Golf Fitness Video: longer drives with 3 power moves for your golf swing

Golf Fitness Video longer drives with 3 power moves for your golf swing golf

Golf fit­ness tips brought to you by Adam Huy­cke @ http://​golf​fit​lab​.com

In this short video Adam Huy­cke demons­tra­tes 3 exer­ci­ses uti­li­zing dumb­bells to incre­a­se your lower body strength to gene­ra­te more club head speed during your golf swing.

Try the­se 3 moves today to impro­ve your lower body power and bomb it off the tee next time you play.

Don’t for­get to visit http://​golf​fit​lab​.com to down­load your free golf fit­ness gui­de and chan­ge your golf swing today.

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1 thought on “Golf Fitness Video: longer drives with 3 power moves for your golf swing”

  1. Adam, the more I see, the more I like. I need to show you the mar­ke­ting packa­ge we have. At one time, we had 53 golf fit­ness faci­li­ties. Gary Wiren who wro­te the PGA cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on manu­al for all PGA cer­ti­fied inst­ruc­tors was invol­ved as were others. It could still be extre­me­ly big and your mind­set so far seems per­fect. The turn it took 5 to 10 tears ago with PT’s viewing ever­yo­ne as inju­red and try­ing to do detail­ed assess­ments and trai­ning ever­yo­ne dif­fe­rent was not a scala­b­le model and we tried to exp­lain that to the PGA to no avail. 

    The only way to make pro­gramming so it is scala­b­le is to have set rou­ti­nes that can advan­ce in natu­re that address the needs of all serious gol­fers or gol­fers that want to be in bet­ter shape to per­form bet­ter, pre­vent inju­ries, incre­a­se fle­xi­bi­li­ty and strength which when done pro­per­ly will incre­a­se swing speed (mea­sur­a­b­ly), allow them to play well lon­ger (endu­ran­ce) and more rounds pre­vent inju­ries. Cau­se bot­tom line, the skills side will always have a grea­ter impact on sco­ring so we found that being able to quan­ti­fy fle­xi­bi­li­ty, hand-wrist-fore­arm func­tion in all six move­ments, strength, balan­ce and endu­ran­ce. This cou­pled by mea­su­ring swing speed (on cour­se and off) allo­wed us to pro­ve our sys­tem was working so they would be able to maxi­mi­ze their skill levels and be able to per­form a bet­ter swing with the help of their golf coach. I’m get­ting inun­da­ted with calls again loo­king for the right Golf Fit­ness pro­gram like we had that deli­ve­r­ed pro­gramming, uni­que pie­ces, inter­nal and exter­nal mar­ke­ting to pro­mo­te it.… I have it and would like to talk to you about it. Love to add some of your stuff and have you be the figu­re head,

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