Erste Outlaw-Golf-Challenge überhaupt | Gut gut

Erste Outlaw Golf Challenge ueberhaupt Gut gut golf

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909 thought on “Erste Outlaw-Golf-Challenge überhaupt | Gut gut”

  1. If you guys end up get­ting your pros on your chan­nel, do not put the clowns that left the PGA for LIV. They’­re taking money to igno­re the hein­ous human rights vio­la­ti­ons through Sau­di Arabia.

  2. I can’t get enough of this con­tent. You guys are doing some­thing “real spe­cial” (In a bob­by ber­ger voice) and the sky is actual­ly the limit. The best qua­li­ty, best blend of per­so­na­li­ties, and most uni­que golf chan­nel out the­re. You guys will be ever­y­whe­re in the future if you keep this up.

  3. Idea for KP play­offs… You should always make it the yar­da­ge equal to the num­ber of 10,000 sub­scri­bers, aka (sub­scri­bers) divi­ded by 10,000. Right now it would round to 70 yards, but that will only grow as your chan­nel grows. It will also encou­ra­ge sub­scri­ber count to grow to help you guys make it har­der. At 1M sub­scri­bers, you would head back to a 100yd KP. Just a thought.

  4. You should have swit­ched the out­law every hole and had each hole be a sepa­ra­te 1v5. Per­son with the most points at the end wins.

  5. nice idea. i almost think a tied hole in this for­mat should be 0.5 to 0.5 and if it ends up 2.5 to 2.5 at the end, the good guys can nomi­na­te one per­son to eit­her do a playoff/closest to the pin to deter­mi­ne it all

    1. Defi­ni­te­ly should be a “push” sys­tem for a tie. The coun­ter argu­ment is that they want to have mul­ti­ple out­laws in one video

  6. You guys should play bin­go ban­go bon­go. Bin­go is the first per­son to hit the green wins a point. Ban­go is after ever­yo­ne hit the green, who is the clo­sest, and bon­go is the first per­son to make it in the hole gets a point. Golf eti­quet­te is a must for this game and always the far­t­hest has to hit.

  7. Lmao the free­ze frame when grant is cho­sen as out­law and Ste­ve is like cho­king him out real­ly got me, I was­n’t rea­dy for that level of aggression

  8. The for­mat is ama­zing, but with ever­ything against the out­law, they should pick the play­off, like a shoo­t­out sce­n­a­rio at high noon. They choo­se the time and place.

  9. Bruh, why do you guys keep crow­ding the tee box? Lol. That’s a good way to die. I would shank it right into your chest every time.

  10. For the bra­cket chal­len­ges the 3 losers should play a hole after the first round to see who moves on to the second round, would make it 7 holes ins­tead of 5

  11. Good Good is so inspi­ra­tio­nal, the gre­at con­tent, the per­so­na­li­ties, and ever­ything in bet­ween, it just makes the ener­gy ano­t­her level.
    Gre­at video guys.

  12. Would love to see an Out­law Seri­es whe­re you pick a new out­law each round. Some sort of ulti­ma­te out­law play­off at the end.

  13. Bet­ter idea for this. The out­law starts off with 2 “lives” he plays the first hole against a ran­dom 2 man scram­ble if he wins they choo­se an oppo­nent to join them as an out­law. If they lose the good guys add ano­t­her play­er and he has to face off against a 3 man scram­ble. You play until eit­her side is down to one guy and loses a hole (out­law has to lose 2 total). Theo­re­ti­cal­ly it could last fore­ver but its much more fair and inte­res­ting than expec­ting someo­ne to com­pe­te against a scram­ble heads up.

  14. nice idea. I think that for Garrett’s first match as Out­law, it should of been with eit­her Matt or Ste­phen going first/second just so they could get more play­ing time as the rest alrea­dy faced Grant in the first Out­law challenge.

  15. What if you guys did a self-sabo­ta­ge knock­out chal­len­ge? 6 guys start on the first hole, play any club(s) you want. Hig­hest score eli­mi­na­ted, lowest score choo­ses one club *ever­yo­ne* uses on the next hole. Could make it easy or hard for ever­yo­ne. Knock­out the rest of the way with the lowest score choo­sing the next club.

