Eine einfache Technik, die Ihr Chipping für immer verändern wird! | ICH UND MEIN GOLF

Eine einfache Technik die Ihr Chipping fuer immer veraendern wird ICH UND MEIN GOLF back swing

Eine ein­fa­che Tech­nik, die Ihr Chip­ping für immer ver­än­dern wird! – In die­sem Video tei­len wir mit Ihnen eine Lek­ti­on mit unse­rem Mit­glied Jim­my, des­sen Kon­zept für das Chip­pen völ­lig falsch war und ohne zu wis­sen, dass dies der Haupt­grund war, war­um es ihm an Selbst­ver­trau­en man­gel­te und er sei­ne Chip-Shots ver­mas­sel­te. Dies änder­te sich sofort, als wir unser Kon­zept erklär­ten und eini­ge Anpas­sun­gen an sei­ner Tech­nik vor­nah­men, die ihm sofort Ergeb­nis­se lie­fer­ten und der Schlag so viel kon­sis­ten­ter war! Sehen Sie sich Jim­mys gesam­te Golf­stun­de als Teil unse­rer 7‑tägigen kos­ten­lo­sen Test­ver­si­on an🏌🏻‍♂️⛳️https://meandmygolf.com/7‑day-free-trial/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=7Day_Trial&utm_campaign=SM Laden Sie die Me and My Golf-App hier her­un­ter !📱⛳️👉 https://​apps​.apple​.com/​g​b​/​a​p​p​/​m​e​-​a​n​d​-​m​y​-​g​o​l​f​/​i​d​1​5​4​1​2​1​2​755 Android-Ver­si­on📱⛳️👉 https://​play​.goog​le​.com/​s​t​o​r​e​/​a​p​p​s​/​d​e​t​a​i​l​s​?id= com.meandmygolf.meandmygolf&hl=en_GB&gl=US Tay­lorMa­de-Pro­duk­te😍🏌🏻‍♂️ https://www.jdoqocy.com/click-100358032–11203192 Adi­das-Pro­duk­te😎🏌🏻‍♂️ https://​part​ner​.adi​das​.com/​m​e​a​n​d​m​y​g​olf Part­ner Rabatt🤩🤯 Für 10 % Rabatt auf Flight­scope Mevo kli­cken Sie auf den Link und ver­wen­den Sie den Code MMG10: https://​www​.flight​scope​me​vo​.co​.uk/​?​o​g​_​i​d=0

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65 thought on “Eine einfache Technik, die Ihr Chipping für immer verändern wird! | ICH UND MEIN GOLF”

  1. Thanks, guys! Ques­ti­on: can one use this same tech­ni­que out of the rough? It seems like hit­ting the ground then ball the­re might end up with a duff.

    1. Hi Dar­ryl. In the rough is defi­ni­te­ly dif­fe­rent. We gene­ral­ly need a more steep action inn the rough so it does chan­ge. If you want to go through all the lies in short game, you should check out our plan “Com­ple­te Chip­ping” in our app. Check it out.

  2. whenever i’m chip­ping or play­ing around the green, my set up is to have the ball more backward/nearer my right foot my back swing and fol­low through dic­ta­tes the distance on how far i want the ball to fly or whe­re i want it to land. spe­cial­ly from 50yds and below spe­cial­ly less than 5 ‑20yds distance

    1. If that works well for you Wil­liam, keep on doing it. The­re are so many dif­fe­rent ways to do it and it’s fin­ding what works bets for you that is key!

  3. Got the link to this video from M&MG through e‑mail with the sub­ject “Fix Your Sli­ce FOR GOOD With This Dri­ver Les­son” Enjoy­ed this video, but what’s hap­pe­ning at M&MG to get the­se things so wrong, so many times?

    1. Hi Ian. Hope you’re doing well? Thanks for the heads up!! Appre­cia­te you let­ting us know. I don’t belie­ve we have made this mista­ke befo­re on a tit­le. We are very sor­ry and hope it hasn’t cau­sed you too much inconvenience.

  4. Thanks for the video gents, gre­at stuff. Would this work for all wedge lofts? This is real­ly going to help, can’t wait to try on the course!

    1. Yes defi­ni­te­ly Antho­ny. It just makes sure you use the sole of the club and crea­tes a wider mar­gin for error and we all want that in golf!!😁

  5. Gre­at tip. Is this going to work with hig­her boun­ce clubs only, or would a PW and 9 iron gli­de nice­ly on the ground as well without dig­ging into it?

