FORE! Best Fails of Golfing Gone Wrong

FORE Best Fails of Golfing Gone Wrong 2020

Bro­ken clubs, explo­ding balls, annoy­ing ani­mals and more… enjoy ten minu­tes of mul­ligan-worthy golf fails. Don’t for­get you can still work on tho­se putts in the off-season!

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573 thought on “FORE! Best Fails of Golfing Gone Wrong”

    1. @TheNuggzt3r Trip­ping over your dog, then beco­m­ing angry at the dog for your mista­ke, while chas­ti­sing it and phy­si­cal­ly pushing it away, would, to most peop­le I would hope, be clear signs of poor pet ownership.
      (As well as a good indi­ca­ti­on of being a pret­ty crap human being overall.)

    2. @ZeroFox well he did­n’t know the dog was the­re and got him by sur­pri­se most peop­le will be pis­sed for second if that hap­pen­ed to them does­n’t make them a poor pet owners or a bad per­son and it was­n’t even real­ly a push

  1. Young man in the sand trap had the worst luck. That ball just didnt want to go out the trap at all. Made for a gre­at video. Had me rolling.

    1. it had not­hing to do with luck. he just wasnt taking his time to focus and hit the ball cor­rect­ly, he just kept hit­ting it and hit­ting it out of frus­tera­ti­on and not thin­king about pro­per form.….

  2. I just love it when I get that pop up say­ing “Someo­ne has lik­ed your com­ment” or “Someo­ne has sub­scri­bed!” Make somebody’s day bet­ter! Have a good day PEOPLE😉

  3. The per­son who did the sub­tit­les must have been drunk. “Did you get that on video?” turns into “shoo­ting a video?”. Various other mistakes.

  4. Les­sons I lear­ned from watching this
    1- Have a good grip
    2- use shoes that doesn’t make you slip
    3- Dri­ve responsibly
    4- Don’t try to dri­ve a golf ball mid­air, it’ll break your club
    5- if I ever get stuck in a bun­ker, just give up

    1. I thought the same, then i remem­be­red that i smas­hed the remo­te against my body becau­se of the wrist­band, and i dont think that should hap­pen with tho­se clubs

    1. I thought the ball was real and I was won­de­ring whe­re the white pow­der came from the ground or from some­thing that explo­ded some­whe­re lol 😂😂😂

  5. Hit­ting golf balls with the lower part of the shaft, espe­cial­ly car­bon fiber or gra­phi­te, will often break the shaft, as several of the­se vide­os showed.

  6. A golf ball at the bot­tom of a lake or oce­an takes hund­reds of years to decom­po­se, and relea­ses lots of toxic che­mi­cals into the water during that time. So to all the idi­ots dri­ving golf balls into the water, who fell in or bus­ted their club while doing so, all I can say is… Good.

  7. I should be taking gol­fing game so damn serious the­re is so much dama­ge and hil­arious fun­ny fails the­re lol😂😂😂

  8. Moral of this shit: Don’t Buy Cheap Golf Clubs other­wi­se as and when you will buy them, you’ll be tag­ged as the “future self-fucker”

  9. 3:27 – How could the sub­tit­ler chan­ge the clear­ly into­ned ‘Wrist’ into ‘Waist’? And at 9:05 ‘She bro­ke my dri­ver in half’ to ‘She bro­ke my dri­ver hands’? HANDS? WTF? Doesn’t anyo­ne from FA watch the video befo­re it goes live?

    1. Whoever sub­tit­les the­se vide­os needs a hea­ring aid. I’m not even sure why the­se vide­os have sub­tit­les any­way. You­tube alrea­dy gene­ra­tes cap­ti­ons which can’t be much worse.

  10. 강이나 바다에다 대놓고 골프공 날려 버리는 새끼들 제정신이냐? 물속에다 쓰레기 버리는거랑 다를게 뭐야

  11. To anyo­ne with dou­che neigh­bors whacking golf balls on your pro­per­ty, save every ball you find and make yourself a staff sling. After fin­ding balls with my mower and near my house and car, I’ve sent qui­te a few back their way. With the right length and a bit of prac­ti­ce, you can send em atleast 200 yards.

