EPISCHE VINTAGE SEKUNDÄRENLADEN FINDET!! (Sexy Golfschläger + teure Turnschuhe!!)

EPISCHE VINTAGE SEKUNDAeRENLADEN FINDET Sexy Golfschlaeger teure Turnschuhe best eBay products

In die­sem Golf-Vlog machen wir uns auf den Weg, um Golf­schlä­ger zu scho­nen! Unter­wegs fin­den wir eini­ge sexy Golf­schlä­ger, coo­le Vin­ta­ge-Klei­dung und eini­ge teu­re Turn­schu­he! Haben wir teu­re Golf­schlä­ger zu güns­ti­gen Golf­schlä­gern gefun­den? Wird einer die­ser Vin­ta­ge-Second­hand-Store-Fun­de es in unse­re What’s in the bag 2020-Edi­ti­on schaf­fen? Lass es uns her­aus­fin­den!! Insta­gram: http://​bit​.ly/​2​m​l​r​AfW Face­book: http://​bit​.ly/​2​m​3​M​Ma1

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293 thought on “EPISCHE VINTAGE SEKUNDÄRENLADEN FINDET!! (Sexy Golfschläger + teure Turnschuhe!!)”

  1. Wait John gets the litt­le bit­ty trash bag and Ash­ley gets the hea­vy box? 😂😂 Just kid­ding keep the vide­os com­ing. I need to take a trip to Flo­ri­da for golf stuff

  2. Fan­tastic video once again guys! Awe­so­me!! Hey.…PEEP PEEP PEEP.…
    QUESTION.….do you guys have a link or can you shoot a link to your ebay store / sel­ling site? Would love to purcha­se some things from you guys to help you out.
    Also…only thing with the new go pro was the weird “chop­py” sce­nes. Other then that it was gre­at! Be care­ful with the tor­na­dos! Of cour­se it would be ok if all that Mets stuff blew away. Lol lol.

    1. Yeah I had to chop a cou­p­le sce­nes a litt­le too tight becau­se I kept say­ing the same words over and over 😂 We don’t have a site whe­re we sell but might have an eBay store spe­ci­fi­cal­ly for the chan­nel in the future.

  3. The USA soc­cer top is womens. Tho­se pip­pens are sweet, but its weird that it has the #33 on the back (should be #8).

    Love your videos/content. Cheers!

  4. Love the video. Sor­ry Ash, John trumped you with the Scot­ty Pip­pins. Make sure you inclu­de tho­se clubs get­ting hit in the next video 🙂

  5. You will love tho­se irons, I’ve a set, but not with the – let’s face it – cool Wat­son signa­tu­re stamp. They are super buttery.

  6. Sweet IU head­co­vers! Also I assu­me that wench dress han­ging in fit­ting room is for John next time you guys go to Medi­eval Times? LOL Good stuff! Loo­king for­ward to see­ing you hit tho­se irons hope­ful­ly next vid! Keep em comin!

  7. The S.P.’s are bet­ter than the watermelon’s . John if you got the lion king hat and Washing­ton Bul­lets hat hit me up! Inte­res­ted in both!

  8. Hey, I just picked up a 3‑PW set of Gol­den Ram Tour Grind irons too. I’m refi­nis­hing them – polish and paint-fill. They do look ama­zing, but intimi­da­ting as hell, $2 apie­ce too. Got a Cleve­land 588 53 degree wedge as well, but not in good shape as yours but fun to hit. Nice to see simi­lar finds in your neck of the woods ins­tead of just bet­ter clubs than I see 😛

    1. @Stacked Golf Hope so, the rust remo­val (main­ly shafts, bit on the 5i) and paint remo­val went real­ly well with 1000-grit scotch­bri­te pads and vine­gar (ace­to­ne for paint, nas­ty though), I’ve just got an hour or 2 of poli­shing to get them rea­son­ab­ly mir­ror-like. I’ll make a thread in the r/golf sub when they’­re done with some pics of the process.

    1. @Stacked Golf it’s just nice for a you tube chan­nel to be posi­ti­ve about things rather than all the nega­ti­vi­ty out the­re. (sled­ging aside ;)).

  9. Wow the plaid bag is ama­zing, I’ve got 4 sets of Pings going back into late 60’s and I’ve seen that bag, got­ta be a collector’s item. Put it with your Thrif­ting Hall of Fame Collection.

  10. WOW! Whe­re do you guys live. I don’t find anything clo­se to as cool as you do. Sor­ry John, Ash beats you again right off the line with the Water­me­lon Chucks. Ridi­cu­lous find. BTW, I have a who­le com­ple­te set of the War­ri­or clubs, Dri­ver, Fair­ways, Hybrids, Irons and Wed­ges. Sold the put­ter to a friend

  11. Ano­t­her gre­at vlog. Now all you need to find is Rod­ney Dangerfield’s ghet­to blas­ter bag from the movie Cad­dys­hack. Along with the poly­es­ter plaid pants, wing­tip shoes, an argyle swea­ter. You will be sty­lin and pro­filin. Oh yeah.