  16. Legit ques­ti­on. Is Gar­rett and Grant bio­lo­gi­cal bro­thers? I thought so ori­gi­nal­ly but they had a snip­pet tal­king about when they first met. So it threw me for a loop. I just haven’t wat­ched all the older vide­os to get the full sto­ry. Some­bo­dy help ??

  17. Can we talk about Matt not get­ting to play a sin­gle hole, whe­re as Grant and Gar­rett play­ed the ent­i­re video pret­ty much🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ just sayin if I was Matt I’d be a litt­le annoy­ed and try to fix that for the next out­law chal­len­ge. Not­hing a cou­p­le beers wouldn’t have fixed though just felt bad for Matt having to ride along for the ent­i­re video which in real time was pro­bab­ly like 2–3 hours of filming we just see the 30 min version.

  18. Idea for next out­law video. Liter­al­ly make the out­law wear a cow­boy hat and banda­na the ent­i­re match so they look like the gra­phic shown.

    1. Total­ly agree. Some game whe­re ever­yo­ne tees off. And the selec­tion of sides takes place befo­re second shot.

    2. @Jeremiah Thomp­son I’ve always play­ed whe­re the lone Wolf hits, then has to choo­se their team­ma­te immedia­te­ly after the next play­er hits. If the Wolf pas­ses up on ever­yo­ne and deci­des to be Lone Wolf, dou­ble points for the Lone Wolf. 

      I like your idea too, though! immedia­te­ly choo­sing their team­ma­te befo­re they shoot would by interesting

  19. How bout next time when u go into part 2 u make Ste­ve and Matt the forst 2 matches that way they get to play no mat­ter what. Just not fair to Matt is all.

  20. 4:26 – Tig: ‘🎵This hole’s at least ten yards uphill; I’ve play­ed a hund­red times;
    Take it ten yards uphill, and you’ll win back to…
    back. 🎶

  21. Can do a game simi­lar to this one whe­re someo­ne is it 1v5 they all play the hole who ever he scores hig­her than is eli­mi­na­ted. the it guy has a mul­ligan every hole and the play­ers have 1 mul­ligan for the total chal­len­ge. He has to eli­mi­na­te ever­yo­ne in 5 holes. If the play­ers tie they do clo­sest to the pin for elimination.

  22. you should let the out­law break the “golf laws” like talk to the per­son during their back­swing and other stuff like that to get them to miss

  23. You guys should play a 30 ball 3 v 3 chal­len­ge. Ever­yo­ne plays their own ball and you have to use 30 scores per team to get the lowest under par. You have to deci­de whe­ther you are using a score or not befo­re the start of the next hole. It’s a fun stra­te­gy challenge

  24. lol As hard as it alrea­dy is for one per­son to play against 5 peop­le. You should­n’t be allo­wed to talk to the play­er play­ing alone.

  25. This is awe­so­me, Next one of the­se may­be have ever­yo­ne play the hole alo­ne, and Max and Col­lin draw a name from the 5 (not the out­law) and then reve­al after the hole who the out­law is going against so no one knows other than max and Collin

  26. Ste­ve lives in deni­al with his yar­da­ges, he does not fly a 7iron 195 and ends up lashing at the ball. If he just slo­wed down a litt­le he’d crisp it 175 a lot more consistently.

  27. Y’all should be a Mafia/Among Us style round. 

    The group is is try­ing to play as best as pos­si­ble but one is the “kil­ler” is trys to play bad but still good enough so that he does­n’t get voted out

  28. Matt can­not be noti­ced by the value of his con­tent, only his obnoxious beha­vi­or. I have to turn the volu­me down when he rolls into frame.

  29. Next time on this the Out­law should be able to choo­se his com­pe­ti­tor for each hole (but then that com­pe­ti­tor is done). Gives them some advan­ta­ge in stra­te­gy, who to play on Par 3’s vs Par 5’s. No play­offs, ties are just that, split hole. Play­off only occurs at end if its tied up. Then flip a tee on who the Out­law plays against to win the match.

  30. Micah kin­da acted like he was a lil butt hurt becau­se Bub­bie got to play Gar­rett on that last hole….anyone else catch that? He like threw his hands down and hit his thighs in “dis­gust” ?!?

  31. Love the con­tent but can’t fathom how nobo­dy wears sun­glas­ses…. Ever. I’m wea­ring sun­glas­ses watching the­se videos.

