to men­ti­on, the­re is now 48 more oppor­tu­nities in the PGA for up & com­ing play­ers to make a name for them­sel­ves and ( hope­ful­ly ) pro­fit from it in the future, becau­se of the LIV league

    1. I agree with some of this except to say that a lar­ge num­ber and I think majo­ri­ty of the­se guys did not have PGA Tour cards.… Some had not made it and pro­bab­ly had litt­le chan­ce of making it. Others who play­ed well for years lost it, and yet others had the pro­ver­bi­al cup of cof­fee on Tour and then lost it with litt­le to no chan­ce of regai­ning it. So yeah, more oppor­tu­ni­ty, but this does not clear out 48 cur­rent tour play­ers. I think like any other job, if folks want to play on the PGA Tour then the­re is a give and take like the work for hire doc­tri­ne in copy­right law.

  52. If you’ve made $74 mil­li­on in the last 15 years and that is enough for you and your fami­ly to reti­re you got a pro­blem. All the­se guys have lost respect in my eyes.

    1. Total­ly agree mate. All the best play­ers faith­ful to the PGA have beco­me qui­te rich I sup­po­se. But com­pe­ti­ti­on can be healt­hy! Can you ima­gi­ne a World Seri­es of Golf? Awe­so­me viewing! Enough money for everyone

    1. The­se play­ers aren’t com­pe­ti­ti­ve any­mo­re, that’s why they’­re play­ing this gree­dy has beens tour!!
      If they were win­ning regu­lar­ly on the PGA they would­n’t be here …

  53. I am so hap­py that it goes bad for pga, only becau­se their shit­ty high­light vide­os. 😂 doesnt care for cri­ti­sism. HAHAHAHA

  54. Having a father in law like Way­ne who play­ed in the WHA score the league was absor­bed and has had a real life expe­ri­ence like this

  55. “Best for my fami­ly” plea­se exp­lain to me why play­ing a golf tour­na­ment in Sau­di Ara­bia is best for your 7 and 5 year old. 

    Just say you took a payday and cas­hed out. I hate when peop­le use their fami­ly as a cushion to get what they want.

    1. Pret­ty sure secu­ring mil­li­ons and mil­li­ons more than what he would have ear­ned the rest of his care­er play­ing on the PGA Tour is what’s best for his fami­ly. Not sure how anyo­ne can bla­me someo­ne for thin­king of them­sel­ves and their fami­lies future abo­ve all else. Any one of you clowns chir­ping would do the same thing in a heartbeat.

    2. @mackergaming Speak for yourself. Many peop­le – espe­cial­ly peop­le who are mil­lion­aires 10x over – would abso­lute­ly NOT put their talents in the ser­vice of a clan of medi­eval head-chop­pers and sadists. This tour is fue­led by Sau­di oil money, and its obvious pur­po­se is to crea­te a fig-leaf of con­tem­poran­ei­ty and nor­mal­cy for a régime that has one of the worse human-rights records in the world.

  56. If gra­ham mac­do­well thinks its going to affect his ryder cup chan­ces then he is very delu­ded, the­re is atleast 50 play­ers ahead of him lol

  57. Boss makes a dol­lar, I make a dime, that’s why I poop on com­pa­ny time. Loyal­ty is for the important peop­le in your lives, you make sacri­fices for them, not your com­pa­ny. Go make the big­gest bang for the buck, fellas.

  58. I real­ly admi­re the hones­ty of the three of them. They say it how it is. Ever­yo­ne would have done the same if they were offe­red the finan­cial gains of doing this.

    1. @What I Say? you got me laug­hing. I’ll never for­get the Mas­ters. You just rip­ped my wife’s favo­ri­te gol­fer bes­i­des me.

  59. The­re is at least 150 mil­li­on rea­sons for DJ to make that decisi­on. Can’t ima­gi­ne too many peop­le choo­sing not to take dou­ble their care­er ear­nings for signing their name on a contract.

    1. @chilli Pep­per blood money means pro­fi­t­ing off of the death of someo­ne. How exact­ly would the­se guys be pro­fi­t­ing off of the death of the repor­ter who died? 

      You’­re arguing that if Khash­og­gi never died, then this money would have never been the­re. You peop­le are not smart, at all.

    2. If you can earn a mini­mum of £800,000 for play­ing in just 8 events good luck to them, but loo­king at the field gathe­red for the first event star­ting tomor­row the­res only a hand­ful of play­ers cur­r­ent­ly play­ing at the hig­hest level, so it will be inte­res­ting in see­ing the num­ber of spec­ta­tors atten­ding and viewing figu­res. I

  60. I under­stand the finan­cial and fami­ly decisi­on for the play­ers. But I can’t honest­ly say it’s good for the game as the­se play­ers ulti­mate­ly don’t want to play golf any­mo­re. The­se play­ers have a com­ple­te dif­fe­rent mind­set than the gre­ats like Tiger and Jack. Look what Tigers put­ting his body through at 46 years old to cha­se the all time major wins record and ensu­re his legacy.

    1. Bah…nobody offe­red them stu­pid money to do some­thing dif­fe­rent. Easy for ever­y­bo­dy to offer their inter­net jud­ge­ment but would hap­pi­ly skip to the next job if their money was doubled!

