Esel: Der Film (9/10) Filmclip – Golfplatz Airhorn (2002) HD

Esel Der Film 910 Filmclip Golfplatz Airhorn 2002 HD /m/020l9r

Film­clips von Jack­ass: The Movie: KAUFEN SIE DEN FILM: http://​amzn​.to/​w​0​Q​KLc Ver­pas­sen Sie nicht die HEISSESTEN NEUEN TRAILER: http://​bit​.ly/​1​u​2​y​6pr CLIP-BESCHREIBUNG: John­ny Knoxvil­le holt auf einem Golf­platz ein Air­horn her­aus, um die Schwün­ge der Gol­fer zu stö­ren. FILMBESCHREIBUNG: John­ny Knoxvil­le und sei­ne Crew aus lebens­lus­ti­gen Maso­chis­ten brin­gen ihre Rou­ti­nen in die­ser Fea­ture-Adap­ti­on der belieb­ten, aber umstrit­te­nen MTV-Serie Jack­ass auf die gro­ße Lein­wand. Eine Grup­pe jun­ger Män­ner führt eine Viel­zahl selt­sa­mer, schmerz­haf­ter und oft demü­ti­gen­der Stunts zu ihrer eige­nen Belus­ti­gung und der ihrer Mit­men­schen vor, dar­un­ter das Krie­chen über Dut­zen­de von Mau­se­fal­len mit Nage­tier-Make-up, das Rol­len auf Skate­boards über Bow­ling­bah­nen und das Hin­ein­ren­nen Golf­carts über eine uralte Dri­ving Ran­ge fah­ren, sich selbst zuge­füg­te Sche­ren­schnit­te zufü­gen, Schnee­ke­gel aus Urin her­stel­len, auf einem Seil über leben­de Alli­ga­to­ren lau­fen, nicht instal­lier­te Sani­tär­in­stal­la­tio­nen in einem Bau­markt ver­wen­den, japa­ni­sche Fuß­gän­ger erschre­cken, wäh­rend sie Pan­da-Kos­tü­me tra­gen, und vie­les, vie­les mehr mehr. John­ny Knoxvil­le, der Schöp­fer und Star der Show, kehrt zurück, um die­se Film­ver­si­on von Jack­ass zu lei­ten, zusam­men mit den Stamm­gäs­ten der Serie Bam Mar­ge­ra, Ryan Dunn, Chris Pon­ti­us, Steve‑O, Dave Eng­land, Jason „Wee Man“ Acu­na, Pres­ton Lacy und Ehren McG­he­hey und Bran­don DiCa­mil­lo; Hen­ry Rol­lins, Tony Hawk und Spike Jon­ze gehö­ren zu den Gast­stars des Films. KREDITE: TM & © Para­mount (2002) Beset­zung: Dave Eng­land, John­ny Knoxvil­le Regie: Jeff Tre­mai­ne Pro­du­zen­ten: Lori Ash­craft, Sean Cli­ver, Dimi­try Elyash­ke­vich, Derek Fre­da, David Gale, Spike Jon­ze, Michel­le Klep­per, John­ny Knoxvil­le, Bran­dy Mene­fee, John Mil­ler, Bob­by Pura, Jes­si­ca Swirn­off, Trip Tay­lor, Jeff Tre­mai­ne, Greg Wolf, Troy Craig Poon Dreh­buch­au­toren: Jeff Tre­mai­ne, Spike Jon­ze, John­ny Knoxvil­le, Bam Mar­ge­ra, Steve‑O, Pres­ton Lacy, Chris Pon­ti­us, Dave Eng­land, Ryan Dunn, Ehren McG­he­hey, Bran­don Dica­mil­lo, Dimi­try Elyash­ke­vich, Whitey McConnaug­hy, Sean Cli­ver, Loo­mis Fall, Phil Clapp, Ver­non Chat­man WER SIND WIR? Der MOVIECLIPS-Kanal ist die größ­te Samm­lung lizen­zier­ter Film­clips im Inter­net. Hier fin­den Sie unver­gess­li­che Momen­te, Sze­nen und Zei­len aus all Ihren Lieb­lings­fil­men. Von Film­fans für Film­fans gemacht. ABONNIEREN SIE UNSERE FILMKANÄLE: MOVIECLIPS: http://​bit​.ly/​1​u​2​y​aWd Coming­S­o­on: http://​bit​.ly/​1​D​V​p​gtR Indie- und Film­fes­ti­vals: http://​bit​.ly/​1​w​b​k​fYg Hero Cen­tral: http://bit .ly/1AMUZwv Extras: http://​bit​.ly/​1​u​4​3​1fr Klas­si­sche Trai­ler: http://​bit​.ly/​1​u​4​3​jDe Pop-Up-Trai­ler: http://​bit​.ly/​1​z​7​E​tZR Movie News: http://bit. ly/1C3Ncd2 Film­spie­le: http://​bit​.ly/​1​y​g​D​V13 Fan­dan­go: http://​bit​.ly/​1​B​l​7​9ye Fan­dan­go FrontRun­ners: http://​bit​.ly/​1​C​g​g​QfC HIT US UP: Face­book: http://on. fb​.me/​1​y​8​M​8ax Twit­ter: http://​bit​.ly/​1​g​h​O​Wmt Pin­te­rest: http://​bit​.ly/​1​4​w​L​9De Tumb­lr: http://​bit​.ly/​1​v​U​w​hH7

