Eine wichtige Ankündigung: Rich Eisen über das Neueste in der LIV Golf vs. PGA Tour Saga | Rich-Eisen-Show

Eine wichtige Ankuendigung Rich Eisen ueber das Neueste in der LIV Golf vs. PGA Tour Saga Rich Eisen Show baseball

Rich Eisen reagiert auf das Neu­es­te im Kampf zwi­schen PGA Tour und LIV Golf, bei dem die R&A, die die Open Cham­pions­hip ver­an­stal­ten, sagen, dass sie Gol­fer, die sich der Upstart-Golf­tour ange­schlos­sen haben, nicht aus­schlie­ßen wer­den. Sehen Sie sich die Rich Eisen Show an, eine Emmy-nomi­nier­te Sport-Talk­show, die live auf NBCs Peacock, Auda­cy und Siri­usXM Ch. 85 Mon­tag bis Frei­tag, Mit­tag bis 15:00 Uhr ET. Die Rich Eisen Show zeigt die unheim­li­che Fähig­keit von Rich Eisen, auf­schluss­rei­ches Sport­wis­sen mit einer unkon­ven­tio­nel­len Mischung aus Humor und Pop­kul­tur zu ver­bin­den, und zieht die bekann­tes­ten Namen aus Sport und Unter­hal­tung an. Abon­nie­ren Sie die­sen Kanal, um mit den bes­ten Sport- und Pop­kul­tur­kom­men­ta­ren, Inter­views und vie­lem mehr im Inter­net auf dem Lau­fen­den zu blei­ben! —— HIER ABONNIEREN: https://​bit​.ly/​2​V​j​W​SBC FOLGE UNS HIER: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​r​i​c​h​e​i​s​e​n​s​h​ow/ https://​www​.twit​ter​.com/​R​i​c​h​E​i​s​e​n​S​how https://www .face​book​.com/​R​i​c​h​E​i​s​e​n​S​how https://​www​.auda​cy​.com/​r​i​c​h​e​i​s​e​n​/​l​i​s​ten Vie­len Dank an unse­re Freun­de bei Gra­byo für die Unter­stüt­zung unse­rer Live-Pro­duk­ti­on und Bear­bei­tung. Wirk­lich ein Wen­de­punkt für das, was wir hier bei der Rich Eisen Show zu errei­chen ver­su­chen. Sie kön­nen sich Gra­byo und sei­ne Ange­bots­pa­let­te hier anse­hen: https://​bit​.ly/​3​a​a​c​366 #Rich­Ei­sen­Show #Golf #LIV­Golf

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255 thought on “Eine wichtige Ankündigung: Rich Eisen über das Neueste in der LIV Golf vs. PGA Tour Saga | Rich-Eisen-Show”

  1. For com­pa­ri­son, the first CART dri­ver to jump to the IRL was Scott Goo­dye­ar, who jum­ped in 1997 becau­se he had no CART ride after an inju­ry. The second was Al Unser, Jr. in 2000. Teams did not jump until 2002. 

    Golf is divi­ded even worse than CART and the IRL were, and reco­very is eit­her a few years, or two plus deca­des away. It is gon­na be bad, as money will go away for the PGA, and LIV will slow­ly decre­a­se payouts as more play­ers join.

    1. At least a some­what name gol­fer in Schart­zel won the first LIV event. CART reject, Bud­dy Lazier, set auto racing back 20 years by win­ning the first Indy 500 under the IRL.

  2. The PGA alrea­dy made chan­ges to incre­a­se pur­se win­nings for play­ers and redu­ce or eli­mi­na­te cuts becau­se of LIV Golf tour.

    1. How is this going to lead to bet­ter golf??? If this were to con­ti­nue, you’d have Korn­Fer­ry tour play­ers kicking their arses. I don’t enjoy Wed­nes­day Pro-Ams…I enjoy real com­pe­ti­ti­on. I hope that somehow survives.

    2. @wreckim Why don’t you let the golf fans deci­de. I’ll watch what I want. I don’t need the PGA to tell me who I can watch. Bes­i­des, there’s enough room for both.