    1. Nort­hern Flo­ri­da I think lol, tho­se stores seem pret­ty spar­se for golf stuff down here, I hard­ly ever find some­thing cool. I did find a set of old Mizu­no irons for $20 which was pret­ty awe­so­me. but down south its defi­ni­te­ly older off brand clubs, no cool head covers and shoes and bags like the­se guys find.

  12. Gran­ted, I don’t know if y’all do this alrea­dy, howe­ver, if you don’t… I feel like it could be a real­ly cool idea to do givea­ways for your subs of some of the nicer clubs or cool finds you get. Just an idea!

    1. Tay­lor not as bad as you think, for one. And two, they don’t have to be super fre­quent. Just a litt­le some­thing to show the subs they real­ly mean some­thing to the creators.

  13. Hey guys – big fan of the chan­nel. The shoes are the “knicks” color­way refer­ring to a cra­zy dunk Pip­pen had over Ewing. I would check the g.o.a.t. app. May be able to sell them for a good profit.

  14. I can’t belie­ve you pas­sed on that Lowe­Pro bag! That retails for $200 and tho­se fil­ters are not cheap. I’m a pho­to­gra­pher and tho­se are decent fil­ters to have.

  15. Nau­ti­ca Jacket is awe­so­me, Ibra­hi­mo­vic shirt is fake :(. Surely you don’t need someo­nes old vans and ultra­boosts as well, you guys must have no room in your house?

  16. Hey guys I’m a lef­ty and was loo­king for some new clubs that ping zing if you guys were inte­res­ted for sel­ling me it I would buy it thanks

  17. We had tor­na­dos here in Ga. yes­ter­day. Keep tho­se new rain coats clo­se guys, and bat­ten down all the hatchs. Gre­at video guys !👍Ash, you loo­ked cool in that booney hat!😂😂😂

  18. How many shoes does Jon have?. 👟 👟 👟👟😂 I like Ashley,s shoes more. Tho­se look pret­ty sweet. Nice buys. Good bar­gains. Gre­at video as usu­al. You two are rip­pin it.

  19. Hit up a local thrift store and found 2 bags of clubs. Clubs were a mix and match. Was just glad to find clubs. That was the 5th store I visi­ted. More snow­blower sea­son than golf. I need a cart and would have taken that one for $40. Fun video keep them coming.

    1. Sta­cked Golf last year did not get to the dri­ving ran­ge until late April. Win­ter held on a long time and so much rain. Loo­king for a cart and a 1 or 2 iron to hack around.

  20. Good video as usu­al. Thanks for pos­ting. Is it pos­si­ble in your recaps abo­ve to name the stores you went to in each par­ti­cu­lar video? That would let others know whe­re to go when they want to do some hun­ting of their own. In the abo­ve video you were loo­king at a pull cart but the­re was some­thing in the immedia­te back­ground that caught my eye. It loo­ked like a golf club, or at least the shaft any­way. It loo­ked like a Pro Graf­fa­loy Blue shaft but I could not tell if it had a golf head on it. To me tho­se are real­ly good shafts.

  21. You guys always seem to be at the right place at the right time. Nice irons Jon but it seems Ash­ley always one ups you with her finds. I always look for­ward to your next video!!

  22. You are the man! I’ve bin fol­lowing you for years! You’ve inspi­red me to crea­te my own chan­nel about thrif­ting and vin­ta­ge clothes, I just made a new video! I would love some support/ feed­back so plea­se hit sub­scri­be and plea­se check it out 🙂

  23. I real­ly enjoy­ed this video.…always inte­res­ting to see what you guys find, and what you get exci­ted about. More peop­le should go to tho­se thrift stores, its a real­ly good way to recy­cle and help a cha­ri­ty. you should make a video going through your club collec­tion and show us all your thrift store finds around your house haha

    1. Thanks Todd! I always try to find wha­te­ver I need at a thrift store first befo­re a big box store. It’s a win win for the cha­ri­ty and for my bud­get 👍 ‑Ash

  24. Gre­at video you picked up some gre­at stuff love the clubs . I picked up a old mizu­no Pro Tita­ni­um zoid dri­ver for £6 .I have 4 com­ple­te sets of clubs to choo­se from the wife thinks I am nut’s 😂😁❤️

  25. I’m always jea­l­ous of how many golf clubs you find. Over here in the UK I don’t tend to find much in the cha­ri­ty shops. Pick up the odd gem though.

    How much do you tra­vel to get around all tho­se Thrift Stores.

    1. Thanks Jon. Not too far. We have a few dif­fe­rent loo­ps we do every week or two. We are just very lucky to live clo­se to so many thrift shops ‑Ash

  26. How far out do you guys go for thrift shop? We have a cou­p­le around here and none of them had anything good. I only found 1 FJ shirt.

