Golf Fitness Video – Longer drives by increasing separation

Golf Fitness Video Longer drives by increasing separation fitness

Golf Fit­ness and Per­for­mance Video Tip by Adam Huy­cke @ http://​golf​fit​lab​.com

In this short golf per­for­mance video tip, Adam demons­tra­tes two key exer­ci­ses to incre­a­se upper and lower body sepa­ra­ti­on, other­wi­se known as the “X” fac­tor. By incre­a­sing the sepa­ra­ti­on bet­ween the upper and lower body, one will gene­ra­te more club head speed lea­ding to lon­ger drives. 

Maxi­mi­ze your dif­fe­ren­ti­al to maxi­mi­ze your dri­ves today!

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