Funniest moments on the PGA TOUR


Funniest moments on the PGA TOUR drive

A collec­tion of the fun­niest moments on the PGA TOUR, from play­ers reac­ting to Tiger Woods’ gran­dio­se intro­duc­tions, to team anti­cs at the Pre­si­dents Cup, Phil Mickelson’s dance moves and more.

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389 thought on “Funniest moments on the PGA TOUR”

  1. Ame­ri­cans win­ning with grace and deco­rum as usu­al 🙄 not that they ever beat the Euro­peans though of cour­se very often 😂😂😂😂

  2. The Phil, “Alright, alright…” will always be my favo­ri­te one. Clo­se­ly fol­lo­wed by Tiger’s “Kevin Na” impersonation.

  3. Was the music real­ly nee­ded? I cant hear most of what is being said, plea­se get an edi­tor who knows what they are doing


  5. Would have been nice if I could actual­ly hear what they were say­ing. Music is appro­xi­mate­ly 100x lou­der than it should be

    1. Daw­son Col­lins 🍱🍫🍫🧁🍧🍵🍯🥂🍾🏐🏈🦇🐣🐣🐣🐣🍻🍵🍻🍻🍵🍵🍵🍻🍻🍻🍻🍸🍩🍩🍩🍪🍪🍪🌰🌰☕️☕️🍺🍸🍸🍹🍻🍹🍹🍹🍻🍻🍻🍻

  6. Love James Hahn’s cele­bra­ti­on gang­nam style dance after making birdie.

    Won’t see that on the PGA Tour too often!

    1. And again last week at Augusta!

      Peop­le don’t have to wear their emo­ti­ons on their slee­ve to, um, have emo­ti­ons. Him stay­ing so calm, at least on the out­side, is pro­bab­ly why he’s one of the grea­test of all-time. Jon Rahm should give it a try…

  7. The audio mix on this is abso­lute­ly ter­ri­ble. The chee­zy back­ground music drowns out most of the dia­lo­gue. Yeesh.

    1. @Logan Shapi­ro-Shaw Ever heard of a sub­t­le litt­le phe­no­me­non cal­led “sati­re”? No? (Pro­bab­ly becau­se the obnoxious music was too loud…)

    2. @OldMtnGeezer you ever heard of sar­casm? It’s a form of sati­re. I thought you would have known that sin­ce you’re so smart

    1. riverot­ters 37 you could tell that he knew he was going to have to hike to find that ball🤣😂 Rickie is such a cool guy!

    1. The joke is that Bill Mur­ray did­n’t actual­ly hear this joke yes­ter­day; it’s a fun­ny intro. He’s been in come­dy for lon­ger than most peop­le watching this video have been alive

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  9. I’m glad gol­fers today are beco­m­ing more and more ath­le­tic. It’s going to make for a very com­pe­ti­ti­ve field in the future.

  10. which part is hot?
    the one that’s hot

    in the back, there’s a tongue

    i bro­ke both my arms at 13…i’d rather do that again

    i don’t recom­mend that to anyo­ne who has a mouth

    1. Golf­man­ball 13 fun sto­ry this is my home cour­se and my favo­ri­te is the 15th driv­a­ble par 4 and that hole was the 18th

  11. The clip of James Hahn was gre­at. He was light-hear­ted enough to dance gang-nam style but respect­ful enough to keep off the green while doing it.

  12. Rea­per Pep­per is one of the spi­ci­est spi­ces ever… I would not recom­mend that to anyo­ne with a mouth. Even a tiny pinch of it would make you cry.

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  14. Ever noti­ce that the ame­ri­can team are cocky during the pre­si­dents cup but when they play the Ryder cup they all beco­me mou­ses. Men Against Boys.

  15. They’­re good at golf, but cate­go­ri­cal­ly, the least fun­ny, least cha­ris­ma­tic cate­go­ry of peop­le in the uni­ver­se. Well may­be the fans give them a run..

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  19. I think the PGA has a big pro­blem. The youn­ger gol­fers with a few excep­ti­ons are arro­gant and not friend­ly at to the fans. I used to watch all the time go to tour­na­ments, not any more. Phil and the friend­ly gol­fers who always appre­cia­ted their fans are going. I think their in real trou­ble. Ligh­ten up guy’s u got it made.

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  30. The cad­die at the end(one who ate the chip) actual­ly holds the record for most holes play­ed in a week with over 2000😅😅😅⛳️😎

  31. 6:57 is the FUNNIEST part of this video.…you just have to know the back sto­ry and also have to know how clo­se Tiger and Jus­tin are as friends!

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  36. I feel bad for Shaq. Do they even make clubs that big?
    Also, 8:25 was that Clint East­wood with Ste­ve Irwin?!? The other 2 I could­n’t tell but must be famous too

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  75. I heard some­thing about girl­friends. Don’t bring your girl­friend out to watch your round of golf. She will laugh at you all day long!

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  78. It’s mis­sing the Tiger, Fred Funk sce­ne. Whe­re Funk had to wear a dress (Lost a bet to Anni­ka Soren­s­tam if I recall) and when Funk squat­ted to read a putt Tiger said, “You’­re two balls out!”

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