GOLF AN DER SPITZE DER WELT Kurs Vlog ( How to stop slicing )

Will­kom­men zurück auf dem Kanal! Die­se Woche stel­len wir Ihnen bei DHG den wun­der­schö­nen Clee­ve Hill Golf Club vor, der sich in den Cots­wolds direkt über der Chel­ten­ham Race­cour­se befin­det. In die­sem Video wer­den Mys­elf, Ber­nie, Paul und Gil­ly ein 6 6 6 Bet­ter­ball-Match spie­len und nach jeweils 6 Löchern die Part­ner tau­schen. Wer wird Ihrer Mei­nung nach am Ende die meis­ten Punk­te haben? Dan­ke fürs Anschau­en, bit­te kom­men­tie­re das Video, wenn du Zeit hast. Abon­nie­ren Sie den Kanal für mehr: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​/​U​C​Z​X​n​i​m​T​8​a​-​h​j​I​V​M​R​x​D​5​7​x​A​Q​/​v​i​d​e​o​s​?​d​i​s​a​b​l​e​_​p​o​l​y​m​e​r=1 Epi­de­mic Sound, wo ich die Musik bekom­me, die ich für alle mei­ne Vide­os ver­wen­de: https://www.epidemicsound .com/referral/44i2n6/ Fol­gen Sie mei­ner Web­site: http://​www​.dhgolf​.co​.uk Für geschäft­li­che Anfra­gen kon­tak­tie­ren Sie mich unter: In mei­ner Tasche: Fah­rer: Tit­leist TSi3: https://www .tit​leist​.co​.uk/​g​o​l​f​-​c​l​u​b​s​/​g​o​l​f​-​d​r​i​v​e​r​s​/​t​si3 3 Holz: Tit­leist TSi2: https://​www​.tit​leist​.co​.uk/​g​o​l​f​-​c​l​u​b​s​/​f​a​i​r​w​ay-woods/tsi2 5 Holz: Tay­lorMa­de RBZ 7 Holz : Tit­leist TSi2: https://​www​.tit​leist​.co​.uk/​g​o​l​f​-​c​l​u​b​s​/​f​a​i​r​w​a​y​-​w​o​o​d​s​/​t​si2 Eisen: Tit­leist 620 MB 5 bis PW – https://​www​.tit​leist​.co​.uk Wed­ges: Tit­leist Vokey 54 /12 D & 58/10 S: https://​www​.tit​leist​.co​.uk/​g​o​l​f​-​c​l​u​b​s​/​w​e​d​g​e​s​/​sm8 Put­ter: Scot­ty Came­ron New­port 2: https://​www​.tit​leist​.co​.uk/​g​o​l​f​-​c​l​ubs /put­ter­s/­spe­cial-select Ball: Pro V 1: https://​www​.tit​leist​.co​.uk/​p​r​o​d​u​c​t​/​p​r​o​-​v​1​/​0​0​3​P​V​1​T​.​h​tml Ent­fer­nungs­mes­ser: Shot­Scope: https://​shot​scope​.com/​u​k​/​p​r​o​d​u​c​ts/ golf-ent­fer­nungs­mes­ser/­pro-l1/ Wa tch: https://​shot​scope​.com/​u​k​/​p​r​o​d​u​c​t​s​/​g​o​l​f​-​g​p​s​-​w​a​t​c​h​e​s​/​v3/ Klei­dung, Schu­he & Hand­schu­he: https://​www​.foot​joy​.co​.uk Let’s Con­nect: Dan: Twit­ter: https:// twit​ter​.com/​h​e​n​d​r​i​k​s​e​n​g​olf Insta­gram: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​d​a​n​h​e​n​d​r​i​k​s​en/ Face­Book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​h​e​n​d​r​i​k​s​e​n​g​o​lf/

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129 thought on “GOLF AN DER SPITZE DER WELT! – Kurs-Vlog”

  1. Mr Grumpy’s coral top should be thrown over­board on the next avail­ab­le oppor­tu­ni­ty, tog­e­ther with Sal­ly, if you haven’t alrea­dy done that , keep up the good work, perhaps you should adopt a Mr Men cha­rac­ter each, ask Ber­nie he will name you all

  2. Love clee­ve Hill! Play­ed it qui­te a few times in our socie­ty. The cour­se was going to clo­se but luck­i­ly it was saved!
    Watch out for the hikers!! And the 🐑🐑🐑