    Tal­king did­n’t work… Catching them in the act and yelling worked for a litt­le bit… But the sling sent the mes­sa­ge. I des­pi­se golfers.

    1. Many bro­ke becau­se they hit the ball with the shaft and not with the clubhead.
      Shafts need to be thin, light and fle­xi­ble (depen­ding on how good you are). Hit the shaft at a high speed against a small hard object (ball) and it’s pret­ty likely to break.

  12. 6:39 So you real­ly thought that through did you? Abso­lute­ly not­hing is likely to go wrong with this is it? You’­ve made abso­lute­ly sure NOT to hit the fishing rods haven’t you?

  13. You would think they’d make gold clubs a litt­le bit stron­ger? Like? But I mean the­se rich peop­le will do anything if it puts them into others’ thoughts.

  14. Holy shit the subtitlting/closed cap­ti­ons are hor­ri­ble on this video. Is FailAr­my real­ly sen­ding their vide­os to some per­son on Fiverr to do captions?

  15. I’m watching the video and my mind con­stant­ly plays the words of Geor­ge Car­lin on golfing.

    “Think of the intel­lect it must take to draw plea­su­re from this acti­vi­ty: hit­ting a ball with a croo­ked stick, and then,
    wal­king after it. And then, hit­ting it again. I say pick up as**olé! Put it in yout pocket and go the f**k home!”

    1. the pro­blem is the shaft, its made out of car­bon for weight rea­sons. Nor­mal­ly this isnt a pro­blem, but as soon as you hit the ball with the shaft ins­tead of the tip it will break your driver.

  16. Here’s a pro tip.…when you swing the club, don’t open both hands and bad­ly act as if it was a sur­pri­se when the club flew away.

    1. Actual­ly I find the exa­g­ge­ra­ted laughs kind of irri­ta­ting. Ever­ything just isn’t that fun­ny. Also we don’t need ha ha ha spel­led out for us.

  17. 1:08 wow thank god you blur­red that, now I’ll never know what that guy was drin­king and I won’t fall to the evils of alco­hol addic­tion becau­se I saw someo­ne hold a beer once.

  18. I think this pan­de­mic has taught peop­le the impor­t­ance of mul­ti­ple streams of inco­me, unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly having a job does­n’t mean secu­ri­ty rather having dif­fe­rent invest­ments is the real deal.

    1. The eco­no­mic hardship, reces­si­on, unem­ploy­ment and loss of jobs cau­sed by covid 19 pan­de­mic is enough to push peop­le into finan­cial ventures.

    2. I’ve been get­ting a lot of peop­le who doub­ted cryp­to cur­ren­cy tra­ding befo­re, now asking me how to go in they could have made 80–180x gains when I pushed them befo­re. But now I’m ear­ning $43,523 tra­ding with a pro­fes­sio­nal bro­ker, Her­bert christ, fun­ny how the­se things work out.

    3. I also got a chan­ce to bene­fit from his ser­vices a few mon­ths ago and it has been a very smooth expe­ri­ence, it’s ama­zing how accu­ra­te his mar­ket ana­ly­sis are, and how good and pati­ent he is with newbies.

  19. I don’t get it, are you cen­so­ring ran­dom­ly? Why did the guy that got hit in the gro­in got cen­so­red? ‑_- Get­ting sil­lier than the fails themselves

  20. Мда… Не интересный выпуск. Не наша игра. И зачем они в сторону моря и обрыва шар пуляли? – похоже на неправду!

  21. I don’t play golf, but I know clubs are expen­si­ve. I would be diving in after all tho­se clubs in the water without a second thought…unless it’s Florida.