  32. This would be fun to have an Out­law vs Ran­ger match­up whe­re it starts 1v1. Then the win­ner gets to “recruit” a team­ma­te for best ball. Play it as stro­ke play over 4 holes.

    Or for a lon­ger video, make it whe­re the first side to get 4 play­ers and win the next hole wins. So once all are on a team, the win­ner ste­als a play­er from the losers’ team.

  33. Video idea: alter­na­ting shots and you’re try­ing to get the lowest pos­si­ble score. The­re is 1 sabo­teur who is try­ing to sub­t­ly screw up the teams score by hit­ting bad shots, mis­sing putts, etc. you can vote out 1 per­son every 3 holes. If the sabo­teur sur­vi­ves 18, they win.

    1. This sounds a lot like Among Us, which they have alrea­dy done. They made 4 sepa­ra­te vide­os on it. I would go check them out, they’re bangers

  34. IDEA:
    1. Ever­yo­ne tees off from mid tee box.
    2. IF you bir­die or bet­ter the hole, you back up a tee on the next hole.
    3. IF you Par, you stay whe­re you’­re at.
    4. Bogey or worse, you move up a box.
    5. You can only go back to the last box, if you bir­die from the­re you stay there.
    6. You can only go for­ward to the first box, if you bogey from the­re you stay there.
    Just an idea for a game.

  35. I might be alo­ne here…but per­so­nal­ly I do not enjoy the pre­views, and always skip them to avoid spoi­lers. I like to be surprised 😉

    And… for the record I know many other chan­nels, if not most, do this now. May­be I’m unique

  36. This con­tent is so good! Sug­ges­ti­on: I think the good guys should flip a tee to see who takes the shot so it could poten­ti­al get more play­ers invol­ved during each hole and it could give the out­law a more even play­ing field (This inclu­des put­ting). What do you think?

  37. I loved this! I want more things like this, the among us stuff was gre­at, and I lik­ed the squid games as well! Keep it up

  38. You’­re only going against one at a time so actual­ly the out­law should have the advan­ta­ge sin­ce the “good” guys only play one hole each.

  39. Doesnt real­ly make a difference,but i think the con­cept would be bet­ter if the team of 5 were the out­laws and the lone sol­dier is taking them down ahahaha

  40. Gre­at con­tent as always, you guys kill it. Just a litt­le idea though. The out­law, being the under­dog and at a dis­ad­van­ta­ge, should get to pick his match ups as the com­pe­ti­ti­on goes on. I feel like it would add much more stra­te­gy and give an extra litt­le wrink­le to the video. Obvious­ly you guys are the con­tent pro­fes­sio­nals and know bet­ter than I but just a litt­le idea.

  41. Nobo­dy wants to go against bub­bie in a put­ting duel. Matt, you’ll feel bet­ter once the direct depo­sit hits lol

  42. Some good and bad shots in this video but props to Matt, not a sin­gle bad golf swing in 30 minu­tes of con­tent from him

  43. Future I’d say once you play an Out­law you are sat asi­de so things like Matt never play­ing doesn’t hap­pen. Once ever­yo­ne plays ever­yo­ne is back in the circle.

  44. Bub­bie gets up & down with .… a chip! Bub­bie is going to be an even tougher com­pe­ti­tor with that in his arse­nal. Also, Gar­rett should be the reigning “Out­law” until the other guys can take him down, sort of a King of The Hill angle.

  45. This has now beco­me my favo­ri­te You­Tube Chan­nel ever. Not only is the con­tent 10/10, but its like every frea­king day. It just does not stop. You guys are as con­sis­tent as Grant’s lip outs.

  46. Got a video idea. It’s cal­led heads or tails. 2v2v2 each mem­ber of the team is desi­gna­ted Heads or tails. after you hit you flip a coin and you have to take the shot that the coin lands on. Heads you take the Heads per­sons shot. Tails you take the tails per­sons shoy

  47. For the 5v1 seri­es, if one of the mem­bers was selec­ted for solo befo­re they should step out of the cir­cle until ever­yo­ne has gone.

  48. All lip jokes asi­de, Grant’s put­ting is just not good late­ly. He con­sist­ent­ly lag putts to 7 feet. Get in the lab!

