Golf bringt Sie nicht durch die Woche

Golf bringt Sie nicht durch die Woche animal golf

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536 thought on “Golf bringt Sie nicht durch die Woche”

  1. To the guys spit­ting out their golf ball and his two other mates. I’d like to usk the­re par­ents are they very very proud of what they have crea­ted. I would like to say well done to the par­ents of tho­se lads well done.

  2. Peop­le. Plea­se. Stay well BEHIND anyo­ne hit­ting a golf ball. Several of the­se were very clo­se calls to serious inju­ries. And a spe­cial fuck you to the guy hit­ting balls with the cat lay­ing the­re. If that cat flin­ches, it coul­d’­ve been tra­gic. It’s all fun and games until someo­ne gets hurt. Or worse.

  3. Someo­ne real­ly took a gam­ble being that clo­se to a bear. Fur­ry does not mean gent­le. That bear could cha­se and kill him in under 5 seconds.

  4. 5:10 I love how there’s a huge win­dow direct­ly behind the guy that would have 100% bro­ken had he mis­sed. EDIT: Whiff­le ball. Nvm.

    1. If that was a real golf ball it would have for sure bro­ken a rip and punc­tu­red the skin, may­be even a lung, golf balls fly stu­pid fast

  5. All the­se Kang­a­roos and Alli­ga­tors on the cour­se make me feel hap­py that I golf in Cali­for­nia, whe­re I’ll most likely be mau­led by a Moun­tain Lion.

    1. Had a goo­se attack me once kept pushing it back with my pw final­ly I had to wack it just hard enough to let it know I meant busi­ness it left next week it didn’t bother me it sat 10ft away and just watched.

    1. @Romar Erstad are you being serious? if you are I’ll explain…

      It does­n’t mat­ter if its a golf ball…its a hea­vy blunt object being laun­ched at a human chest at insa­ne speed…it could have kill him…if it hit his chest at the right moment…

  6. @1:20 what a meat head.….then plays it off and puts the head­pho­nes back on. I always enjoy a good chuckle.…life’s alrea­dy too serious might as well have fun while play­ing golf.

  7. What’s dum­ber? Let­ting your bud­dy rip a dri­ver shot at you or let your bud­dy rip a dri­ver shot at you direct­ly towards the pic­tu­re window?

    1. Eit­her one could kill you. Golf ball to the head or chest.… gator bite… or angry dad that has to replace a cou­p­le thousand dol­lar window!!!

  8. guy at 4:15 is a fuck­ing ass­ho­le honest­ly fuck you and your teal shorts. a 50% swing coul­da serious­ly fucked that ani­mal up had he hit it

    1. @D K its not con­de­scen­ding but some of the shit the­se guys are doing is eit­her dan­ge­rous to the peop­le around them or fuck­ing up the course

  9. For all the tik tok wat­chers at 1:15 when the guy swings the club then falls it crea­tes the beat to bot­toms up (You was at the club)

  10. Nin­gú­no me dio risa, son tan estu­pi­dos o que? Lo úni­co gra­cio­so es hacer ber­rinches lo demás es estu­pi­do y peligroso.

  11. Pur­po­se­ly hit­ting a kang­a­roo with golf­ball seems cru­el, also end­an­ge­ring a cat seems cru­el as well. Teasing a gigan­tic gator just seems stu­pid lol.

  12. What was wrong with the shot at 0:07? Loo­ks like a nor­mal dri­ver hit to me, didnt sound like he shank­ed it into a per­son or anything, and the dog behind him was well out of danger?

    1. @Bruh Bruh Still cant see anything wrong with it – the hit sound­ed nice, as if it came out of the meat of the club not the hosel, toe or shaft, thought that dog might do some­thing but it just sits the­re. Only thing I can think, he is using a tee and it dosnt look like a teeing off area, but that could just be the came­ra pla­ce­ment not showing the senior/junior/womens/tournament tee markers…

  13. Hey Dyl­an you’re a fukin psy­cho­path, Dad plea­se take that club to him so he doesn’t beco­me a seri­al kil­ler in 10 years

    1. Eric Niel­sen You obv no not­hing ab clubs… m2 and the m4 have car­bon cutouts. that is most likely a old bur­ner of some sorts.

  14. That bear was epic.….talk about a ner­vous shot.…played Cran­don Bay in Miami and had a gator like 15 feet away that was ner­ve racking enough.…that thing just sta­ring at me while I was hit­ting. Got­ta love the bro at 1:30 what a clown.

  15. I bunch of stu­pid peop­le that shouldn’t be per­mit­ted on a golf cour­se! I stop­ped watching the crap about half way though it!

  16. Never unders­tood why peop­le break or snap their clubs! Even slamming the ground!! It’s user error. That’s why golf is cal­led a Gentleman’s Game NOT IDIOT’S or DumbAss

  17. Ah the wee­kly fuck­tard video that shows up on my news feed. The­se are the type of peop­le that I hope play in front of me so I can hit them with my tee shots.