    1. @ldzplove Oh shit a grow­ling dog. That must be a sign of many years of ani­mal abuse.
      You’­re making a moun­tain out of a molehill.
      Loving ani­mals is a gre­at thing but there’s no need to beco­me waaaay too sen­si­ti­ve. You could calm­ly say “idi­ot” to a dog and peop­le on the inter­net will start to attack you and say “omg poor dog.” Alt­hough the dog does­n’t know wtf it means, does­n’t real­ly care and does­n’t even think about it 2 seconds later…

    2. @TheNuggzt3r most any dog will yelp or growl when a big­ger-than-them hoo­man falls or steps on them. I agree with you. Peop­le have got­ten too sen­si­ti­ve. The dog was clear­ly fine, too. His tail was wag­ging. Seems like this is a com­mon thing, too, based on the owner’s tone. Not angry, but exasperated. 

      I saw it enough with my rab­bit. She’d flip her chewing bas­ket over, flin­ging hay and alfal­fa all over. We’d just sigh, and say “again? You brat” and she’d just sit in the scat­te­red mess, all hap­py and fat and cute

    3. @Alex Yeah but how can that be such a big deal?
      We’­ve pro­bab­ly all been sho­ved before…I don’t think anyo­ne of us got hurt phy­si­cal­ly or mentally.

  22. Ppl that can’t hold a golf club are the same limp hand sakes givers you get sometimes.
    And im tal­king about the limp shake that feels kin­da gross to shake hands with its so limp and flimsy.

    1. Nor­mal clubs. When you hit the ball with the shaft and not with the club­head it will break.
      When a shaft breaks right in the midd­le it’s usual­ly a bad pro­duc­tion or the shaft has alrea­dy been through a lot.
      The wea­kest spot is the end of the shaft, right when it goes into the club­face. Becau­se it’s very thin there.

  23. the­re is always someo­ne who bla­me ani­mal­for their mista­ke. human is the one with brain and can use it, so be care­ful and dont embarr­ass urself

  24. My father who play­ed golf all his life (and was a pret­ty good play­er) never bro­ke a club ever. What crap do they make them out of the­se days for heads to fall off and the shaft to bend so easily?

  25. I NEVER try to avoid step­ping on my small dog (he’s sin­ce lear­ned to keep distan­ces). He gets in my way I step on him or invol­un­ta­ri­ly kick him. I’m as sure foo­ted and com­mit­ted to each and every step I take on this earth and I sure as fuk ain’t let­ting no small dog bring me down. It’s him or me.

  26. @6:30 How fra­gi­le are tho­se shel­ves?? He even has weights on them and they could­n’t hand­le a small chip-shot against the frame! lol

    1. Oh yeah the poor dog pro­bab­ly died a few hours later becau­se of all the dama­ge the owner did to him…wtf the owner did­n’t even do anything.

  27. Well if your going to arse around with a club obvious­ly you’ll des­troy it or some­thing else lol all the­se pro golfer’s out the­re eh lol got­ta give a thumbs down for this one though load 🗑!

  28. is the­re a code on golf cour­ses say­ing you have to wear white shorts and a colo­red col­la­red t‑shirt? Or is golf just a sport that attracts the sort of peop­le who’d never stray from a norm?

    1. Usual­ly it’s:
      Pants that are not too short, no blue jeans and a col­la­red shirt. For women it’s a litt­le bit dif­fe­rent but it all goes in the same direction.

      But after all the golf cour­ses deci­de how strict they are. The­re are cour­ses on which you can wear pret­ty much wha­te­ver you want.

  29. Gol­fers after anything remo­te­ly clo­se to fun­ny hap­pens: AHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Me watching what they’­re laug­hing at: 😐

  30. I thought golf was a game reser­ved for poli­te gen­tle­men, but I guess I was wrong. Or things have chan­ged sin­ce the last time I play­ed, or the­se are bud­get public courses.

  31. She mar­ried him becau­se he was such a “strong man.”
    She divor­ced him becau­se he was such a “domi­na­ting male.”

    He mar­ried her becau­se she was so “fra­gi­le and petite.”
    He divor­ced her becau­se she was so “weak and helpless.”

    She mar­ried him becau­se “he knows how to pro­vi­de a good living.”
    She divor­ced him becau­se “all he thinks about is business.”

