Fitness-Tipps von der 80-jährigen Golflegende Gary Player | Golf-Digest

Fitness Tipps von der 80 jaehrigen Golflegende Gary Player Golf Digest fitness

Gary Play­er, eine 80-jäh­ri­ge süd­afri­ka­ni­sche Pro­fi-Golf­le­gen­de, schult Golf Digest mit sei­nen Lieb­lings-Fit­ness­tipps. Du hast Golf Digest auf You­Tube noch nicht abon­niert? ►► http://​bit​.ly/​g​o​l​f​d​i​g​e​s​t​y​o​u​t​u​b​e​sub ÜBER GOLF DIGEST Als Hei­mat der jähr­li­chen Hot List, Lehr­vi­de­os, Neu­ig­kei­ten und Trends ist Golf Digest die ulti­ma­ti­ve Anlauf­stel­le für alles rund um den Golf­sport. Fit­ness-Tipps von der 80-jäh­ri­gen Golf­le­gen­de Gary Play­er | Golf-Digest

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40 thought on “Fitness-Tipps von der 80-jährigen Golflegende Gary Player | Golf-Digest”

    1. Gary Play­er is pro­of that healt­hy living, a posi­ti­ve out­look and mad amounts of pre­pa­ra­ti­on, can make a.…..nevermind, John.…..I doubt you’ll under­stand even if I spell it out in kin­der­gar­ten language.

    2. Fit­ness peop­le are like that, but he’s not an ass con­si­de­ring he do the­se things to help other peop­le to achie­ve what he have achieved.

  1. He’s an ama­zing guy, but I find his arro­gan­ce off-put­ting. He’s cer­tain­ly ear­ned the right to act howe­ver he wants, but I don’t find it charming.

  2. Me and a friend com­bi­ned the two exer­ci­ses shown at 1:24 – 1:34 after see­ing a video on Gary and you defi­ni­te­ly feel the burn even after a few of them!

    We cal­led that exer­cise “Play­ers” in tribute.

  3. I was a kid in the days of Juli­us Boros, Bil­ly Cas­par, Fat Jack (then, not later).

    The­re was all kinds of deba­te over whe­ther Player’s fit­ness approach was going to make peop­le “mus­cle bound” and unab­le to swing. We know the ans­wer now. 

    Gary Play­er is the rea­son for gol­fers who look more like ath­le­tes, and make golf cour­ses obso­le­te by hit­ting the ball pro­di­gious distan­ces. It’s not all bet­ter equipment.

  4. As a life­time gym rat I have met a hand­ful of men and women who were and are in gre­at shape in their older years. My dad told me to always stay fit becau­se without your health you have not­hing. In a few years I too will be loo­ked at as the old fit guy. Its not hard if you never stop, just don’t stop.

  5. Total respect for this pro ath­le­te howe­ver any move­ment that puts your spi­ne in ” exten­si­on” ( ben­ding for­ward) com­pro­mi­ses your spi­nal discs. Your asking for a disc rup­tu­re. ( Herniation).

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