Dustin Johnson schockt die Golfwelt und tritt LIV Golf bei – Fore Play Episode 466

Dustin Johnson schockt die Golfwelt und tritt LIV Golf bei Fore Play Episode 466 Alright Frankie

DJ tritt LIV Golf bei. Die Lis­te ist raus. Zu uns gesel­len sich Rachel Heck (NCAA-Ein­zel­meis­te­rin 2021 und NCAA-Mann­schafts­meis­te­rin 2022) und Tay­lor Mont­go­me­ry (KFT-Grin­der und Bub­ble Boy der PGA Tour). Wir neh­men aus den Gale­rien. Wir BS. Es ist klas­sisch wir. Unter­stüt­zen Sie die Show: Spie­len Sie Myrt­le Beach – Besu­chen Sie https://​bars​tool​.link/​M​y​r​t​l​e​B​e​a​c​h​G​olf und erhal­ten Sie eine kos­ten­lo­se Run­de Golf auf dem Wac­ca­maw Golf Trail in Myrt­le Beach, SC. Peter Mil­lar – Gehen Sie zu https://​bars​tool​.link/​F​o​r​e​p​l​a​yPM und ver­wen­den Sie den Code FOREPLAY für kos­ten­lo­sen Ver­sand. True­bill – Begin­nen Sie noch heu­te mit der Stor­nie­rung unter https://​bars​tool​.link/​T​B​F​ore .link/TrulyBSS Shopi­fy – Besu­chen Sie https://​bars​tool​.link/​S​h​o​p​i​f​y​F​ORE für eine kos­ten­lo­se 14-Tage-Test­ver­si­on Bars­tool Store – Kau­fen Sie die Vater­tags­kol­lek­ti­on unter https://​store​.bars​tool​sports​.com/​c​o​l​l​e​c​t​i​o​n​s​/​b​a​r​s​t​o​o​l​-​s​p​o​r​t​s​-​f​a​t​h​e​rs- Sehen Sie sich hier unse­ren Merch an: https://​store​.bars​tool​sports​.com/​c​o​l​l​e​c​t​i​o​n​s​/​f​o​r​e​-​p​lay Fol­gen Sie dem Fore Play Pod­cast hier: Pod­cast: https://​itu​nes​.apple​.com/​u​s​/​p​o​d​c​a​s​t​/​f​o​r​e​-​p​l​a​y​/​i​d​1​2​0​0​3​4​3​264? mt=2 Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​F​o​r​e​P​l​a​y​Pod Insta­gram: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​f​o​r​e​p​l​a​y​p​od/ Wei­te­re Infor­ma­tio­nen fin­den Sie unter Bars­tool Sports: http://​www​.bars​tool​sports​.com Fol­gen Sie Bars­tool Sports hier: Face­book : https://​face​book​.com/​b​a​r​s​t​o​o​l​s​p​o​rts Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​b​a​r​s​t​o​o​l​s​p​o​rts Insta­gram: http://​insta​gram​.com/​b​a​r​s​t​o​o​l​s​p​o​rts

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45 thought on “Dustin Johnson schockt die Golfwelt und tritt LIV Golf bei – Fore Play Episode 466”

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  2. Han­di­cap is your poten­ti­al. 80% of all gol­fers can­not break 90, which is 18 han­di­cap. Tho­se are publis­hed num­bers, but hard to say whe­re good, gre­at and awe­so­me real­ly means.

  3. Play­ers who suck and good play­ers are all rela­ti­ve to the indi­vi­du­al giving tho­se opi­ni­ons. A 10 han­di­cap­per is going to suck from a tour pro’s per­spec­ti­ve while from a 20 handicapper’s per­spec­ti­ve the 10 han­di­cap­per is a good golfer.

  4. Frankie’s inse­cu­ri­ties shi­ne on this epi­so­de. Guy thinks he sucks at ever­ything. My thoughts, an 18 Han­di­cap does not “Suck at Golf”. <18 is a good gol­fer. <10 is a real­ly good gol­fer. <5 is a gre­at gol­fer. Plus han­di­cap is an amazing/club Pro Golfer.

  5. DJ going to LIV is huge news and all we get is Riggs rea­ding an excel spreads­heet for a cou­p­le minu­tes? Come on man

  6. Why isn’t Kiz team Tay­lorma­de or the Fore play guys part of team Cal­la­way? If he’s sup­po­sed­ly “the­re guy”

  7. Don’t know a sin­gle play­er they men­tio­ned in refe­rence to the hockey play­offs, but I legi­ti­mate­ly enjoy­ed the con­vo, lol.

  8. I would con­si­der an average han­di­cap to be what the average is across all gol­fers world­wi­de, from 40 han­di­cap to +5 han­di­cap, bein like 18–20 is average and anything under dou­ble digits is good golf

  9. I love how riggs says – that book that has yet to beco­me a movie … what was it cal­led, The Mar­ti­an? And the boys just gloss over it. I also love how Riggs and Trent are the only guys who ever seem inte­res­ted in doing a pod­cast. Lurch and Fran­kie are try­ing to do other things. Love the con­tent guys.

  10. Way to have the big­gest news in golf be a 5 minu­te talk with 1 of the 4 peop­le„ real­ly cares about it y’all would hop on and do a legit seg­ment on it, SMH

  11. the boys just don’t under­stand how many ter­ri­ble gol­fers the­re are. every coun­try club is fil­led with old was­hed up 30+ han­di­cap­pers, average is 25 at least, pro­bab­ly higher

  12. Talk more about the actu­al pro gol­fers ins­tead of your­sel­ves . Would love to see more of a gamb­ling side on tour­na­ments . The­se guys no not­hing about golf . Lurch’s a creep

  13. The dif­fe­rence bet­ween an “average gol­fer” and an “average gol­fer to peop­le who play alot is huge”. The vast majo­ri­ty of gol­fers can’t break 100 on local muni courses.

    If you go out and watch a full day of local gol­fers you’ll quick­ly see that an “average” play­er is struggling to make pars, and likely in the 95–105 sco­ring region.

  14. With all of this hockey talk, it makes me won­der when are y’all going to do a match with the spit­tin chi­clets crew?

  15. Dont they say the average gol­fer strug­gles to break 100? And think how hard it is for most to play bogey golf. Bogey golf isnt terrible.
    So, imo..97 and over is ter­ri­ble. 91–96, isnt good. 87–90, around bogey golf is ok. 80–86 decent to good. 76–79- I can hold my own. 75–72 pret­ty dam­ned good. 72 or below…great!
    Have to remem­ber we are most­ly tal­king about recrea­tio­nal gol­fers, wee­kend war­ri­ors and some who do take it serious but will never be pros.

  16. C’mon boys FFS !! Trent you have legit impro­ved 20–30 strokes in the last few years while the others have see­med to stall or get worse. Kudos to Trent. And, when you break 90 your HCP. will be the same as Frankie’s and lower than Riggs. I admi­re your hones­ty when tal­king about han­di­caps Trent !

  17. You guys rea­li­ze you have life on a sil­ver plat­ter right, it’s always bet­ter when you don’t act like pom­pous a holes – Trent excluded

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