  61. For the PGA to come out and punish play­ers for doing what is right for them is pathe­tic and the­re is no rea­son for it except they are scor­ned like someo­ne took their sucker away. To the PGA you get a Lets Go Bran­don!! Your now in the same cate­go­ry as Pota­to Head.

  62. Smart for LIV to open against one of the worst events on PGA Tour, the Cana­di­an Open. It will be inte­res­ting to watch both this weekend.

  63. What hap­pens when the Sau­dis deci­de they’ve lost enough money on their LIV tour and take their money and go home? The grass is always gree­ner ..until it isn’t.

  64. Good for them. Put the screws to the PGA. I hope more top 10 play­ers join then they’ll have no choice but to chan­ge their tune.

    1. The mas­ters is ran by Augus­ta natio­nal, the pga is ran by the pga of Ame­ri­ca (not the pga tour), the us open is the usga, and the Bri­tish open is also not a pga tour pro­duct. I’m gues­sing they still will be allo­wed to qua­li­fy and play in all 4.

  65. Why is it a “thing” if it IS all about the money? This is their live­li­hood and busi­ness as inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors! When a cor­po­ra­ti­on screws over an ath­le­te it’s ok becau­se it was just a “busi­ness decisi­on”, so don’t think for a moment that making a busi­ness decisi­on is only appro­pria­te for the Cor­po­ra­ti­on, it goes both ways.

    1. Becau­se it could poten­ti­al­ly affect their lega­cy which is what pro­fes­sio­nal sports here in the United Sta­tes is all about

    2. Nobo­dy begrud­ges them for taking a pay rai­se. It’s who they’­re taking the pay rai­se from that has ever­yo­ne up in arms. Would you go work for a drug gang if they dou­bled your salary?

  66. This is all and well until the owners sud­den­ly deci­des that they want to spend the money else­whe­re, and we all know how quick that can hap­pen. All the play­ers so far on the LIV is past cham­pions or have been win­ning play­ers. They are all on a down­hill path in their care­er. If the Seni­or tour had more to play for, this tour would not have seen the light. What i am wai­t­ing for is words from per­so­nal spon­sors. For all we know, the pga tour could ban cer­tain brands from pro­mo­ting through the pga name. For examp­le Tit­leist is hea­vi­ly inves­ted on pga online. If pga did this, that would real­ly hurt the­se play­ers going for­ward. I have a hard time see­ing Tay­lor Made giving Dus­tin 50 mil­li­ons a year to never be shown in such a mas­si­ve way that pga tour is. LIV just doesn’t have near­ly the same weight.

  67. Golf chan­nel hair on fire about the Saudi’s but head in sand about Chi­na and Nike using slave labor to make their trash and spon­sor PGA Tour players

  68. It is good for the game of golf – sport washing Sau­dis bad repu­ta­ti­on. They are being used by Sau­di Ara­bia, they are gree­dy and can be exploited.

    1. You can play in a field whe­re the money is gua­ran­te­ed. The PGA Tour is a Mem­bers­hip Uni­on and they’re all 1099 con­trac­tors. PGA Tour is a Mono­po­ly and the Play­ers final­ly have leverage. FU Money

  69. All tour play­ers are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors so what’s the big deal if they choo­se to play other events? If a tour play­er does­n’t per­form they don’t get paid. So.if they choo­se to play some­whe­re else that is fine. Opens doors for others.

    1. so what’s the big deal about the PGA not invi­t­ing them any­mo­re? choo­se to play some­whe­re else but you don’t get to choo­se WHERE you play.

    2. @Derek L if I’m an inde­pen­dent con­trac­tor and I make u money or save you money I should be able to do what I want right!? PGA is still making money of name and likeness. If dj or any other play­er play in their tournament. 

      They just butt hurt becuz they can’t mono­po­li­ze the game anymore

    1. it is never inten­ded to be – it is an attempt to buy their way into respec­ta­ble socie­ty – that is all – and if you want to be a wil­ling accom­pli­ce to that – well that is up to you

    2. @PJ Pred­hom­me Inte­res­ting perspective…never saw it that way. So in your esti­ma­ti­on, how long will this “tour” last?

  70. fair play to them, com­pe­ti­ti­on amongst com­pe­ti­ti­ons is exact­ly what we need to keep them all progressing.

    1. Them play­ing in team events , 54 hole events bears no com­pe­ti­ti­ve rela­ti­ons­hip to PGA Tour. We have all kinds of tours that pro­du­ce top play­ers. The­se guys are taking ear­ly reti­re­ment bonu­ses, no pro­blem, but now let us all focus on the rea­li­ty. Money was offe­red, money was taken. Not­hing to do with com­pe­ti­ti­on. The money is just easy money. This LIV tour, well, let’s lea­ve it as some­thing hap­pe­ning in Sau­di. A lot of zeroes in one hund­red twen­ty five mil­li­on gua­ran­tee. That’s it. It’s an ear­ly reti­re­ment packa­ge for them, so let the­se guys all reti­re. Bye bye

  71. Make no mista­ke about it, the Tour is ALL about the TOUR.
    The­se guys don’t need any­mo­re pick­le dis­hes! Busi­ness is business.

  72. Lets bash the play­ers while total­ly igno­ring the fact that MOST of the tour­na­ments will take place in the United States.

  73. All the­se guys live lives most only dream of. Pri­va­te jets, weeks at exo­tic loca­ti­ons when they are not play­ing are just a part. Many of the­se play­ers are not win­ning on the PGA tour.

