“Gestehen Sie es zu !!” – Rich Eisen über Greg Norman und die LIV-Golftour, die ihren Eröffnungs-PR-Drive einläutet

Gestehen Sie es zu Rich Eisen ueber Greg Norman und die LIV Golftour die ihren Eroeffnungs PR Drive einlaeutet Alan Shipnuck

Rich Eisen reagiert auf den gro­ßen Fehl­tritt von Greg Nor­man und der LIV Tour direkt vor dem Tor, als sie den Gol­f­jour­na­lis­ten Alan Ship­nuck von der Pres­se­kon­fe­renz von Phil Mickel­son beim aller­ers­ten Event der Orga­ni­sa­ti­on ent­fern­ten. Sehen Sie sich die Rich Eisen Show an, eine Emmy-nomi­nier­te Sport-Talk­show, die live auf NBCs Peacock, Auda­cy und Siri­usXM Ch. 85 Mon­tag bis Frei­tag, Mit­tag bis 15:00 Uhr ET. Die Rich Eisen Show zeigt die unheim­li­che Fähig­keit von Rich Eisen, auf­schluss­rei­ches Sport­wis­sen mit einer unkon­ven­tio­nel­len Mischung aus Humor und Pop­kul­tur zu ver­bin­den, und zieht die bekann­tes­ten Namen aus Sport und Unter­hal­tung an. Abon­nie­ren Sie die­sen Kanal, um mit den bes­ten Sport- und Pop­kul­tur­kom­men­ta­ren, Inter­views und vie­lem mehr im Inter­net auf dem Lau­fen­den zu blei­ben! —— HIER ABONNIEREN: https://​bit​.ly/​2​V​j​W​SBC FOLGE UNS HIER: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​r​i​c​h​e​i​s​e​n​s​h​ow/ https://​www​.twit​ter​.com/​R​i​c​h​E​i​s​e​n​S​how https://www .face​book​.com/​R​i​c​h​E​i​s​e​n​S​how https://​www​.auda​cy​.com/​r​i​c​h​e​i​s​e​n​/​l​i​s​ten Vie­len Dank an unse­re Freun­de bei Gra­byo für die Unter­stüt­zung unse­rer Live-Pro­duk­ti­on und Bear­bei­tung. Wirk­lich ein Wen­de­punkt für das, was wir hier bei der Rich Eisen Show zu errei­chen ver­su­chen. Sie kön­nen sich Gra­byo und sei­ne Ange­bots­pa­let­te hier anse­hen: https://​bit​.ly/​3​a​a​c​366 #Rich­Ei­sen­Show #Golf #LIV­golf

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811 thought on ““Gestehen Sie es zu !!” – Rich Eisen über Greg Norman und die LIV-Golftour, die ihren Eröffnungs-PR-Drive einläutet”

  1. I’ve seen a lot of ways to launch a pro­fes­sio­nal sports league. Remo­ving a jour­na­list from a press con­fe­rence of your league’s face is a brand new move to be sure

    1. “Jour­na­list” 😂😂😂 so tired of this word thrown around like saints. You noti­ce only cer­tain jour­na­lists get the halo treatment?

  2. The ques­ti­on is how long will the Sau­dis con­ti­nue giving the play­ers the type money they get­ting now. Six figu­res for being in last place.

  3. The USA sells the Sau­di’a our wea­pons and buys the Sau­di oil like it’s the only source avai­al­be, so this is just not a sto­ry when it comes to dealing with the Saudi’s.

  4. There’s are two songs I just can’t for­get. 1) Mis­sis­sip­pi God­dam by Nina Simo­ne 2) Stran­ge Fruit by Bil­lie Holiday

    1. I can’t for­get Bridge Over Trou­bled Water by Simon and Gar­fun­kel and Let it Be by the Beat­les. So what’s your point?

    2. @Linjica Koni­kon Sor­ry for being unclear. It’s the accu­sa­ti­ons towards gol­fers taking Sau­di money while the US has a record not to be proud of. Both have fai­led humanity

  5. Again, pot cal­ling the kett­le black. We have done far worse than the Sau­dis for years. Tough nug­gets for Ship­nuck. Now LIV golf’s Jim Acosta.

  6. This is why I keep refer­ring to it as the “Greg Nor­man Ego Trip” League. He’s been known as a bit­ter jerk for 40 years, and this cur­rent enter­pri­se is just his latest dis­play of it.

    1. @Mark S The final result will be less golf becau­se it will kill the PGA tour. And what hap­pens when the Sau­di $$$ spi­got gets tur­ned off. Losing bil­li­ons annu­al­ly is unsus­tainab­le in the long run.

    2. @Mark S The PGA Tour is just try­ing to pro­tect its field each week. Top play­ers = more view­ers = more spon­sors = more pri­ze money. If the Top 48 are play­ing some­whe­re else, who’s watching here?

  7. The only thing I’m going to say is if we are going to take the moral high ground we should app­ly it across the board. Let’s look into some of the orga­niz­a­ti­ons that pay for the pga tour spon­sor­s­hips and go through their past. That means no more DP World Tour events in several coun­tries in the Midd­le East and Euro­pe and Asia. I’m not con­do­ning the Sau­dis but if we aren’t going to do events becau­se of a Country’s pri­or bad acts, no sport would be play­ed in the US.

    1. @Chris Oli­vo lots of jour­na­lists have cal­led out the Chi­na NBA débâcle. Also John Cena was exco­ria­ted for his Chi­na apology.

    1. Yep. I guess were not sup­po­se to noti­ce that. Just like we’­re not sup­po­se to noti­ce that the PGA ope­ra­tes a tour in China.

  8. How do we know that Phil isn’t the rea­son he was remo­ved? He was the one who wro­te the book about him and lea­ked the gamb­ling debt

  9. The names are not all that incredi­ble. The Cana­di­an Open has a much stron­ger field. The­re are a few big names and most­ly old, past their prime guys with some name value.

    1. Someo­ne will need to come back in a few mon­ths and laugh at this mooks com­ment. Ple­nty of pga play­ers are just biding their time b4 they boun­ce to liv. It’s hard press to be in that first group of players.

    2. @Neu User Dude… with a strai­ght face your serious­ly gon­na com­pa­re the LIV field with the field at the Cana­di­an Open?? You GOTTA be a Sau­di troll😅

  10. Any cri­ti­cism of the NBA play­ers (Lebron 😳) that sports-wash China’s inhu­ma­ni­ty? $ dri­ves some real­ly weird ‘busi­ness’ decisi­ons and implied support.

  11. I have heard that Nor­man brings a doc­tor with him who can per­form the heim­lich maneu­ver due to his con­stant choking.

  12. Ship­nuck claims he was phy­si­cal­ly mus­cled out by goons. LIE. I saw the video, secu­ri­ty told him no access to Phil, Ship­nuck gave his best smirk and left. So when he texts Shark the Shark must assu­me this was a dif­fe­rent sce­n­a­rio becau­se what Ship­nuck descri­bed in his tweets is NOT what hap­pen­ed in the video that he’s using the screen shots of. Eisen just takes the lying jour­na­lists nar­ra­ti­ve and runs with it. Typical.

  13. What about what is being done TODAY in the US to jour­na­lists that the cur­rent Admin does­n’t like … See Pro­ject Veri­tas and what hap­pen­ed to James O’Keefe.

  14. Laug­ha­ble jour­na­list talks about all the bad Sau­di does while atten­ding their event and pos­ting if from his twit­ter that Sau­di is the big­gest sharehoul­der smh. Not­hin worse than a smart dumb journalist

  15. LIV golf event was so much more enter­tai­ning than watching Fitz­pa­trick play golf in Canada…I don’t know for sure but LIV golf might have some­thing here.

    1. Histo­ry and records are only things that other peop­le have told us are important. I want to see a good match with high stakes.