    He mar­ried her becau­se “she reminds me of my mother.”
    He divor­ced her becau­se “she’s get­ting more like her mother every day.”

    She mar­ried him becau­se he was “hap­py and roman­tic.” She divor­ced him becau­se he was “shift­less and fun-loving.”

    He mar­ried her becau­se she was “steady and sensible.”
    He divor­ced her becau­se she was “boring and dull.”

    She mar­ried him becau­se he was “the life­time 💞🙌 of the party.”
    She divor­ced him becau­se “he never wants to come home from a party.”

  32. I’ve play­ed golf but only as a hack for a many years but haven’t play­ed for well over a deca­de but when I was play­ing, I could hit that dri­ve so far away, it would ama­ze my friends…however the­re were other times when the ball was hit so hard on an edge that the ball would go strai­ght up and then spin back behind me. It got to a point that I would tell peop­le to stand in front of me becau­se if they stay­ed behind, they would pro­bab­ly be wea­ring my ball.

  33. I guess I just don’t have a sen­se of humor when it comes to des­troy­ing hund­reds of dol­lars worth of equip­ment for foo­lish reasons…

  34. The­re is an invi­si­ble line run­ning off the golfer’s back foot and per­fect­ly per­pen­di­cu­lar to the golfer’s point of aim that ever­yo­ne should stand BEHIND at all times!

  35. That is an unbe­liev­a­ble num­ber of poor­ly-assem­bled golf clubs. My dad and I built 4 or 5 sets of cus­tom clubs over the years and not one sin­gle head or grip ever sepa­ra­ted from the shaft like that, even when clip­ping rock or timber.

  36. And all this time I thought golf was boring 🤣 on damp mornings tho­se golf carts do fan­tastic 180° spin outs on wet grass and even bet­ter on hill side grass 👍👍👍👍

  37. This would be fun­ny if it did­n’t show how many com­ple­te idi­ots are run­ning around out the­re, I used to think golf clubs were expen­si­ve. Makes you won­der how the­se fools got the money for them in the first place…

  38. I have never play­ed golf, but I did work one sum­mer as a vol­un­teer golf tour­na­ment errand boy when I was a teen. No one in this video knows what they’­re doing. They’­re using golf clubs and golf balls, but not play­ing golf. 😄

  39. (Eng­lish) Do you know this truth?

    1. The clouds of the sky from all over the world are
    com­ing down to the earth more and more every day.

    2. The sun and moon in the sky are super moon and
    super sun every day.

    3. If you look clo­se­ly at the sun­ri­se and sunset,
    you can see the pink sky.

    4. The che­mi­cal com­pon­ents of Chem­trail are spraying
    like cra­zy in the sky around the world.

    5. If you look clo­se­ly at the moon now, the moon is rotating.

    Yes­hua is com­ing very soon. – Yes­hua Com­ing ‑ㅣ

  40. But… are they capa­ble to play golf? It is’nt base­ball, or any other sport that are ima­gi­ne… may­be they can take many many lessons!

  41. I love all the peop­le with 500+ dol­lar dri­vers, not somehow rea­li­zing that the same tech­no­lo­gy that makes them incredi­b­ly light, and able to hit 300+ yards with very litt­le effort… Also makes them fra­gi­le enough to com­ple­te­ly dis­in­te­gra­te if you even look at them funny.

  42. Eit­her they use auto-gene­ra­ted sub­tit­les or the per­son that edits the­se is liter­al­ly deaf. SO many wrong words in the sub­tit­les (in video, not the you­tube ones).

  43. Most of,it was the clubs head fal­ling off LOL 😂😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😲😛😜😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  44. How this ever beca­me a “man’s” sport is bey­ond me. Its full of femi­ni­ne men. This is a woman’s sport.

  45. I cras­hed a golf cart bet­ter than tho­se peop­le. When it was rol­ling down hill. I quick­ly grab­bed the seat and the seat came right off. It is a good thing that the­re was a rai­sed manhole.

  46. I didn’t know peop­le video­ta­ped them­sel­ves gol­fing. I used to enjoy play­ing and watching it and even I think it’s too boring.