Golf spielen mit mir!

Golf spielen mit mir Driver

Hal­lo Leu­te! Habe heu­te Golf gespielt und dach­te, ich wür­de dich an mei­nem Tag mit­neh­men. Es war, als ob du mit mir spie­len wür­dest! haha Get social with me—- Insta­gram: @EliseLobb Twit­ter: @EliseLobb

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371 thought on “Golf spielen mit mir!”

    1. hi ever­yo­ne ‚if anyo­ne else wants to learn about golf made simp­le try Nadaz­ma Ama­zing Golf Hel­per (Have a quick look on goog­le cant remem­ber the place now ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my part­ner got cool results with it.

  1. I too live in Jack­son­vil­le and always loo­king for a fun gol­fing part­ner. If inte­rest PM me. I play at UNF, Cimma­ron, and a few others. I prac­ti­ce @ mas­ter­fit or Top­golf. And play with Tay­lorma­de clubs.

  2. omg how do you lea­ve your hair down when you hit?? i feel like my hair would get all over my face and i would­n’t be able to see anything lol

  3. Hey Eli­se, fun Vlog for sure. Love the spun­ky per­so­na­li­ty and gre­at swing. If I had any advice for you in this Vlog adven­ture, it would be to may­be check out Rick Shiels, Peter Finch or Me and My Golf chan­nels on You­Tube. Check out their for­mats and the types of vide­os that they do. For instance on the­re cour­se Vlogs they shoot and record every shot but break up 9 hole cour­se logs into three 3 hole vide­os. That keeps the vide­os bet­ween 20–30 minu­tes. Love the vide­os. Not many women out the­re doing the­se types of chan­nels so this is very refres­hing. Keep em com­ing sweetie. I am also cur­r­ent­ly part of a rese­arch team with You­Tube so your chan­nel will beco­me part of my wee­kly viewing criteria!!!!

  4. Ugh,. how did I even get here? 

    Ano­t­her woman that is sel­ling her loo­ks.. not­hing new. 

    Try a show without make­up… let’s see the real you

    1. I agree. So much make­up. I think woman are so much more beau­ti­ful without it. It’s actual­ly real­ly gross. All that shit on their face. It’s sad. Becau­se they think they need all of it to be pret­ty. We don’t even know what she loo­ks like

    2. This chan­nel isnt for soy boys, stay home and bake coo­kies with mom­my! None of you com­men­ting could hang with a hot­tie like this!

  5. Wow, that was real­ly pain­ful, pret­ty sad real­ly, pro­bab­ly a real­ly good gol­fer but your acting gets in the way. Pai­ge puts out allot bet­ter vide­os, try to be yourself rather than fee­ling the neces­si­ty to “enter­tain”.

    1. +A CB And you’­re on soap­box, why? Can you exp­lain why you took the time to come to this site and spout off to peop­le you don’t even know a litt­le bit? Why are you so mise­ra­ble? Gues­sing you’­re the one not get­ting any!!!

  6. you have a natu­ral gol­fers body, short legs long tor­so , I could see you on tour some­day and on a box of whea­tes, good luck

  7. I won­der whe­re I meet a good loo­king girl with a see­min­gly cool per­so­na­li­ty and has some golf game? Hmm.…..

  8. Good loo­king women, dres­sed like that are a rari­ty on most publi­c/­se­mi-pri­va­te cour­ses becau­se of the old reti­red geezers cree­ping around. The­re is one cree­ping around in this video.

  9. Simp­le. Just sad. Whe­ther into the clothes or the sport or the gen­der, the­re is not­hing espe­cial­ly inte­res­ting. Save the time and effort you put into the video and read a book. If anything, you are embarr­as­sing your gender.

  10. Sin­ce nobo­dy else asks the obvious.… what is the point of this video again?
    And also I have to ask you.… Was the­re or did you do a warm up? lol We all got it.. No WARM UP!!!
    You got a bir­dy with no warm up… Awe­so­me no warm up but cudnt you have just clai­med to be your first hole and it was real­ly the 9th ect? We wud have never know?? Girls that talk about them­sel­ves or make vide­os or pics all the time are in need of con­stant atten­ti­on! I hope your not one of the­se girls. Not­hing is a big­ger turn off and mys­elf, Ive always igno­red peop­le that do! Which i am not say­ing you are but if.…. YOU ARE DEFF HOTT thou, Ill pay it whe­re its due! I had to say that too! Madd props if all legit!! Nice .…… cart… yeah yeah cart

  11. Gre­at kid with a gre­at atti­tu­de having good clean fun and enjoy­ing her youth. This gets my vote for “more, not less” of this in the world. 