  74. I think it’s inte­res­ting and all but one has to con­si­der that as a con­se­quence, majors are for­ced to con­ti­nu­al­ly incre­a­se their pri­ze money to main­tain their ‘sta­tus’. For the R&A and others, this means money has to be taken away from golf deve­lo­p­ment programmes/ grass­roots stuff in order to ensu­re they can give out huge pri­ze money. Other than brea­king down the efforts of get­ting peop­le into the game by such orga­ni­sa­ti­ons, I think it could be decent…

  75. Wow the Sau­dis are such a caring bunch aren’t they? They love golf so much they are wil­ling to throw all that money at it. Seens awful­ly naï­ve to me. Yea the play­ers are going to do some­thing new not for the money lol!

  76. I just want pro­fes­sio­nal play­ers, teams, and sports orga­niz­a­ti­ons to stop with the bs about caring about womens rights, LGBTQ, human rights in gene­ral, money is clear­ly the most important aspect to all tho­se groups. When you work with Chi­na and Sau­di Ara­bia you can’t say you sup­port women and that your strong regar­ding human rights and LGBTQ com­mu­ni­ty. Tho­se groups also need step and not allow the dou­ble standard.

  77. Y’all are so Ame­ri­can until it comes to an Ame­ri­can fol­lowing the money. Why is that? I just don’t under­stand. Sau­di Ara­bia has com­mit­ted an insa­ne num­ber of human rights abu­ses that prac­ti­cal­ly go unpu­nis­hed, not that the U.S. does­n’t as well, but not as up front and cen­tral as Sau­di Arabia.

  78. play­ers in other sports crea­te bidding wars and nego­tia­te what teams the­re gon­na play for next but for golf for some rea­son the­se guys arent sup­po­se to cha­se the money bc golf is big­ger than that. Its a joke. Anyo­ne cry­ing about this needs to accept the fact that money runs ever­ything in this world. If you have a job and the­res a bet­ter paying job out the­re with more free time with your fami­ly its a no brai­ner. But you dont look at the­se guys as regu­lar peop­le. Fans put the­se guys on the pedes­tal. Stop wor­s­hip­ping ath­le­tes. Peop­le are people.

  79. I won’t miss Dus­tin John­son for one second. I hope he enjoys his money, hope­ful­ly now he won’t have to worry about whe­re his next meal is com­ing from.

  80. Anyo­ne kee­ping up with how many times “you know” was said by all??? The finan­cial excu­se is not believ­a­ble. They all have a lot of money already.

    1. i’d say your time­li­ne is about spot on – they are not attemp­t­ing to make money the end game is to make the sau­di roy­al fami­ly – like they are decent peop­le . they have the dis­po­sable $ to do this to try and do that

    1. I hope the Ame­ri­can way isn’t going to beco­me a coun­try whe­re the PGA will ban inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors for play­ing in ano­t­her league when the PGA won’t give any of its cur­rent play­ers contracts.🇺🇲

  81. OMG! How much money are the Saudi’s thro­wing at Dus­tin???!! It must be MASSIVE
    Mac­Do­well on Ryder Cup – he will be at best a vice-cap­tain for Ryder Cup.
    How about a repor­ter ask them a REAL ques­ti­on re; human rights & women’s per­so­nal choice. They are thro­wing them only softballs.
    ofc this is about secu­ring a BUGE BAG! The Sau­di are backing up a TRUCK!!!!

  82. This is a good thing. Com­pe­ti­ti­on is good. the USGA and PGA are showing their true colors.….all about them and their money. Ever go to the US Open, for examp­le? A com­ple­te and total rip off for ever­ything. They real­ly gouge you deeply for their tickets, lod­ging, crap beer and food. ( ’ Last shut­tle is at 6:00, though the lea­ders tee off at 3:00.…’ What??? ) Knowing they have a mono­po­ly, they encou­ra­ge the gree­dy fee­ding fren­zy without any cap, or cei­ling. Of cour­se the locals go right along and jack up all lod­ging pri­cing up bey­ond any decen­cy. I’ll never for­get DJ and GMac due­ling for the 2010 US Open at Peb­b­le, which GMac won. That was the year many friends of mine stop­ped going to USGA/PGA tour­na­ments becau­se they are now unaf­ford­a­ble for the non wealt­hy, who both orga­niz­a­ti­ons claim to be cour­ting as the future of golf.…

  83. Every play­er who has joi­ned is at the back end of their care­er; they are qui­te right­ly cashing in. Smal­ler fiel­ds; big­ger pri­ze pur­ses; they play for money so qui­te sim­ply go with the money. Play a half a dozen times a year make more money in a few years than they have made in 15–20 years on the tour!

    1. I have heard more – like $750 mill and honest­ly if Phil got $200 Tiger would have to be $750 he would have actual­ly made this an actu­al thing – from the way he tal­ked it was never a con­si­de­ra­ti­on for him , and i am glad . In the mean­ti­me he has all he can do to just walk . this should be the last thing on his mind

  84. I would’ve made the same decisi­on as all of the­se guys becau­se the money is just too good to say not to BUT DJ say­ing he was going to have to play golf for the rest of his life without LIV tour money is a joke.

