EP134 – LIV Golf BIG NEWS, MinJee Lee gewinnt 1,8 Millionen Dollar und Rick spielt besseres Golf!

EP134 LIV Golf BIG NEWS MinJee Lee gewinnt 18 Millionen Dollar und Rick spielt besseres Golf become a better golfer

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254 thought on “EP134 – LIV Golf BIG NEWS, MinJee Lee gewinnt 1,8 Millionen Dollar und Rick spielt besseres Golf!”

  1. Rick will you be watching the first Liv tour­na­ment , if so how? I under­stand it will be on you­tube and Face­book but I cant find any info on how to watch

  2. Love when the­se hit You­Tube early.

    Next hour of work will be a bree­ze now! Thanks guys!
    Loved having Soph on the chan­nel too! 🙂

  3. Always a gre­at plea­su­re to see and lis­ten to Sophie Wal­ker. Hands down my favou­rite gues­t/­co-host. 👍🇸🇪

  4. 20:12 imo i don’t think it’s pos­si­ble. The only way to have anything clo­se to Tiger is if there’s ano­t­her war that the USA are invol­ved in like Viet­nam. His par­ents were tru­ly unique.

  5. Sophie and Rick make a gre­at pair. Both lis­ten so well and com­pli­ment each other’s insights. I could lis­ten to Sophie for hours. Plea­se have her back on.

    1. Agreed. Rick and Sophie have a gre­at rap­port, and Sophie is super insight­ful. I could lis­ten to them for hours.

  6. It seems like frank is a busi­ness alrea­dy he cant be a kid any­mo­re. Lots of cases in foot­ball whe­re they peak at 20 and burn out by 22 23

  7. I only watch majors becau­se golf is so boring and they com­men­ta­tor are so old and tra­di­tio­nal so I’m hoping the LIV golf can get me exci­ted about pro­vi­sio­nal golf again

  8. Who’d legi­ti­mate­ly turn down Sau­di Golf money, espe­cial­ly the older play­ers or the ones who aren’t likely to crack it regu­lar­ly on tour. I’d do it in a heart beat.

    1. Lots of peop­le would becau­se they think that some things are more important than money. The­re are hund­reds of pro gol­fers who have made that decisi­on. West­wood, Gar­cia, John­son, Poul­ter etc are just gree­dy. They alrea­dy have ple­nty enough money

  9. I recent­ly had an on cour­se les­son and it was the best les­son for my short game I ever had. I didn’t keep a total score becau­se once I was wit­hin 100 yards, my coach had me redo any shots I mes­sed up and wal­ked me through play­ing through dif­fe­rent lies. I total­ly recom­mend get­ting a les­son on the course

    You should do one Rick ( might be a gre­at video too)

  10. I love you guys when you spend time with Sophie, she is so rela­xed, so nice to hear and so know­led­ge­ab­le!!!! I also love to see her vide­os, she pro­vi­des good advi­se.…., it would be gre­at for her to also set her own pod­cast channel!

  11. Kar­rie Webb was play­ing at our local club a cou­p­le of weeks ago. Was awe­so­me to see cham­pion gol­fer clo­se up.

  12. Last time i lay on a desk and asked a co worker to take me to my hap­py place i was given a final writ­ten warning from HR.

  13. The tal­ly of what John Daly con­su­med in one round is from a thread about a prac­ti­ce round at the 2008 Green­s­bo­ro North Caro­li­na Open. He may still do a simi­lar rou­ti­ne but the tweet was re-pos­ted a lot of pla­ces out of con­text during the PGA

  14. Soph is YT Golf legend!!! ALways full of gre­at insights into the PRO game…mens and ladies. And such a good play­er. If she had ano­t­her 70yds, she’d be top10 on the LPGA

  15. Love Sophie on the chan­nel, Anti-LIV: mil­lion­aire exhi­bi­ti­ons not real tour­na­ments, poli­ti­cal­ly poisonous/blood washing, Greed for greed’s sake

  16. Gre­at stuff Sophie, love your insights and hope you fol­low Tiger in the ropes!.…Rick,again a gre­at show.….class.

  17. Gre­at Pod Cast, the back and forth bet­ween the two of you is fun to lis­ten to. Love Sophie, so down to earth, knows what she is tal­king about, has inte­res­ting things to say about the tours and what hap­pens behind the sce­nes. You could have her on every week and it would not get boring.

  18. I think Rick should pay Sophie for some on cour­se help, we’­re tal­king about the ‘fines­se’ clubs, wed­ges and 9 iron in, and game men­ta­li­ty. I think she’d real­ly help him.