    But trol­lers gon­na troll…

    Go get ‘em kid, you’­re doing just right. Your smi­les just might save us all one day!

  12. Just chill!!!!! Have a good time, learn some­thing and play golf with a beau­ti­ful woman!!!!!😉
    Good les­son babe!👍

  13. Got 36 holes r8 in front of my door but never play­ed any of them… pro­babley in fact, you are the most sexy rea­son 2 try someday 😉

  14. i love to watch you play golf! the fact that your attrac­ti­ve hel­ps, but your fun­ny too and have a bub­bly per­so­na­li­ty. keep it up and plea­se come to hawaii, i per­so­nal­ly offer to be your caddy!

  15. She won’t look like this at 40.…besides right boob is lower than the left. May­be it’s from til­ting so much while taking selfie’s?

  16. Just a tip (yours if you want it) but you spent the ent­i­re video loo­king at yourself in the screen rather than loo­king into the came­ra and tal­king to anyo­ne watching your video. Don’t worry, if you take your eyes off yourself for 2 seconds, you will still look good for tho­se 2 seconds.

  17. Not­hing wrong about a good loo­king lady showing the high han­di­cap­pers like me how to take some strokes off their game. No hater here. I for one enjoy­ed t_ts I mean this.

  18. My gosh you have so much fun on the golf cour­se, like to play fast, likes to enter­tain during log­jams and likes to eat. Plea­se come to Oklahoma

  19. She’s try­ing to give out tips😂😂😂😂 if you jump up and down after you make a par, you should­n’t be giving out tips.…

  20. if you are “hating” this you are eit­her a … 1. woman who is jea­l­ous becau­se you have no loo­ks, body is ter­ri­ble and wish you could play golf OR 2. a dude that hates girls like this becau­se you always get shot down and are pro­bab­ly in a mise­ra­ble mar­ria­ge becau­se all you could pull was the fat chick no one wanted

  21. Sucks that you’­re get­ting hate for being pret­ty, I think you’­re a gre­at girl with a won­der­ful personality! 🙂


  22. Good gol­fer. And hot. Talks to much and I never see the­se chicks at my cour­ses to look at so I bla­me her for that also. Lol

  23. sex sells but I hope this does­n’t. Nice girl who does­n’t want to work for a living. Lis­ten to this video ins­tead of watching.…boring. Find an ang­le ins­tead of pret­ty girl routine.

  24. Wow, a round of golf with a real life Bar­bie Doll. Serious­ly though, it was a fun video, and you have a gre­at swing!!

  25. I’ve never seen a per­son so stuck on them­sel­ves. You cant stop loo­king at yourself and your not even that good loo­king. Just a typi­cal Bar­bie wan­na be. Get a life!!!!!

  26. Gor­ge­ous girl play­ing good golf.…GREAT com­bo. Truth be told, howe­ver, when someo­ne plays music on the golf cour­se, I just want to crack their skull with wedge. Dont let your shit affect their day.

  27. More vids, but always look at the came­ra pin hole when record­ing (you look cros­sed eyed) and not the screen and get a gim­ble. With that you are home free. Cheers.

  28. Hi Eli­se, I just star­ted play­ing golf a while ago with some friends in Onta­rio and was won­de­ring what golf cour­se was this video of you taken on?

  29. Now here is a girl with deep self love. The latest dise­a­se of youth. There’s a pla­gue of but­ch fema­les & sis­sy guys who are inf­a­tua­ted with themselves.

  30. In 100% srious­nes I have lear­ned more from watching a women’s qua­si ortho­dox golf swings than any guys. The humor in this video is the rea­son most of you but­chers have never bro­ke 80… let alo­ne 70! I know. the only pro­blem you will encoun­ter or you will face is if the inst­ruc­tor loo­ks like Eli­se. I’m not being a ass­ho­le about this eit­her As your tor­so mimics the full turn that Eli­se demons­tra­tes you will have some serious underg­arment boun­ding. My advi­se… “when in Rome.” FYI, this girl would beat the shit out of 95% of the dudes lea­ving the bril­li­ant comments below.