  85. The only annoy­ing thing is that they are too toeing around the fact that they want to make more money the­se guys are mil­li­on airs that will never have to work again and have total­ly finan­cial sta­bi­li­ty. Just say “they’re paying me bet­ter” that’s all ever­yo­ne knows that’s the reason

  86. DJ ummm you would have to play golf the rest of your life when you have won 75 mil­li­on and that doesn’t inclu­de endor­se­ments? That’s just a dumb com­ment. Now if your say­ing you want to fly pri­va­te jets and live in 8–10 mil­li­on dol­lar homes, then ok. Just don’t make it sound like you are for­ced to play golf your who­le life, you could stop right now and have easi­ly 500,000 a year in return on busi­nes­ses, finan­cial hol­dings, real esta­te, pen­si­on from pga so stop with the sob sto­ry about play­ing your who­le life so you chan­ged yours. I am fine with you making as much as you can, I just hate try­ing to hide this tour is about money, not principles.

  87. Why is get­ting more Gua­ran­te­ed money a bad thing? To the repor­ter Is asking if it’s about money the only rea­son why you’re the­re repor­ting is becau­se your boss is paying you to be the­re! ever­ything is about money! Why do we shame ath­le­tes who want more money? I don’t get it, how dare peop­le ask for a rai­se from their job. All the Labor uni­ons I’ve been a part of the first thing across the table is we want a cost of living rai­se. It’s always money first,

  88. Respect to Dus­tin John­son, it takes a huge amount of cou­ra­ge to do this. It does seem that we need to evol­ve and extend the hori­zons of golf rather than be too pro­tec­ti­ve of tra­di­ti­on and heritage.

  89. PGA is a non pro­fit. The­se guys like cha­sing cash. Not to com­pli­ca­ted, pga does not want them play­ing any­whe­re but in the pga. Watch how pet­ty the pga gets

  90. To all the whiny litt­le bit­ches cry­ing below that they’re only doing this for the money, who the hell cares. It’s their care­er, if they want to make more money, God bless them. I wish the LIV well and I hope it succeeds.

  91. Time for the PGA to remem­ber they do not con­trol the ent­i­re golf world. Bonus, the usa is fading fast as a place to emulate.

  92. So the John­sons do not have enough money/property/ invest­ments, etc. to last the rest of their lives?
    What hope would we have?

  93. I don’t necessa­ri­ly dis­agree with the pre­mi­se that play­ers should be able to play whe­re they want. Howe­ver, you real­ly want to hitch your wagon to the Saudi’s? What about the moral aspects of this? Human rights, I don’t know—killing a repor­ter in your embas­sy, least we not for­get about the fact that most of the 911 hija­ckers were Saudi…but it’s “ show me the money”. For some guys who are alrea­dy set for life. Throw out my morals, just frea­kin pay me. I used to have respect for Greg Nor­man. No more. If this were being sup­por­ted by “clean” money, I’d be OK with it. It’s just sur­pri­sing to me how many are ok with this being sup­por­ted by a group/country who does what they do. Oh for­got to men­ti­on that with the ope­ning and clo­sing of a spi­got, they can screw ever­yo­ne of us by mani­pu­la­ti­on of the pri­ce if a bar­rel of oil. I honest­ly hope it fails mise­r­a­b­ly based sole­ly on the fact of whe­re the sup­port is com­ing from.

  94. Money always wins, good to see some­thing chal­len­ging the PGA as they have had the finan­cial mono­po­ly on pro­fes­sio­nal golf for many years and now the top play­ers( even though they’ve been payed pret­ty well!) have a chan­ce to earn what they actual­ly may be worth. Hope­ful­ly all fac­tions of the gre­at game of golf will one day come tog­e­ther and we will have one HELL of a World Seri­es 😬👌🏌️‍♂️

    1. @Catherine Kil­ner have you even loo­ked at women’s rights in Sau­di? May­be you’d be far less tole­rant of this tour if you had to suf­fer like fema­les in Sau­di do…

  95. “Gre­at for the game of golf.” My eye! Dus­tin meant to say it’s gre­at for his bank account. You think he woul­d’­ve jum­ped ship if the money were not gua­ran­te­ed? Doubtful.

    And I have no qualms about anyo­ne try­ing to bet­ter their finan­cial situa­ti­on. Good for Dus­tin. But at least be honest about it.

  96. Just say it’s for the money. All the­se play­ers say the typi­cal respon­se it’s for fami­ly rea­sons or the love of the game. It’s get­ting old. It’s obvious they are get­ting more money from this tour

  97. Death knell for golf. Some sports are built on heri­ta­ge and histo­ry. Name­ly ten­nis and golf. Chan­ge isn’t always good. Darts comes to mind too, be split bet­ween two dif­fe­rent rules and two dif­fe­rent orga­ni­sa­ti­ons. Yuk

  98. The PGA tour is like an abu­si­ve rela­ti­ons­hip when things don’t go the­re way they run your name through the mud and gas­light you for making a decisi­on that’s best for yourself. It’s a shame. If they wan­ted to be bet­ter they need to put their money whe­re the­re mouths are and crea­te a bet­ter pro­duct. Impro­ve the coverage. Make it more enter­tai­ning to watch. No more shit­ty ani­ma­ti­ons like the gold man 🤡. No more cut­ting to adds every 2 seconds. Make it about the golf.