    2. @Streaming Ana­ly­tics Which will you for­get first histo­ry or a guy who won a bunch of money with no mea­ning other than money? Seems more like a car­ni­val exhi­bi­ti­on than a golf tour­na­ment. It just does­n’t do it for me.. I tried 🤷

    3. @Bass Assas­sin why can’t we have both? That’s what nobo­dy is asking, becau­se the dis­cus­sion is what can­not be had. Not by you and me, I mean, but at large.

  16. Do any of the­se guys remem­ber whe­re most of the 9/11 ter­ro­rists came from?? I won’t watch it. I know our government sells them arms and we all use gaso­li­ne, but I’d pre­fer we did­n’t sell them arms and sad­ly electric cars still don’t have the ran­ge I need nor are they at a pri­ce that I can afford. Actual­ly pret­ty much all of the guys that are going are guys I don’t par­ti­cu­lar­ly like any­way. I’m sure a few more will fol­low. The money is just too good, but I will respect the guys who play for wins. I have a hard time belie­ving that Mickel­son is going to prac­ti­ce hard to win $4 mil­li­on, when he is get­ting over $9 mil­li­on per event just to show up.

  17. If Hap­py Gilmo­re made it to the LIV Tour, all he nee­ded to do was play in three tour­na­ments and he could get grandma’s house back already

    1. he’d also be able to buy the neigh­bor­hood sur­roun­ding Grandma’s house as well.

      The Sau­dis would have offe­red him in the regi­on of 10 figures.

  18. rich I would be very care­ful about thro­wing stones and glass houses. cor­po­ra­te Ame­ri­ca like the net­work that pays your bank has as shady a past as the Saudis.

  19. Rich, love your show. You defi­ni­te­ly have a right to slam the LIV golf league and slam Greg Nor­man, going at the Saudi’s who have defi­ni­te human rights issu­es. Free game. So, why have you not, in your inte­rest to be fair, gone after the PGA with their ties to the CCP? Could you plea­se do a fol­low up just to make things fair.

    1. Your request will sad­ly go unans­we­red. This was never about mora­li­ty, as you and I, and anyo­ne using their brain can see.

  20. NBA, F1, World Cup in Qatar . The­re is no moral high ground in sports , throw enough dol­lars in the mud and every sports per­son will dive in

  21. We take Sau­di oil, we send them wea­pons but we’re upset that citi­zens take Sau­di money to play golf? In a free capi­ta­list socie­ty you are allo­wed to give your ser­vices to the hig­hest bidder.

    1. PGA actual­ly has events whe­re they don’t pay pro­fes­sio­nal ath­le­tes. If you don’t make the cut you get $0. What other pro­fes­sio­nal sport does­n’t pay their ath­le­tes?? But the ath­le­tes have to pay their own tra­vels and hotel expen­ses. PGA being cheap and try­ing to maxi­mi­ze pro­fits at all cost will be their down­fall. LIV GOLF Lon­don event was pret­ty good for the first one. It will only get bet­ter and attract more big names. PGA must chan­ge for the bet­ter, or get used to beco­m­ing the B league of golf ⛳

    1. Money fixes ever­ything doesn’t it…for governments like ours and for golfers…seemingly money has the abi­li­ty to “era­se” nas­ti­ness or at least make it “overlooked”…because money trumps ever­ything in Pro Sports and politics.
      I guess the gol­fers got sick of their never ending poverty…

  22. Rich have you ever addres­sed the issue with Lebron and the NBA pan­de­ring to Chi­na? And what about Nike?! You want to talk about human rights vio­la­ti­ons??? They’­ve child­ren making their shoes for them! Have you done a show about that issue? Sigh.

    1. I like Rich but he nor Dan Patrick nor most of the Sports Media’s tal­king heads have big enough balls to talk about that Ele­phant in the room.….when it comes to that issue they’­re all pan­ty wastes!

  23. Oh please..the hypo­cri­sy… Cmon man Sau­di pro­vi­des US oil.. have you thought of all of that while dri­ving your cars??

  24. so peop­le, now every time you go to the gas sta­ti­on and pump that gas into your car … look yourself in the mir­ror – you know who you’­re taking the oil from – so shut the f* up and stop being a hypo­cri­te thin­king you have a supe­ri­or moral ground to any of tho­se golfers

  25. Mat­thew 6:14- “For if you for­gi­ve others for their trans­gres­si­ons, your hea­ven­ly Father will also for­gi­ve you.

    Mat­thew 6:15- “But if you do not for­gi­ve others, then your Father will not for­gi­ve your transgressions.

    Mat­thew 18:35- “My hea­ven­ly Father will also do the same to you, if each of you does not for­gi­ve his bro­ther from your heart.”

    Mat­thew 7:2- “For in the way you judge, you will be jud­ged; and by your stan­dard of mea­su­re, it will be mea­su­red to you.

    Mat­thew 7:3- “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not noti­ce the log that is in your own eye?

    Ephe­si­ans 4:32- Be kind to one ano­t­her, ten­der-hear­ted, for­gi­ving each other, just as God in Christ also has for­gi­ven you.

  26. Rich, this is gar­ba­ge. Rory and all the nan­ny boys take cor­po­ra­te spon­sor­s­hips that are as bad as the Sau­dis. or are you going to sports wash the Slave labor of Nike in Chi­na? Or how about the Régime Chan­ge war cri­mes in Syria ( 500K dead…Libya 20K dead…or even Ukrai­ne 20K+ dead and coun­ting) of our cur­rent crop of “lea­ders” This is good for golf.…maybe it will lead to some sort of Super Bowl…the LIV just needs to sign its Joe Namath.

  27. Golf is too much a niche sport to make it with 2 pre­mier leagues . No dis­re­spect to guys who took the $ ; it is too life chan­ging for some to say no to

    1. They whe­re tal­king about a guy who was in last place. He won 5 events in his coun­try and won 2k in total. He won a mini­mum of 120k

    1. Awe­so­me when you see someo­ne men­ti­on Mr. Big Evil unpromp­ted. It’s like someo­ne announ­cing that they have serious psy­cho­lo­gi­cal issu­es haha.

    1. It’s not real­ly the same thing.… The Ame­ri­can government ally­ing with the Sau­di government for vital geo-poli­ti­cal rea­sons is a far cry from indi­vi­du­al gol­fers cashing in a big payday to help sports wash SA’s image.

  28. Why should the LIV play­ers feel any­mo­re guil­ty than PGA play­ers? The PGA is hea­vi­ly inves­ted in Com­mu­nist Chi­na who has an abhor­rent human rights record. I guess Rich doesn’t care about the Uyghurs. Appar­ent­ly their lives don’t mat­ter as much as a journalist’s life. Fun­ny how his selec­ti­ve memo­ry works.

  29. He did not have a press pass. Out you go. Not wel­co­me at a very pro­fes­sio­nal event.
    Get your paper­work in order boy!

  30. 230 mil­li­on for a pre­d­a­tor… NIL cra­zy money for col­le­ge ath­le­tes… LIV bil­li­ons from a mur­de­ring des­pot in white robes???
    Whe­re does it end??? Who final­ly stands up and says, “No more… This is wrong!!”

  31. Hey Rich.. the US government SELLS WEAPONS to the Sau­dis… the US also buys oil from the Sau­dis… we also prop up our cur­ren­cy via the petrol dol­lar.… so tell me again how you­re the only guy with clean hands? Sick of bozos like you who try to pro­ject moral supe­rio­ri­ty. YOU are a fraud.

  32. Hey Rich, ques­ti­on! Have you ever won­de­red how much the PGA real­ly makes? It reminds me of the NCAA and thi­er greed lea­ding them to thi­er today’s obscu­ri­ty. ex ute jeff

  33. Yeah keep dri­ving your car, fly­ing you per­so­nal pla­nes, and use any other petro­le­um pro­duct or by-pro­duct, but let’s dog the peo­p­les get­ting a buck.

