GM GOLF trainiert mit Bryson DeChambeau

GM GOLF trainiert mit Bryson DeChambeau challenge

Bry­son: https://​insta​gram​.com/​b​r​y​s​o​n​d​e​c​h​a​m​b​e​a​u​?​i​g​s​h​i​d​=​j​k​l​z​l​1​f​7​6​rs0 Vlog-Kanal: https://​you​tube​.com/​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​/​U​C​G​b​6​g​V​1​Z​M​5​M​c​O​z​J​J​i​y​H​C​2Kg Colin: https://​you​tube​.com/​c​/​C​o​l​i​n​R​o​s​s​V​l​ogs Kyle: https://youtube. com/channel/UCE3jCX0g7xq4zRE5MS5c_mw GUT GUT⬇️ https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​/​U​C​f​i​-​m​P​M​O​m​c​h​e​6​W​I​-​j​k​v​n​GXw My Socials⬇️ Insta­Gram – https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​g​m​_​_​g​o​lf/ Twit­ter – https://twitter. com/search?q=gm__golf&src=typed_query Edi­tor für das heu­ti­ge Video⬇️ https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​b​r​a​d​l​y​k​r​u​e​g​er/ Erhal­ten Sie 15 % RABATT AUF IHREN ERSTEN RHOBACK-KAUF: https://​bit​.ly/​3​0​1​j​7Ap

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1.418 thought on “GM GOLF trainiert mit Bryson DeChambeau”

  1. Fun psych fact: Memo­ries can be strong enough to invo­ke the exact emo­ti­ons a per­son felt when the expe­ri­ence ori­gi­nal­ly happened.

    1. They por­tray this real­ly well in the show “The Sin­ner” sea­son 1 on Net­flix. Just finis­hed it yes­ter­day so it’s real­ly iro­nic you had this fact today. Check it out!

    2. I’m.… extre­me­ly confused.

      Why is this rele­vant to this video? What is the source of this claim? What does it have to do with golf or strength trai­ning? How was the base­li­ne mea­su­red? Are emo­ti­ons actual­ly quan­ti­fia­ble? In what way? What in the data leads to a con­clu­si­on that the remem­ve­r­ed emo­ti­on is the “same”, or what is the mea­su­re of equivalence?

      I have so many questions.

  2. Gar­rett I liter­al­ly real­ly got into golf becau­se of you and your work­outs real­ly inspi­re me. Thank you so much for being so inspi­ring and a con­tent creator of destiny.

  3. I met Bry­son at the 2018 Memo­ri­al Tour­na­ment, and a year after at the 2019 tour­na­ment. He’s such an ama­zing guy, work ethic is off the chain.

  4. This is the con­tent I have been wai­t­ing for this is ide­al Bry­son is a beast, g‑rat will be way­y­y­y­yy past tig and Kyle in no time

  5. Say what you want about Bry­son, but the way he thinks about his game is the next wave of inno­va­ti­on on the men­tal side of the sport, love y’all, keep up the gre­at work!!!💕🔥😍😅

  6. Can’t belie­ve the link up bet­ween the three most explo­si­ve peop­le in the game just drop­ped so casual­ly. My pho­ne should have caught fire on principle.

  7. Insa­ne con­tent! Wasn´t real­ly a Bry­son fan but I must say that after this he has chan­ged my mind. Does he ever do free weights like olym­pic lif­ting or is it only machi­nes and “sin­gu­lar” mus­cles? Would love to see Bry­son and Kyle kill a cour­se together.

    1. @Dannyboy310 “Gre­at to final­ly get tog­e­ther with @brysondechambeau!” Berkshire wro­te on Insta­gram this weekend.
      Yep, but the­re has been mutu­al respect for each other long befo­re that. I’ve heard BDC tal­king about Kyle in press conferences.
      BTW, that gover­nor thing with the left elbow… KB does it already.

  8. I knew he was gon­na be a beast when I first noti­ced him on the NCAA golf cham­pions­hip. He won what’s simi­lar to mvp award. Loved the con­cept of the same length clubs. And a huge fan of jum­bo max grips

    1. Scar Lett I pro­mi­se I’m not trol­ling. But I think he got so mad one time he was lay­ing under his truck and cry­ing in the stu­dent par­king lot. That’s just 1 of them lol

  9. Any expe­ri­ence with Berkshire or Bry­son would be unre­al and this is awe­so­me con­tent but are you guys going to be doing any vids with them about cour­se manage­ment, men­tal thoughts/intentions while play­ing golf, swing mecha­nics, drills, etc. I’d think spen­ding any time with the­se two would give me pri­celess insight into the game. Any­ways, loving the con­tent recently!

  10. Loo­king into HIIT boxing. I run my 3 miles and then come home to hit the bag. Just 10 mins of HIIT trai­ning wrecks me. Incredi­ble oppor­tu­ni­ty this was man!

  11. It’s one thing to know the exer­cise. It’s one thing to actual­ly know the tech­ni­que and when you’­re doing it wrong. But then to take it to the kinematic/physics level of the exer­cise = geni­us level. Mind blowing.