  3. I remem­ber Rich left ESPN for the NFL Net­work and ever­ything tur­ned out fine. If play­ers have via­ble opti­on, why not allow that.

    1. They can do wha­te­ver they want. I never said they couldn’t. And I’m not in love with the PGA tour. I sim­ply said that the play­ers comments about joi­ning LIV are embarrassing.
      I’m the fur­thest thing from a communist.

    1. @Dead star Thank you most sports fans here do not under­stand the eco­no­mics of sports. PGA as % of reve­nue gives the most to the play­ers than the other major sports. We are a coun­try of zero infor­ma­ti­on, non rea­ders & data/science haters.

  4. Easy money espe­cial­ly from a cri­mi­nal government never turns out well. All the guys that have signed with LIV Sau­di Trump Cri­mi­nal tour will reg­ret it by this time next year. They are now expec­ted to be LOYA­Land are OWNED by A Cri­mi­nal organization.

  5. LIV just for­ced PGA to incre­a­se win­nings which makes Rich look like a bit of a fool. Just admit this hel­ped gol­fers more than hurt them.

    1. @Skip Rich would take 500 mil­li­on from Kim Jong-un if they let him have a shit­ty talk show with boring co hosts. Like when he took more money to go to NFL net­work haha

    2. Do you under­stand eco­no­mics? Money for win­nings takes away from money else­whe­re. Pen­si­on, gro­wing the game, Korn Fer­ry tour, etc. It ama­zes me how peop­le here think money is not an issue. The PGA can­not com­pe­te with LIV and you do wha­te­ver you need to do to try & stop an avalan­che. I also don’t bla­me play­ers for going but the­re are two sides here if peop­le are fair.

    3. @MDK2 You’re right my sar­castic ret­ort was igno­rant. Rich is a man of cha­rac­ter just like you would be if offe­red $500 mil­li­on. But don’t worry you’ll never be given that tough decisi­on lmao

  6. Wahhhhhh!!! LIV tour wahhhhhh!! ..rich bene­fi­ted from ESPN who paid part of his sala­ry from Chi­na money. He’s wrong a litt­le bit, litt­le bit.

  7. PGA just cut gua­ran­te­ed tour card for fol­lowing sea­son to 70, from 125.
    They are also going to have exclu­si­ve tour­neys for top 50 play­ers with No Cuts.
    I guess they were tru­ly worried about all of it’s mem­bers and loo­king out for the­re inte­rest with this new format.

    1. @Matt Stout Not repor­ted any­whe­re. In fact he just com­mit­ted to the Rocket Mor­tga­ge Clas­sic to be play­ed next mon­th. Why lie?

    2. @Jon Bur­rows Not lying, just try­ing to point out to the com­ment abo­ve that I’d the Tour makes their pro­po­sed chan­ges and cuts a gua­ran­te­ed tour card from 125 to 70 like out­lined in the abo­ve state­ment, Mr Rickie Fow­ler is in the out­side loo­king in. It would be awful­ly appe­aling to move over to LIV. I should have put a (?) behind my com­ment. All in all dude, try and relax, you seem a bit uptight.

  8. Go LIV…the PGA has alrea­dy beco­me a bet­ter place for its mem­bers becau­se of the LIV com­pe­ti­ti­on. Its only gon­na get bet­ter if the PGA resists more. The Sau­dis can do anything…including star­ting a chan­nel that com­pe­tes with the Golf Chan­nel …which is beco­m­ing unwatchable.

  9. hey Rich, stop the LIV hate. go find out how much PGA exe­cu­ti­ves give them­sel­ves out of the PGA pool of funds. money that is meant for play­ers and charity.

  10. I’m pret­ty that if the money was right, tho­se gol­fers jum­ping ship to the LIV would glad­ly play in the Al Qae­da open, if the­re was one.

    1. @NewYorkGiants012 That’s too bad. I think Elon Musk’s team could come up with some inno­va­ti­ve ide­as, espe­cial­ly in the broad­cast area. The cur­rent LIV broad­cast model is a con­fu­sing mess.

