Ein Tipp, der Ihr Chipping für immer verändern wird! | ICH UND MEIN GOLF


Ein Tipp der Ihr Chipping fuer immer veraendern wird ICH UND MEIN GOLF #hitthebell

Ein Tipp, der Ihr Chip­ping für immer ver­än­dern wird! – In die­sem Video geben wir dir den Tipp, den jeder wis­sen muss, um sein Chip­ping zu ver­wan­deln! Es hat uns gehol­fen, es hat unse­ren Kun­den gehol­fen und es wird Ihnen defi­ni­tiv hel­fen. Mit dabei ist auch unser ers­tes gro­ßes Gewinn­spiel des Jah­res, ein­fach den Anwei­sun­gen fol­gen. Viel Glück! 5 KOSTENLOSE Vide­os, um 5 SCHÜSSE pro Run­de zu spa­ren!🤯🏌🏻‍♂️⛳️👉 https://​meand​my​golf​.com/5-shots-lower/?utm_source=YT&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=SM Holen Sie sich Ihre KOSTENLOSE 30-Tage-Test­ver­si­on von Me and My Golf .com über den fol­gen­den Link: https://meandmygolf.com/sign-up-30-days-free-trial/?ref=2&campaign=YouTube&utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Video%20Link&utm_campaign=YouTube Alle unse­re Coa­ching-Plä­ne fin­den Sie hier: htt­ps ://meandmygolf.com/product-category/coaching-plans/ NÄCHSTES ANSEHEN ➡️ GOLFSCHLAG EINFACH GEMACHT – https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​s​X​t​e​k​w​u​T​8R0 ➡️ So tref­fen Sie Ihre Eisen pur – https:// www​.you​tube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​G​F​H​-​i​O​N​w​AOE ➡️ Golf­feh­ler, die uns ver­rückt machen! – https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​3​0​v​m​_​6​6​J​3VU Kapi­tel 0:00 Ein­füh­rung. 1:45 Was man Ihnen bei­gebracht hat und was Sie jetzt tun soll­ten. 4:14 Jason Days Stil oder Tigers-Stil? 6:41 Übun­gen, die Sie machen kön­nen, um die­se Ände­rung vor­zu­neh­men 11:34 Wer­be­ge­schenk-Ankün­di­gung! Fol­gen Sie uns in den sozia­len Medi­en: TWITTER – meand­my­golf FACEBOOK – meand­my­golf INSTAGRAM – meand­my­golf WEBSITE – https://​meand​my​golf​.com .audi​.com/​e​n​.​h​tml https://​www​.adi​das​.co​.uk/ https://​www​.aude​mar​s​pi​guet​.com/​en/ https://​www​.ame​ri​can​golf​.co​.uk/ https://www. put​tout​.golf/ #abon­nie­ren #hitt­he­bell #hitthe­li­ke

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5.861 thought on “Ein Tipp, der Ihr Chipping für immer verändern wird! | ICH UND MEIN GOLF”

  1. In this video we are giving away a brand new Tay­lor Made Mil­led Grind 2 wedge, whe­re the win­ner can choo­se wha­te­ver loft they like! To be in with a chan­ce of win­ning this exci­ting givea­way you just have to SUBSCRIBE if you’­re not alrea­dy, HIT THE LIKE and COMMENT down below! For your com­ment, we would like you to tell us what is your favou­rite chip shot that you like to play around the green?!

    1. I use anything – from 6 / 8/ pw – even a 9 iron – all about con­fi­dence- such a pivo­tal part of a high han­di­cap­per – we gets this right strokes will come off and one put !!

    2. Love the con­tent! I took a long break from golf due to fami­ly and work com­mit­ments. Howe­ver, I’ve redis­co­ve­r­ed my love for the game and qui­te obses­sed with get­ting my game back to whe­re it was. The align­ment stick is my favo­ri­te to help with my a bit laid off swing. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, the drea­ded “s” word has found its way into my chip­ping and I’ve never had this hap­pen befo­re- it only hap­pens with 56 on the frin­ge. it’s tru­ly a club snap­ping expe­ri­ence when you can’t shake it. may­be I’ll refrain from using my wed­ges on the frin­ge but some­ti­mes the shot calls for more spin. Have an epic day!!