  31. Never cri­ti­ci­ze a hot chick gol­fer! She’s got game! I’d still be mar­ried if my wife lik­ed golf ⛳️ as much as her. But no, she only likes to sit on her fat ass and watch the voice.

  32. Id rather you wear tho­se pan­ty­ho­se on the golf cour­se so extre­me plea­su­re true your ass and other thing while u wea­ring pan­ty­ho­se. I think u would like

  33. Not cer­tain about the points made but ‚if anyo­ne else try­ing to find out pro­per golf swing try Magon­si Ama­zing Golf Expert (just goog­le it ) ? Ive heard some incredi­ble things about it and my work bud­dy got gre­at suc­cess with it.

  34. White girl and rap music.……can you feel your IQ plum­me­ting? Oh…wait a minu­te your blond and taking silicone
    boob ang­le pics..

  35. bull­shit your approach shot to the green was way left but I will give you a thumb up for the effort ! ! ! lmao „, ama­zing how many views you can get being blon­de … keep up the good work miss Lobb „, I would­n’t mind play­ing a few rounds with you I could pro­bab­ly teach you a few things out on the cour­se 🙂 Yamas

    1. @pinñed by Eli­se Lobb I would love to, sent you an invi­te – aqua­white­reef. Lets have a chat and may­be a round soon.

  36. You have a very natu­ral nice swing. And you’­re a very beau­ti­ful young lady. Wish I was the guy in you’­re life.

  37. I legit came for a golf video, and then I start see­ing con­fu­sing comments. So many of you are dis­gus­ting. I was not expec­ting what I see, and hard­ly any of the comments are on the real topic here, which is golf. Say­ing someo­ne is attrac­ti­ve is one thing, but being kind of spe­ci­fic is some­thing to keep to yourself. Focus on the real points of the video and her hap­pi­ness and per­so­na­li­ty, which many of you do not care to see. I think what made this worse for me was the fact that a lot of older men were say­ing this (based on the pro­fi­le pic­tu­re). If you think about it, you are rui­ning inno­cence in a place whe­re you would not expect it. I wish I could do more to make it stop but ever­yo­ne has their thoughts.

  38. as much as i love golf and a cute girl play­ing it, i am pret­ty sure her vide­os are about the round things on her chest and not the round thing on the ground.

  39. Plea­se look up His­tr­io­nic Per­so­na­li­ty Dis­or­der. The butt wigg­le and the inno­cent crop­ping of your face to show your plastic fun bags.… I real­ly hope this was a pas­sing pha­se and you can beco­me more groun­ded. it is obvious you are being pushed into living a pro­xy life for someo­ne that wis­hed they were a suc­cess­ful model.

  40. A gor­ge­ous good swin­ging golferess…only kind of girl­friend I’d real­ly want sigh. Snow soon here so no more gol­fing until spring…:( Cheers

  41. She loo­ks as good as Pai­ge loo­ked in her prime about four years ago. May­be bet­ter. Defi­ni­te­ly hot­ter. Would like to watch them play together.

  42. I frea­kin love golf…and Eli­se, you’re beau­ti­ful and sexy and you make golf bet­ter. Plus you’re pret­ty good. 👊

  43. Are you collec­ting for spon­sors or advertisers?
    I dont know what is your video point and the came­ra ang­le is too shake, so it is hard to con­cen­tra­te alt­hough I can­not help degree you are beautiful.

  44. Do you play on tour? I had to give up golf after my back sur­ge­ry in 2016, one of the worst days of my life. But, if you ever need a golf cart cad­die, I’m your man. It appears you play well and you look amazing.

  45. Plea­se add cap­ti­ons for your deaf and hard of hea­ring view­ers! Thank you! You did­n’t say anything about it, but the club make a stran­ge hol­low, base­ball bat-like sound when you hit your third shot (in the begin­ning of your video). Just won­de­ring, why?
    In any case, I hope that your future in golf is fil­led with bles­sings in every round!

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