    1. that is TV not the tour – is that hard for you to under­stand ? and I like that abu­si­ve rela­ti­ons­hip ana­lo­gy – that is very appro­pria­te – the­se play­ers have made mil­li­ons of dol­lars – are given ever­ything you can pos­si­b­ly think of – and the second they have an oppor­tu­ni­ty to explo­it a situa­ti­on – they trash the orga­niz­a­ti­on that made them suc­cess­ful . To each their own – each one of the­se peop­le have their own rea­sons and they are enti­t­led to them but the ones who went for the huge up front money – they know who and why they did that is their pre­ro­ga­ti­ve , per­so­nal­ly i would never turn my back while i was around any of them

    2. @PJ Pred­hom­me no it’s not hard to under­stand the PGA sells the rights to their sports coverage ins­tead of pro­du­cing the coverage them­sel­ves. The PGA didn’t make them suc­cess­ful. They achie­ved suc­cess them­sel­ves. The PGA doesn’t give the play­ers anything their spon­sors do. I per­so­nal­ly think it’s a good thing that LIV is making this much con­tro­ver­sy. It’s like cell­p­ho­ne pro­vi­ders… when there’s an not one they can rai­se the pri­ces and do wha­te­ver they want becau­se they have no com­pe­ti­ti­on. This is only going to be more bene­fi­cial for the sport golf. Peop­le just seem to be PGA fan­boys and can’t reco­gni­ze this as an opportunity.

  99. I under­stand the older play­ers but DJ, are u kid­ding me!? No more ryder cup I get as he obvious­ly does­n’t care that much about the team side. But surely someo­ne still in their prime wants to com­pe­te against the best play­ers in the world?

    1. he is not in his prime – he won the mas­ters 18 mon­ths ago – that must have been a big care­er goal he has been mai­ling it in ever sin­ce he has not made that many cuts sin­ce . He knows he has had enough

    2. @PJ Pred­hom­me he was world no 1 this time last year and he’s a beast…young enough and good enough to win many more his­to­ric cham­pions­hips, inclu­ding majors. Bad for golf imo

  100. So, the more you hear from the play­ers that have deci­ded to join LIV golf, the more the lines get blur­red bet­ween ‘what’s good for me and my fami­ly’ ver­sus what’s good for the world. Mur­de­ring your poli­ti­cal foes should come at a steep pri­ce. And if you’re the lea­der of a nati­on of peop­le who ordered/approved a poli­ti­cal mur­der, you should be dis­qua­li­fied from pro­mi­nence on a natio­nal or glo­bal sta­ge. LIV golf hel­ps give Sau­di Ara­bia an inter­na­tio­nal forum and tho­se who sup­port that by taking lar­ge sums of money, says some­thing about their cha­rac­ter and moti­ves and should also come at a steep pri­ce – like a life­time ban from the PGA and all the major tour­na­ments. The USA has also cow-towed to the Sau­dis for its oil, so that has surely given credence to some pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fers that it’s ok to play in the Sau­di backed league. It’s not. Never will be. But as long as money is the key dri­ver in man’s decisi­on making, mur­de­rers will get away with murder.

  101. Nor­man said he wouldn’t chal­len­ge ‘heri­ta­ge’ PGA Tour events, this week on the PGA Tour is the RBC Cana­di­an Open, a natio­nal tour­na­ment that is 118 years old. Nor­man won it twice, John­son once, so they must have heard of it. Both John­son and McDo­well have been RBC ambassa­dors for several years now. It’s pret­ty simp­le: All greed, no inte­gri­ty, no class. N.B.: Greg Nor­man, say one thing then do the opposite.

    1. @BOO66IOU tiger is 100% a man of class, watch his inter­views, look what he wears, look what he does for the com­mu­ni­ty. His mar­ria­ge not working out doesn’t take away all the other stuff

    2. @Johnny Chim­po u tiger fana­tics may­be if ur Mrs had been one of the many women he’d chea­ted with you’d feel dif­fe­rent. How does a man of class cheat on his wife not once but count­less times?? Yes he’s an ama­zing gol­fer but the man? Gim­me a break.

  102. It is so unfor­tu­n­a­te that the PGA and LIV couldnt have hand­led this a lot dif­fer­ent­ly. Was the­re not a solu­ti­on that both par­ties could have bene­fit­ted and lived with ? I am a die hard golf fan and will ( as Im sure most of us will ) be watching the LIV events. I do hope that the powers that be come up with a solu­ti­on for not only the play­ers but the fans as well.

    1. No. its a busi­ness. PGA is greed in three letters.

      The Pri­de­ful always fall.

      Les­son lear­ned in golf. PGA needs to take heed.

  103. PGA didn’t give them money . They ear­ned it. It’s not a cha­ri­ty and they owe no loyal­ty . They are a credit to golf.

  104. Ama­zing one day half the popu­la­ti­on and majo­ri­ty of the media says they hate cor­po­ra­te greed, rich, free mar­ket and capi­ta­lism – then come out and start attacking indi­vi­du­als who put their finan­cial inte­rest ahead of the same peop­le they hate – cor­po­ra­te inte­rests rich, free mar­ket and capi­ta­lism. You just can­not make this stuff up, it just shows how bia­sed the media is and just how fick­le some are.