  34. Your righ­te­ous morals don’t pay my bills if the Sau­dis give me mil­li­ons I would­n’t care I would take the money and play the game

    1. It bro­ke my heart see­ing him blow a 6 shot lead at The Mas­ters against Fal­do. Greg did in fact cho­ke, but I felt for him. Now, I only see Faldo’s great­ness in shoo­ting that bril­li­ant 67. Fal­do has tur­ned into my hero.

    2. @RH The PGA Tour is just try­ing to pro­tect its field each week. Top play­ers = more view­ers = more spon­sors = more pri­ze money. If the Top 48 are play­ing some­whe­re else, who’s watching here?

  35. I sup­po­se you don’t eat Kfc or McDo­nalds. They have
    more that 500 out­lets in Sau­di Ara­bia. Taking all the­re dir­ty money. Paying taxes to Us and Sau­di governments. Do the math and get of your PGA GOLD horse.

  36. You talk about jour­na­lists being kil­led in sau­di ara­bia. don’t for­get that Ame­ri­ca was the coun­try that bom­bed hiro­shi­ma the nati­on whe­re white cops kil­ling and bea­ting up black peop­le mean­wji­le try­ing to endor­se a PGA tour which used to discri­mi­na­te against black peop­le what’s so dif­fe­rent about taking money from the Sau­dis then it is taking from anyo­ne else

  37. This sounds a lot like the CART-IRL split from 1996–2008 that deci­ma­ted Indy­Car Racing.

    my advice to golf. FIX THE ISSUE NOW BEFORE IT GETS WORSE.

    1. @Antonio saxon They had the Indy 500, which was and still is the lar­gest sin­gle day spor­ting event in the world. It makes money every year, so much that the rest of the sea­son can be run at a loss, and they will still make a pro­fit. The Hul­man-Geor­ge Fami­ly also owned Clab­ber Girl, a lar­ge baking com­pa­ny, and that hel­ped them buy the speed­way in 1945. They were old money

  38. LOL! Did you see the lea­der­board? Top 10 inclu­des guys upwards of 130! Accord­ing to the PGA Tour and the mini­ons, guys like Na who are in the 30s are has-beens. What does that make the lea­der­board for the RBC Cana­di­an Open?

  39. I love how the media freaks out about this but won’t say a peep to the NBA about taking bil­li­ons from Chi­na every year. 🤡

  40. To your point, Phil has been the only one being honest…which is what ever­yo­ne loves about him. As oppo­sed to Jack Nick­laus, who is cur­r­ent­ly working with the same Sau­di group to build a golf cour­se in Sau­di Ara­bia, being paid by Sau­di money. And in his pres­ser, ins­tead of being honest about the Sau­dis, he sho­wers them with prai­se and then expres­ses how hono­red he is to be cho­sen to do this project…when are peop­le going to make head­lines about that? He IS the big­gest name in golf (along with Tiger), but no one wants to go up against him…

    1. @Gerald But­ler You ARE watching a Sau­di backed league, every time you watch sports. The Sau­dis own part of almost every major Spon­sor that pays the PGA, NFL, MLB, NBA, etc.

  41. Real­ly? Some guy you don’t know is lea­ding? Charl Schwartzel…clearly showing how litt­le you know about golf…only a Mas­ters champion..

  42. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly Port­land, OR is taking a part in this tour. I won­der how many pro­tes­ters will show up at this end of the mon­th for the stop here. I hope it’s a lot.

  43. To be honest, I feel like there’s gon­na be a mas­si­ve back­draft from all of this.

    To hell with the PGA tour and their sanc­tions; it’s more of the fact there’s some things that was­n’t exp­lai­ned for this upco­m­ing golf league.…..

  44. The big­gest star LIV Golf bag­ged is Dus­tin John­son. Pri­or to his defec­tion from the PGA Tour John­son mis­sed 3 cuts out of 9 starts this year and has only had one Top 10 finish (iro­ni­cal­ly, 9th at the Player’s Cham­pions­hip). The other big star, Bry­son DeCh­am­beau mis­sed 5 cuts out of 7 starts this year (with no Top 10 finis­hes) and is still reco­vering from hand sur­ge­ry. Phil Mickel­son (51 years old) ent­e­red 4 PGA Tour events this year and mis­sed the cut twice, with no Top 10 finis­hes. The hig­hest-ran­ked PGA Tour defec­tor is Kevin Na who mis­sed 3 cuts out of 11 starts, with one Top 10 finish.

    1. Ran­kings are fick­le. DJ was world num­ber one in 2020. Mickel­son won a major a year ago. When is the last major Rory has won?

    2. No-One gives a rat’s arse…
      The­se guys are going to make BANK and laugh all the way to the Bank with their Hap­py Gilmo­re sized checks!!
      Deal with it

    3. This is just the begin­ning bro, you got to look at the big pic­tu­re. Over time the field strength will grow. I can see the PGA tour beco­m­ing a copy cat tour, and pos­si­b­ly others, each paying their play­ers upfront.

  45. Aut­ho­ri­ta­ria­nism is taking hold world­wi­de. Nor­man is just one more examp­le. 1 guess how he votes and for whom? 🙄

  46. Why is this golf tour­na­ment such a big deal, but no one in the sports media bats an eye at the NBA and its super­stars like LeBron raking in mil­li­ons from Com­mu­nist China.

  47. Wow, then start tel­ling the NBA. No more money from Chi­na. Lol. Talk about human rights issu­es. Chi­na makes them look like child­ren. Until then, go get all the money you can boys. You deser­ve it.…

  48. LOL…..if i make my living play­ing golf, i will play whe­re i can make the most money play­ing golf ! Check this out, the win­ner of the Cana­di­an Open will win $1.56M he’s get­ting the same money as the 3rd place LIV guy 🤣
    ( Mic Drop )

    Ok so the Moral high ground guys over @ PGA Tour are SO afraid of their BRAND being Can­cel Cultured !

    👍 to the LIV gol­fers for having the balls to get it now…..

    Ok now let’s address the Mora­li­ty Nar­ra­ti­ve here….Why NOW are we tal­king about their Human rights issu­es ? Why are they not sanc­tion­ed like Rus­sia or Cuba ?

    Stop being a 🐑 !

    Take their Money….

    This sh*t$ get­ting too political !

    Like ever­ything else.

    Pick your side 🤦🏻‍♂️

    PGA is sca­red of a Mass Exo­dus when all they have to do is allow gol­fers to be the inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors they are.

    1. Rich is owned by an Ame­ri­can com­pa­ny and spon­sors. A cor­po­ra­te sports pun­dit. He knows that though. It’s all a cir­cus lol

  49. Hey it is up to them if they want to take the money from a coun­try that prac­ti­ce a form of modern slavery and have one of the worst Human rights record in the world . But the­se Rich White Gol­fers bet­ter not whi­ne when they get cut off from other tour­na­ments and other parts of the world. We been thru this befo­re under South Afri­ca and apartheid

    1. The Mas­ters Cham­pion and the PGA Cham­pion are at the Cana­di­an Open. That is whe­re the com­pe­ti­ti­on is. The “house­hold” names you are refer­ring to, are has-beens, and aging play­ers who can’t get it done at the hig­hest level anymore.

  50. 3:21 – What beau­ti­ful timing…“The only thing they have to live with is…THE MAN in the mir­ror!” (And then dude walks into the “mir­ror” behind Eisen..)

  51. Colin Kaeper­nick was black bal­led for taking a knee during the Anthem. What the­se gol­fers are doing is 10 times worse! Nobo­dy in Ame­ri­ca should ever cheer for any of the­se trai­to­rous gol­fers. The Sau­di government’s invol­ve­ment in the 9–11 attacks still hasn’t been deter­mi­ned. What the F#%K is wrong with the­se guys?!

  52. Shipnuck’s most pro­bab­ly “per­so­na non gra­ta” with Phil and the rest of the­se mul­ti­mil­lion­aires beco­m­ing “more” mul­ti­mil­lion­aire, but I would think this would be the last thing you would want to do with any jour­na­list right now for a league who­se benefactor’s track record with jour­na­lists is a bit sket­chy to start with. Good luck with this kind of “cour­se” of action in the future, Greg!