  49. Grant should have been eli­mi­na­ted com­ple­te­ly and then you should have kept going until there’s one man left as the winner

  50. If a hole is tied the­re should be no points for eit­her side (no clo­sest to the pin). This will allow the video to play out lon­ger and give all 5 guys a bet­ter chan­ce to com­pe­te against the outlaw.

  51. Out­law should choo­se who they play against each hole. Would stop the dumb rand­om­ness whe­re Matt didnt even get to play

  52. I read a com­ment a few vids back about how Grant seems per­ma-stoned and I can’t get it out of my head. It’s so fun­ny and pro­bab­ly so true, love to see it

  53. Not sure if this idea has been said. But 3v3 rever­se golf: put­ter on the tees and dri­ver on the greens. Then wha­te­ver club you would nor­mal­ly use other­wi­se, use the oppo­si­te. Examp­le 3w=60, hybrid=gap wedge, 3i=pw, etc. love the con­tent boys

  54. Good chal­len­ge howe­ver I wish peop­le that play­ed in the first chal­len­ge group should have to sit out for the second one to let ever­y­bo­dy play

  55. I’m at that golf cen­ter in Des Plai­nes several times a week prac­ti­cing but won’t be able to make it for the GG meet up. Can’t begin to express my disap­point­ment 😭 hope y’all have a good good time and yes that par­king lot fills up fast

  56. Sug­ges­ti­on: Out­law should be able to use a rever­se mul­ligan on each hole to make their oppo­nent reta­ke the shot. #out­la­w­vi­bes

  57. I think the out­law should be given three abi­li­ties that he can cho­se to use on any hole. Like for examp­le you hit it clean in the fair­way, the out­law now has an opti­on to move the ball back 50–100 yards, or move it into the rough or a bun­ker. Or may­be if you are on the green the out­law can walk on your line. You have to make the out­law and outlaw.

  58. Love the con­cept! I real­ly agree with Jack­son Mar­ri­ner & DG Outdoor’s ide­as. Save the tie brea­ker for the last match­up (or play­off hole) and give the Out­law some liber­ties to break or bend some tra­di­tio­nal rules. I also think the Out­law should pick their next tar­get, as in choo­se who they face from the remai­ning gol­fers on Team Good Guys. Almost like they’re choo­sing who to duel next. But you guys are ama­zing as always, keep up the gre­at work!!

  59. On the play­off holes both play­er should hit the­re shot tog­e­ther kin­da like a quick draw on a dual and then see which one gets closer.

    1. @dakota horn
      Lis­ten pal you can’t talk this guy is lea­ving out his dream being able to enter­tain and make peop­le hap­py and your prol­ly working in a dumps­ter so hatin on this man for try­na enter­tain you makes no sen­se. Your prol­ly just mad he can bench more than you

  60. Cool things you can do with this: 1. Out­law gets to pick who he plays against each hole. Ima­gi­ne the trash talk and stra­te­gy! 2. 1v5 scram­ble, but out­law gets a stro­ke each hole. 3. Ties are ties, no clo­sest to pin. An over­all tie is out­law victory.

  61. Sug­ges­ti­on: stop giving Matt so much came­ra time. It might make him stop over­ac­ting and try­ing to be the cen­ter of atten­ti­on all the time

  62. Matt did an awe­so­me job as cheer­lea­der for this one…he’ll be back to school ever­yo­ne else next video! 👍👍

  63. VIDEO IDEA: Club eli­mi­na­ti­on-Stumps vs. Twigs. Scram­ble rules. Whoever wins the hole gets to ste­al a club out of the oppo­sing teams bag, so they can­not use it for future holes. 

    I don’t need money for the idea, just a shou­tout and may­be a free polo. 🤣💪🏽

  64. Play a Lone Wolf style of outaw. 1v5 every hole and switch out­law every hole, per­son with most points at the end wins. Would be alot more fun i think.

  65. If you guys want to eat befo­re or after your fan meet­up, head over to the Tas­te of Des Plai­nes. I got a hawai­ian food truck the­re and Ill hook you guys up!

  66. Loved it but on putt off and clo­sest to the pin , you should­n’t be able to watch for line or result . Loved the content.