    1. actual­ly it shows how bia­sed you are . yeah the­re are cor­po­ra­te inte­rests that fund the pga tour have for years, they also have cha­ri­ti­ble asso­cia­ti­ons in the com­mu­ni­ty whe­re­ver they host a tour­na­ment say wha­te­ver you want but tho­se have sub­stan­tively done a lot of good things in tho­se com­mu­nities over the deca­des . That is a who­le bunch dif­fe­rent than a roy­al fami­ly that lives in the 5th cen­tu­ry and has done hor­ri­fic things to indi­vi­du­als and nati­ons try­ing to buy their way into decent socie­ty – and that you fail to ack­now­ledge that says a lot about you

  105. Poli­tics and money asi­de, if tour pros are free agents, they should be allo­wed to ply their tra­de any­whe­re they choo­se, right? Or is the PGA Tour like a com­pa­ny and you have to play the­re once you sign up?

  106. I think it’s stu­pid. Do we want a rival MLB league or NFL, NHL etc?I sure as hell don’t. The ath­le­tes who are at the top and make the most money are the best at their sport peri­od. If they want to go fine but don’t come back after you got paid and it does­n’t work out. I won’t agree with that! not every per­son in sports should make mil­li­ons becau­se they are away from their fami­lies. That’s hor­se crap! Who wants to watch someo­ne play a sport that real­ly has no mea­ning and they don’t care how they play becau­se they are get­ting paid alot. That’s not fun to watch in my opinion 🤷

    1. @Alec Katz­man So you would like a rival league to take the MLB NFL NHL play­ers away? Just put in place to take play­ers away for strict­ly finan­cial gain? That’s not com­pe­ti­ti­on it’s play­ing towards people’s weak­ness which is money. Tell me why you would want a rival league and what good does it do for the sport other than fil­ling their pockets regard­less of how hard they try or how good they play?

  107. The likes of Rory Ser­gio Fleet­wood name few all did same they left Euro­pean tour for big­ger money us tour did­n’t give Euro­pe tour second look only come back big events Rory dose not even play his own Irish open

  108. Stop bea­ting around the bush. Just say you’­re lea­ving for the money. Peop­le will respect you more for kee­ping it real

  109. “Dus­tin, what chan­ged sin­ce you recent­ly said your were 100% com­mit­ted to the PGA?”
    “The Sau­dis kept adding zeros to the offer.”

    1. @canefan17 chi­na is not the focus at the moment, stop deflec­ting. The source of this tour liter­al­ly bank­rol­led 9/11

  110. Except for Dus­tin John­son the­se guys are way past their prime and were high­ly unli­kely to ever win any tour­na­ment on the PGA tour again as the youn­ger play­ers are get­ting bet­ter and more tour­na­ment sav­vy. So it makes sen­se to take the money as in one year they could make as much as they may make in 10 years on the PGA tour and at this point in their care­er they defi­ni­te­ly don’t have 10 years left at the top PGA level. But it is a money grab kind of sell out, but for that much money who can bla­me them. But I think the PGA tour has the right to do what they are doing, its the natu­re of big time sports, its very high­ly com­pe­ti­ti­ve and also you have to sub­ject yourself to the ruling enti­ties and play their “game”. Its kind of like try­ing to reach the top as a sin­ger or actor, the­re is a lot of glo­ry and money but you are taking a lot of risk it is what it is, it can be very rough and even unfair. I do think this LIV tour will not make it past a cou­p­le years as it will not be very inte­res­ting, it does­n’t mean anything, its just an exhi­bi­ti­on of a few 45 + pro’s playing.

  111. Money !!!!!
    I guess when you’re at the END of your game and an oppor­tu­ni­ty like this comes along …. Do I take it or not !!!
    All three of them are at the end of they’re game .
    I guess I would do the same thing ,
    It’s to bad that they were not man enough to just “the money “ ins­tead of hiding behind they’re FAMILY …. …… money !
    Be a MAN !!!

  112. When DJ says he thought he’d have to play golf for rest of his life! That’s defi­ni­te­ly the most disin­ge­nuous insin­ce­re com­ment I’ve heard. He’s a mul­ti mil­lion­aire and could reti­re tomor­row and not have to work again. It’s just greed. I wish they would just admit that greed is the moti­ve. As Gor­don Gek­ko said Greed is good !! Money talks. End of.

  113. Is it just me, or no play­er has prai­sed the Sau­di Government for put­ting up all the money and the gre­at things they do for the peop­le of Sau­di Ara­bia and around the world. Oh, I´m sor­ry there´s not­hing good to say about them except they´ll give them piles on money. Who cares whe­re it comes from, just so I can get my share. I would respect the play­ers if they would just be honest about the money grab.

    1. sin­ce­rely have you ever met a PGA tour play­er ? I alrea­dy know the ans­wer becau­se they have no con­cept of what you are tal­king about – they do not care about anything real­ly but play­ing golf and play­ing it bet­ter than they did yes­ter­day and that guy over the­re – that is real­ly about all the­re is to them . That may sound pejo­ra­ti­ve and i accept that but none the less it is true . You would be hard pres­sed to get an honest thought about much of anything that does not have to do with golf . Geo – poli­tics – plea­se – they want to come and go as they plea­se play golf and live extra­va­gant­ly and could care less about anything else real­ly its just the truth

