Golf It, aber ich stelle mich allen meinen Problemen direkt

Golf It aber ich stelle mich allen meinen Problemen direkt byze golf it

mehr Golf: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​p​l​a​y​l​i​s​t​?​l​i​s​t​=​P​L​T​Z​t​H​D​z​X​L​C​Y​_​u​S​0​M​s​G​5​U​H​K​7​O​0​_​O​U​N​6​lNo Twit­ter: http://​www​.twit​ter​.com/​b​yze Twitch: http://​www​.twitch​.tv/​b​yze Insta­gram: http:// www​.insta​gram​.com/​b​y​z​ehg Dis­cord: http://​www​.dis​cord​.gg/​b​yze Freun­de in die­sem Video: @Phunix @Bobert Maka: https://​www​.twitch​.tv/​m​a​k​a​d​o​n​v​eli Tom: https://www. twitch​.tv/​a​w​i​l​d​w​a​t​e​r​m​e​l​o​n​a​p​p​e​ars Crow­ny: https://​twit​ter​.com/​C​r​o​w​n​y​132 Dra­ven: https://​www​.twitch​.tv/​d​r​a​v​e​n​d​ayz Ian: https://​www​.twitch​.tv/​e​i​a​n​ski Outro-Musik: http://bit .ly/3art1y7 #gaming #fun­ny­mo­ments #gol­fit

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95 thought on “Golf It, aber ich stelle mich allen meinen Problemen direkt”

  1. Byze just get­ting trol­led is fun­ny 🤣🤣. He can’t catch a break. Keep up the gre­at con­tent man honest­ly makes my days

    1. @Call_me_Quin not till Wed­nes­day, will be back at work for that day try­ing to get Leia back to the Organa’s and being sca­red of a cris­py sand hater who was never gran­ted the rank of master

  2. Cur­r­ent­ly try­ing out my new hot­box (clo­set) and I’m alrea­dy 5 uni­ver­ses out of here so this will be fun lmao

  3. Dif­fe­rent outro music! That sur­pri­sed me, for the fuck­ing cen­tu­ries I’ve been sub­bed to this chan­nel it’s always been the other one 😀

  4. I knew a golf it video was com­ing. I felt it. So, as tra­di­ti­on I got a bur­ger to eat while watching. Cheers and here’s to a cele­bra­ti­on. Got accep­ted into a new care­er so the com­ing mon­ths will be busy with the move and tran­si­ti­on. Thanks as always for the vide­os Byze. You and lads are good people.

    1. @BYZE Thanks. It’s going to be stress­ful for a bit while I figu­re it out. But here’s hoping for smooth sai­ling after that.

  5. WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE PEOPLE ARE STILL PLAYING THIS MAP??!!! Welp I guess I bet­ter see if you enjoy­ed it or not lmao

    (I wro­te that befo­re rea­li­zing the was more than one map in this video, I’m tal­king about Troll in One REMASTERED)

    Edit: It seems you did­n’t… Oh well fair enough, I’ve made like 627 maps sin­ce then (not liter­al­ly), thanks for play­ing it anyway 🙂

    1. LMAO I dont think a bunch of grum­py old men would be your demo­gra­phic any­way so pay no atten­ti­on. I appre­cia­te your hard work, thats what keeps games alive

  6. @BYZE Hey man I dont know if you will ever read this com­ment, but I wan­ted to say thank you and your friends for hel­ping me keep a smi­le when I feel down. Keep up the good work.

    P.S ‑Tell Maka and Crow­ney to suck my c**k for making ever­yo­ne suf­fer, hahahahahahahahahaha.

  7. just hit 16:30 or so … that loo­ks like the map alrea­dy that you play­ed with Antho­ny (Pan­da), John (Kryoz), and SMit­ty .… i recall Kryoz con­stant­ly bur­ping for some rea­son lol

    1. if i am wrong, then i remem­ber Antho­ny, Bri­an (Ter­ro­ri­zer) and Nog­la play­ing this … for­got who else may have been there

  8. Every time I read the word “pain and suf­fe­ring” I read it in Jordan’s voice then fol­low it by pun­ching a goo­se.… HONK.

  9. I didn’t get a noti­fi­ca­ti­on for this video but now I have noti­fi­ca­ti­ons on for your vide­os, never wan­na miss a new uploa­ded from my favo­ri­te chicken!

    1. Your the legend my dude, I had a dif­fi­cult day today and you hel­ped make it bet­ter and it cost me not­hing, if that’s not a legend then I don’t know what is!

  10. Quick upload, this! Love the new outro and the tran­si­ti­on sce­nes. Are you going to upload that shit­ty racing game Haych had you play befo­re this? LOL

  11. Fucks sake byze get it tog­e­ther and con­trol your big ogre spazzy hands with con­stant­ly mis­sing and over­shoo­ting the holes

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