  12. This is awe­so­me get­ting some insight on how Bry­son has got­ten to whe­re he is. Also cra­zy to see how someo­ne like Kyle is still ahead of one of the lon­gest on tour

    1. 155 not bad man. That’s about whe­re I’m at with a nice smooth swing. Your pro­bab­ly hit­ting a stan­dard lof­ted 8 iron. I’d rather hit it 155 and con­trol it vs 180+ and all over the place.

  13. this is so frea­king awe­so­me Gar­rett! The com­po­sure and matu­ri­ty you had in front of someo­ne you look up to was remar­kab­le! That is pro­bab­ly a day you’ll never for­get. This video also gives me much more respect for Bry­son. He’s a hum­ble guy and slid into YOUR dms. And Kyle is just a beast! the­re aren’t enough likes in the world to give this video. pure class!

  14. Bry­son didn’t put on 40lbs of mus­cle. He just got chub­by. Quit making him out to be some gene­tic freak who found some secret to hit­ting it far.

  15. I have wat­ched all of GM, GG, and Kyles vide­os from the begin­ning. THIS is by far the best. What a gre­at com­bo of Kyle and Bry­son, then G for per­spec­ti­ve. Gre­at job guys

  16. Now that was enter­tai­ning and infor­ma­tio­nal, not to men­ti­on inspi­ring. 302 yard car­ry with an 8 iron – on what planet?

    1. Tig in abso­lu­te Sham­bles that he was­n’t invi­ted along to work out with Bry­son, but they pro­bab­ly had to limit it just based on how much room the­re is phy­si­cal­ly in the work out space, lol.

  17. Fan­tastic video and it had to be a genui­ne tre­at to spend time and work­out with Bry­son. He enjoy­ed it too based on the inter­ac­tion. Super good con­tent which will help all invol­ved and we are all loo­king for­ward to see­ing the impro­ve­ments going for­ward. Huge thumbs up!

  18. Awe­so­me see­ing Kyle on the sim, we need more of that, espe­cial­ly next to Bry­son as Bench­mark who­se known as the big­gest hit­ter on the PGA, it just goes to show, what a machi­ne Kyle is. Would be awe­so­me to see one of the best Long Dri­vers make it to the PGA.

    I think the num­bers were off on that sim, but the­re is no deny­ing kyles speed is enough to make even Bry­son giggle.

    1. Gre­at point! This is exact­ly what I wan­ted to see! A lot of peop­le say that Bry­son can hit far­t­her than Kyle. May­be if he was trai­ned for long dri­ve and focu­sed all of his ener­gy towards that it would be pos­si­ble for him to beat Kyle in long drive.

    2. This is what Bry­son is doing, com­bi­ning Long Dri­ve Tech­ni­ques, that Kyle uses, incor­po­ra­ted wit­hin a strong swing, with good put­ting, and effec­ti­ve short Irons combined.

  19. It blows my mind that you have access to the­se kind of play­ers yet ur game shows litt­le impro­ve­ment and is still incon­sis­tent as fuck 🤦‍♂️

  20. Man Bry­son is a lite­ral ani­mal. Anyo­ne that hates on what he’s been doing needs to watch this video. May­be then they’ll appre­cia­te his hard work. If Gar­rett and espe­cial­ly Kyle keep this up they’ll be crus­hing it 500 yds.

  21. I know this isn’t a work­out chan­nel, but kyle loo­ks like he is new to the gym des­pi­te his comments say­ing he works out. It seems like he’s try­ing to put the weight up for the sake of doing “a lot of weight” but he’s sacri­fi­cing his ran­ge of moti­on and form.

  22. I don’t get peop­le who talk shit on Bry­son. He’s down to earth and open about ever­ything he does and wil­ling to share. So he does­n’t fit into some mold that peop­le have for gol­fers, who cares?

    1. He’s a 160 pound twen­ty year old. Men don’t have their max mus­cle poten­ti­al until 30 years old. He’s liter­al­ly still gro­wing up in that regard.

  23. 170mph ball­speed with an 8 iron 🤑 I’m 164mph with my 1 iron 😂 gre­at video as always Gaz­za! This dog has a mis­si­le laun­ched ten­nis ball to cha­se after!

  24. 1. This was so cool.
    2. It felt like this was the most com­for­ta­ble Kyle has been on camera—or may­be it’s just that he had someo­ne who thinks about the gra­nu­lar details like he does. That was a gre­at interaction.

  25. He’s says “we’­ve (GM golf) has meet some pret­ty cool peop­le” while Kyle Berkshire sits in the back seat direct­ly behind him lol

    1. Ngl yeah he’s not buff buff but damn com­pa­red to when i first star­ted see­ing his vide­os back in the day, he’s put on some mus­cle. Look at his arms

  26. The guy is a beast, and so misun­ders­tood. He’s con­fi­dent, yet hum­ble (giving deser­ved prai­se to Kyle). Btw Gar­rett, you’­re get­ting swo­le! Are you sup­ple­men­ting with creatine?