  19. I’ve seen the video, the­re is a com­pa­ny that has a til­ting floor. I just can’t find the name of it, the com­pa­ny is huge in Asia and they have a few in the States.

  20. If you join LIV, how do you stay ‘Golf sharp’? With so few events and pos­si­ble tour bans I can’t see some stay­ing on top of their A game.

  21. Much pre­fer Sophie as co-host!

    Apo­lo­gies Guy 😂. May­be have Sophie as regu­lar co-host and Guy fill in or read the Ques­ti­ons to both Rick and Sophie??

  22. Going off of what you think is bet­ter rather than what num­bers tell you is clear­ly bet­ter pro­bab­ly isn’t the best move..

  23. Tra­di­ti­on and heri­ta­ge are important, but we should not be suf­fo­ca­ted and restric­ted by them. We should embrace chan­ge and pro­gres­si­on, espe­cial­ly in terms of diver­si­ty and the free­dom to play without prejudice.

  24. Bril­li­ant epi­so­de and Sophie was a fabu­lous guest co-host, gre­at job. 

    The LIV tour is very pola­ri­sing to many, for me it pure­ly comes down to per­so­nal inte­gri­ty. If you have no issue taking huge pay che­ques from a country/government who have appal­ling human rights for their citi­zens, then go for it, fill your pockets. Per­so­nal­ly, I could­n’t do it. Shane Lowry com­men­ted say­ing that they are gol­fers, not poli­ti­ci­ans … that is a poor excu­se for try­ing to legi­ti­mi­se it IMO.

  25. The­re is a theo­ry that the next genera­ti­on is an evo­lu­tio­na­ry step ahead of the pre­vious genera­ti­on. This is just a rea­li­ty of humans moving forward.

  26. Gre­at to have Sophie on the pod­cast. Always gre­at to lis­ten to her views. I wouldn’t be stay­ing on holi­day too long Guy.

  27. Sophie is gre­at on the pod­cast as a guest/cohost. Real­ly hum­ble and adds so much to the con­ver­sa­ti­on. Loved the con­ver­sa­ti­on and the topics.

  28. Rick, thin­king about you say­ing that you’­ve only ever had 1 good fit­ting, and sin­ce you’­re brand agnostic, it would be ama­zing to see a video of you going to Cana­da to get fit by the guys at TXG. Dri­ver? Full bag, may­be? I feel like it would be epic.

  29. Not being mean but I’d get rid of Guy and get some rota­ti­on going to get other views/opinions on. I know you have guests but not the same when taking about LIV, young play­ers etc.

  30. The issue around the LIV golf are simi­lar to the midd­le eas­tern influ­ence in foot­ball the­se days. How come in foot­ball the “sports washing” by cer­tain coun­tries is often high­ligh­ted and put to mana­gers, play­ers, pun­dits etc to ans­wer about, but when it comes to gol­fers and media out­lets (like pod­casts), it seems to come down to pay days and if its good for the consumer?
    Is it not the same issue, in two dif­fe­rent sports, but with see­min­gly dif­fe­rent view­points and opinions.

  31. Liv golf is like world seri­es cri­cket like when Ker­ry Par­ker he chan­ged cri­cket in Aus­tra­lia. That make cri­cket bet­ter. This is the same. The best Aus­tra­li­an play­er went to Par­ker. They were with life bans. The Aus­tra­lia star­ted a new sides went to the UK and got flog­ged the NZ got flog­ged. Then the Aus­tra­li­an cri­cket. Gave in the best play­er back Lil­lie Tom­mo Mar­sh. The flog­ged the Ashies

  32. I don’t agree with the tour but from a view­er point of view a shot gun start would be gre­at. Hope­ful­ly see more play­ers than just a select half dozen for 4 hours. Howe­ver, I wouldn’t go and watch a shot gun start becau­se I wouldn’t be able to fol­low mul­ti­ple play­ers for a lot of holes like you could at a Bri­tish open for example.

  33. Any rea­son why Ryder Cup stal­warts of the Euro­peans aren’t get­ting the same nega­ti­ve press over joi­ning the LIV Sports washing tour? Poul­ter, McDo­well, West­wood, Ser­gio? Could it be becau­se the Euro­pean Tour sold out to beco­me the DP World tour. DP being Dubai Ports World. The same com­pa­ny who sacked all their Bri­tish Fer­ry Workers.