    3. Employ­ed the right arm pit­ching drill onto the golf cour­se and lowe­red my score 3–6 strokes per round. It remo­ves ten­si­on from my stroke.

  2. Gre­at tips guys, I’m cur­r­ent­ly try­ing to fol­low the Jason Day method, less moving parts = less to go wrong in my mind!

  3. Team Tay­lorma­de #1 👍🏼
    All my gear is and will always be Tay­lorma­de. Favo­ri­te chip­shot around the green is a flop

  4. Gre­at vid,playing this after­noon gon­na get to the prac­ti­ce are to give this a go,hopefully the end of my struggles 😬

  5. Your vide­os have got me back into golf after last play­ing as teen­ager over 15 years ago! I can now also dri­ve bet­ter thanks to your dri­ving tips and you poin­ting out that you don’t have to wind yourself up in the back-swing. I am going to use this chip­ping tip too

  6. Not­hing is more debi­li­ta­ting or embarr­as­sing than hit­ting the ball thin, through the green, and being fur­ther away than when you star­ted. Its pro­bab­ly one of the only times on a golf cour­se whe­re you end up fur­ther away from the flag after the shot. Can’t wait to try this method. Use the boun­ce and hit the ground first!

  7. I’m new to the chan­nel and real­ly enjoy­ing every bit. Had some les­sons about six mon­ths ago and he taught me exact­ly this day after day, along with bump and run from a bit fur­ther out. It alo­ne has pro­bab­ly kno­cked 10 of my rounds. Thanks guys. Gre­at content!

  8. So it is some­what simi­lar to using the boun­ce in a bun­ker shot? Quick ques­ti­on though, is it still effec­ti­ve in mud­dy lies which is what we have in Aus now!

  9. Gre­at video! I like to use my 54 degree wedge and play it a litt­le lower with some run out if the situa­ti­on allows for it.

  10. My favou­rite chip is using my 62 wedge from just around the green. I open the face a litt­le bit more and make it a semi flop shot so that it stops quickly.

  11. I would love this wedge. Thank you for all your con­tent. For tho­se sub­scri­bers out the­re who have not yet joi­ned as mem­bers at the Me and My Golf online trai­ning, I high­ly recom­mend joi­ning! So much gre­at material!

  12. Gre­at tips, gon­na make sure I think about this when i’m on the cour­se and not tun­nel­vi­si­on and shank it or worse!

  13. My favou­rite shot around the green is using my 9 iron like a put­ter – I love hit­ting a bump and run. I don’t have any wed­ges other than PW & SW, so I think my 9 iron chip is my best choice.

  14. I had a chip­ping les­son just this morning. We did intro­du­ce some tiger into my swing, but also a tiny bit of shaft lean to impro­ve my strike.

    My favou­rite chip until now was far away from the green, more bru­te, less fines­se. Or a low runner.

  15. Uti­li­zing the boun­ce in the sum­mer is won­der­ful becau­se the grass roots act like springs, but how do you chip with wed­ges in the win­ter in dead grass?

  16. Sear­ching for chip­ping tech­ni­ques after a poor round today and this has com­ple­te­ly chan­ged the game. Will be put­ting in the prac­ti­ce tomorrow.

  17. I was actual­ly going to ask for a chip­ping video and I’m loo­king for­ward to the put­ting video!
    I hope that ever­yo­ne is doing well

  18. The drill hol­ding the trail arm is a bril­li­ant idea for me as when fol­lowing your vide­os on M&MG I still found mys­elf hit­ting clo­se to the heel on what is a very short swing. I am sure that this is the solu­ti­on I have been loo­king for. Thanks guys

  19. Gre­at video guys. Per­fect­ly timed as have been having issu­es with my chip­ping. Would love to win the Tay­lorma­de wedge 🤞

  20. This is the exact video that my play­ing mate needs to see haha. My favo­ri­te chip shot is usual­ly with my 60 degree in some light rough. Like to try to get some spin on it and track it in the hole

  21. My favo­ri­te chip shot is the bump and run becau­se i feel that it is under rated when it comes to chip­ping. I belie­ve it is the most effec­ti­ve and con­sis­tent shot around the green if you can play it

  22. Dang! It just sounds dif­fe­rent with tho­se crisp, clean, new wed­ges! I’m still rockin’ my dad’s 12 year old Cleve­land wed­ges. Can’t ima­gi­ne how much spin I’m mis­sing out on!