  27. Defi­ni­te­ly gave me a new appre­cia­ti­on for Bry­son. A genui­ne per­son that wants to push hims­elf to be the abso­lu­te best, real­ly cool to see

  28. Bry­son and i went to the same high school and he used to play at the coun­try club I worked at in clo­vis ca befo­re he tur­ned pro. Shout-out to tho­se Bel­mont days! 

    Oh and Gar­rett! They tal­ked about you in a golf​.com arti­cle, first thing on my Goog­le feed this morning! Comin up!

  29. Working without eatin is a myth. It all depends what type of work­out you are plan­ning to do. And just a tip, don’t eat fast food breskfast befo­re working out

  30. To be honest I real­ly didn’t like dech­am­beau, I found him kin­da pou­ty on the cour­se and his hat choice was weird, but after watching this he seems real­ly smart and I dis­li­ke him a lot less

    1. If you don’t respect the Dri­ver Cap, you don’t respect the histo­ry of golf. RESPECT THE CAP! Its bad-ass and Base­ball caps are for child­ren, base­ball play­ers, and peop­le to lazy to brush their hair. 🙂

    2. @James it’s appa­rel. Golf does­n’t have a strict code on the type of hat you must wear.

      Pay­ne Ste­wart wore tho­se hats and still rocked kni­ckers. He loo­ked good af too.

    1. Can you ima­gi­ne though, him pul­ling out some­thing like this on a dog­leg par 4 and having a chip for alba­tross on tour.…just think about that

  31. Kyle and Bry­son are 2 of the same peop­le it’s cra­zy hea­ring them talk to each other😂😂 two geni­u­ses tal­king golf swing and I love to see it!!

  32. In this video I thought I would hear Bry­son talk like a nor­mal human dude is smoart(Jake Per­al­ta voice) its cool yall got in with him, congrats on that 😎

  33. Far too much weight for Gar­rett and Kyle. That was dan­ge­rous par­ti­cu­lar­ly without a warm-up. Bry­son should not have let you do that. Fun to watch though.

  34. My fav GM golf video to date. But, Kyle made Bry­son look like he was swin­ging slow. This is the most in-depth video on Bryson’s work out on the inter­net to date. Gre­at insight on his core rou­ti­ne. He’s a beast.

    1. He’s a bet­ter pro, but I don’t think he’s got anything on Kyle. Short game is ever­ything. Lear­ning to hit a ball that hard takes real work

  35. It’s real­ly cool how all 3 of you got value from the meet­up! Bry­son taught you and Kyle the work­outs and swing tips, and Kyle taught Bry­son how to get some more speed. Amazing!

  36. This video was awe­so­me and real­ly puts things into per­spec­ti­ve. The cra­zi­ness that is Bry­son, crus­hing dri­ves in PGA Tour Majors, was blown away by things that Kyle “Burnt Tire” Berkshire can do with an iron. Very cool to see and love the­se col­lab vide­os with Kyle.

  37. Been a fan Of Bry­sons for a wile and was a Fan of a good healt­hy build for more power when King Tiger came on the tour blas­ting every club 50+ yards past the average best. This is gre­at to see and not the first video of how hum­ble a video Shows this gre­at Gol­fer and Human. Gre­at Video Guys thanks for sharing

  38. I love the con­tent but I think you guys should find your iden­ti­ty for each chan­nel. They all seem to be the same content/quality. Keep grin­ding tho

  39. i mean 217 with an 8 iron is still no joke lol. The fact that gar­ret thinks thats laug­ha­ble just goes to show how dan­ge­rous he’s going to beco­me on the course.

  40. This is abso­lute­ly legen­da­ry. This is the equi­va­lent to a young foot­ball play­er just going to throw around at Tom Brady’s house lol

  41. Cra­zy how last Febru­a­ry I was watching wheel of not ide­al and mini golf vide­os and now you are trai­ning with Bry­son! The pro­gress is for real!

  42. Not going to lie…if Kyle and Bry­son made a video on the cour­se it would be by far the most infor­ma­ti­ve golf video I’ve ever seen

  43. What an ama­zing oppor­tu­ni­ty to train with Bry­son and gre­at video! This deser­ves the hig­hest likes of all of your vide­os. As for the work­out, I’m a bit sur­pri­sed that Bry­son does so much iso work. Does he not do com­pound lifts like squats, dead­lifts, or flat bench?

  44. It would be cool if you guys showed/discussed what he does for reco­very. The work­out stuff is cool, but all tho­se mus­cles don’t mean much without the requi­red mobility/flexibility. Which most guys/girls will noti­ce if they think just going and lif­ting weights will make them hit farther.

    1. Peter’s in the house! Hel­lo Peter, nice to hear from you on the state’s side again…when are you guys com­ing over here to play with GM crew??

  45. I would say mee­ting the guy in the back­se­at is pret­ty legen­da­ry its­elf “Byle Kerkshire” aka legend himself.….great con­tent keep it up and hit me up when you guys are back in Colorado.

  46. I want Kyle and Bry­son on one team, Mor­ris clan and Rick on the other team 3v2 best ball. Bom­bers vs the boys and a Eng­lish­man. Make cha­ri­ty for Bry­son Dech­am­beau Foun­da­ti­on. Easi­ly get mil­li­ons of views.