    2. FedEx has a 10-year/$650 mil­li­on deal in place through 2027. It will be very inte­res­ting to see what the new deal will be in 5 years.

    3. @thecommish1976 Oh, I see, the points/playoffs alrea­dy have FedEx as a spon­sor so a new spon­sor for the tour name can’t happen.

  11. I hope every LIV Tour play­er that has so far qua­li­fied for ANY Major gets an invi­te; as they should. So far, they’­ve mana­ged to have ONE–A Sin­gle player–Dustin Johnson–crack the top 25 at a Major. The­se LIV Tour play­ers will be so soft, so used to easy money, so bul­ging with money, that they will not give a crap about a tour­na­ment that does­n’t pay them mil­li­ons for finis­hing 4th against a weak field–like they are get­ting used to now. To earn a tro­phy at a Major they will have to play the best golf of their life–for real­ly pea­nuts in comparison.

    1. Agreed. The LIV Tour play­ers will not have been put through a cru­ci­ble of com­pe­ti­ti­on. The lon­ge­vi­ty of this LIV Tour well last may­be 6 or 8 years. If that. It’s a clear money grab by the guys signing for $100–200 million.

    2. @All_22_Films Thank you I have been say­ing this all along. Not pos­si­ble for the PGA to repli­ca­te that model & I would hate gua­ran­te­ed, no cut easy golf. Zero pres­su­re, zero!

    1. @MDK2 Eisen has several net­works and plat­forms that can employ him. But gol­fers, appar­ent­ly, are shamed if they have more than one.

  12. Stop the hate Rich why did you lea­ve ESPN, more money, more crea­ti­ve free­dom, and more fami­ly time. It’s the same for LIV gol­fers. Oh and the PGA play­ers still in good stan­ding can Thank the LIV tour for the new money rest­ruc­tu­ring just announ­ced by the PGA, it only hap­pen­ed becau­se of the LIV tour. Mona­han is shaking in his boots and he should be, his reac­tions to the LIV tour have been awful. The play­ers are con­si­de­red inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors but Mona­han wants to tre­at them like the­re employees. Idi­ot figu­re it out

    1. You obvious­ly don’t remem­ber well. Both leagues devas­ta­ted the eco­no­mics of the sport which is why they had to mer­ge or both sports would have cra­te­red. Don’t belie­ve me, don’t just goog­le it! The eco­no­mics in LIV are not ratio­na­le or pos­si­ble for the PGA Tour

    2. @Steve She­pherd Yeah, even after the NBA mer­ged with the ABA, they were struggling big time until Magic and Bird ent­e­red the league.

  13. I don’t care if play­ers go to LIV for money, I just want to know what the Saudi’s end­ga­me is. It is defi­ni­te­ly not to be pro­fi­ta­ble, becau­se they will never make the money back that they are giving the­se play­ers just for joi­ning their league. It just feels like some kind of poli­ti­cal move, or to try to take over an Ame­ri­can insti­tu­ti­on. It just feels weird to me.

  14. I have never seen Rich be such a hypo­cri­te befo­re. Just igno­re all the blood money the NBA gets from Chi­na, and com­p­lain about gol­fers try­ing to get sala­ries and an updated pri­ze pool for what they bring into the PGA? The PGA makes Bil­li­ons and yet gol­fers don’t have sala­ries, lod­ging paid, tra­vel paid, bene­fits for cad­dies, and all the other trash they put them through for no gua­ran­tee pay. What other Bil­li­on dol­lar sport does­n’t pay play­ers a sala­ry among other benefits.…oh wait…NONE OF THEM. Get over yourself and get some PK24 but­ter­cup. Not only has the PGA been expo­sed and made a fool of them­sel­ves, so have you!

    1. @The Rich Eisen Show Here’s one. The mar­ket always deci­des, one way or ano­t­her. It’s why very few enter­tain­ment care­ers last fore­ver. Even fewer whe­re the enter­tai­ner (or side­kick) goes out of his way to ant­ago­ni­ze a signi­fi­cant por­ti­on of his poten­ti­al audi­ence. Unsubscribed.