  23. Thanks for the video. Chip­ping has been my achil­les heel for years. It cos­ts me a lot of shots per round. I look for­ward to try­ing the new set up and tech­ni­que to hope­ful­ly impro­ve my con­fi­dence with the­se shots. My favou­rite chip shot around the green is chip and run with my wedge.

  24. Gre­at video, gre­at tip and gre­at to see you guys back tog­e­ther. I like a 9 iron bump and run. When it works out and fol­lows the path you’ve envi­sio­ned honing in on the hole it feels like magic

  25. It is fun­ny how I was out on the cour­se just yes­ter­day and was real­ly struggling with my short game chips then this video came out this morning. Always a plea­su­re watching your vide­os and extre­me­ly hel­pful. Thank you!

  26. Been watching a lot more recent­ly sin­ce lick­down and shaved 10 shots off my score a round sin­ce lock­down and now loo­king to break 80. Chip­ping is defi­ni­te­ly my weak­ness and cos­ts me on average around 5 shots per round.

  27. On my way to the prac­ti­ce ran­ge now to expe­ri­ment with this. If I can eli­mi­na­te tho­se drea­ded duffs, I’ll be fore­ver gra­te­ful. Thanks guys.

  28. Need new wed­ges mine are 15 years old, and real­ly love the TM MG2s! Love hit­ting Flop shots launch it high land it soft! Oddly enough my most con­fi­dent shot

  29. Expe­ri­men­ted with various chip­shot tech­ni­ques sin­ce lock­down eased. The arm against the body was the most con­sis­tent for mys­elf & res­to­red confidence. 😊 ⛳

  30. Gre­at video, I have been using the Jason Day Style for a cou­p­le of years, I like using the body to help turn through the chip shot!!. Keep up the good work guys!!!

  31. Gre­at trai­ning is the­re any chan­ge to this tech­ni­que in dif­fe­rent lies? Such as rough or shots up or down­hill lie? Thanks!

  32. Gre­at tips and drills. I love all the con­tent and have imple­men­ted a lot of them into my prac­ti­ce. I’m defi­ni­te­ly more of a body moti­on wedge play­er but gre­at to see the type styles at work.

  33. Love this. A real con­fi­dence boos­ter when it comes to con­sis­ten­cy with chip­ping. Keep up the gre­at content!

  34. I like to hit my Gap wedge around the green. I don’t have a 60 degree wedge so most of the time I sett­le for my 48 degree gap.

  35. You guys give gre­at advice! Been watching a bunch of your vide­os the last cou­p­le weeks and my game espe­cial­ly my chip­ping has impro­ved tre­men­dous­ly. Would love a new wedge to add to my new set of irons I just bought this week! My favo­ri­te chip shot to take around the green when able to is the flop shot. Bla­me it on Phil haha as he is the mas­ter of the flop shot

  36. I real­ly like the Jason Day chip­ping style! I tend to use my wrists a bit too much so kee­ping the moving ele­ments as mini­mal as pos­si­ble is a per­fect way to avoid bad surprises!

  37. Love the video guys! This tech­ni­que would go per­fect­ly with the Tay­lorMa­de Mil­led Grind Wedge – I’d be beast around the greens but it would take me ten shots to get to the green first!

  38. Good tips, but feels mis­lea­ding to have the take that you cant be a gre­at short game play­er with for­ward shaft lean. Play the ball off your front foot with shaft lean and you’ll have a real­ly hard time chun­king it.

  39. Gre­at con­tent as always. You two have lowe­red my han­di­cap from low 20’s when I took the game back up a few years ago down to a 16! Favo­ri­te chip shot is more a bump and run type shot with the Jason Day style of low wrist/more body.