  34. Love the chan­nel Rick. My one issue i think you should break your time­li­ne down by seg­ments. Today i was just real­ly busy and wan­ted to just lis­ten about the LIV seg­ment. Would be much more con­ve­ni­ent to skip to that.

  35. Remem­ber, every play­er gets paid in LIV. The­re is no cut. You can’t lose as a play­er. In PGA, the­re is no mini­mum. If you don’t make cut, you don’t get paid.

  36. Its ridi­cu­lous that we’­re even having con­ver­sa­ti­ons about the bet­te­ring of golf etc etc. This tour­na­ment is backed by a des­pi­ca­ble régime. It’s a dis­grace to even set the para­me­ters for suc­cess. The­se gol­fers have sold their souls to the hig­hest bid. They are com­pli­cit and par­ti­ci­pa­te and give vali­di­ty to MBS who is now behind in some of the worlds worst attro­ci­tes. I’m sure his name will look good on your payche­que. Shameful.

  37. Rick enjoy your com­men­ta­ry regar­ding the LIV tour etc. Nowhe­re have I seen any dis­cus­sion regar­ding the busi­ness model of the LIV tour. Cer­tain­ly the Sau­dis have suf­fi­ci­ent funds to afford the initi­al invest­ment to lure play­ers away from the PGA tour but how do they hope to see a return on their investment?

  38. Until more peop­le start paying to watch ladies golf, the pri­ze money won’t go up much and the­re won’t be any tour trucks.

  39. Sophie brings such a dif­fe­rent vibe to the show and it is a nice chan­ge of pace. I think it is nice for you too Rick. You seem more rela­xed and thought­ful when she is on the show.

  40. LiV tour does have some com­pa­ri­son with Aus­tra­li­an Ker­ry Packer’s ‘World Seri­es Cri­cket’ bre­aka­way seri­es in 1977…which shook up cri­cket by temp­t­ing top play­ers with big cash…….it was all over by 1979……

  41. the open events are by name Open so how can the tours stop LIV play­ers qua­li­fy­ing and play­ing, if they do its not an Open com­pe­ti­ti­on in my view.

  42. Sor­ry Rick, LIV is not­hing else than a cir­cus whe­re the play­ers are employees of the Sau­di rulers. Accep­t­ing their dic­ta­tor­s­hip. The play­ers feed off their fans enthu­si­asm, but one should boy­cott the­se tour­na­ments. They alrea­dy got fed by the Saudis.

  43. Gre­at cohost. She’s awe­so­me and pro­vi­des a lot of good insight and along­side Rick I love how they pass ide­as back and forth. Gre­at episode 👍

  44. Such a tre­a­su­re to have Sophie on. Gre­at pod­cast as always. Did find the LIV dis­cus­sion inte­res­ting. The list of play­ers for the first event is under­whel­ming. The big­gest names are all on the down­si­de of their care­ers. Rick, you were naï­ve if you thought play­ers could bop in and out of LIV tour­na­ments without reper­cus­sions from their home tours. At least Na did the right thing and just com­mit­ted to the LIV and left the PGA Tour. IDK if eit­her the PGA or DP World Tours will per­ma­nent­ly ban any of the play­ers. They might, but I they may not go with the nuclear opti­on out of the box. I could see some leng­thy sus­pen­si­ons though. The suc­cess of the LIV and how long it lasts will depend on just how much money the Saudi’s are wil­ling to spend and how long they are wil­ling to spend it.

    1. If gol­fers are con­si­de­red pri­va­te con­trac­tors does the PGA tour even have a legal right to per­ma­nent­ly ban play­ers for com­pe­ting in LIV. Just curious not sure how all of that works.

    2. @Jonathan Hupp But they are not pri­va­te con­trac­tors. DO NOT con­fu­se the fact that PGA win­nings are paid as 1099 wages as evi­dence of them being “pri­va­te con­trac­tors”. That is an IRS desi­gna­ti­on which makes the play­er respon­si­ble for the taxes. That is it. The PGA Tour is a non-pro­fit mem­bers­hip orga­niz­a­ti­on. It has requi­re­ment for its mem­bers­hip which inclu­des not play­ing at com­pe­ting events without Tour approval.

  45. So this new event is to be strea­med free, ticket pri­ces are irrele­vant as a cost reco­very com­pa­red to what the play­ers are being paid.
    How are they making any money? Will adver­ti­sers real­ly pay that much?