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2.310 thought on “Esel: Der Film (9/10) Filmclip – Golfplatz Airhorn (2002) HD”

  1. lmao idk why every now and then i feel the need to type the fun­niest part of a you­tube clip VERBATIM into the comments. And then why I get 50 thumbs up for it. a mystery..

  2. The fact that this part made me laugh the most in the movie but adding Knoxvil­les laugh makes me laugh even har­der. Am I the only one here?

  3. Hold up: don’t all the golf play­ers know that they need to behave in a cer­tain way for the sce­ne or are they natu­ral? Becau­se if they’­re just beha­ving as natu­ral as if it’s not part of what the direc­tor wants, then this is an inap­pro­pria­te sce­ne and I won’t watch this again.

  4. Morons this is a movie do yous know what a movie con­sists of ??? Obvious­ly not they are actors they can’t get arres­ted you real­ly think they snuck in the golf park and did this ? No they had per­mits the who­le sha bang like every other prank.

  5. Man tho­se golf players
    if they only knew what the jack ass crew have been through
    they think a few balls is gon­na stop them
    LOL i just came back from Ste­ve doing the ali­ga­tor tight rope pssh

  6. It’s not point­less, they are try­ing to be inco­gni­to so the peop­le won’t see who is blowing the horn. Did­n’t work too well though lol

  7. I don’t know if I would even call Golf a sport. If it was then someo­ne would be run­ning at them try­ing to stop them from swin­ging or blo­cking the ball…or blowing an air­horn. Jack­ass made it a sport, what do you know.

  8. My Father is the Head Green­s­kee­per at a Golf Cour­se, saw this movie when it came out with him, was 13 at the time. This was without a doubt his favo­ri­te bit in the movie (and one of mine as well) haha

  9. She didnt think she was going to be in a huge movie she never saw it in the thea­ter but my cou­sin did and was like…is that grand­ma haha…last per­son on earth our fami­ly would expect to be cen­ter screen in a jack­ass movie haha

  10. Were the­se the first ever peop­le to post an Air horn Golf prank on YouTube?


    the first ever peop­le to prank Gol­fers with an Air horn?

    1. planetX15 you’re sound­ing so young right now. The­se guys are the ones all the peop­le are copy­ing on You­Tube, this is way befo­re You­Tube, this is from the Jack­ass movie, came out in like 2002

  11. Hil­arious how that pud­gy, midd­le aged useless loo­king rich boy star­ting acting all tough, like he’d win that fight.
    Never mind that the­re are several of the Jack­as­ses, they­re all in their prime, and have a real­ly high tole­ran­ce for pain…
    oh, and they have his golf club now. Geni­us threw it befo­re deci­ding to pick a fight.

    1. well its becau­se they real­ly want to play golf without jokers like that, but tho­se are the best peop­le becau­se you get the best reac­tions from them XD

  12. “I’m sor­ry I’ve got bur­si­tis.” “You got bur­si­tis.” “Yeah.” “So that means you got­ta play with a horn?” “It helps.”

  13. This shit was mad fun­ny when it came out like in 2001 it was my favo­ri­te show to watch, 13 years lat­ter still my favo­ri­te tv show, they are awesome,

    1. Alt­hough a “wuss” move does­n’t necessa­ri­ly indi­ca­te that I am one. Howe­ver I do know enough about Nor­ris to rea­li­ze that he is a self-righ­te­ous jerk who claims to “defend ever­yo­ne” with his old “Texas Ran­ger” seri­es yet is about as much of a poli­ti­cal blowhard as Rush Lim­bau­gh pro­ves hims­elf of being.

  14. Fun fact: They have made a golf club you can relie­ve yourself into. Which got me thin­king, what if an air­horn blew while using one of the afo­re­men­tio­ned clubs?

    1. I first saw this clip when i was like 12 or some­thing, “You lost your club, sir” I COULD NOT stop laug­hing !!!! hahahaha

  15. Thro­wing a club at a per­son for blowing a horn? So he ris­ked kil­ling some one becau­se they were made to suck worse at a shit­ty game than they nor­mal­ly do? Way to go rich fuckers.