  40. Gre­at vid! When struggling, I’ve defaul­ted to that first tech­ni­que assuming it offe­red a hig­her mar­gin for error. Defi­ni­te­ly a learning!

  41. I strugg­le like you descri­be. I need to work on this today at the ran­ge. Loo­ked like you had a tight lie. Would you use the same approach with a fluffy lie or from rough ?

  42. Some gre­at tips the­re guys, my chip­ping has been incon­sis­tent so I am loo­king for­ward to try­ing the­se out on the cour­se. My favou­rite chip shot is the one that gets me on to the green!

  43. Gre­at advice. Kevin Kis­ner talks about the butt of the grip moving at the same speed as your chest. My favou­rite shot around the green has always been the trus­ty bump and run. That shot got me star­ted in golf and it still does the job for me today.

  44. Gre­at video guys! I’ve been working on my chip­ping qui­te a bit the last cou­p­le weeks. I will add this to my routine.

  45. Gre­at video as also gents. You 2 have expo­nen­ti­al­ly hel­ped me impro­ve my tech­ni­que and thought pro­cess invol­ved in this gre­at game. Keep up the good work. I look for­ward to more hel­pful con­tent in the future.

  46. I love a simp­le 9 iron bump n run just becau­se I don’t have the con­fi­dence in my 56 and 60 degree chip shots. After watching this video, I defi­ni­te­ly feel rea­dy to attack my next chip shot hope­ful­ly with tho­se TaylorMades!!

  47. I like a low chip around the green with a litt­le bit of spin on it, and tech­ni­que wise I am more of a Jason day, body dri­ven, chip­per. Would love a 56 degree wedge, love the vide­os keep them coming

  48. Thanks! Exp­lai­ning the various tech­ni­ques, their strengths and weak­nes­ses, real­ly eli­mi­na­tes a lot of con­fu­si­on! Tech­ni­ques evolve.

  49. My favo­ri­te chip shot is when I have a nice hill to play the ball off of and real­ly just rea­ding the green befo­re I chip!!! Hahah thanks guy!! Good luck to ever­yo­ne in the givea­way stay safe

  50. I always find your vide­os hel­pful, and this one id the same. I have tried many things for chip­ping and seems as i always find the­re dirt and have no con­trol. Can’t wait to try your drill for this. Thanks

  51. Gre­at video again guys!!! I like play­ing a chip and run with an 8 iron but am cur­r­ent­ly loo­king for a 60 degree wedge for being a litt­le fur­ther from the green.

  52. This seems like it might help with my desi­re to remo­ve back­spin from my chips. I’ll give it a go today befo­re my round. Thanks guys.

  53. I love your guys vide­os. They have hel­ped tre­men­dous­ly. You guys break ever­ything down so per­fect and I tell ever­yo­ne loo­king for tips to check you out. I per­so­nal­ly love using a litt­le more wrist in my chip­ping and I can’t wait to use that tee method to practice!

  54. Thank you guys for get­ting us through the­se tough times with your fun, skill buil­ding vide­os. They’­ve not only hel­ped, they’­ve pro­vi­ded us with a litt­le release from the issu­es we’­re facing. My favo­ri­te chips shots are the ones I don’t have to hit 🙂 I have a bit of the yips right now. I pre­fer the chips from the short grass with a lot of green to work with. If I mis­hit the ball it can roll more like a putt which is how I try to play tho­se shots anyways.

  55. Not only are the tips good, but the drills to incor­po­ra­te the tips in to your game are easy to fol­low and do. This seems like my ans­wer to my most drea­ded chip shot – anything under 75. Thanks guys!