    1. You should put your name on the right hand part of the screen and the guests name on the left hand part of the tv (in the background)

  46. Liv golf will be bet­ter for the view­er (until they bring in sub­scrip­ti­ons) becau­se it’s not on Sky, anything is bet­ter than Sky.

  47. As a golf fan, I’ll never watch anything to do with LIV, and I’ll instant­ly unsub­scri­be to any You­Tube chan­nels that get invol­ved with them.

  48. Love yall. Poor Guy get­ting repla­ced, lol For a short time any­way. I am sort of in that crowd. Hit­ting 300 yd dri­ves a 13 yo, shoo­ting high 70s at the same age, but when I got my licen­se to dri­ve, Golf took a back seat and then ended up being that thing that stay­ed in the trunk (or boot for yall across the pond) until my ear­ly 30s. Still not as good as i used to be.

  49. Always a plea­su­re, Sophie at the Pod­cast! Sad­ly I do have PXG Irons. And I don’t like them. The brand, slept the most, in my opi­ni­on, Tou­re Edge.

  50. What a gre­at inter­view, ter­ri­fic know­led­ge­ab­le guest. Rick, you’re a natu­ral inter­view­er, fan­tastic job, keep ‘em coming.

  51. Wood­bu­ry park / Devon has all the score­cards framed with a pic­tu­re and a ball of all the tour pros who play­ed the­re in the bar/ restau­rant area pret­ty cool to look at when wai­t­ing for tee time or afterwards
    Awe­so­me golf cour­se as well Nigel man­sel used to own it . Bloo­dy hard for a nor­mal play­er I loved it over there

  52. Gar­ba­ge league , bunch of has beens. Most of the­se guys, never heard of them, and most are ran­ked so high, I could beat them

  53. Hap­py to see Sophie step­ping in for Guy. She real­ly is a gre­at gues­t/­co-host and all round lovely per­son with fan­tastic golf knowledge.

  54. And….. Phils now play­ing…. Won­der how much he got. Got to be more than Dus­tin. That’s why he held off and didn’t com­mit until he knew what the others whe­re getting.

  55. Gre­at show this week. When tal­king about the LIV tour it remin­ded me of the BDO darts defec­tions in the ear­ly 90’s. When play­ers ended up forming the more lucra­ti­ve PDC. The BDO issued life bans and then court batt­les star­ted. The result of the defec­tions and the new orga­ni­sa­tio­nal struc­tu­re pret­ty much was the start of the end for the BDO. Could histo­ry repeat itself?

    1. Alot smal­ler sca­le in all fair­ness majo­ri­ty of the game was a Bri­tish orga­ni­sa­ti­on they wan­ted to take the game glo­bal. PGA is simi­lar in that it is US based and they want to make it glo­bal. What I would say back is ask how the XFL did against the NFL? Was­n’t gre­at. I don’t think it can com­pe­te with the tra­di­ti­on of the PGA tour per­so­nal­ly. I think it fails

  56. When you first had Sophie on as a guest her advice to lose the stress, rules and score card and make golf fun kept my wife play­ing. So she has a spe­cial place in my heart. So I was exci­ted to see her co-host. She is gre­at. And, Rick, you’­re good too.

  57. LIV Golf – im atten­ding Thurs­day , real­ly inte­res­ted to see how this for­mat works and how we as fans are enter­tai­ned.. If someo­ne offe­red me a job thats 1 day a week less, a lot more money, no mis­sed cuts etc… this is MASSIVE for the play­ers and I hope its as big for fans in the UK for the first event

  58. Spea­king of being spon­so­red by clubs…Why is nobo­dy tal­king about what seems to be a pret­ty bad slump for Brooks Koep­ka, sin­ce he swit­ched com­ple­te­ly to Srixon?

    1. Good point. I still belie­ve Rory should have stay­ed with Tit­leist. Not say­ing I know anything, just won­der why some pros are wil­ling to switch. I’m sure the­re are a lot of things going on behind the sce­nes though.

  59. The nice thing for the­se play­ers is the US Open is a USGA event not a PGA event, The Mas­ters is its own event, not a PGA event, The Open again is NOT a PGA event. What has the DP World Tour said to its players..same thing as the PGA Tour? Now the­se major events I sup­po­se can ban play­ers but at least the­se events are NOT PGA sanc­tion­ed events. As far as ticket prices…I belie­ve sin­gle day ground pas­ses start at $70. Com­pa­re that to the same type of pass for the US Open…$700. I went to the 1987 US Open at The Olym­pic Club in San Fran­sis­co CA, sin­gle day pas­ses were about $30.