    2. @The Rich Eisen Show would you look at that… brea­king news… In a direct respon­se to the LIV Golf tour, the PGA will begin hol­ding 8 no cut spe­cial events with $20 mil­li­on pur­ses for the top 50 in the FedEx stan­dings for the ’23 sea­son. WOW, who would have thought that the play­ers taking mat­ters into their own hands would chan­ge the way the PGA does busi­ness with their inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors… oh that’s right… the actu­al busi­ness pro­fes­sio­nals in the audi­ence. (ever­yo­ne slow clap for Brockman)

    1. @Salvatore San juan Even though it is a new league and has added 48 pro­fes­sio­nals to their ranks, the PGA has cut cards by 55 I heard, ergo a net loss for which LIV is ent­i­re­ly responsible.

    2. Same lol I find all this so fasci­na­ting. It’s more fun when you don’t have a dog in the fight and don’t care how it turns out.

    3. @Dr. Pen­dy­ke it wouldnt have mattered.…the PGA could give the play­ers ever­ything but they could NOT give phil 200 mil­li­on or dj and brooks 150 million.

    1. I guess tho­se who are against the PGA Tour are also against any good works they may do such as sup­por­ting hos­pi­tals and charities.
      But, once the PGA Tour is gone I’m sure the back­ers, play­ers, and sup­por­ters of the LIV Tour will step up mone­ta­ri­ly to fill tho­se needs.

    1. @dustin156 Just becau­se you’­re an inde­pen­dent con­trac­tor does­n’t mean you can do wha­te­ver you want and not expect one of the com­pa­nies you con­tract with won’t take excep­ti­on and end the relationship.

    2. @Jon Bur­rows well The Open, The Mas­ters, DP World Tour/ Euro­pean world tour, etc ALL seem to be allowing LIV play­ers. PGA is the only odd one out, try­ing to make ath­le­tes choo­se. That will be the­re down­fall. PGA is too proud and self-righ­te­ous to work in part­ners­hip with LIV.

    3. @dustin156 The R&A or the USGA have no con­tracts with any play­ers. The US and Bri­tish Opens are just that, OPEN to whoever meets their qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on pro­cess. Again, the­re is inde­pen­dent con­trac­tor relationship.

    4. @Jon Bur­rows so you get it. PGA is the only one get­ting their pan­ties in a wad about LIV. I think you are agre­eing with me.

  15. I ques­ti­on peop­le in this com­ment sec­tion. How is the sil­ly sea­son in golf fun? Peop­le don’t watch that crap now, so we want to extend it to the regu­lar sea­son? LIV is a money grab & I’m ok with that, free choice. Howe­ver don’t try to tell me the PGA Tour is evil espe­cial­ly when they nego­tia­te EVERYTHING with the play­ers through the PGA Advi­so­ry Coun­cil (actu­al players)

  16. All the PGA tour and their media lackeys have left is ridi­cu­le and shaming – and that is causing more peop­le to like LIV. Dork level men­ta­li­ty is hur­ting the tour. Ins­tead of com­pe­ting and mee­ting the chal­len­ge they have acted weak. Fans see this.

    1. Amen; couldn’t have said it any bet­ter. They are thro­wing a tan­trum at the thought of losing a litt­le reve­nue to ano­t­her tour. PGA is a cen­tu­ry long mono­po­ly with no other tour to chal­len­ge them. Now ano­t­her tour is star­ting up and giving power to the play­ers and the pga no lon­ger has leverage

  17. Thank you Rich I appre­cia­te you tal­king about this topic. I wish peop­le would talk about the eco­no­mics. Pro­blem is if you have an intel­lec­tu­al dis­cus­sion most peop­le have the atten­ti­on span of a gnat! If you real­ly look at the eco­no­mics the PGA will never com­pe­te with LIV. It is vir­tual­ly impos­si­ble & could gut the tour with grea­ter defec­tions which is the right of gol­fers to lea­ve. It is a mess!