    1. That hap­pens a lot to us too. We just don’t show tho­se stores. You just never though when or what peop­le will dona­te which is why we check back often 👍 ‑Ash

  27. I had my fin­gers cros­sed until the very end for Ash to keep her fla­min­go streak ali­ve, and bet­ween the Hil­fi­ger jacket, Pip­pens, and racing swag you would’ve loo­ked so cool at one of my 8th gra­de dances.

    1. Haha I never used to see fla­min­gos now they are ever­y­whe­re except on that day. I will take old school 8th gra­de cool! 👍😂 ‑Ash

    2. Hey, a silk shirt and a too long brai­ded lea­ther belt and he can take you to the spring fling! May­be he can buy you a fla­min­go broach to pin on your corsage!

  28. i just scored a gre­at pair of sadd­le shoes which i had been loo­king for and mild­ly used. your plaid hoo­fer bag was a good find and ash­ley makes a good clothes model.

  29. Tho­se Ping L8 bags were nice except no full length divi­ders. Still rockin a Ping K56 defi­ni­te­ly an impro­ve­ment over the L8.😀

  30. Loving your vide­os down here in Aus­tra­lia! Our thrift shops – we call them op shops – don’t have anything like the ran­ge you guys have to choo­se from. I’m a collec­tor of put­ters and irons mys­elf but rely on eBay and Face­book to find my tre­a­su­res. If your ever down here let’s have a game!

  31. You guys have some awe­so­me stores with all the golf stuff. Mine are few and far bet­ween. Are you in India­na? I’m North of Indy. #golfn­s­tuff 😉

  32. I love this chan­nel! Tho­se ram tour grinds.… Mint! Oh and ive been hit by a ball by zal­tan, what a play­er he is! Wish united had him for years at 28

    1. @Stacked Golf
      Aye, my sea­son ticket at old traf­ford is fair­ly well down in line with the six yard box.… Ronal­do had a go too but I saw that and pun­ched it ha ha

  33. Hel­lo from Fran­ce, i loved to watch yours vide­os, they are gre­at. Jon knows a lots about sports ! Even about soc­cer ! Do we need a hea­vy coat in Flo­ri­da ?..smi­le. All the Best

  34. Hey! Qui­te a haul! Jone­sing for that plaid Ping bag. My bud­dy tells me I have a pro­blem just becau­se I have 9 golf bags; my wife under­stands. She said as long as I don’t have more bags than she has shoes, it’s OK. I did score a decent deal last week. I got Nike Slings­hot 4,5,6, and 7 irons with regu­lar flex steel shafts for $14. Now all I have to do is find the 8 and 9. (Got any in your store?) Oh, and being an old dude, I would rock that Foot Joy bucket hat, though it would have to be was­hed first! Peace! Oh! Almost for­got: Ash­ley, I’m dig­ging the water­me­lon Chucks! Sweet find!

  35. I guess I am addic­ted to enjoy­ing your fun vide­os as I am bin­ge watching old ones I have alrea­dy wat­ched. Keep up the gre­at vide­os and keep having fun.

  36. Hey guys loving the video from across the pond in the UK. Just wan­ted to let you know Rick Shiels just men­tio­ned your chan­nel in his wee­kly pod­cast, may­be you could reach out and do a col­la­bo­ra­ti­on. Keep up the gre­at work

  37. FYI , Wife and I have been watching your vide­os here on You­tube Very Good.. Out A Site, and Super Dri­ver II club heads were com­pon­ents from Golf­Works, Newark, OH. 40 yrs ago I star­ted making Golf Clubs and used some of the­re com­pon­ents.. Fyi also Super Con­cord Tight Lies type clubs are not knock offs from Adams, Adams copied from them.. This is some­thing I read years ago Loo­king at the Patent # made me a believer..
    The Good­will in our town in FL has the Bar­gain Barn next door to them whe­re they sell some things by the Pound, Golf Clubs are 2 bux, last year they were 1 dollar…

  38. Do you guys resell the­se clubs? I want to know if your who­le house is fil­led with golf clubs and bags or if you are flip­ping them.

  39. Guys, new to the chan­nel, what on earth do you do with ever­ything you buy? You must have a wareh­ouse full?? Extra dou­ble super fun vids, thank you.

  40. I love you guys!!! Have you ever been to Ren­in­gers flea mar­ket??? When this mess is all over, let’s play golf!!! I think you’d enjoy my golf buds!! How far are you guys from Tavares???

  41. Nooooooo how you guys didn’t bought the Chi­lean jer­sey ?! It’s the jer­sey that the Chi­lean team won the “Copa Ame­ri­ca” first in our histo­ry !!!! I’m Chi­lean and here in Chi­le is hard to find the white one 😭

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