    1. Hi John. I would keep the club in the usual­ly spot but just have some awa­reness that it’s ok to hit it the ground slight­ly ear­ly in the right con­di­ti­ons pro­vi­ding we aren’t lea­ning the shaft too far forward.

  6. working on my chip­ping & last week came across Phil Ms chip­ping les­son and he says to do oppo­si­te ( squa­re face and hands way ahead). several like you advi­se neu­tral and use the boun­ce, oppo­sing views is what dri­ves us wee­kend play­ers cra­zy. i went to ran­ge and i use each equally.…G.O.L.F.

    1. Yes Phils tech­ni­que can work but it real­ly allows very mini­mal mar­gin for error. This was is gre­at for the majo­ri­ty of gol­fers as it hel­ps pro­vi­de a wider mar­gin so that the bad ones are so much bet­ter. Defi­ni­te­ly more than one way to do things and cer­tain­ly a time and a place for Phils.

  7. You guys need the QI buz­zer for whenever you ask the pupil what they’­re attemp­t­ing to do and it’s the oppo­si­te of the les­son for the day. BWEEEEWAAAAH

  8. This is excel­lent advice, guys. I always try to brush the ground for the length of a dol­lar bill. This natu­ral­ly makes me swing more shal­low, avoiding that hor­ri­ble chunk. And you’re right, it gives you so much more room for error, on the strike. The worst thing that you can do is try to per­fect­ly “pinch” the ball on the­se shots, or even lon­ger pitch type shots. Here’s a good rule of thumb…. If you can­not pro­per­ly fol­low through, becau­se of your divot, then you’re swin­ging too steep into the ball. Remem­ber…. You’re always try­ing to swing the club to a full finish(on full shots). The ball just hap­pens to be in the way of that swing.

  9. Our fair­ways are super tight right now. I’ve even been slight­ly ope­ning the club a hair, to pre­sent more boun­ce, so the club won’t dig.

  10. Excel­lent chip­ping sug­ges­ti­ons to your stu­dent. When I play this shot, I place the ball in your sug­gested posi­ti­on, weight for­ward, club­face 1/4 turn to open in order to use the sole of the wedge more and brush the grass as you sug­gest with a set wrist posi­ti­on and arm move­ment. I can’t remem­ber if my shaft is upright as you sug­gest, but will make it a point to do so. Gre­at Video Guys!

  11. Fun­ny how the guy always puts his hands back clo­se to his body even when he’s been told to hold the shaft more upright, old habits die hard!

  12. Or how about this one: Use a 3 wood/hybrid, stee­pen the shaft and get clo­ser to the ball like a putt, grip down and use your put­ting moti­on. Works amazing!

  13. Nice princip­le to remem­ber – the inter­ac­tion of the club with the ground (using its boun­ce) and then with the ball to impro­ve chip­ping con­sis­ten­cy, like a pla­ne lan­ding (using the boun­ce) & then taking off (with the ball). Great!

  14. Hi! Ques­ti­on, what’s the fur­thest away from the edge of the green you would use this tech­ni­que? Or is that not the way to think about it? Thanks in advance

  15. This video total­ly trans­for­med my chip­ping. I was fore­ver bla­ding and fat­ting across the green. Litt­le did I know I had seve­re shaft lean. It’s genui­nely made a sur­re­al dif­fe­rence the past cou­p­le of days by having my shaft upright 🤯

  16. Hi, I’m a seni­or in high school and have my seni­or golf sea­son com­ing up next week. I have a high ball flight and would tru­ly bene­fit if you did a swing ana­ly­sis on me and could help me lower it. I would like to get more pene­tra­ti­on and distance on my shot and stop losing it from the clim­bing to high in the ski.

  17. I’ve long given up on chip­ping after more than 50 years play­ing (cur­r­ent­ly 9 han­di­cap) I putt from ever­y­whe­re up to 30 yards from the green (except from rough) and putt around bunkers.

  18. I recent­ly saw a video of Woods, Day, & Mcil­roy tal­king about & demons­tra­ting their methods of chip­ping & bun­ker shots. All 3 said they use a 60 degree wedge 90% of the time by mani­pu­la­ting the club­face in Ame­ri­can golf & with dif­fe­rent types of gras­ses. In the open cham­pions­hip, they’ll use dif­fe­rent clubs & methods becau­se of the roll­out fac­tor on har­der ground & dif­fe­rent con­di­ti­ons. You can see the video on You­Tube, which was made about a year ago. It’s real­ly interesting.

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