  18. Why in the fuck­ing world would you wil­lin­g­ly stand in front of some­bo­dy and take. Shot from a dri­ver? You could liter­al­ly die

  19. 2:54 Rule 18–2A Sta­tes that if the equip­ment of the play­er cau­ses that ball to move, The play­er is for­ced a penal­ty of one stroke.

  20. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, I reg­ret to inform you that this did not get me through the week. Howe­ver, it did get me through 6 minu­tes and 19 seconds. I mind you that I tho­rough­ly enjoy­ed every second of this video and will con­ti­nue my search to relie­ve this bot­tom­less abyss that I try to fill with the­se vide­os. In con­clu­si­on, I thank you for pro­vi­ding me with this excel­lent con­tent for the time being.

  21. Most of the­se peop­le are the ones that go out on the cour­se, never prac­ti­ce, and expect to shoot even. Stay away from the­se peop­le. And don’t be like them

    1. He’s actual­ly using a speed stick, desi­gned to incre­a­se club head speed hence the rea­son he’s swin­ging as fast as possible

  22. 0:48 We’­ve all been the­re, litt­le fel­la. Focus on kee­ping your lead arm strai­ght. We’­re right han­ded shots, so tha­t’ll be our left arm.

  23. Is no one gon­na men­ti­on th awe­so­me club cover it’s frea­king iro­nic man. Ps it’s when the guy sca­red the cat 🐈

  24. The guy in the red shirt at 25 seconds is the fun­niest thing I ever saw on a golf cour­se. If that’s his Wife laug­hing , he’s gon­na hear about that for the rest of his life. “ Hey Honey , remem­ber the time “ ?

    1. You pea­nut. Have you ever hit off tho­se golf mats? That cat is on the back line which means its ano­t­her foot behind his back foot. The ONLY way you’­re hit­ting that cat is if you deli­ber­ate­ly tried to

  25. 5:13… If this guy were hit in the head he for real would have died. The­se guys were serious­ly idi­ots for doing this. Like why though? I would love to know the chain of events that hap­pen­ed in their lives right befo­re this moment.

  26. The kid in the blue cap was on a can­dy run last week at Dol­lar Tree and shot & kil­led someo­ne in line for not social distancing. Said “move back” once and then snap­ped & emp­tied his mag of 13 rounds of .40 into the old lady.

  27. Hope that kid was­n’t bought a new club. Tre­at your clubs like that, you’­re on your own. Break your club, you’­re buy­ing a new one

  28. I saw that cat lay­ing the­re.. in my head I was thin­king, “if that dude tou­ches that slee­ping cat with his club, I’m going to hunt him down” thank­ful­ly he was bet­ter than the other guys in the video

  29. the one with the cat is fuck­ing over the limit. He isnt even a solid hit­ter and still full swings with a cat right next to him? I would fcking swing my dri­ver next to your head.

  30. I find golf balls a cur­se becau­se I hit a golf ball then it boun­ced off a metal pole and then hit my friend on the shoul­der and on the ankle plus this hap­pen­ed twice.

  31. 1:38 that fear is jus­ti­fied. Not only can a roo kick you hard enough to break ribs and cau­se inter­nal blee­ding, but they also got razor sharp claws that’ll filet your sor­ry ass if you try to tang­le with one.

  32. Good video. The only golf les­son you will ever need

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  33. 5:11 was pos­si­b­ly one of the most ridi­cu­lous acts of stu­pi­di­ty I’ve ever seen. If that ball goes a litt­le hig­her, death, loss of an eye or any num­ber of other serious head injuries.

  34. does anyo­ne know exact­ly what hap­pen­ed with the guy from the 2:02 clip? I could­n’t see what hap­pen­ed with his ball to war­rant that explo­si­ve cur­sing and snap­ping his club.

  35. Guy at 4:20 is a pie­ce of 💩. You don’t do that with an ani­mal that clo­se. Shouldn’t even be on a come­dy list.

  36. Don’t know if I’m get­ting old or some­thing but tazing someo­ne for one could even kill them if they have a heart con­di­ti­on or hit their head falling

  37. @ 3:50 I laug­hed so hard for a good 15 or 20 minu­tes. When tho­se sparks came off that driver 😳😭☠💀🪦⚰

  38. I don’t know if you have to be real­ly bad, real­ly unlu­cky, or real­ly lucky to hit such an awful shot it rico­che­ts off a cart and back at your own head.

  39. 0.37 grounds club in a hazard, could have picked up and drop­ped out for the same penal­ty and saved the dis­com­fort of com­ple­ting round wet and muddied.

  40. Peop­le who fool around at pla­ces such as Top Golf serious­ly need to stay tf out­ta the­re befo­re someo­ne serious­ly gets hurt and the place starts enfor­cing a bunch of bs rules

  41. 2:09 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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