  53. Alan Ship­nuck has said the­re were some ‘very per­so­nal’ items he did­n’t inclu­de in his ‘Phil’ book. Well, lets just wait for Bil­ly Wal­ters book to be released. To be continued.

    1. @David C igno­re the main point but com­ment when u see someo­ne make a off hand com­ment that’s not fac­tu­al and act like that dis­pro­ves the ori­gi­nal comment?

    2. @Lee Lee Cur­ren­cy mani­pu­la­ti­on is easy…until it ALL comes cra­shing down. The rus­si­an eco­no­my is hea­ding for a crash worse than the 90’s when they were a 3rd world country.
      You can only keep arti­fi­cial­ly infla­ting the value of a cur­ren­cy for so long by not allowing it out of the coun­try. If you can’t import anything, tho­se Rubles aren’t worth anything to anyo­ne in the coun­try, espe­cial­ly when infla­ti­on is tea­ring up their value.
      Rus­sia can’t import any important Advan­ced Tech and will lose the abi­li­ty to be able to crea­te smart wea­pons, smart vehi­cles and anything else that modern socie­ty uses becau­se of a lack of chips, advan­ced elec­tro­nics and advan­ced manu­fac­tu­ring processes.
      This will cau­se the rus­si­an fede­ra­ti­on to splinter…just like the USSR splin­te­red deca­des ago.
      Enjoy watching the show as they lose their army in Ukrai­ne and lose their eco­no­my for the next cou­p­le of years. 

      All while the rest of the world laughs at Putin.

  54. why is it okay for the US government to sell Sau­dis bil­li­ons of dol­lars of wea­pons, but Phil Mickel­son should refu­se to play in their golf league, just silly.

    1. Agreed. Some peop­le look at this situa­ti­on that the good ol’ US of A is the pur­vey­ing moral com­pass of all that is going right in this cra­zy world

  55. one way alan can look at it: they stop­ped me from asking a ques­ti­on that could have got me kil­led. glass half full kind of view.

  56. Hey Rich, the PGA has done things that real­ly upset me after the 2019 sea­son . PGA stop. Play­ing at Trump owned Golf cour­ses was just wrong and it made me think … poli­ti­cal decisi­on are being made in all sports and It sucks, becau­se sports was the one place I could go to get away from that poli­ti­cal crap.

  57. I won­der if anyo­ne would have a pro­blem with St Judes child­rens hos­pi­tals taking Sau­di money. I’d take the Sau­di money and give it to St Judes and the Para­ly­zed Vete­rans Asso­cia­ti­on and the ASPCA and use that evil money for good and I’m sure many of the­se play­ers will do exact­ly that.

  58. Good sto­ry Rich, now I’m wai­t­ing for the how NBA play­ers taking money from Chi­na is blood money sto­ry. Bet we won’t ven­ture into tho­se waters though

    1. @Gus de Mags so just never do busi­ness with Sau­dis or who­me­ver until they belie­ve exact­ly what you do? Seems a bit aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­an but you do you my mam

    2. @spsawyer22 inte­res­ting, I would be aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­an for not endor­sing doing busi­ness with aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­ans; so, that would not be who­me­ver, just the authoritarians.

    3. @Gus de Mags You don’t think Chi­na get­ting into the NBA and having their own branch of the PGA Tour is sports­wa­shing? Plea­se tell me what it is then

  59. And? For deca­des the PGA whe­re was the $$$ were at. The only rea­son a “Green Jacket” means anything is becau­se you are set if you win one, and that’s why the tro­phy for the “Was­te Manage­ment” doesn’t. 

    Do you real­ly think that Gary Play­er, Seve, Shark, etc, etc. would bother if the tho­se “majors” weren’t the way to finan­cial security?

  60. I’m more worried that LIV does­n’t seem like it’s for pro­fit. Hope­ful­ly they don’t beco­me an Ama­zon-like enti­ty that is doing this just to kill off other leagues.

  61. Yet.…NBA sends play­ers to Chi­na and its cri­ckets from libe­ral media. Gee.…It’s almost like the sports leagues that car­ry water for the woke crowd gets a pass.

  62. This is a very sad situa­ti­on. The fil­thy rich being taken advan­ta­ge of by the fil­thy, fil­thy rich. My con­do­len­ces. This is so sad.

  63. Get real in a real world. We see government offi­cials and corps suck­ing up to Chi­na and now you are worried about a Mus­lim nati­on with U.S $$ for oil to pay gol­fers. Spa­re me.

  64. Gol­fers can’t accept money from the league backed by Saudis…but it’s ok for Joe Biden to beg them to start giving us oil again and put­ting more money in their pockets? 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Chi­na is ok with its ties with the NBA?..
    no one seems to bring them up..

  65. Also address the NBA taking money from Chi­na with their dis­gus­ting human rights abu­ses! Jour­na­lists and the media not EVEN men­tio­ning that! CALL EVERYONE OUT!

  66. I’m not about to lis­ten to PGA tour play­ers who take money from all kinds of nefa­rious sources (cough Nike cough) lec­tu­re about who should be taking money from who.

  67. You know who actual­ly paying the­se liv play­ers. The U.S. and Euro­pe buy­ing the­re oil. I don’t see anyo­ne bit*hing about that

    1. Amen, bro­ther! Each time we fill our tanks we add to the Sau­di mon­ar­chies wealth. Thus, we’­re all guil­ty of sup­por­ting the régime and what they stand for.

  68. I don’t begrudge the­se guys get­ting a paycheck that’ll impact genera­ti­ons. What I can’t stand is that NONE of them are admit­ting to it. I’m so tired of “it allows me to play golf all over the world” or “I’m just try­ing to bet­ter the game”. Lost all respect for this group.

  69. The love of money is the root of all evil. For eight years, Oba­ma sat in the White House and orde­red the remo­te-con­trol dro­ne kil­ling of inno­cent civi­li­ans, inclu­ding Ame­ri­cans. The­re are none righ­te­ous, no not one. Climb off your high hor­se PGA.

  70. So sick of ever­yo­ne obses­sed with the Sau­dis when the same peop­le were upset at Tucker Carl­son cal­ling out the NBA for its ties to Chi­na. I think cal­ling it blood money is a joke. Every government has done things that would be con­si­de­red blood money. My gosh peop­le are so naïve.

  71. Your Tax dol­lars go to mur­de­rous regimes all over the world . We pro­vi­de wea­pons to the same and buy the natu­ral resour­ces they pro­vi­de , but yeah Golf is the thing that upsets ppl .

  72. I find it hil­arious that “LIV” is 54 in Roman Nume­ra­ls, that their events are 54 holes, its star play­er has blown several 54 hole leads in majors, several of its other stars have done the same, and its com­mis­sio­ner was the abso­lu­te king of cho­king away 54 hole leads. Ever­ything about this is for the under­achie­ver loo­king for the easy way out.

    1. Pret­ty sure you have never achie­ved a PGA Tour Win.
      Pret­ty sure they have.
      Also pret­ty sure they would tell you to STHU.
      Pret­ty sure you’re not play­ing for $4 Mil­li­on pur­se for a reason

  73. “hey whe­res my check?, Well be mai­ling them out next week sir, oh no no no I want mine now, I don’t have any checks to give, well that guy got one right, gim­me one of them big ones i don’t care” Signed Hap­py Gilmore

    1. Bad argu­ment. The play­ers have a choice. Lonely peas­ants have no choice in gaso­li­ne or pro­ducts from Chi­na. Only buy­ers for stores do.

  74. Never seen someo­ne is ratt­led about golf in this way like Rich, Dan Patrick was or was just becou­se new tour is Sau­di backed? But they are afraid to talk how their own government is in bed with that same Sau­di and how Sau­id invest soo much money in Ame­ri­ca in dif­fe­rent way. Hypocrisy

    1. Actual­ly Dan ack­now­led­ged the US does busi­ness with them but he’s kin­da like “oh that’s dif­fe­rent” but I get what your saying

  75. Lets not pre­tend all the bad they have done has been in the past, they have very recent­ly done bad stuff and are pro­bab­ly still doing it.

