Golf Schiessstand Streich camera

http://​www​.haha​ha​.com Man ver­wech­selt Dri­ving Ran­ge mit Shoo­ting Ran­ge. Eine Prä­sen­ta­ti­on der Just For Laughs Gags. Die lus­ti­ge Streich­show mit ver­steck­ter Kame­ra für die gan­ze Fami­lie. Nur für Laughs Gags, die lus­tigs­te Fern­seh­show mit ver­steck­ter Kamera!

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242 thought on “Golf-Schießstand-Streich”

  1. @ClearlyHDShot still, showing up to a ran­dom golf ran­ge with a rea­listic gun can cau­se some­thing unfor­tu­n­a­te to hap­pen, and is ille­gal. just saying

  2. All of the­se vide­os are set ups, they get the same peop­le in pre­vious vide­os, they sign peop­le upto this. It’s all pret­ty obvious or the­se guys would be in jail for dan­ge­rous acts to the public.

  3. @eatingperson I don’t know. My dad is white and my step­mom is Asi­an so. May­be you just never tried to hook up with an asi­an lady before.

  4. @foldes1234 the blue out­line effect is cal­led “chro­ma­tic aberra­ti­on”, it is often cau­sed by cheap optics and it is not rela­ted to the blue or green screen.

  5. 0:56 loo­ks like he shoots the guy in the blue shirt in the back and then he hold his hand on his chest like he is hit which is fol­lo­wed by the guy with the gun does hes trol­ling dance! that was epic 5 sesconds!

  6. that’s fuck­ing dan­ge­rous. Lucky no one in Cana­da is allo­wed con­cea­led car­ry, he could have got­ten a few pis­tols aimed at him real quick.

  7. he should act like a serious clay pigeon shoo­ter, and call “Pull” just befo­re someo­ne hits the ball, and fire the shot­gun and actual­ly des­troy the golf ball!

  8. 0:46 is clas­sic.. The guy with the black shirt and visor hits the worst shot even befo­re the gun went off. You can even see ball com­ing back and almost hit­ting the peop­le a few rows over lol

  9. My boy­friend always wants me to play golf with him, now I have found an accep­ta­ble com­pro­mi­se that we can both enjoy.

  10. no recoil becau­se it is not a real gun, it is just the muz­zle and the sound!
    and peop­le don’t freak out more becau­se the sound is not as loud as a real gun

  11. Anyo­ne who is foo­led by this should blow their own god damn head off with a shot­gun and expe­ri­ence what the recoil feels like.

  12. Let alo­ne the lack of recoil and obvious fakeness of the fact the­re was a gun at a golf cour­se. But his pos­tu­re whenever he shot. Never have I seen someo­ne squat that low shoo­ting a gun

  13. Its important to remem­ber that this is in Cana­da. Peop­le dont freak out and run away screa­ming when they see stuff like this…

  14. NOW come on guys it is obvious­ly a fake.. the gun isnt even real they are using like fire­works gra­de stuff just to make the litt­le boom.. it is for FUN and it still sca­red the BEJESUS out­ta tho­se people

    1. Well I kind of like how you can only hear the things that mat­ter in the pranks. The music and fake sound effects set a pret­ty dif­fe­rent atmosphere.

    2. The rea­son for the laugh track is this is a Cana­di­an com­pa­ny that shoots most­ly in Que­bec. So by remo­ving the actu­al recor­ded sound and inser­ting the music, laugh track, and sound effects. They are able to cross lan­guage and cul­tu­ral bar­ri­ers to reach a wider audience.

    1. they are cal­led flash bangs, they are 1 inch shells meant to make a loud bang for signa­ling, usual­ly used in 12 gau­ge fla­re pis­tols, the­re is no pro­jec­ti­le so the­re is very litt­le kick

  15. if you think this prank is fun­ny .. your sen­se o humor needs work … if it was me i’d have pro­tec­ted mys­elf and he’d would find the busi­ness end of a driver/iron upsi­de his head

  16. Com­ple­te gar­ba­ge and deser­ves to be remo­ved for demons­tra­ting irre­spon­si­ble fire­arm beha­vi­or. Nobo­dy with respect for a fire­arm would con­si­der this in the least bit funny.

    1. have you ever heard a gun go off without earplugs on? you wouldnt think this is fun­ny if you have. blanks are just as loud. your ears will hurt its so loud, lots of rin­ging, which is why this has to be sta­ged. no one is irre­spon­si­ble enough to do some­thing like this for real, they would get their asses sued or bea­ten on the spot.

    2. Come on now, this is all sta­ged of cour­se. You your head, this guy is a pro­fes­sio­nal shoo­ter. No one would allow a stran­ge man to come to a gol­fing busi­ness and just start shoo­ting period..
      Real gun owners would­n’t do some­thing like this peri­od eit­her, that would be insane..

  17. lol you won’t be able to do this kind of prank here in the US spe­cial­ly after the Orlan­do shoo­ting. the moment they hear gunshot peop­le will freak out and call the cops right away or if you get real­ly lucky, someo­ne with a con­ce­al gun could just shoot you 🙂

  18. He is so fuck­in lucky this stunt took place in Cana­da. If he try this prank in U. S., he would have been shot die after his first shot. I know many gol­fers who have con­cea­led wea­pon per­mits, and they would­n’t hesi­ta­te shoo­ting this SOB.

  19. Real­ly, real­ly fun­ny and thank you ever so much !!! As my very pro­per stock­bro­ker father & gol­fer who has always “serious­ly” dis­lik­ed my shot­guns and my pen­chant for fire­arms in the past was amu­sed bey­ond words and after see­ing your video at 89 years old laug­hed till he cried, xxx So thank you and plea­se make more !!! xxx

  20. No gun owner thinks this is fun­ny … Real gun owners only shoot in a safe envi­ron­ment. Guns are not toys and no real gun owner tre­ats them as such.

  21. This was fun­ny to watch, but I’d have been the guy at the begin­ning if I had been the­re in real life. I used to be a sub­sti­tu­te tea­cher at the local high school, and part of my job was knowing what to do in an emer­gen­cy. I have night­ma­res about not being able to pro­tect the kids during a shooting.

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