    1. They don’t have to match it.. just compete..PGA has more to offer in expo­sure than LIV does. They have bil­li­ons in reve­nue as well.. not like they are sooooo far off. 

      Just cau­se sau­dis have bil­li­ons, doesn’t mean they want to spend bil­li­ons without making money back. They didn’t make bil­li­ons by just thro­wing it all the fai­ling products 

      Pga just needs to pay more, quit giving liv so much atten­ti­on, and let it run its cour­se. But they got­ta start coughing up cash and lower the cost of ent­ry to the tour 🤷🏽‍♂️ at least imo

    2. @Omar Bel­tran do you actual­ly think spon­sors are going to give play­ers 100mill + just to show up ? You’re not very bright are you?

    3. Dude did­n’t tal­ked about anything new, first mocked last­na­me of some guy he doesnt know. Then ent­i­re con­ver­sa­ti­on is mocke­ry becou­se R&A didnt do what he wanted.

  18. Why do you con­ti­nue to con­fla­te “the majors” with the PGA Tour? The rea­son the US Open did what they did, and the Bri­tish Open is going to do what they are doing, is they have their ent­ry cri­te­ria (e.g. pre­vious wins or high finis­hes and world golf ran­kings). As far as The Mas­ters goes, it is an invi­ta­tio­nal – so here is the ques­ti­on: are they going to send an invi­ta­ti­on to whoever wins LIV events (I don’t know who won the first, and don’t care) if that is the only thing the guys do that would nor­mal­ly get them an invi­ta­ti­on (i.e. if it had been a PGA Tour or Euro­pean Tour event)? Per­so­nal­ly I don’t resent play­ers going to the LIV Tour. I also don’t resent the PGA Tour from acting IAW their bylaws. I WILL resent tho­se play­ers who whi­ne (and no doubt liti­ga­te) when they want to go back to the PGA Tour without con­se­quence – like when they have trou­ble get­ting into majors when their world golf ran­kings are slipping.

  19. The vir­tue signal­ling by eisen is get­ting out of con­trol. He stays silent about the NBA taking all that Chi­na money, Jack Nick­laus taking Sau­di money to build cour­ses, and the PGA taking Chi­na money. Stop it Richard. This is gre­at for golf.

  20. Love how most of the comments sup­port the who­res who have sold their com­pe­ti­ti­ve natures to our friends in Sau­di Arabia.
    I won­der how many would love to see Rus­sia and Chi­na pay all the top Quar­ter­backs $ 100 mil­li­on each to play ping pong.

  21. Take a look at Brooks record over the last 2 years..he’s a nobo­dy now.maybe he can now actual­ly serious­ly con­t­end again going against les­ser talent. So long Brooks we won’t miss you

  22. LIV GOLF has alrea­dy for­ced chan­ges in the PGA. This is exact­ly the rea­son so many play­ers left. To for­ce long over due chan­ges. LIV 1 – PGA 0

    1. Yep defi­ni­ti­on of a mono­po­ly, when no one else is com­pe­ting against you then you have the lever to make wha­te­ver rules you want. When the­re is ano­t­her opti­on with bet­ter rules the mono­po­ly threw a fit and hired its media and lackeys to attack it to try and des­troy it so they remain a monopoly

  23. From Japan here. I wat­ched the show becau­se I lik­ed how you cove­r­ed foot­ball, but I will no lon­ger, for how you have mocked the play­ers, r&a, and its pre­si­dent, like a teen­ager, while expres­sing your ado­lescent anger to LIV.
    You defi­ni­te­ly aren’t hel­ping PGA. Disappointed.

  24. Con­si­de­ring two-thirds of the sea­son was alrea­dy play­ed befo­re LIV’s first event, it’s not sur­pri­sing that the USGA and R & A deci­ded to allow qua­li­fied defec­tors to com­pe­te this year. But a more final deter­mi­na­ti­on by the four majors won’t come until next year.