  60. Does the DP tour alrea­dy play in Sau­di? How many Bri­tish foot­ball clubs are spon­so­red by Sau­di con­nec­tions? Do the US & Bri­tish Government sell arms to Sau­di????? All without the back­lash golf is recei­ving. Just asking!

  61. “I like money” that dude in Idio­cra­cy eating but­ter like it’s pop­corn (I think that was the point btw). LIV is fine, it is what it is and hope­ful­ly all the varia­bles work out for all tours, and fans can see best on best and be enter­tai­ned but also satis­fied that we get to see the best gol­fers going up against each other. But yeah.……it’s all $$$$$$$

  62. The LIV golf tour seems bad for golf.

    Many peop­le, inclu­ding mys­elf, won’t sup­port anything backed by the Sau­di government. I could­n’t care less who plays or what happens.

    On the other hand, I don’t like the PGA tour threa­tening the ban­ning of play­ers if they choo­se to play in ano­t­her tour.

  63. Hated Sergio’s anti­cs the other day, and some that he’s done in the past. Spit­ting in the cup on the green made me lose all respect for him. I hope the PGA blocks them from play­ing any tour­na­ment that isn’t an open. Would love to see the Mas­ters block even past cham­pions, sta­ting that they must qua­li­fy for the Mas­ters, and be a mem­ber in good stan­ding of the PGA.

  64. Sophie was a won­der­ful co-host and real­ly adds a fresh and impro­ved ele­ment to your show. May­be food for thought (sor­ry Guy) 🤔

  65. They have announ­ced all of the loo­sers will still be able to play in the majors. Dumb decision!
    Hope­ful­ly they will not be allo­wed to play in the Ryder and Pre­si­dents cups..

  66. My opi­ni­on in LIV golf is I love the idea of a ‘world tour’ but it’s not a world tour yet. The majo­ri­ty is still in the USA and the­re are none in Afri­ca or eas­tern Asia (such as Japan or South Korea) I also don’t like the means this is com­ing about from dir­ty money.

  67. I belie­ve Ana reti­red from the PGA might have been a legal thing. He can’t be pena­li­zed as he isn’t a mem­ber the­re­fo­re he might find it easier to go back if he wishes

  68. ” Lives in L.A.” like thats some­thing we Ame­ri­cans envy. Just say­ing, Cali in gene­ral is a lost cau­se. Its a shame. The fact that you cant chunk a shot on mats sucks, of coar­se any prac­ti­ce is gre­at but wish it could be a bit less forgiving.

  69. I have so much time for Sophie, she’s just so easy to lis­ten to, with such an abundance of know­ledge and experience…
    Cheers from Australia 🇦🇺

  70. Rick… How can you aknow­ledge that spon­sor lock you in but dis­ad­van­ta­ges you.…. And yet you locked yourself into the shoes when Nike night make some­thing awe­so­me next year, damb you con­fu­se me bro I don’t like this behaviour

  71. Rick Gre­at show… Sophie you are the best, about LIV golf, huge untap­ped mar­ket in the wes­tern USA ‚many of us are tired of the “Flo­ri­da Tour “and the 20 under finis­hes and just ima­gi­ne if they cover golf shots on TV not just putts. I will be there.

  72. I hope the LIV golf league hel­ps out the les­ser known golf brands and direct to con­su­mer brands as well. Brands like Tour Edge, Toco­mo, Sub 70, Next Level, etc etc

  73. Watch this space but I think fol­lowing the Open many will go over to LIV
    inclu­ding tiger 🐅 – 8 events 54 holes and $1 bil­li­on sign on would suit his age­ing body and pocket just fine

  74. About LIV Golf: plea­se get edu­ca­ted on the topic of sports washing. It’s LIV Golf, it’s the Olym­pics in Chi­na, it’s F1 in all kinds of dod­gy pla­ces, it’s the World Cup in Qatar and many more things. 

    The­se are nati­on sta­te spon­so­red events just to impro­ve the image of the coun­try. In the spe­ci­fic case of Sau­di-Ara­bia and LIV: the Human Rights record of Sau­di-Ara­bia is atro­cious. By aligning them­sel­ves with the LIV Golf Tour all of the­se pro’s are sti­cking their heads in the sand (no pun inten­ded) just for get­ting more money.

    About the ran­king: as it stands the LIV Golf Tour is not big enough to be awar­ded ran­king points. So any­bo­dy that needs to qua­li­fy for a major based on rank will not be recei­ving points for LIV events.