  3. Loo­ks an ama­zing place. Love all the cha­rac­ters on the chan­nel but for me …
    This is the best four­ball, always a good vibe 👍

  4. I love it when you vlog cour­ses I have play­ed, been loo­king for­ward to this one for weeks. Nice to see some of my favou­rite spots, below the green on the 2nd (almost an impos­si­ble up and down), right of the green on no 4 (ano­t­her place to avoid) and Gil­ly just avoided ano­t­her one of my favou­rites, down the dip left side of the 5th). I can’t belie­ve how flat the came­ra made the 3th hole look, it is very uphill. Gre­at vlog so far, good golf, sto­ries and ama­zing views.

  5. Cour­se loo­ks gre­at. Wind obvious­ly a fac­tor but I would take that becau­se of the dif­fi­cul­ty. Well play­ed guys. Gil­ly must have taken a hap­py pill 😂, no laun­ching clubs today, well so far. Dan, hit­ting some gre­at shots, dri­ving sor­ry m8, but unex­pec­ted. Paul, well in the peachy/salmon colou­red atti­re, just yuk 😂. Gre­at play­er though as is Ber­nie. Real­ly enjoy­ed the 1st third. Ano­t­her gem in Glouces­ter­shire is Cots­wold Edge, stun­ning views the­re too.

  6. Can’t deci­de which was best..the golf or the his­to­ri­cal facts!!!ummmmm.…..🤔🤔🤔 any­way dig­ging that Paul is com­ing to grips with his femi­ni­ne side lol 🤡🤩🥳

  7. Inte­res­ting cour­se. Some­what amu­sed that it’s men­tio­ned ear­ly on that Ber­nies doing a score­card for EGU and then Dan gives him last 2 putts?🤨

    1. It was the same in a pre­vious vlog I wat­ched too. Picked one up after mis­sing a short putt after decla­ring at the start he was play­ing a gene­ral score so ever­yo­ne had to hole out in the match. Would be inte­res­ting to know if both rounds were pos­ted as NRs as they should be.There will be alot of it with the new system/general play with mates. But I sup­po­se as long as its not a comp, whoever takes gim­mes or has the old magic pen­cil while play­ing for a score are only chea­ting themselves.

  8. I have a sil­ver cup which my gre­at grand­f­a­ther won in the Clee­ve Hill golf club match play com­pe­ti­ti­on 1919!! I have play­ed the­re many times mys­elf. Very much like an inland links but with litt­le in the way of thick rough!

  9. Paul loo­king very dap­per in that tan­ge­ri­ne num­ber. Ano­t­her cracking vlog and cour­se loo­ks ama­zing. Always enjoy watching the four mus­ke­teers playing.

  10. I reck­on that’s my favou­rite loo­king cour­se you guys have play­ed! Def on my bucket list now!!! The humour hel­ped though, ‘San­dy Heard, Var­don and Gil­ly’ abso­lute­ly priceless 😂

    1. Is this an orchard ? Or what pur­po­se is it ? It loo­ks fen­ced off from the live­stock. (don’t see the­se in my part of the world … Canada)

  11. Gre­at vlog to start the week. Right off the bat with some class golf and ban­ter. You know it’s going to be fun­ny when gil­ly on. Ber­nies game is com­ing on I can see a han­di­cap cut soon. Loo­king for­ward to part 2

  12. “He crum­bles like a todd­lers bike“ that’s a gre­at one! It’s going to replace mine that’s “he’s gon­na fold like a house of cards”

  13. What Fabu­lous views on the golf cour­se and well play­ed all of you , The dri­ving of the golf ball is abso­lute­ly brilliant .

  14. Ano­t­her cracking loo­king cour­se gre­at too see you boys play­ing some nice dri­ving the­re boys I always have the same pro­blem when I play new cour­ses of not being sure of whe­re too go lol

  15. What bet­ter than on a Mon­day evening to watch four gre­at guys with world class ban­ter play­ing a very pic­tures­que golf cour­se? Gre­at stuff.

  16. Play­ed this cour­se on the jubi­lee bank­ho­li­day thurs­day, fan­tastic cour­se stun­ning views high­ly rec­com­mend its a must play

  17. What a spec­ta­cu­lar cour­se, unbea­t­a­ble views of the Eng­lish coun­try­si­de and obvious­ly a lot of histo­ry the­re. Loo­king for­ward to part two 👍

  18. Gre­at start to the week. What ano­t­her fan­tastic loo­king cour­se you’ve found!
    And who is the new fel­la in the stri­py shirt with Sub 70 on his hat put­ting on a short game mas­ter­class?!!! Wel­co­me back Bernie!