  25. BDE. U com­p­lain about LIV dilu­ting the tour. Who’s fault is that? The tour’s. The tour wants a mono­po­ly. If ur stan­dards are so high to rail again the Sau­di beha­vi­or, throw ur cell pho­ne out the win­dow. I’d love to see what ud do if they threw 500,000,000 at u. Think of it this way, We’­re get­ting some of that oil money back.

  26. Look cur­rent PGA tour play­ers can thank LIV for making PGA tour chan­ge and incre­a­se pri­ze money going for­ward. You are fuck­ing welcome

  27. Rich is such a tool…he is so offen­ded by this but could give a crap about the over 1 MILLION PEOPLE ens­laved in Chi­na. Has never said a word about the 10 Bil­li­on that is being made of them by the NBA.….is that may­be incon­ve­ni­ent for him?!?!

  28. Wha­te­ver hap­pens with Golf and Base­ball is not very important. They are only sports fil­lers bet­ween Foot­ball, Bas­ket­ball, and Hockey seasons.

  29. The only thing for cer­tain about this who­le thing is that all the peop­le who are poo-poo­ing LIV, if they were offe­red that kind of money every one of them would grab it in a heart­beat and that inclu­des every com­men­ter here.

  30. How sur­pri­sing ano­t­her day of Rich acting appal­led that someo­ne would take Sau­di money. I’d pro­bab­ly take him serious­ly if he acted the same way with the NBA and their dealings with Chi­na. What a slap nutz

    1. @Larry Ver­du­go …yes, becau­se the Chi­ne­se is actively put­ting tog­e­ther an NBA rival and is ste­aling away play­ers from said league.

      It is not the same thing

  31. Truth is this is a rich man’s game. Not that many peop­le real­ly care. It’s fuck­ing golf. Not ever­yo­ne can even begin to com­pe­te unless your a rich kid. They can all play for North Korea for all I care.

  32. Fea­the­ry balls.… Woo­den balls.… rock­balls… Dead mou­se balls… The Liv tour should have all the play­ers hit gold balls..,…yes…real Gold… Gol­den rules?.……

  33. The man who hates play­ers who dis­grace the inte­gri­ty of golf is mocking a gol­fing insti­tu­ti­on that began in 1860 for inclusivity…

  34. Ever­y­ti­me rich and his show talk about the LIV tour and someo­ne lea­ving he sounds extre­me­ly butt hurt 🤣🤣🤣

    1. It’s becau­se he is part of the media mono­po­ly shills that think the PGA tour owns every play­er. The­se play­ers are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors they can play whe­re­ver they want

  35. The­se guys are not going to get their games rea­dy for majors by play­ing the­se ridi­cu­lous tour­na­ments. Does anyo­ne think that get­ting gua­ran­te­ed $ and no cuts will bring out the best in the­se guys ? Hell no .

  36. R&A announ­ced that anyo­ne can play in The Open, that’s a head­line. rest of the video is just Rich and his crew make fun of a guy name and bash LIV golf.

  37. The PGA is a mono­po­ly that needs com­pe­ti­ti­on. Golf will be invi­go­ra­ted, not rui­ned. Taking $$$ from the Sau­dis is immo­ral? Now do China(Eisen works for NBC, who takes $$$ from Chi­na). No? Then STFU.

  38. When rich peop­le fight while try­ing to act generous it comes through like Rich’s bias to the PGA. Stop try­ing to act noble while only try­ing to hor­de play­ers for the pennies

  39. The PGA Tour was for­med from top play­ers in the PGA of Ame­ri­ca wan­ting a big­ger share of pro­fits from TV deals. No dif­fe­rence, except for sup­po­sed moral ambi­gui­ties with Sau­di money. This is capi­ta­lism. Get used to it.

  40. Im tel­ling your right now NBA watch out tho­se pockets are deep and the NBA cham­pions­hip has real­ly lost its value. I could see mul­ti­ple play­ers taking that cash and running !!!