  56. Ano­t­her gre­at video. I for­got how to chip sin­ce could not golf from Nov.….just ope­ned now. Can’t prac­ti­ce yet, just golf…will try this out bet­ween holes if time permits.
    Thanks so much

  57. Loo­ks like some­thing I need to try in impro­ving my con­sis­ten­cy around the greens. New wedge would be high­ly wel­co­me addition

  58. My good­ness! I prac­ti­ced chip­ping last night for an hour and left frus­tra­ted becau­se I did not know what I was doing. And, just now, this video pops into my email! It’s hea­ven sent! I have league tonight and am going to prac­ti­ce the drills befo­re my round. Thank you so much. I’m working on brea­king 100 and this video will help. What timing!!! Becau­se I’m a begin­ner, I’m not sure what is my favo­ri­te chip shot. And, my email on you­tube is dif­fe­rent than my email on your site. I am a mem­ber, trust me.

  59. I hit a cou­p­le of grass chop­ping shots yes­ter­day. Your tips are gre­at! I look for­ward to using this tech­ni­que. Thanks for the new left han­ded wedge! 🙂

  60. Gre­at tip I hate using wed­ges that clo­se to the green as I’m sca­red of thin­ning it so have now been using a hybrid will now try using a wedge and see what happens

  61. I am a bit of both but when prac­ti­cing in my lounge or on cour­se I always try to brush the ground. I very rare­ly thin it, but some­ti­mes hit a wee bit behind.….… nice to have it exp­lai­ned. Thanks

  62. What I’ve dis­co­ve­r­ed for my short game is that the fewer moving parts, the bet­ter. So, I won’t be doing this drill with much wrist movement.

  63. Loves your vide­os guys, need some new wed­ges to prac­ti­ce my knew drills, and I also need to get a update to my wed­ges. Keep up the good work =)

  64. Always chip­ped this way. Not that I’m any good at it. Just always made more sen­se to take the lean of the shaft and let the club do its thing

  65. You guys are ama­zing at tea­ching the­se things.. Defi­ni­te­ly want that beau­ti­ful Tay­lor Made Mil­led Grind 2 wedge!!! Keep up the awe­so­me work.. Sure the win­ner of this givea­way will enjoy that club soo much… My favo­ri­te chip shot that I play is usual­ly more wrists set for feel, but I play more cen­ter stance to pre­vent duf­fing. I am more of a feel play­er, but defi­ni­te­ly try to focus on tech­ni­ques that can help me be more con­sis­tent. God Bless stay safe!!

  66. I love the­se guys! They are ful­ly respon­si­ble for me now shoo­ting in the low to mid 80s now! I have been struggling with my short chips as of late and I think the­se tips will defi­ni­te­ly help! Thanks guys and con­ti­nue doing what you do!

  67. Inte­res­ting video. Sin­ce I like to hit “bump and run” chips, should I approach them the same way with like a 7 iron as you do in the vid with boun­cey wed­ges or keep using the tra­di­tio­nal technique?

  68. Gre­at video guys. I don’t have a favou­rite chip shot becau­se I can never get the ball to land whe­re I want it to go but hope­ful­ly this video might make me a bit bet­ter. A bet­ter wedge might also give me more con­trol. Good luck to everyone. 😀

  69. Gre­at chip­ping tip guy’s, I’m play­ing later on today and the first thing I will be doing is hea­ding to the chip­ping green and prac­ti­ce this tip
    Awe­so­me con­tent guy’s 👏👏

  70. I just recent­ly star­ted to do this very thing while chip­ping and your les­son is going to help me refi­ne this approach. I was ten­ding to bla­de the ball over the green too many times and this is a gre­at help. Thanks!

  71. Simp­le and effec­ti­ve and, most import­ant­ly, easi­ly remem­be­red so it’s easy to take to the cour­se. Thanks, guys.

  72. Gre­at video guys, I have been struggling around the greens and I think this will defi­ni­te­ly chan­ge my game! My favo­ri­te chip is a semi flop with some good back spin, try to drop it near the flag but need to get away from that becau­se of the risk.

  73. Real­ly appre­cia­te the con­tent you crea­te @meandmygolf. Only as good as your last chip, and my last was a bun­ker style shot from fluffy rough, so I’ll go with that as my favou­rite chip around the greens

  74. Gre­at video guys.. I had seen the ear­lier video with the coach who recom­men­ded hit­ting the ground 1.5 inches befo­re the ball. I am able to chip much bet­ter around the greens. Cheers again!