    1. And the US is buy­ing Sau­di OIL everyday.
      Or were you tal­king about the PGA??? Becau­se we know they do bad stuff ever­y­day too…and take money from simi­lar spon­sors fun­ded by simi­lar money.

  76. The PGA tour is a scam, they pul­led the WGC events after Nor­man had the con­cept over 25 years ago. They sca­pe­goa­ted Nor­man. The­se left wing idi­ots demo­ni­zing the­se play­ers are wimps!

  77. Pathe­tic selec­ti­ve outrage.
    How many sports and stars get money from that sweat shop nike company??
    Can’t take sports money from S.A. but using a flood of their oil is just fine.
    The U.S. gov sup­ports the roy­al fami­ly becau­se they sup­ply the flood of oil even though they are bru­tal to their own citizens.
    This outra­ge is the height of hypo­cri­sy. The media loves to be two faced in many issues.
    Go LIV golf.

  78. They don’t even need a PR depart­ment. The PGA acting like a petu­lant child thro­wing a tan­trum is dri­ving peop­le away and LIV is the only other real game in town.

  79. What about Boxing and Ten­nis and the WWE and the PGA its­elf having dealings with the Saudi’s? What about Nike or Ree­bok or Adi­das or Tit­leist or other com­pa­nies that deal
    With then Saudi’s? Why are we just attacking the golfers…not Indy Car racing or other sports? Why is golf being cru­ci­fied but not the other sports for their dealings with the Saudi’s or China?

  80. Nor­man and Mickel­son are both scum­bags that make mil­li­ons kno­cking a stu­pid ball around and then whi­ne like babies about paying their taxes.

  81. Plea­se, let’s not pre­tend that the PGA Spon­sors are angles. And btw: the Sau­dis GET the money by sel­ling oil, to Ame­ri­ca, let’s not for­get that part.
    Not say­ing the­re isn’t a point, or it should­n’t be dis­cus­sed, but it isn´t a black and white sub­ject at all.

  82. Four days for 1 mil­li­on or three days for 4 mil­li­on, no brai­ner! And yes, I could look in the mir­ror and take their money!

  83. Geor­ge Bush Juni­or has been invol­ved in ’ Cha­ri­ty Washing ’ for years with the help of jour­na­lists, com­men­ta­tors and Hol­ly­wood stars yet that’s OK, he is respon­si­ble for a mil­li­on plus deaths in Iraq and Afgha­ni­stan and hel­ping with his dro­ne pro­gram to turn the midd­le east in do a klling zone but he did a bit for Aids in Afri­ca so we for­get about his war crime years 🙄🤨🤨🤨🤨

  84. LIV tour sounds like ath­le­tes who do not like real com­pe­ti­ti­on and want easy money from pockets that have been his­to­ri­cal­ly dirty.

    1. @dennis lig­ma my thing is that the­se play­ers aren’t admit­ting to it for the money. We all know its for the money. Anyo­ne regu­lar Joe would take the cash but just admit it. They are lying through their teeth.

    2. @. xMOHAWKx98 Who has­n’t said it is for the money? The play­ers in mul­ti­ple dif­fe­rent ways have sta­ted that. Do you even lis­ten to their pressers?

  85. I under­stand your point about sports washing and ever­ything that goes with it. Howe­ver one of the lar­gest mili­ta­ry part­ner of the Sau­dis is the United Sta­tes government. So may­be ins­tead of bla­ming the play­ers for par­ti­ci­pa­ting in their sports leagues, try and get your government to stop sel­ling them wea­pons and ever­ything else. Other­wi­se stay silent.

  86. Now do Chi­na and the NBA…. Anyo­ne with this take should stop using gas. Is this Sau­di backed gas?? Should be the ques­ti­on you ask the gas sta­ti­on employee

  87. Lea­ve the­se guys alo­ne, they are pro­fes­sio­nal ath­le­tes and made a good busi­ness decisi­on, not­hing to see here folks, keep it moving.

  88. The line about how the­se guys know whe­re they are taking the money from and would have to live with that is inte­res­ting, I won­der does it app­ly to the Des­haun Wat­son accusers?

  89. May­be tho­se who jum­ped ship want to catch up with Bil­lion­aire Tiger in terms of 💰 

    Only dif­fe­rence is Tiger ear­ned his the tra­di­tio­nal hard way…

  90. clai­ming the moral high ground as a coun­try whe­re kids die in school becau­se poli­ti­ci­ans get paid off by the gun lob­by is fresh

    clai­ming the moral high ground as a coun­try whe­re peop­le go bankrupt over their hos­pi­tal bills becau­se the poli­ti­ci­ans get paid off by the health­ca­re indus­try is fresh..

    clai­ming the moral high ground as a coun­try the inva­ded count­less other coun­tries for their own eco­no­mi­c­al bene­fit is fresh..

    liv is a bet­ter deal for any of tho­se play­ers and they would be stu­pid to not take it – it does not even mat­ter whe­re the bet­ter play­ers play – it‘s sports enter­tain­ment and it only mat­ters who attracts more viewers

    one could argue, that the­re is enough room for more than one golf league

    and tell me that the guy who got kicked out was not only their to wri­te bad about all of this

    1. you would be com­ple­te­ly clu­eless if you think kids are dying becau­se of the NRA. And the ‘coun­try’ has not­hing to do with cor­rupt poli­ti­ci­ans rui­ning it. We have as much to do about tho­se things you lis­ted as we have anything to do with which play­er plays where. 

      Then you try to defend the silen­cing of a per­cei­ved ‘thre­at’ that a repor­ter might wri­te some­thing nega­ti­ve? Are you going to want his head detached if he stays and wri­tes some­thing _bad_ ?

  91. $125 mil­li­on repor­ted­ly for Dus­tin John­son, $100 mil­li­on for Mickel­son. I mean, the Sau­dis are doing this ever­y­whe­re, so it should­n’t be a sur­pri­se. This is chump chan­ge for them. They’­ve been given a pass by most coun­tries for their actions, so bla­ming the­se gol­fers for doing what ever­yo­ne else is, rings a bit hollow.

  92. Greed is appar­ent­ly now a vir­tue. I guess as long as the Sau­dis aren’t behea­ding gol­fers they have no issue with blood money.

  93. We all have such a moral high ground. How about we stop buy­ing from Chi­na. God knows about their excel­lent human rights agenda.

  94. I don’t want to hear anything about money and whe­re it comes from until they speak the same about the NBA and Chi­na. You don’t hear one word about it

  95. Most Ame­ri­cans are not going to give this ” league” the time of day . It won’t last long unless they have mas­si­ve view­ers­hip across the globe

  96. When you start see­ing Roy, Jus­tin, Brooks, Jor­dan, Hide­ki, Patrick…to name a few, then you know it’s lights out for the PGA. The LIV tour has alrea­dy taken 18 play­ers and it’s only been a few weeks. The­re is no loyal­ty in modern day sports. Would you quit your job if ano­t­her com­pa­ny offe­red you 10X the money and said you’d only have to work half as much?

    1. meh, i think we’d all be temp­ted but would also take into account the employ­er. i’d be rea­ding the fine print very clo­se­ly and making sure i always have an out that’s for sure cau­se the­re are a ton of red flags imo.

  97. Did­n’t the PGA keep in place segre­ga­ti­on at many of their events? 

    I love Rich but tend to tune out when he goes into moral high ground soliloquys

  98. Hard­ly anyo­ne wat­ches the PGA tour.. lol they’re not tuning in for some wan­na be league.

    Xfl, usfl anyo­ne? Exact­ly, you heard about it for a week

  99. How dare tho­se gol­fers make money from evil Sau­di Ara­bia! I mean the US does bil­li­ons of dol­lars of busi­ness annu­al­ly with them, but never mind that.

