Golf-Workout, das Ihr Golfspiel verändern wird

Golf Workout das Ihr Golfspiel veraendern wird exercises

Befol­gen Sie die Bewe­gun­gen die­ser Woche, die Sie über den Tel­ler­rand der golf­spe­zi­fi­schen Übun­gen hin­aus­ar­bei­ten las­sen, um Ihre Golf­leis­tung zu ver­bes­sern. Wenn Sie mehr Sta­bi­li­tät oder mehr Kraft wün­schen, ist dies ein Muss in Ihrem Golf­trai­ning.


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1 thought on “Golf-Workout, das Ihr Golfspiel verändern wird”

  1. Hi Tyler,
    You’­re get­ting more fit every week, keep up the good work!

    I real­ly like your chan­nel and the rea­son why is that I firm­ly belie­ve in the use of fit­ness and bio-mecha­nics in order to impro­ve your swing. The swing flaws that we all have can usual­ly (if it was­n’t for Charles Bark­ley I could pro­bab­ly wri­te “always” ins­tead of usual­ly :)) be direct­ly lin­ked with some sort of weak­ness in eit­her fle­xi­bi­li­ty, strength or both .
    I’ve been watching alot of your vide­os and I will defi­ni­te­ly take a lot of your tips with me to the gym.

    Some of the things I’ve noted:
    You gain speed in several ways:

    You can…

    1. Speed up with/by using your hands and arms.
    2. Beco­me more fle­xi­ble thus crea­ting more torque.
    3. Beco­me stron­ger, also crea­ting more torque.
    4. Impro­ve your tech­ni­que, your sequence etc
    5. You can learn how to use your legs more actively.

    This last note about using your legs is what I would kind­ly ask for your opi­ni­on about. Some long hit­ters out the­re real­ly squat in the tran­si­ti­on and you can real­ly see how they screw their feet into the ground and crea­te ama­zing power (One examp­le is Ryan Fox play­ing in the PGA championship.)

    I’m mys­elf a pret­ty lar­ge guy (6 4- 6 5 ish) and I’ve done a fair amount of olym­pic lif­ting during my years. When you impro­ve in the gym it’s most­ly about impro­ving tech­ni­que and to be able to use the ground more effec­tively. Howe­ver I haven’t found the cli­cking idea how to ing­rain that into my golf swing. Do you have any ideas/excersizes how to REALLY use your legs more?

    Thanks for the gre­at content,
    /Viking, Sweden

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