  41. LIV also know as PGA tour was­hed up play­ers!! They aren’t going to win again so they took the money and ran! Once they don’t earn their way into majors due to not play­ing in PGA or Euro­pean tour events they will disap­pe­ar! Bye Bye Has Beens and never will be’s!

  42. Good for Hub­bard! More to follow.…these guys who were ori­gi­nal­ly fores­ha­do­wed by the other dudes [Koep­ka] now have a chan­ce to mar­ket them­sel­ves. Go Mark Go.

  43. I like Rich. But a more serious deam­o­nor is nee­ded. Liv has expo­sed the flaws of the PGA Tour. Can’t bla­me a man for going with the money to secu­re their future for a lifetime.

  44. There’s no way the PGA expec­ted LIV to offer $100 mil­li­on to play­ers and cer­tain­ly not to mul­ti­ple play­ers just to sign. The PGA could have com­pe­ted with the event pur­ses but not the end­less sup­ply of signing bonuses.

  45. Disap­poin­ted Rich, the attempts at joking about the Eng­lish was chil­dish and very weak at best!
    Stick to the fun­ny stuff you know best ‘mate’.
    Big dis­li­ke for this one!
    First time in watching you in near­ly 3 years.… 


  46. Dude wtf, you mock someo­ne last­na­me? Just becou­se you hate LIV. You hate play­ers from golf to get paid but you pound the table for col­le­ge foot­ball play­ers to get paid as much they can. Soo whats wrong with you?

  47. The com­pe­ti­ti­on should make the PGA tour bet­ter. If not, then eit­her the LIV tour will fail or the PGA’s time has run it’s cour­se. If you com­p­lain about whe­re the LIV’s money comes from, then I hope you’­re also moa­ning about the NBA’s rela­ti­ons­hip with China.

  48. FEDEX inves­ted 400 mil­li­on dol­lars in Sau­di Ara­bia in 2021. And the Sau­dis inves­ted 247 mil­li­on in FEDEX. I’m con­fu­sed FEDEX, Jay said the Sau­dis money is unmo­ral blood money, so why the hell are you dealing with them? And Jay why are you allowing FEDEX to spon­sor PGA events?

  49. Rich.……the rea­son the Majors don’t care is that it takes care of its­elf next year. Unless they give ran­king points to 54 hole tour­na­ments the guys in the LIV tour won’t qua­li­fy to play in the Majors !! The only decisi­on for Majors is if they con­ti­nue to let past champs in if sus­pen­ded by PGA. Other­wi­se, why should they act this year? This will cor­rect its­elf next year.

  50. Oh l@@ky…

    The PGA is swim­ming in cash and its begin­ning to spill it out all over the place. 8 new 20 mil tour­neys per year, incre­a­sed tour event pur­se upgrades and of cour­se Jay’s 9 mil per year contract.

    give me a break media and report the fact that Phil was right all along.

    OWN IT!

    ain’t that what this media pun­dit richE preaches all day long?

  51. Rich eisn say­ing that ran­do 100 cut guy is gon­na win is exact­ly why he should just not talk about golf ever again 😂😂

    1. He’s got the plat­form and like he’s real­ly at this point fact che­cking. If it sounds good he’ll say it like they all do.

  52. What I find fun­ny is Ame­ri­cans who are against LIV but also love and sup­port the free mar­ket. How is this not just a good old case of who can offer a better/different pro­duct and pay peop­le more at the same time? Nobo­dy ever said the mar­ket is fair.

  53. I’m new to all this… you keep men­tio­ning a liv golf tour­na­ment it sounds very intriguing…
    Whe­re can I watch this? Is the­re a link someo­ne can post? I’d like to see what it’s all about next week.
    Many thanks

  54. There’s not­hing more imma­tu­re than lis­tening to a bunch of grown men try to be fun­ny tal­king about sports. Espe­cial­ly sports in a for­eign coun­try that they know litt­le about.

  55. “Who is Mark Hub­bard?” And the­re you have it in the nuts­hell. The PGA will even­tual­ly rever­se the sus­pen­si­ons becau­se guys like Koep­ka are repla­ced by Mark Hubbard.

