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1.084 thought on “Golf mit Freunden Lustige Momente #3! – DIE HÄRTESTE KARTE LÄSST MICH JETZT MEINE SCHEISSE VERLIEREN!”

    1. Why am I always depres­sed for the who­le day when someo­ne reminds me my mom prac­ti­cal­ly aban­do­ned me and that my cat died recently?

  1. The amount of things Wild­cat says, if it were made into a crin­ge com­pi­la­ti­on it would be fucked. An examp­le being ’slam my dick into a cabinet’

  2. Hey wild cat my bday is com­ing I was won­de­ring if I could play with you on the ps4 pan name Space_Jump_Man23 my bro­ther been say­ing your never going to play with a You­Tube star and I want to pro­ve that wrong and also the best bir­th­day gift. If there’s a way you can per­so­nal­ly con­ta­ct me plea­se do so thank you btw I’m your big­gest fan and I’m not just say­ing that i real­ly am. Some day I hope you reach 10,000,000 subs. And if you can’t con­ta­ct me on Insta­gram it’s daniel_ortiz_1738 and I am going to be 12

    1. +Space jump man23 Space jump you THINK you are his big­gest fan…but who knows…and being his big­gest fan isn’t gon­na get you clo­se to play­ing with him…

    1. +Tee Vee Pro­duc­tion lol wait, first you attack me for making an offen­si­ve joke cal­ling someo­ne a noob and then you call someo­ne a “fuck­ing rat” for liking a meme?

  3. More more more, haha so fun­ny gre­at video as perusal may­be you can do that or the other maps with dif­fe­rent mods or perk things tha­t’ll be fun ?

    1. +Kryp­ti­ca­te I know I was, becau­se I go through comments while I let the video buf­fer so that it won’t stop the video in the middle

  4. This game is so bro­ken it adds 2 more strokes when you did­n’t even do anything. The phy­sics are shit and it’s pro­ven in the 2nd hole, it’s even har­der than real golf and that big-lip-bird-flap­ping-bas­tard app com­bi­ne together.

    1. +Firan25 no. ESPECIALLY no face cam on hor­ror games, when you watch a sca­ry game you want to be sca­red and you kin­da can’t when you can’t see half the game screen from the face cam

    2. +Hun­teris­cra­zy No. you’­re watching it fit their reac­tion. not becau­se you want to be sca­red. if you wan­ted to be sca­red, then you’d be sear­ching for ghost videos.

  5. I’d use a gra­phing cal­cu­la­tor for that becau­se I could graph the equa­ti­on on the­re assuming that you hit it with a for­ce of F at ang­le x. I’d have to con­si­der other varia­bles, but at least I don’t have to con­si­der wind speed or direc­ting becau­se this game does­n’t have any.

  6. When you roll back into the water it starts coun­ting strokes until your back out. I was a stro­ke 1 and kept get­ting put back into the water and ended up run­ning out of strokes. Its a bull­shit glitch.

  7. wild­cats that kid who sho­ved the con­trol­ler up his ass cau­se his mom dele­ted his WOW account. ctfu “i wan­na slam my dick in the cabi­net” it even took ever­yo­ne a min to rea­li­ze he said that lol.

  8. Thanks for so many recent uploads late­ly Wild­cat! I’ve been going through some stress­ful stuff late­ly, so it’s always a day-maker to get a laugh from your videos 😀

  9. I deci­ded to try this game with a few friends last night. A few hours later I was screa­ming “I AM GOING TO BECOME A TERRORIST! FBI, PUT MY ON A LIST!!”

  10. How to tell it’s golf with friends and not real golf: AAAAHHHHHH WTF WHY DID YOU BOUNCE OF THE WALL YOU STUPID BALL!!!!!!!!! NOOO STAY ON THE COURSE!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! The­res your answer.

  11. Tha­t’d be an inte­res­ting sto­ry to tell a stran­ger… “Hey what hap­pen­ed to your pin­ky?” “Oh ya know I bro­ke it in A FIT OF FAWKIN RAGE!!!!!!” x’D

  12. Hey Wild­Cat you should put col­li­si­on on future vide­os for more rage indu­ced come­dy. You could also put jum­ping on to make some holes easier.

  13. I ima­gi­ne wild­cats eye twit­ching with a vein pul­sing in his temp­le foa­ming at the mouth pun­ching holes in his monitor 😭

  14. guys if you have seen imMurksman’s face you can con­clu­de that he is the bro­ther of i am wild­cat + both their names have “i am”

  15. wild­cat your almost the last one, deli­rious, vanoss.. they have all fal­len, i reli­se your main audi­ence are kids but it would be nice if you could upload some­things aimed at an older audi­ence once and a while as i do still enjoy your vide­os but i just dont know how long that will last (and yes i rea­li­se im just one veiw in mil­li­ons but hey fuck it)

    1. +ChummyBubbles357 what i mean by fal­len is ive out­grown them, and exact­ly what you said “the­ve been this way for years” the­re adults now, adults dont scream “fuck me in the ass” so i dont know what yous are say­ing that becau­se the­res swea­ring that means its not tar­ge­ted at a youn­ger audi­ence? wait thats right kids dont swe­ar.. and look it was all just my opi­ni­on so no need for yous to get so upset

    2. and i dont feel im owed anything, i have been watching this chan­nel and the others for years now, im 20 now tho and the others chan­nels are unbe­ara­ble to watch, wild­cat is still fun to watch im just say­ing I dont know how long until i feel the same