  75. Gre­at tuto­ri­al. I’ve been cap­tain chun­ky 💩for a while now becau­se I’ve been try­ing to keep for­ward shaft lean on my chips and pit­ches – try­ing to hit them like mid to high loft irons. Bit of a derr moment. Can’t wait to get out and have a crack at the ran­ge🏌️️⛳

  76. My abso­lu­te favou­rite chip shot to do is one that actual­ly makes it onto the green. It is a rather dif­fi­cult part of the game😂

  77. I play­ed 36 holes yes­ter­day shoo­ting a 95 and then a 91 plain­ly based on poor chip­ping. Becau­se of this my favo­ri­te chip shot is a put­ter moti­on on a 7 iron but This advice is going strai­ght in the bag! And a new wedge in the bag wouldn’t hurt!

  78. Gre­at video. Fat chips are pro­bab­ly the most frus­tra­ting mis­hit on the cour­se! Do the­se tips work while chip­ping from the rough as well?

  79. Hel­lo and Cheers! Big fan of the chan­nel. Favo­ri­te is the 58° hand­le for­ward, deloft mini pitch.. I regu­lar­ly prac­ti­ce hand­le forward,neutral and back for dif­fe­rent lies, pin distan­ces, and slo­pes. Good luck, everyone.

  80. I lose all my shots chip­ping – I will put the­se tips into prac­ti­ce – my brain seems to switch off as soon as it hears the click of the ball and so I don’t fol­low through – a mate says I jab at the ball chip­ping ins­tead of that nice pen­du­lum stro­ke – the shaft ang­le is so important – Cheers

  81. Thank you for this advice. This might work well with only allowing the toe of the club to touch the ground. (one of the Pro’s gave the tip) in a pre­vious video.

  82. My favou­rite chip shot around the green is a nice medi­um length shot with my 50 or 56 degree. I have been using the boun­ce for some time now and i like that shot a lot and would like it much more with that wedge

  83. Nice one fel­las. I enjoy chip­ping with strai­ght arms, hol­ding that fixed tri­ang­le shape below the chest and swin­ging through the pendulum.

  84. Love the vide­os hoping to Imple­ment some of the­se inst­ruc­tions when back on the cour­se . Would love a new wedge. Keep it up lads love the content.

  85. I real­ly lik­ed how you guys show­ed the two dif­fe­rent swings to get the ground and not the ball. Thanks for the drills!

  86. Makes per­fect sen­se and pro­bab­ly exp­lains why I am more com­for­ta­ble chip­ping with my lob wedge I don’t use any shaft lean at all. 


  87. I liter­al­ly found this chan­nel today! Been try­ing to real­ly impro­ve my game for the first time, star­ting with my short game. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, I havent been able to upgrade my clubs, so get­ting one in the givea­way would be a gre­at step in the right direction.
    Hope to learn more from your vide­os! Im now a subscriber!

  88. Love the video. My favo­ri­te chip is using a 52 and being a litt­le fur­ther away from the green, hit­ting a litt­le open to get it to stop whe­re I want it

  89. Have been using this method for a long time. I saw the ori­gi­nal video with James Ridy­ard, I think near Sil­ver­stone a bit of noi­se from memo­ry. What a light bulb moment.

  90. I’m fair­ly new to taking golf more serious­ly, and your tips on chip­ping and short­ga­me have been the BIGGEST help to my scores! Thanks guys!

  91. My favou­rite is appar­ent­ly off the toe and strai­ght through the green… would love a bet­ter wedge to put the­se vide­os into practise.

  92. Will be taking this out onto the cour­se in the next 30 minu­tes! Time to knock some chips in rather than dig mys­elf a hole!

  93. Bon­jour mer­ci beau­coup pour cet­te vidéo qui va m être d un grand secours pour réa­li­ser des chips autour des greens Je pré­fé­res le chip de corps car moins d err­eurs et sur­tout pen­ser à con­ta­c­ter le sol et non la bal­le c est une très bon­ne astuce . Dans l atten­te de vot­re pro­chai­ne vidéo Vale­rie (Fran­ce)

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