  56. Rich cele­bra­ting and sup­por­ting a busi­ness (pga)
    Try­ing to take away A per­sons free­dom to play a game or do wha­te­ver they want to do is hope­ful­ly just per­suing long han­ging fruit content
    But it loo­ks more like he’s just bit­ter for some unknowns reason
    Just not good any­mo­re and rumors about not being a good dude are beco­m­ing easier to believe
    It’s a game
    And he who­res hims­elf for money the same way most do for money

  57. Still don’t get how a cor­rupt pon­zi sche­me like BLM that took advan­ta­ge of race and ins­ti­ga­ted riots that cau­sed death and dest­ruc­tion is ent­ren­ched in sports, but this is bad. Dou­ble standards.

  58. No sur­pri­se. Why should the R and A stop LIV golf qua­li­fied play­ing ? Sheer hypo­cri­sy this who­le PGA posi­ti­on. They and so many others are hap­py to take Sau­di money

  59. For anyo­ne won­de­ring.. The Rich Eisen Show is Paid for by Peacock.. Which is under NBC Uni­ver­sal.. And I think you can guess who has a tele­vi­si­on deal with the PGA tour that runs through 2030.. But it’s defi­ni­te­ly not about the money 🤣🤣

  60. Poor peop­le who earn $75k per year would love to see a rai­se sala­ry of $200m per year and would not even hesi­ta­te to say yes. Are the same ones who gril­led Phil

  61. Rich thinks LIV is dilu­ting the game but has not­hing to say about PGA vio­la­ting the fun­da­men­tal idea of open­ness and com­pe­ti­ti­on. It’s like Rich is get­ting paid by the PGA to take the stance that LIV is not giving more access to the game.

    The PGA’s respon­se is what leads to less com­pe­ti­ti­ve golf and enfor­cing exclusiveness. 

    Does igno­rant Rich rea­li­ze he’s the one giving the Saudi’s that black cloud money. He’s rich enough to do other­wi­se but he’s a hypo­cri­te just like the rest. Is the­re any more of a direct link than Oil.

  62. Not one Ame­ri­can is loy­al to anyo­ne or any­bo­dy except for the migh­ty paycheck. I bet 99 per­cent of working Ame­ri­cans right now would quit their jobs right now to go work for the com­pe­ti­ti­on for more money 💰

  63. Com­pe­ti­ti­on always makes both bet­ter. Btw, I will always remem­ber the TPC as the Sam­my Davis Jr Grea­ter Hart­ford open.

  64. I asked MANY years ago why big name play­ers took big appearan­ce money to show up in Euro­pean Tour events and other events in Asia or Dubai.…nobody see­med to care! But now LIV golf does it in bulk and it beco­mes pola­ri­zing. I know it isn’t app­les and oran­ges, but I think it is a valid question.

  65. Isn’t the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL mer­chan­di­se still made in sweat shops??? I don’t agree with the Sau­di way but to con­si­der all other leagues are taking advan­ta­ge to pay their play­ers then gol­fers go get you coin.

  66. If Rich Eisen were offe­red mil­li­ons of dol­lars to lea­ve his pod­cast to head­line a TV show about cro­co­di­le wrest­ling, you would­n’t see him for dust.

  67. Hey Rich! Where’s your outra­ge at the NBA’s dealings with Chi­na? Also, thanks for brin­ging so much atten­ti­on and free adver­ti­sing to LIV, I wasn’t remo­te­ly inte­res­ted but now it is much-watch for me. Good for The Open and I hope The Mas­ters fol­low suit.

  68. The main ques­ti­on is whe­ther the PGA Tour is fair to it’s play­ers. This topic should be cove­r­ed more so the public can make up it’s own mind.

  69. If you have no qualms about whe­re your money comes from.….….…and golf is just a job to you. I get the attrac­tion, easy money, no cut, small fiel­ds, not much com­pe­ti­ti­on. Join the Sau­di Golf Team. But my ques­ti­on is “Why would anyo­ne watch it” I have zero interest.

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