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  1. Pete with the hip and thigh stretch, ins­tead of lea­ning for­ward into it… its bet­ter to lean your body back­wards, you get a bet­ter stretch and it opens up the hips more. Good video though 🙂

  2. hey pete,

    you should do each stretch for 20–30 seconds- our mus­cles have stretch reflex that is bypas­sed after 20 seconds or your mus­cles will relax more after that time. hope this hel­ps but gre­at video and very important for peop­le to impro­ve their flexibility

  3. Stret­ching is real­ly important, most gol­fers don’t do enough of it and tho­se are gre­at stret­ches you show­ed us and bla bla bla … I’ll cut to the cha­se. I’ll ask what ever­y­bo­dy wants to know here: How far do you hit that BIG DRIVER??? 😉

  4. Nice video pete, I’m loo­king for­ward to all your golf spe­ci­fic exer­cise tips. Thanks.
    Ps, that music choice with the stret­ches was sho­ckin­gly bad mate, had to mute it. Lol

  5. Gre­at con­cept for a video. It’s about time a You­Tube pro dedi­ca­ted a video on the impor­t­ance of the body and how it aids the swing. I’d like to see a more dyna­mic set of stret­ches and may­be a bit more spe­ci­fic to golf but all in all it’s hel­pful and I’m loo­king for­ward to fol­lowing the series.

  6. This is what I have been doing for 10 mon­ths Peter.. You will see mas­si­ve strength gains as well as more fle­xi­ble… Come on 350 you will suc­ceed.. I will send you Pila­tes stret­ches I do from Chi­ro­prac­tor see if you like… Loo­king for­ward to more Orlan­do awe­so­meness vlogs… 👍💪😉

  7. Good vid Pete ! You look Flex­able mate!! Well done! Armed with the new R15 poker 430cc the 350 holy grail may come soo­ner than you thought?

  8. Super vid well done , I am loo­king to get down from 6 hc to 4 or lower if pos­si­ble , I have been having les­sons and working on my core with some stret­ching but the­re are a few more the­re for me to try , thanks again Pete , would like to see your gym work­out sui­ted to aiding bet­ter golf swing.

  9. What’s up with the golf les­son pri­ces on the web­site. It says 3 les­sons, £23.16 per les­son, total pri­ce £79.50. That’s a ten­ner out!

  10. Nintendo’s grea­test hits. I think if you were in your Super Mario cos­tu­me doing your stret­ches, It would have been more impact­ful. Serious­ly though Gre­at stuff. Cheers to you Mr. Finch.

  11. Check out EXOS for­mal­ly Ath­le­tes Per­for­mance. Dyna­mic move­ment is bet­ter for war­ming up, sta­tic stret­ching should be done after the mus­cles are warm. Your body will make quicker and safer gains in flexibility. 

  12. Gre­at vlog for the stret­ching. My glass back and shoul­der made of dry straw def­fo need to take note of tho­se moves. More of us need to make time befo­re prac­ti­ce or a round to pre­vent inju­ry. I’m guil­ty for sure.
    Now then, the music.….…Some of the sam­ples in that mix.….hmmmm.….thinking DJ Super Mario and MC Nin­ten­do need to lay off tho­se Mushrooms coz DAMN I think they rip­ped some games! If Tetris had play­ed I think I’d have died lol.

  13. Keep up the good work! 🙂
    Loo­king for some exer­ci­ces to do in the gym, you got some suggestions?
    And may­be some more stret­ches could be sweet.


  14. You real­ly should should try a foam rol­ler for self-myo­fa­scial release. I am sure you have heard about it.…
    Along­side with con­ti­nuous stret­ching will get you fle­xi­bi­li­ty! Enjoy­ing your vids, big up 🙂

  15. Just star­ted play­ing golf 3 mon­ths ago, and found this quest real­ly hel­pful moti­va­tor to keep impro­ving, got my first par on a par 4 last week, first bir­die this. Keep the vids com­ing, but plea­se hit one dri­ve with the big stick!! 🙂

  16. Hi peter, gre­at video, I train 6 days a week in the gym in a body­buil­ding style rou­ti­ne and haven’t play­ed golf
    In mon­ths ( I play off 14) I play­ed this wee­kend I rea­li­sed how stiff and unfle­xi­ble id beco­me! I’ve just tried all Your stret­ches and will now be doing them a lot more as im get­ting back to golf and want a sin­gle figu­re han­di­cap, keep
    The gre­at vide­os coming 👍

  17. Pete I think you may agree that I need to do ple­nty of this.
    If any of you guys get the chan­ce to take a les­son or two with Pete go for it.
    The money spent will gain you more yards than the latest dri­ver your loo­king at.

  18. I’ve been rese­ar­ching how to play golf bet­ter and found a gre­at resour­ce at Gavs Golf Tac­tic (look it up on google)

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