  100. They’­re alrea­dy fil­thy fuck­ing rich. It does­n’t work to com­pa­re the choices of anyo­ne who has next to zero finan­cial secu­ri­ty in their ent­i­re life to guys who alrea­dy fly in 🤬 pri­va­te jets. Its nas­ty greed. And.….if this was a league star­ted by Rus­sia no one would dare. Honest­ly if the only thing you can point to is the exe­cu­ti­on of Kha­sog­gi you’­re gro­tes­que­ly under infor­med about how evil that régime is.…the US has fun­ded a pro­xy geno­ci­de by the Sau­dis of the Yeme­ni peop­le for near­ly a decade.

  101. SA finan­ced the 9–11 attacks. They also mur­de­red an Ame­ri­can journalist. 

    The­se Ame­ri­can gol­fers ent­e­ring this tour are traitors.

  102. We hear about white washing of sports…but what about US com­pa­nies that ope­ra­te in Rus­sia and Chi­na (like McDonald’s and others) who pedd­le pro­ducts to peop­le in opp­re­si­ve regimes? Now that the­re is an offi­cal “war in Ukrai­ne” why now do cor­po­ra­ti­ons want to take the “high ground” and end ope­ra­ti­ons in Rus­sia? Like the Rus­si­ans have not kil­led their own peop­le in our own country??

  103. When the PGA Tour defec­tors signed up with LIV golf, they inde­ed have com­mit­ments they’ll have to live up to. I’m sure the­re are “requi­red appearan­ces” at Sau­di-backed non-golf events like poli­ti­cal events, par­ties, the Prince’s bir­th­day, his son’s bir­th­day, whe­re the play­ers will be para­ded around like lap dogs. And they can’t say no.

    1. Don’t kid yourself. PGA play­ers have appearan­ces requi­red too.
      The­se guys got paid WELL and if you think that the PGA and The Mas­ters don’t have a sor­did histo­ry, you’re com­ple­te­ly igno­rant of their record.

  104. Ship­nuck is pro­bab­ly lucky to be ali­ve right now. Or may­be he’ll be “Epstei­ned”. You don’t cross the bone saw golf tour.

  105. LIV GOLF was good event. I don’t under­stand the ppl bashing it. All coun­tries have com­mit­ted war cri­mes and kil­led inno­cent ppl.… yes even the good olé USA

  106. Sports washing. Wasn’t that type of maneu­ver used by Rocke­fel­ler and Carnegie?
    Sor­ta like Rod­ney King riots quel­led by appoin­ting Cla­rence tho­mas. Washing

  107. Aren’t we being a bit hypo­cri­ti­cal sin­ce we’­ve bought Sau­di oil for many years??? Also most of our goods made in Com­mu­nist China?

  108. Befo­re the­se Yan­kees talk about what the Sau­dis did, how about exp­lai­ning about the mass mur­ders Ame­ri­ca com­mit­ted in Iraq under the pre­text of WMD?

  109. The United Sta­tes is just as guil­ty if not more of com­mu­ting cri­mes across the world. And the PGA is fine with that too. The PGA wel­co­mes Chi­ne­se play­ers without a thought. PGA is just mad that they are going to have com­pe­ti­ti­on now

    1. And every year PGA tour has the HSBC tour­na­ment of cham­pions in Shang­hai Chi­na and have no issue with that and collec­ting that revenue.

  110. The “mora­le” & poli­ti­cal nar­ra­ti­ve the PGA Tour is try­ing to pull is hog wash. Ame­ri­ca is bom­bing 8 coun­tries Right now as I type. Is that mora­le? Is the Ame­ri­can ran Guan­ta­na­mo bay mora­le? Play­ing the mora­le card is a very dis­ho­nest & shal­low wate­red play. & most import­ant­ly Ame­ri­ca is liter­al­ly saudi’s lar­gest finan­cial con­tri­bu­tor, how’s that mora­le card play for you?

  111. Peop­le don’t like the Sau­di money…yet what turn a blind eye to the dod­gy prac­ti­ces of NFL and NBA owners and how they make their money? 

    Please…if you think someo­ne beca­me a bil­lion­aire by being nice, vir­tuous and holy.…you Sir are in denial.

  112. Thanks for exp­lai­ning how LIV golf works, some­thing we alrea­dy knew. The­re is a thing cal­led inter­net, its a thing whe­re you can search topics by using this sil­ly thing cal­led goog­le. If I say LIV tour then it gives me ans­wers. I wish it had been around last year, might have hel­ped me in cer­tain aspects of my life. Any­way thanks again for exp­lai­ning the pur­se pri­ze­mo­ney bre­ak­up and that Greg Nor­man is paying out the money. No real­ly, thank you.

  113. So Ship­nuck made all the­se com­p­laints from an iPho­ne, I’m pret­ty sure he has some Nike pro­ducts in his clo­set. So it’s okay to com­p­lain about the Sau­dis, but not the Chi­ne­se? Chi­na is loo­king to start a war, they mur­der peop­le ever­y­day. Hey Rich. Whe­re were your clothes made? Some sweat­shop? Let’s stop with the bull.

  114. Hey Rich, LIV Tour’s “money” is a sign of the times .… No mat­ter the socio­eco­no­mic sta­tus of the indi­vi­du­al – go for the money!

  115. I wat­ched Lee West­wood in a recent press con­fe­rence with Poul­ter. Fair play, that man just oozes a high level of vomit indu­cing arro­gan­ce which is qui­te impressive.

  116. We are poli­ti­cal allies with the Sau­dis, that is all you need to know about any hypo­cri­ti­cal take lol. We love their gas, oil and ener­gy, but hate what they stand for lol.

  117. It’s cal­led the FREE MARKET and FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION. It’s in your constitution…READ IT! They have every right and should be encou­ra­ged to go whe­re they are trea­ted best. We are not the slaves of your big cor­po­ra­te orga­niz­a­ti­ons. Chi­na has for­ced work camps and you don’t seem to have any issu­es doing busi­ness with them.….ohhhh wait, that’s becau­se it makes YOU money. When a regu­lar per­son does it, they are dis­ho­no­r­able, right? What a phoney.

    1. @Steve Rose don’t try to exp­lain anything to tho­se Biden voters bro. They just igno­re Biden poor appro­val ratings at this point and yell and cry

    2. @Brian For­res­ter He’s poin­ting out the hypo­cri­sy that you’­re somehow sup­por­ting becau­se you’­re their litt­le pawn.

    3. @Blaine Boyle The com­men­ter is not the one poin­ting his fin­gers at others. The point is that if you will publicly malign sup­port for LIV and then sup­port the PGA or other sports hea­vi­ly inves­ted in Chi­na, then such beha­vi­or is hypocritical.

  118. The­re seems to be a lot of amne­sia going around the­se days at the PGA, PGA Tour, and sports media out­lets. Rich, don’t for­get about the PGA’s expan­si­on pro­gram in Chi­na, it’s cal­led the Chi­na PGA Tour. How about the $200 mil­li­on dol­lars Rory McEl­roy took from Nike? That isn’t greed? Did you for­get that Nike has a very lar­ge manu­fac­tu­ring pre­sence in Chi­na and that almost all golf equip­ment is made in Chi­na? Last­ly, don’t for­get that 40–80 mil­li­on Chi­ne­se died during the Gre­at Leap Forward/Cultural Revolution.

  119. It’s a cash grab and not­hing else. Peop­le have been doing it fore­ver even the com­pa­nies you work for. How about full trans­pa­ren­cy ins­tead of attacking the new peop­le get­ting the money just becau­se it shor­tens the stack of money for the old peop­le doing it. Look at the list of for­tu­ne 500 com­pa­nies get­ting Sau­di “blood money” as you put it.

  120. “we are tal­king about life here, we are tal­king about a jour­na­list mur­de­red here”…what about the other sports taking money, the Olym­pics in Chi­na? Ever­y­bo­dy is fine with the US buy­ing their gas and sel­ling bil­li­ons in mili­ta­ry equip­ment to the­se guys! I am so tired of this hypo­cri­sy… it’s ok for the government but not for inde­pen­dent ath­le­tes. The PGA tour is at fault if golf suf­fers from this.