    2. @PJ Pred­hom­me You may not belie­ve this, but in fact I have met many PGA Tour play­ers. I spent over 20 years vol­un­tee­ring at nume­rous events working 99% of the time in play­er trans­por­ta­ti­on. This inclu­ded picking up the play­ers, wives and fami­lies at the air­ports, motels or any­place they need to be, at all hour of the day and night. I worked the Hon­da Clas­sic, Doral, Dis­ney, Buick Open, U.S. Opens, PGA Cham­pions­hips, as well as Seni­or Tour events, and Korn Fer­ry tour. Not to men­ti­on LPGA events as well. I am cur­r­ent­ly clo­sing in on 100 tour­na­ments worked. The only play­er I´ve never inter­ac­ted with is Tiger Woods. I am cut­ting back becau­se of fami­ly com­mit­ments. I actual­ly stay in touch with a cou­p­le of the older guys now and then. Back when I star­ted, the play­ers were much more appre­cia­ti­ve of the vol­un­te­ers, the time we gave them, and we enjoy­ed doing it for them. Now it´s expec­ted that vol­un­te­ers will do wha­te­ver a play­er wants, whenever he wants it. The big money has chan­ged the atti­tu­de of the play­ers. Becau­se of this, I don´t real­ly miss working the PGA Tour that much. The women on the LPGA Tour are bet­ter. Most­ly becau­se they don´t make 20% of what the men make, not too men­ti­on the extras given to them at each stop. I could tell you hund­reds of sto­ries from play­ers wre­cking tour­na­ment cour­te­sy cars, to taking a player´s wife to get a biki­ni wax. Let me know if you have about a week or so to talk.

  114. DJ has made $74M in pur­ses not to men­ti­on mil­li­ons in endor­se­ments. He sta­ted if stay­ed on the PGA tour, he would have to play fore­ver. What a crock.

    1. @tundra, Exact­ly!! Not to men­ti­on all the endor­se­ments. He also said if he stay­ed on the PGA tour, he would have to play fore­ver. Laughable.

  115. I admi­re DJ’s inde­pen­dence. Smart move. The­se guys can be taken out in a second by any inju­ry etc. I’d do it. PGA is a cartel.

    1. Taken out by an inju­ry? Too fun­ny. Most gol­fers don’t sus­tain care­er ending inju­ries. If Tiger can play through all of his inju­ries, most others can get through theirs. Not to men­ti­on, he’s made well over $100 Mil­li­on with endorsements.

  116. Hope­ful­ly the­se play­ers will be pre­ven­ted from majors. Can’t even ima­gi­ne if the fun­ding for this league gets pul­led in a few years

  117. Be good if jour­na­lists at man city and New­cast­le press con­fe­ren­ces asked the same ques­ti­ons… Ever­yo­ne knows how cor­rupt man city owners are. The pre­mier league has­n’t the balls to punish man city. May­be with public opi­ni­on chan­ges. They knew abra­ho­mo­vic was cor­rupt but they did not­hing about it until public opi­ni­on chan­ged. Only hope is that city and New­cast­le play­ers and staff are asked the same ques­ti­ons as the golfers

  118. With gua­ran­te­ed money and no pres­su­re of losing your card is this not­hing more than an exhi­bi­ti­on? How is paying a bunch of gol­fers tons of cash gro­wing the game accord­ing to Greg Nor­man? I say good riddance

    1. Yep..noticed not one of them men­tio­ned the chal­len­ge of com­pe­ti­ti­on on this new tour.. when there’s no cut and gua­ran­te­ed money it real­ly is not­hing but an exhibition.

  119. I have been play­ing and watching Golf for 35 years. What I respec­ted most about the Game and tho­se who made a living on tour was that they EARNED that pay che­que. They did­n’t have gigan­tic gua­ran­te­ed con­tracts that after signing they could then float for 4 or 5 or 6 years. They had to earn every pen­ny they made. Like 99.9 per­cent of the rest of the popu­la­ti­on, they just got to do it play­ing a game so many pay to play. This ” league” has rui­ned that aspect of what I respec­ted most about pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fers. And more import­ant­ly, it is fun­ded by influ­en­ces that des­troy our pla­net, tre­at women hor­ri­b­ly wrong, and have the blood of mil­li­ons on their hands . I’m sor­ry but I find the­se peop­le and this league dis­gus­ting. The argu­ment about watching out for them­sel­ves and their fami­lies holds no water to me when they’­re being paid by some of the most hor­ri­ble peop­le on this planet.

  120. Ryder cup..millions of dollars…Ryder cup.…millions of dollars.…Ryd…millions and mil­li­ons and mil­li­ons of dollars

  121. Total lack of moral fib­re , sums up why socie­ty as a who­le is struggling when money means more than peo­p­les lives

  122. I admi­re the­se guys. They’­ve taken a decisi­on that suits them and their fami­ly and what busi­ness man would­n’t take such a lucra­ti­ve oppot­u­ni­ty if it was offe­red to them at the right time in their care­ers. They’d be stu­pid not to. I think Phil Mickel­sons com­men­ta­ry on it was sil­ly and I think Greg Nor­man has­n’t hand­led his side of it that well eit­her but if the­se guys to go out the­re and play golf and earn the money they are able to in less time away from fami­ly and friends and the things they love doing, good for them. Good luck to them all.

  123. Sep­tem­ber 11th ring a bell? Anyo­ne? Dis­gus­ting! Every sin­gle pro­tec­ted class of humans should demand that spon­sors dis­avow the­se guys or get shut­down. Pro­tec­ted class you’­re thinking…
    Let’s start with Women, how about LBGTQ com­mu­ni­ty, Chris­ti­an, and we could go on and on with peop­le the Sau­dis hate and mistre­at. It all about the money, no mat­ter how you feel about the PGA as an orga­niz­a­ti­on its still a non pro­fit that dona­tes mil­li­ons to charities.
    Ban anyo­ne who par­ti­ci­pa­tes for life from the Tour, the Ryder Cup.
    Bye Felicia!