  16. if you watch the dvd with com­men­ta­ries enab­led, they men­tio­ned that in order to show the last clips with the “i’ll give you some­thing to play with” guys, they had to take them back and buy them a beer befo­re they would sign the wai­ver. but in the end they were cool with it.

  17. Fun­ny video, keep up the gre­at work!
    Check out my new,funny golf video :
    Fun­ny guys on the golf cour­se, drif­ting on the golf cour­se, Flo Rida Good Feeling

  18. I’ve play­ed a lot of serious golf in my time. But I rare­ly miss a chan­ce with the car horn while I dri­ve by some of the local cour­ses. You should be able to focus through that stuff any­ways. Heck, I lear­ned how to play golf around a bunch of guys who shou­t­ed “Noo­n­an” and much worse. 

    I would­n’t mess with a tour­na­ment though. 

    1. There’s a dri­ving ran­ge right off the high­way by whe­re I live, I always give someo­ne a litt­le toot on the back­swing ever­y­ti­me I dri­ve by lol

    1. That sound is a clue as to how much they used the air horn that day. Just ima­gi­ne how many pis­sed off gol­fers we did­n’t see.

  19. “I’m sor­ry I have Bur­si­tis.” “You have Bur­si­tis, so that means you have to play with a horn?” “It hel­ps” haha­ha Knoxvil­le is great 

  20. Waits minu­te. Bur­si­tis? I thought its defi­ni­ti­on would be more along the lines of a men­tal con­di­ti­on like that of autism or some shit but appar­ent­ly accord­ing to goog­le, it’s ano­t­her word for inflammation(particularly around the knee joint)… total­ly irrele­vant LOL

  21. This is one of the fun­niest things ever done. Every part about it is per­fect. Loved when they did the air­horn to the guy on his second attempt at hit­ting the ball direct­ly at them.

  22. 0:50 is actu­ly a gre­at shot he hits the ball per­fect!! 😀 But again its fuck­ing fun­ny what the Jack­ass guys are doing so fuck him!! xD

  23. Gol­fers are such ill-tem­pe­red pie­ces of shit with no sen­se of humor. The way they lose their cool over a bad shot, even if there’s no dis­trac­tions, real­ly speaks volu­mes about how mental­ly unsta­ble they are. I’m sor­ry, but if a person’s big­gest con­cern in life is a golf-rela­ted mat­ter, then they have no fuck­ing pro­blems and need to shut the fuck up and roll with it!

  24. If you enjoy this you’ll real­ly enjoy my new show com­ing out soon. I have new skits com­ing out regu­lar­ly. They are hil­arious, all you have to do is search Cana­di­an Quaa­lu­des The Lounge and sub­scri­be to my page.

  25. This is still one of my favo­ri­tes of theirs to this day haha­ha lol. So clas­sic and some­thing anyo­ne could do and laugh about.

  26. This is why I’ll always respect John­ny Knoxvil­le. He may a decent­ly big hol­ly­wood star now but he got his start, pran­king peop­le like an ass­ho­le sub­ur­ban kid LOL

  27. I actual­ly loo­ked up the dise­a­se. It’s real! It’s sup­po­sed to be infla­ma­ti­on of the flu­id fil­led sac in the joints. Bursitus.

    1. ima­gi­ne they let fans get crea­ti­ve to throw gol­fers off in this way, the gol­fer would move throughout the cour­se and the­re would be dif­fe­rent fans with dif­fe­rent gags try­ing to dis­tract the gol­fer… id def watch

  28. This always reminds me of my mom. When I was litt­le, she would always honk at put­ters when we dro­ve by the local cour­ses and it was always hil­arious to us how ridi­cu­lous­ly serious they take the stu­pid game. Still to this day (i am 31 now) whenever we are tog­e­ther and hap­pen to dri­ve by a golf cour­se, we honk. We just got flip­ped off last week! Ah, memo­ries… bahahahaha

    1. You can tell from Jack­ass and the comments that gol­fers: 1) love a good joke and 2) are rela­xed peop­le that adapt to cir­cum­s­tan­ces with equ­ani­mi­ty. If you’re so tight­ly wound may­be you shouldn’t play a game that gives you that much anxiety.

  29. So simp­le. So fun­ny. It’s espe­cial­ly fun­ny when tho­se gol­fers rea­li­ze it’s not kids, but grown men in their 30s. HA!

  30. Bril­li­ant pie­ce of comic improv when the guy starts firing golf balls at them and they start using the air­horns again. A real come­dy paper scis­sors stone exercise