  67. NEW CHALLENGE: Back­wards Bag Chal­len­ge. This chal­len­ge will be 5–6 holes, stro­ke play. Ever­yo­ne tees off with put­ter and goes up a club for every shot (put­ter, 60 degree, 56 degree, 52 degree, P wedge, 9i, 8i, 7i, 6i, 5i, 4i, hybrid, 3 wood, dri­ver). Club order restarts after you hit dri­ver so you have to play stra­te­gi­cal­ly every hole until final hole is finis­hed. Thoughts??

  68. Bub­bie may be the under­dog, in more ways than one, but you can tell he puts the work in to real­ly bring Good Good tog­e­ther and keep them in the tip­pi­ty top of Golf Chan­nels! I mean who else could nail that intro/game explanation??

  69. 🤔🤨 why does Grant not work on his put­ting MORE ????? I mean serious­ly as gre­at a play­er as he is , I have NEVER seen anyo­ne miss more putts insi­de 5′ in my life js. It’s real­ly a shame tbh. Bub­bie try­ing to break the pin was frickin HILARIOUS 😂🤣🤪☠ lmfao and Matt WATCHING the ent­i­re time lmao.

  70. Would be awe­so­me to see you guys play “Navy Seal”. In this game, one per­son starts as the navy seal play­ing in a scram­ble against the others. Each time he wins a hole he picks one per­son from the other team to ste­al to join their team. The seal wins when he gets ever­yo­ne on his team. Or loses after losing a num­ber of holes, may­be 3? 4?

    We used to play this with paint­ball gro­wing up whe­re ever­yo­ne per­son you hit, beca­me part of your team after.

    1. They did this for­mat alrea­dy, but they cal­led it “Infec­ted”. Like you’­re a zom­bie, and if you win a hole, someo­ne beco­mes a zom­bie on your team. I think Bub­bie was the zom­bie in that one.

  71. if you car­ry hea­vy things in your seat, it will make the sen­sor go off. so you eit­her clip the seat­belts. or buy one of tho­se seat­belt things.

  72. I thought you were gon­na have ever­yo­ne play each hole and then give out points for each win bet­ween the out­law and each non-out­law (no points for pushes and no play­offs). Basi­cal­ly could be any­whe­re from 5 points one way or the other (if the out­law is the low or high ball) to 0 points (e.g., all play­ers par) for the hole. Add up the points at the end to deter­mi­ne the winner

  73. Ste­ve stop thro­wing the club in your fol­low through on mis­hits its soooo annoy­ing. gre­at vid love all the con­tent and fun games y’all play

  74. Gre­at stuff. you should try a scram­ble 4 out­laws vs she­riff and depu­ty and if the she­riff and depu­ty win a hole, they should get to “Jail” one of the out­laws and remo­ve them from the out­law gang. out­law gang gets to play the ball up

  75. I don’t think you’re catching fliers out of the fair­way. It’s a down­hill slo­pe which is de-lof­ting your irons so it’s like you are hit­ting into the green with too much club.

  76. You guys should get an ocu­lus and play walk­about mini golf. Or the PGA game. They’re both super fun. Would be some fun­ny content.

  77. So I had a dream last night that I somehow got invi­ted to be a new mem­ber of Good Good… I was so hap­py and then I woke up and rea­li­zed I still have a bad han­di­cap and I am not on the team 🙁

  78. Need them to do a speed 1v1 bra­cket chal­len­ge, both peop­le tee it up at the same time and race to get it in the hole first on like a par 3 cour­se or somethin

  79. dude next time.. ever­yo­ne gets to frea­king play!.. This was basi­cal­ly a GM and Grant video lol… I feel for Matt 100

  80. Come to Alton Illi­nois and play me and my bud­dies at Spen­cer T Olin. It’s an awe­so­me track and I would love to play against you guys. You guys are awe­so­me by the way lol

  81. It should start off as 1v5 but when ever the out­law wins he gets to take one of the good guys and put them on the out­law side. Then it beco­mes 2v3 and so on. But if the good guys win a hole they get to take their guy back.

  82. If you play­ed a drin­king game whe­re you took a shot every time Bub­bie says “dead strai­ght” you would be ham­me­red after 2 videos!

  83. It would be hil­arious if y’all play­ed golf with some ridi­cu­lous cos­tu­mes on like tho­se jum­bo sumo suits or other ones that make it har­der to swing. It would be a chal­len­ge as well as gre­at enter­tain­ment. May­be eli­mi­na­ti­on chal­len­ge but the loser gets to pick who wears the cos­tu­me for a hole?