  75. Sophie is class. Seen her on nume­rous people’s chan­nels. Always know­led­ge­ab­le and enga­ging. Golf is in a bet­ter place having her invol­ved with “com­men­ta­ting” 😀

  76. A real­ly posi­ti­ve thing about his LIV event is it’s on You­Tube, ever­yo­ne can see it, much bet­ter for gro­wing the game than just Sky Sports or golf channel

  77. LIV may refer to the Roman nume­ral 54: L is 50 and IV is 4. LIV tour­na­ments are 54 holes only, and a bir­die on every hole also turns out as 54. Source for this info is Wiki­pe­dia so it could be, or not…

  78. Gre­at epi­so­de and Sophie was fan­tastic as always. May­be make future pod cas­ts a trio and have Sophie on more regularly.

  79. Sophie is one of the best guests you have on here. This is not a dig at Guy, but this pod and the one with Matt were gre­at pure­ly as they felt a bit more natu­ral, as they didnt fol­low a for­mu­la like they do most weeks. I think it’s the format/formula used thats the issue here, not guy (or anyo­ne else).

  80. Not­hing against guy but it’s a good look with a male and fema­le at the desk ‚sor­ry guy your still the man 👍

  81. Sophie is such a lovely guest to have on Rick. Always thought­ful and honest. Pos­si­b­ly my favou­rite guest on the pod­cast. And, I bet Sophie is a gre­at coach. 👏👏👏

  82. Real­ly loo­king for­ward to LIV golf to see how the dif­fe­rent for­mat works, it could be so much more exci­ting to watch. Under­stand why you are sit­ting on the fence at the moment but then lis­ten to you and your exci­te­ment to play with 100 peop­le and how you whe­re loo­king so for­ward to this dif­fe­rent type of event and how much you whe­re loo­king for­ward to this 🤔
    Love your pod­casts, keep it com­ing Rick Guy & this week Sophie 👍👍

  83. Hel­lo Rick I was just thin­king if you would be inte­res­ted in a real­ly spe­cial golf rela­ted guest, I don’t want to give the­re name, but belie­ve me it would be some­thing fasci­na­ting you and your fol­lo­wers would enjoy. They are not a pro gol­fer nor ever has been but they are invol­ved at the hig­hest level. Pri­va­te mes­sa­ge me if you would be inte­res­ted to find out more.

  84. Incredi­b­ly sur­pri­sed by how litt­le you spo­ke about the ethics and ori­gins of the live tour you are stay­ing very very neu­tral in fact I would dare to say you skir­ted around the real issue it seems like you’­re kee­ping your opti­ons open just in case there’s some money for you to be made. Eit­her that or you’­re also worried about being chop­ped up and put insi­de of a duf­fel bag spea­king out of turn about the Sau­di government

  85. Right befo­re I pull the trig­ger, I tell mys­elf, “ It doesn’t real­ly mat­ter” becau­se it the grand sche­me of things it doesn’t. Hit the damn ball!

  86. I total­ly agree with Rick’s com­ment about some peop­le that con­si­der them­sel­ves gol­fers who only go to a dri­ving ran­ge. This is espe­cial­ly true in Japan whe­re the oppor­tu­ni­ty to get on an actu­al golf cour­se, cou­pled with the cost of a round, makes it extre­me­ly dif­fi­cult for many. I remem­ber being sta­tio­ned in Japan while in the U.S. Navy that it was­n’t too dif­fi­cult to bring some Japa­ne­se friends as guests to play on the mili­ta­ry golf cour­ses for a lot less money. Need­less to say, they were extre­me­ly grateful.

  87. I think what still bothers some peop­le is that the pri­ma­ry goal for this league isn’t the play­ers, it isn’t the fan, or the game of golf. This leagues pur­po­se which the play­ers have open­ly admit­ted is to adver­ti­se Sau­di Ara­bia and get the public to for­get about the human rights issu­es they are cur­r­ent­ly known for – the play­ers, fans and golf its­elf are just a means to an end.

  88. Guy is a gre­at co host but Sophie real­ly takes it to ano­t­her level. There’s a lot more talk about golf and less about other stuff or pre­vious vide­os. Super well flowing, fun­ny and gre­at golf con­tent. May­be you guys can at least get Sophie on every second week?

  89. It’s not opi­ni­ons on the SA aspect. It’s facts! It’s dis­gus­ting that the­se well-off play­ers are taking blood money. They should be ban­ned from any non-liv event.

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