  19. I thought my home cour­se was hil­ly until I wat­ched your excel­lent video. Gil­ly always brings some­thing and extra to the chan­nel. As ever first class

  20. Lovely stuff. The bro­thers did well to come away from that with a half I feel.
    Ber­nie has scrub­bed up rather well for this one

  21. Unlu­cky Ber­nie & Gil­ly, could of been a cou­p­le up. Loo­king for­ward to the next 6 holes! Gre­at cour­se with Fab views! 👍

  22. what a cour­se and its nice to see barn­sie play­ing some gre­at golf and chip­ing so well look for­ward to see­ing the rest of this tru­ly ama­zing golf cour­se a real true visu­al beuty

  23. Stun­ning views and gre­at came­ra work, par­ti­cu­lar­ly off the 4th tee. Spec­ta­cu­lar cour­se and well play­ed evevryone!

  24. What a stun­ning golf cour­se. And Paul doing his best Psy­che­de­lic Furs impres­si­on being Pret­ty in pink. Trou­sers need a litt­le work again. Gre­at golf. Gre­at fun. Well done

  25. Does Paul hit his dri­ver out of the bot­tom of the club? Or is it just the came­ra ang­le? Sad as I am, I’ve been won­de­ring this for a while! 😂

  26. Not sure what that par­ti­cu­lar ring is but I can tell you that in Aus­tra­lia, far­mers with sheep often lea­ve a fen­ced off area of den­se vege­ta­ti­on for fox con­trol. In a lar­ge pad­dock (pro­bab­ly big­ger than most farms in Eng­land) the den­se vege­ta­ti­on is the only pre­dic­ta­ble place foxes will live and the far­mers use the area as a fox trap.
    The sad but true rea­li­ty for tho­se that like Woo­len garments and lamb chops.

  27. After a 4 day Bank Holi­day impac­ted by 2 litt­le ones with a sick­ness bug and chi­cken­pox, the DHG boys ser­ve up the ide­al 4 ball and Gil­ly rip­ping into Paul on the 1st tee.… sud­den­ly all seems bet­ter in the world.
    For cla­ri­ty I actual­ly like that top of Paul’s.

  28. Some very enter­tai­ning golf from some very good gol­fers. Gre­at to see Ber­nie has real­ly found his con­fi­dence, and his joy for the game again.

  29. Love the front and down the line views on the 2nd par 5, beau­ti­ful front view back­drop. Tho­se clubs are sui­t­ing Ber­nie nice­ly. I’ll have to look at them for my next set of clubs later this year.

  30. This video has ever­ything you can ask for. Breath taking views, out­stan­ding came­ra work, a put­ter chan­ge by Paul plus one of the smoot­hest swings I’ve ever seen, a histo­ry les­son from Dan, two pitch shots by Ber­nie, and the always sharp wit of Gil­ly. Can’t wait for the next video. Thank you for pro­du­cing such out­stan­ding videos 👍.

  31. 31:40 – Yep, you are bro­thers. 39:29 – Gilly’s ball hit the rope, I bet it took all the spin off and kicked it for­ward some.

  32. Going to enjoy this one. Some cracking golf alrea­dy, I like that top Paul, it’s in com­ple­te con­trast to your per­so­na­li­ty. Har­sh Ber­nie, take no noti­ce Dan, I for one enjoy your histo­ry lessons.

  33. I mis­sed the stats gra­phic You star­ted to use giving per­cen­ta­ge of make by dif­fe­rent han­dicps. It is nice that unli­ke other blog­gers you are not asking for likes and comments every five minu­tes. Howe­ver you deser­ve more fol­lo­wers, likes and comments. Gre­at work

  34. Loo­king good Mr. No putts given. Then the­re is this Gil­ly cha­rac­ter and why he’s not tou­ring doing stand up I’ll never know (Lee Mack who) at least he has this golf thing to fall back on. Best cour­se vlogs on YouTubes!!!