  121. The NBA is utter­ly and com­ple­te­ly in bed with Chi­na~ that rot­ten human vio­la­ti­ons machi­ne.… so drop the man in the mir­ror BS.…why not del­ve into that Rich?~ THE NBA and Chi­na. It is no different.

  122. It’s fun­ny how they bring up Sau­di “human rights vio­la­ti­ons”? May­be they should look at
    ‘U.S.’s own “human rights vio­la­ti­ons”. They point the fin­ger, and they got three more poin­ting back at them.. Look at who the pga gets their money from.

  123. I’m just say­ing if ppl have a pro­blem with whe­re the money comes from in LIV but are com­ple­te­ly ok with what Chi­na is doing then ppl are dumb ASF.

    1. @Trying to be fair and objec­ti­ve No he has­n’t. He has not near­ly made such a big deal with the NBA. This who­le seg­ment is idiotic.

  124. Rings a bit hol­low hea­ring anyo­ne talk about “accep­t­ing Sau­di money.” As oppo­sed to taking the good money from the good PGA Tour and all of the defi­ni­te­ly very good mul­ti­na­tio­nal cor­po­ra­te spon­sors and their track records all over the world. I see who the Saudi’s are and what they’­re doing with this, but spa­re me any pearl clut­ching about whe­re the money is com­ing from.

  125. I agree Rich. Now let’s talk about the NBA cozy­ing up to and cha­sing the money in Chi­na, and igno­ring their human rights abuses.

  126. I don’t get how peop­le are mad at gol­fers real­ly. The same money got inves­ted into the pga tour last year. The NBA sends play­ers to Chi­na, the US does tons of busi­ness with them. Colin cowherd laid it out real­ly well.

    1. the fami­lies of the vic­tims of 9/11 have a dif­fe­rent opi­ni­on but your right Cowherd so bril­li­ant we should all lis­ten to him

    2. @Matt David u don’t care about Mus­lims in con­cen­tra­ti­on camps? Cool way to vir­tue signal and try and get the moral high ground backfired

  127. The US never kil­led a Jour­na­list? The US drop­ped how many more nuclear bombs than any other coun­try? The US was invol­ved in how many wars that did not threa­ten them?

  128. Peop­le get so weird over money. Who cares whe­re the money comes from. I’d rather Phil Mickel­son have it than the Sau­dis at the end of the day. So any­ti­me someo­ne accepts money from a Sau­di per­son, they con­do­ne the ent­i­re actions of the sta­te? I don’t think so. Gol­fers get­ting paid most money ever for their ser­vices, in any other indus­try this would be seen as a gre­at mile­stone event. Love watching the­se media eli­tes and cur­rent PGA monied inte­rests freak out. Chan­ge is a gre­at thing

  129. Nobo­dy com­p­lains about the NBA doing events and play­ing games in Chi­na, nobo­dy com­p­lains about the WNBA doing exhi­bi­ti­ons in Rus­sia and nobo­dy cares about the Olym­pic com­mit­tee taking bri­bes from Rus­sia and Chi­na to host the Olym­pics but ever­yo­ne goes cra­zy over this?!?! Let’s be honest, the PGA is afraid of com­pe­ti­ti­on and all the­se “jour­na­lists” are just try­ing to keep their job and doing what the PGA wants.

  130. Let’s just stop the hypo­cri­sy bullsh*t! The PGA tour and all the­se so cal­led moral high ground play­ers and fan­ba­se is blas­ting the Saudi’s human rights record.…but we con­ve­ni­en­t­ly turn a blind eye and slob over our poli­ti­cal lea­ders and mili­ta­ry after deca­des worth of mili­ta­ry inva­si­ons and bom­bing cam­pai­gns that have kil­led and dis­pla­ced mil­li­ons of inno­cent civi­li­ans all in the name of Ame­ri­can excep­tio­na­lism, liber­ty, and free­dom – spa­re me! This new league is a money grab…and the play­ers are fed up with being slave to a hea­vy tour­na­ment schedule…when they can make a lot more money play less tournaments.

  131. Let’s not be hypo­cri­ti­cal here. We get our gas for our cars here in Ame­ri­ca from OPEC i.e., Sau­di Ara­bia. Are we boy­cot­ting tho­se pla­ces you get gas for your car becau­se of human rights vio­la­ti­ons from the Sau­dis? Are we boy­cot­ting NIKE for using slave labor in Chi­na to make shoes? We aren’t holier than though right here in Ame­ri­ca as we are always doing busi­ness with coun­ties who have human rights violations.

  132. Golf is going to beco­me wate­red down with two sepa­ra­te leagues. The­re will be no way to deter­mi­ne who is actual­ly the best in the world becau­se they will not be play­ing against each other. Kin­da like the way boxing is when you have 4 or 5 dif­fe­rent belts for the exact same weight class.

    1. Final­ly, someo­ne points out the very sim­plistic and obvious issue. All the­se other comments about leagues and for­eign affairs are deba­t­a­ble. This is the issue with regards to any league. Ide­al­ly, you want one Pro league for the most com­pe­ti­ti­ve play­ers, peri­od. So this just sucks for golf.

  133. This tour is a joke I love the pga toss off the­se golf off the­re tour I rem when the nba was going to be take over by some league in tur­key never hap­pen or the khl was take over the nhl lol

    1. Why don’t you quit doing busi­ness with Chi­na, too? I bet the device from which you pos­ted your com­ment was made in China.

  134. In the 1930s Charles Lind­bergh who was the most popu­lar figu­re in the world at that time was the lead PR man for the third Reich in Ger­ma­ny. He sup­por­ted them, he admi­red their Air For­ce, he admi­red the third Reich and let the United Sta­tes know it. He paid for that the rest of his life and the­se gol­fers are doing the same thing. Enjoy the money but in the long run it will be small com­pen­sa­ti­on for what you real­ly sold.

  135. Some of the­se guys get­ting the $100+ mil­li­on, what incen­ti­ve do they have now in com­pe­ting their har­dest when they’re alrea­dy paid mas­si­ve num­bers for just showing up. It’s the Par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on Tro­phy League.

  136. I love the hypo­cri­sy, as if every ath­le­te and sports repor­ter isn’t get­ting paid or endor­se­ments from an evil entity

  137. This who­le com­ment sec­tion is toxic fools who don’t under­stand busi­ness. The guys are bet­ter gol­fers than you’ll even dream of being and can make money any­way they like. If they make a good money move don’t be upset. You’d pro­bab­ly do it too.

  138. How do you men­ti­on things Saudi’s have done then act like U.S. is just so inno­cent. It’s a delu­sio­nal pro­pa­gan­da con­text. The Mas­ters tour­na­ment its­elf has long histo­ry of racism. Things just need to be in pro­per context.

  139. Ame­ri­ca, a coun­try with a histo­ry deep-roo­ted in human rights abu­se, has suc­cess­ful­ly sof­te­ned their glo­bal image through sports and enter­tain­ment is mad that ano­t­her coun­try with more money is using the blue­print they invented.

  140. They have no right to do anything in Sau­di Ara­bia. There’s no con­sti­tu­ti­on. No free­dom of press, no free­dom of speech.. How do you ascer­tain their “rights” are being violated?
    They should be seen as the con­trast to Ame­ri­ca, and what makes it bet­ter than Sau­di Ara­bia. This is why Ame­ri­ca is dwind­ling to not­hing special..