  124. I’m not awa­re of any ven­ture that put out a worse pro­duct becau­se of com­pe­ti­ti­on. Com­pe­ti­ti­on for­ces ever­yo­ne to impro­ve if they want to sur­vi­ve. The LIV may be the best thing that ever hap­pen­ed to the PGA and both will likely do very well as a result. In the end, more opti­ons for the fans. Always a good thing.

  125. Gra­ham McDo­well said it best at the end of this video – being able to play a short sche­du­le and be gua­ran­te­ed appearan­ce fees – sweet gig if you can get it. Of cour­se, all of the gol­fers sit­ting at the daïs are spor­ting their spon­sors’ names. How will tho­se spon­sors react when it beco­mes obvious to the gene­ral public that the­se gol­fers bla­tant­ly cho­se money over wha­te­ver their spon­sors are try­ing to spin to their customers?

  126. Dus­tin is doing it for money obvious­ly but he did an all in bet to see if PGA calls or folds on con­se­quen­ces becau­se if PGA tre­ats him bad when he is try­ing to bring ever­yo­ne tog­e­ther, it will make many play­ers want to switch over.

    1. DJ is a big deal and he has been sus­pen­ded mul­ti­ple times for drug use by the PGA.

      The Sau­dis will have some­bo­dy bring him his Coke!

      Big dif­fe­rence!

  127. Ano­t­her tour that chal­len­ges the cur­rent one is gre­at for golf all around. To all the nay say­ers money will always dri­ve peop­le no mat­ter what. You have to get the play­ers the­re for fans to watch, peri­od. Look at the crowds on a nor­mal Euro­pean tour tour­na­ment on tv and the PGA tour­na­ment. Hands down 3 times the peop­le. Add in tiger woods and for­get about it. Peop­le go to watch the best com­pe­te and that’s how they get paid. For most of them it’s not about money it’s about com­pe­ti­ti­on and being #1! It’s a long hard road on the body and fami­lies, com­pen­sa­ti­ti­on for their efforts is not­hing out of the ordi­na­ry even in the working world! A lot of play­ers are upset with the PGA and how they hand­le things. This should be a gre­at change!

  128. The PGA needs to take a step back and take a look at the who­le scope of this cur­rent situa­ti­on. Play­ers feel that they have to resign to be able to com­pe­te in other leagues would crush the PGA strong­hold that they think they have on the play­ers. Without the top play­ers in the world your sys­tem does not work.

  129. The deba­te should end at “I made the best decisi­on for me and my fami­ly”. I respect that 100%. The­se guys want to reti­re and not have to play on the seni­or tour to keep ali­ve. I’m all for it! Let’s go!

    1. I’m all for the­se guys going to play some­whe­re else for more money. The­re is abso­lute­ly no pro­blem with that. But say­ing they don’t want to have to play to keep their fami­ly ali­ve is an idio­tic state­ment. The­se guys have more money than you would need in 100 life­ti­mes and then some.

    2. It doesn’t affect my life in any way what they want to do. But to lis­ten to play­ers who alrea­dy have more money than i could ever dream of having claim that they are doing it to give their fami­ly finan­cial sta­bi­li­ty for the future, is qui­te frank­ly PATHETIC. Golf fans around the world know the names of most of the tour­na­ments, and Majors, that we regu­lar­ly see. Unless they have been faking it, tho­se play­ers have their favou­rites too. It mat­ters to them, regard­less of the money. NO ONE, inclu­ding the­se play­ers now, will remem­ber, or care, or see any histo­ry in the­se new tour­na­ments. Becau­se we now know it’s ONLY about the money for them. How can we cheer for a play­er to win, when we know he only cares about how much money he made. They don’t care about the fans. They only care about the money. I sure won’t be chee­ring for any of them. To them it’s just a job now, so why should we cheer for them ?… We don’t cheer regu­lar peop­le doing regu­lar jobs, so why would we cheer the­se peop­le play­ing golf as a regu­lar job. The­re is no pas­si­on in a sport when money is your only value.

  130. weird? white ath­le­tes take a stand, no one tells them to shut up and swing.…..saudi ara­bi­an Bin Laden plan­ned the 9–11 attacks…and he sup­ports them.…wow

  131. Base­ball play­ers and gol­fers in my per­so­nal opi­ni­on are usual­ly the big­gest hypo­cri­te sell­outs, will do anything for more money even if they alrea­dy have lots of money„suspend them all „the­se guys can’t car­ry PGA any­ways, alrea­dy pro­ven without tiger they suf­fer none of the­se guys can car­ry his water, so let the­se guys go and hope­ful­ly it opens the door for new guys and may­be one has got the stuff 2 car­ry the PGA for next 20 years, the­se guys fai­led mise­r­a­b­ly eit­her not good enough or zero personality

  132. Mes­sy situa­ti­on for sure. Howe­ver, good for the­se guys. It’s important to under­stand that the game
    of golf is big­ger than the PGA Tour. The PGA is a mem­ber org that play­ers can join, simi­lar to the bro­ther­hood of electri­cal workers. The Tour doesn’t “own” tour­na­ment golf and never has.