  35. That’s the most Tavistock loo­king golf club I’ve ever seen, nice splash of colour from Paul, gre­at golf from all as usu­al, keep the good con­tent coming.
    Gil­ly wont be avail­ab­le on a Thurs­day in the upco­m­ing foot­ball sea­son, he knows why !!😃

  36. you live in an ama­zing part of the world, such gre­at sce­ne­ry, so peace­ful. Loo­ks like a place you don’t want to miss greens on

  37. I bet Dan’s kids fall asleep strai­ght away at bed­ti­me when he reads to them 😂😂😴, only play­ing Dan.
    Loo­ks a good cour­se, Ber­nie striking that 2 iron lovely and like that Gil­ly is hel­ping out Dan with his game 👌

  38. Ano­t­her gre­at vlog
    Well done ber­nie solid golf you were rob­bed on a cou­p­le of them putts
    Gil­ly said that swing must hurt your back but car­ry­ing him round tho­se six holes must have been worse 🤣🤣🤣
    Well done dhg gre­at start to the week
    Thanks 👍

  39. Paul’s peach was get­ting all the comments, poor Gil­ly had obvious­ly put all the effort in at bre­ak­fast that day to crea­te a fit­ting tri­bu­te to Dr Macken­zie in the front of his own jacket… 2 tiers at its best!

  40. Gre­at stuff again boys. Loving the sal­mon pink on Paul. The sce­ne­ry is breath­ta­king with that wind I would be play­ing yach­t­ing golf ie tacking into the wind up the holes. Tho­se greens loo­ked small and tri­cky. Gre­at to have Gil­ly back on.

  41. Gre­at vlog. I play­ed the­re last year and it was blowing 40mph – some real­ly mad holes com­ing up so loo­king for­ward to watching you guys play­ing them. Hope your not going to tell ever­yo­ne just how cheap it is to play there!

  42. There’s got to be a cate­go­ry in the next DHG annu­al awards show that Les­ter can win with his tee shot on the 6th. I’m just not sure what it will be. It’s a plea­su­re to see Gil­ly play­ing so well again, too.

    1. @DHG I’m sure you’ll be pit­ching like a legend befo­re you know it. Yes it’s all about con­fi­dence and that 6” space bet­ween the ears. Love your chan­nel, con­tent and your swing. Keep up the ama­zing work!

  43. Refer­ring to gil­lies com­ment about Paul’s 1/4 zip I like it I’d defi­ni­te­ly wear some­thing like that on the cour­se. Refer­ring to Dan’s ques­ti­on about the ring.. My grandad used to own a fair bit of land and he had some­thing simi­lar to that (if I’m right in thin­king it’s bus­hes crea­ting the ring) and it was like a mar­sh­land type cir­cle whe­re he let over grow all through the sum­mer and then cut it down just befo­re win­ter and he would always tell us it was for wild­life and when he cut it befo­re the win­ter it allo­wed it to fill up with water but never over flow as the regrowth would soak it up. I could be com­ple­te­ly wrong and that could be some­thing com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent. Also not sure if any of you have ever play­ed it but west­on golf club in South Wales is a hig­her cour­se again with the 14th tee being 1500feet abo­ve sea level

  44. Paul loo­ks very sty­lish in his peachy sal­mon coral top! Finis­hing part 1 all squa­re was a bit of a sur­pri­se. I thought Ber­nie and Gil­ly would take it.

  45. Well I’ve been away for a few weeks and have loads to catch up on but have just pau­sed the video after the 1st tee from ever­yo­ne and had to check I was on the right bloo­dy chan­nel, I was so con­fu­sed, I just saw four ‘gol­fers’ teeing off. It was a thing of beauty.
    (I suspect I may see some other sides as the video goes on haha) gre­at to see your faces again

  46. 10:38 “It was actual­ly ‘JOHN & Ste­ve’ Gil­ly, John & Ste­ve but pret­ty good memo­ry bud­dy. I’ll give it to you.

  47. 43:00 And you won­der ‘why’ peop­le miss out Part II’s……
    I jest of cour­se, love hea­ring the insights and the pas­si­on behind them. Makes this chan­nel part of what it is. I’ve just invi­ted The Herds around for a chee­ky litt­le Wed­nes­day night piz­za and You Tube pre­mier, just glad Ber­nie isn’t spor­ting a thick tash, plus fours and a peaky bea­nie other­wi­se the­re will be a lot of nost­al­gic tears #bigupt­he­herds #san­dy­for­first­mi­nis­ter

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