  84. I’ve been wan­ting to see this as a new knock out chal­len­ge. We need to see a 2v2v2v2 ran­dom teams (spin a tee to deter­mi­ne teams). every hole a team is kno­cked out, when the­re is only 1 team left tho­se team­ma­tes play each other in a 1V1 until one per­son out rights beat the other. no clo­sest to the pin. So your team­ma­te all game ends up being your oppo­nent at the end.

  85. Should make a 30 minu­te video of Grant’s lip outs. I know 30 minu­tes isn’t long enough, but 30 minu­tes should cover the L’s from lip outs. 😁😁😁

  86. I think the Out­law should have a cer­tain amount of “powers.” Like he could use his ran­ge fin­der on a hood while the others can’t and he tells them wrong yar­da­ges. Or just for one hole make the Good Guys use a club picked by the Out­law as a reward for win­ning against the others.

  87. you should do some­thing like this. you flip a tee and the guy cho­sen is the cut man and whoever does worse than him is out. video might end ear­ly so may­be have lives or think of a twist. you can also re flip every hole or not

  88. Play it a litt­le dif­fe­rent. Select the Out­law, he the selects his opo­nent, without the other knowing, just the came­ras. Then all have to play without knowing if their game counts

  89. This is a gre­at tit­le! Shoot out would have fit too! When you’­re the Out­law you have a Pos­se com­ing after you..

  90. Need the other team to be sor­ted by only one aspect of the game. 

    Grant vs Tig – Dri­ver, Bub­bie – Long Irons, Gar­rett – Short Iron and Wed­ges, Matt – Chip­ping, Ste­ve – Putting

  91. 8:09 We all love a good good ‘reaons’ to watch.… 😜😜😂😂

    Ano­t­her ban­ger of a video as always guys..

  92. I think the out­law should have one trick up their slee­ve to even things up, may­be one bul­let (mul­ligan) in the cham­ber to use at some point during the 5 holes

  93. Hi guys!! I’m not sure if you’ll see this but I’ve been try­ing to get any of you in Good Good to see my messages/email’s. My boy­friend, Jona­than, and I love your guy’s vide­os and we watch them ALLLL the time! Any­way, to make this some­what short, I am wan­ting to try and set up some­thing with you guys whe­re Jona­than can play golf with y’all for his bir­th­day this year! His bir­th­day is July 27th and I would abso­lute­ly love to be able to get you guys to play a round of golf with him. I tried last year but I couldn’t get any of you to see my mes­sa­ge haha. He tells me all the time how much he wis­hes he could play a round of golf with you guys. I know it would mean so so much to him. We live in nort­hern Utah, in the Ogden area. I know there’s a cou­p­le of good cour­ses here in Utah and if you guys would like to tra­vel over here and play a round with him, that would be abso­lute­ly ama­zing! It would mean ever­ything to me and to him. He knows not­hing about this so it would be a sur­pri­se! Plea­se let me know if you guys would be inte­res­ted! If not, I total­ly under­stand! Thanks!

  94. Game idea: The Chase
    3v3 scram­ble Tig Gar­rett and grant v Matt bub­bie and Ste­ve. Team MBS start under par, team TGG start on even par. Simi­lar style to Rick shiels seri­es with pros

  95. Guys. Come to the north east. It’s prime golf sea­son out here in the South Coast in Mas­sa­chu­setts, and we have a MULTITUDE of ama­zing cour­ses in the Ply­mouth Mas­sa­chu­setts area.

  96. I enjoy­ed watching this but I pre­fer the twigs vs stumps or knock­outs or just anything whe­re you all play each hole tbh

  97. Love the idea from DG Out­doors of the out­law get­ting to break the golf laws, but I would go further.

    Out­law can impro­ve their lie.
    Out­law can use a “foot wedge” to get out from behind an obstacle.
    Out­law can use a “bre­ak­fast ball” if he hits a poor tee shot.
    Out­law can take “gim­mies” of up to 5 feet.
    and other small ways to “cheat” that an out­law would do…

    Also, on the she­riffs side…
    Any­ti­me the out­law gets to 2 wins, the remai­ning she­riffs get to form a “pos­se” and take him on tog­e­ther. If they win that hole, then they defeat the out­law… So, if the out­law wins the first 2 holes, then the 3 remai­ning play­ers get to take him on. If he’s 2–1, then the 2 remai­ning play­ers take him on. If he goes wins the 4th hole and there’s only 1 guy left, then he can grab any pre­vious she­riff to take on the out­law with.… 

    This would give the out­law huge advan­ta­ges until the “pos­se” comes after him, which would be a blast.