  141. I hope that they all are ban­ned from even play­ing a round of golf at Augus­ta and if they are a past cham­pion not invi­ted to the Cham­pions din­ner or allo­wed in the Cham­pions locker room. Remem­ber this, The Mas­ters is still an Invi­ta­tio­nal Tour­na­ment and a pri­va­te tour­na­ment. The Tour­na­ment Com­mit­tee can chan­ge their own rules and deny even past cham­pions from play­ing their tour­na­ment. The­re is no jus­ti­fi­ca­ti­on in doing this Sau­di thing becau­se no one can tell them that they can’t make all the money they can. That’s true. But lis­ten to this wise guy, don’t dri­ve your Rolls Roy­ce down Magno­lia Lane. I hope The Mas­ters real­ly puts the­se clowns in their place.😅

  142. C’mon man! You know the NBA and Hol­ly­wood bend over back­wards for Chi­ne­se money! Chi­ne­se money is less bloo­dy than Sau­di money? The n*__az from whom your man Biden is begging for oil! Rich, you are a lot a bit delu­sio­nal! You are also smar­ter than that, I hope! Bad Take Rich!

  143. The iro­ny is that mul­ti­ple com­pa­nies that spon­sor the PGA tour do a lot of busi­ness with the Sau­dis in their coun­try, but we won’t look at that shall we

  144. And how is this dif­fe­rent from US Sau­di oil and stra­te­gic alli­an­ce. It’s all self inte­rest at the end of the day. Whe­ther it’s the pga or Greg or Dus­tin. Stop being so sanctimonius

  145. What does the average sports play­er care about poli­tics. If they are sup­po­sed to feel guil­ty, then the rest of us should not buy pret­ty much any pro­duct as it is likely made in Chi­na, or a part of it is…lol Not to men­ti­on the PGA are not angels. Who knows what they are up to behind the sce­nes. They do take 10 per­cent of every nickel their mem­bers make in their pro­fes­sio­nal care­ers inclu­ding endor­se­ments. I bet they are star­ting to get real ner­vous that their gra­vy train is in peril.

  146. What about america’s tre­at­ment of ASSANGE ? what about the cor­rup­ti­on of the ‘Demo­crats’ during the Trump admi­nis­tra­ti­on ? what about the FBI and DOJ cor­rupt use of power when houn­ding Repu­bli­cans ? Ame­ri­ca has no room to cri­ti­cise anyo­ne. How many peop­le have the CIA been respon­si­ble for losing their lives during their many manu­fac­tu­red régime changes ??

  147. May­be we should ask how much money the US has given the Sau­di Government, and how much of that could be con­si­de­red as part of this pri­ze money? They are asking the wrong ques­ti­ons. May­be it is Ame­ri­can Money that they do not real­ly need?

  148. I remem­ber what hap­pen­ed when indy car racing had their big bre­ak­up bet­ween CART and the IRL, and they still haven’t reco­ve­r­ed from that.

    1. Exact­ly. Years after mer­ging and it’s still nowhe­re near whe­re CART was in the 90’s. It’s sad what need­less­ly happened.

  149. You know, I mis­sed the epi­so­des about Chi­na and the NBA, com­ple­te­ly mis­sed them. I mis­sed all the cri­ti­cisms of LeBron James and his rela­ti­ons­hip to a dic­ta­tor­s­hip respon­si­ble for mil­li­ons of deaths. Hypo­cri­tes all of you are hypocrites.

  150. nfl play­ers are brea­king con­tracts becau­se Thay want to play with a win­ning team. no it’s money money money.

  151. Talk about loo­king at the man in the mir­ror Rich Eisen… Do you know what the United Sta­tes is cur­r­ent­ly doing to jour­na­lists? Jai­ling and tor­tu­ring them for tel­ling the truth? Rui­ning their lives, care­ers and repu­ta­ti­ons? You are right Rich, YOU have to look in the mir­ror. I love you and your show but you are in need of a re-eva­lua­ti­on of who the good guys are.

  152. The hypo­cri­sy of the US media is ama­zing. Part of a crumb­ling empi­re that has star­ted more wars then any other coun­try sin­ce the romans and is kil­ling mil­li­ons fo resour­ces, they have the auda­ci­ty to talk about morals. Wow.

  153. I think one rea­son for the outra­ge sur­roun­ding this issue is the fact that golf has tra­di­tio­nal­ly been con­si­de­red a “gentleman’s sport”, play­ed with honor and class. Discuss.

  154. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TAKE COMPETITION OUT OF SPORTS, it just beco­mes ‘enter­tain­ment’. If you can even call this abo­mi­na­ti­on entertaining.

  155. I would­n’t becau­se of what they are doing in Yemen. That is too hard to live with. Money is temp­t­ing (i would be temp­ted) but I have lived long enough to know how much it is actual­ly worth.

  156. By refu­sing a jour­na­list from par­ti­ci­pa­te in a press con­fe­rence, reminds me of things done in TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENTS, like, Com­mu­nist Chi­na, Rus­sia, Cuba’s Cas­tro, etc, etc, etc

  157. I feel like the gol­fers sold their souls for the money? Watching Schwart­zel squirm after he was asked about whe­re the money comes from was pro­bab­ly not his favou­rite post win­ning round inter­view? They will be behol­den to the money, get used to being told what to say whe­ther you like it or not! 🤔🙁🤷‍♂️

  158. no jour­na­lists were threa­tened, he isn’t owed access espe­cial­ly to Phil, and Nor­man blew him off in a text the guy instant­ly released to the public. rich has spent qui­te a bit of that Sau­di money himself

  159. Rich is being irre­spon­si­ble here. The­re were no thre­ats against ship­man. They remo­ved him. Not the first time a jour­na­list was remo­ved from a press con­fe­rence. Phil did­n’t want him the­re. After what hap­pen­ed I don’t think that is unre­a­son­ab­le. Ship­man knew what he was doing and would­n’t be wel­co­med the­re. He is a fame whore.

  160. Nor­man don’t know owe that sna­ke Alan not­hing. He’s just the­re to try and stir things up and then act like a vic­tim. Main­ly to make money and get atten­ti­on off of this and then act like he can’t belie­ve other peop­le are the­re making money.

  161. Much of this is vir­tue signa­ling regar­ding LIV and the Saudi’s. Let’s talk USA begging the same folks to incre­a­se oil pro­duc­tion. Oh and what about the NBA and China…

  162. Chi­na is finan­cing the NBA, so how is that dif­fe­rent from the LIV tour finan­cing pro­fes­sio­nal golf? Both coun­tries have obvious civil rights issu­es. In the end, it’s always about the money.

    1. @Lake Ozark REI Yes I do. We have a yard flag in our yard to remind peop­le of 9–11. I remem­ber Viet Nam too. I was in the Navy from 1964–1968. It seems money is and always will be what most peop­le find to be most important. That noted, all pro­fes­sio­nal sports are busi­nes­ses. The ath­le­tes play for the both the glo­ry and the money…..but most­ly the money. Money seems to trump pret­ty much ever­ything in our world.

  163. Tal­king about the Sau­di Wel­fa­re Golf League. Hap­py par­ti­ci­pants .…fans not so much. Will the laid back, con­si­de­ra­te and under­stan­ding Saudi’s be respect­ful of their play­ers wan­ting to ditch their events to play a con­flic­ting PGA tournament?

  164. Mr. Eisen I would love to hear your thoughts about the NBA’s rela­ti­ons­hip with Chi­na and par­ti­cu­lar­ly LeBron James finan­cial gains through that relationship

  165. The LIV play­ers respon­ses to valid jour­na­list ques­ti­ons have been total­ly pathe­tic. GREED over morals / ethics. Greg Nor­man is a vile human being.

  166. Exact­ly why peop­le jud­ging the­se gol­fers most are hypo­cri­tes….. someo­ne offe­red you 50–150m to just sign up and play….. hard to belie­ve all the­se righ­te­ous cru­saders say no. Ever­yo­ne has a pri­ce and it’s easy to say no when no one has offe­red you the money. LIV offe­ring life chan­ging genera­tio­nal money to play a game.

  167. “Know who your taking the money from” sounds a bit racist. Are you insi­nua­ting that the money that Nike gene­ra­tes, for examp­le, is clean? Poor lan­guage used, Rich. “Blood money” is a racist trope.…