  98. If you don‘t inclu­de ties like others suggested:
    Inclu­de lon­gest dri­ve as tie-breaker 😉
    Would have given anyo­ne a chan­ce to play in the video 😄

  99. Not sure if you’­ve done this befo­re but this gave me an idea whe­re you have an ‘out­law’ and you play 5v1 and the 5some plays a scram­ble but ins­tead of the best ball, the out­law picks which ball the 5some has to play

  100. I think after the first hole, whoever wins the hole should get to pick who plays the next hole. So if the out­law wins the hole he can pick who he faces. If the good guys win then they can pick who faces the outlaw

  101. Nee out­law idea: 1v5 scram­ble. All 6 play. If the out­law wins he con­verts his play­er of choice to the dark side. Out­laws lose a play­er “dies”. Win­ner is last team standing.

  102. My favo­ri­te part about Good­Good is that ever­y­ti­me Ste­ve rolls up his slee­ves to get his tan on…99% of the time Gar­rett in the next sce­ne has his rol­led up too

  103. Love the for­mat. But I think the first match should be deter­mi­ned by the tee flip and the rest of the matches should be cho­sen by the win­ner of the hole. So for examp­le if grant wins the first hole he should choo­se his next oppo­nent whe­re as if Gar­rett wins the first hole the team should choo­se who they want to play the next hole and so on and so forth

  104. game idea: Wizard Chal­len­ge… one per­son is the wizard and has to batt­le the other play­ers in a best ball for­mat. the twist is that the wizard has super­powers. The powers can harm the chal­len­ger, for examp­le he can move the challenger’s ball 3 club lengths in any direc­tion, making them hit blind­fold­ed, etc. Or the power can be bene­fi­cial to the wizard, such as get­ting a free drop, teeing off from the red tees, etc. The wizard gets to use his powers 1 time on par 3, 2 times on par 4, 3 times on par 5 so they have to choo­se when/how to use the powers. And the wizard has to wear a white beard the ent­i­re match

  105. You guys should play the old golf game “Wolf”. If each of you were the Wolf once, you would have a per­fect six hole video. It would be fun to watch play­ers see the other tee shots and deci­de to grab a part­ner on the hole or go “lone wolf” for extra points.

  106. I think a bet­ter ver­si­on of this chal­len­ge would be this:
    1. Ever­y­bo­dy plays the hole
    2. If ever­y­bo­dy beats the out­law, the out­law loses
    3. If you do worst than the out­law you are eliminated
    4. Play until ever­y­bo­dy is eli­mi­na­ted or out­law loses.
    (I lea­ve it up to you to deci­de how to deal with ties) An idea would be that if you tie you stay in play; if the out­law sur­vi­ves 6 holes he wins.

  107. Idea #2: flip a tee to see who hits the tee shot and then flip again to see who has to make a par at worst from per­son 1’s tee shot. If they don’t make a par they’re out

  108. Part two , flip with only tho­se who have not play­ed until ever­yo­ne had com­pe­ted. We watch for ever­yo­ne to be involved!!!!! 👍👍

  109. Gre­at con­tent. Sin­ce the play­er is an out­law, may­be each hole he can not fol­low the rules once, like talk, slight­ly impro­ve lie, ground the club in a hazard. Make things interesting.

  110. The out­law should play their own clubs, the cow­boys should have to play the wheel of not ide­al to select their clubs!😂

  111. ama­zing idea! fun­ny thing is grant lost by a lip out wich was his crime and gar­ret almost touched balls twice on his win­ning hole wich was his crime lol

  112. Good con­tent lads. 9 hole scram­ble, but you can only take 3 dri­ves from each play­er. Makes the 9th ner­vy. Give it a go!

  113. I always love your vids but I must admit that was­n’t gre­at for me. I pre­fer it when ever­yo­ne is play­ing each hole, as the­re is so much more to enjoy. May­be you could do a 2 v 4 scram­ble whe­re the 2 are the outlaws. 👍