golfen auf zufällig generierten plätzen auf wii sports resort golf


golfen auf zufaellig generierten plaetzen auf wii sports resort golf 700mph winds golfing

Gol­fen auf zufäl­lig gene­rier­ten Plät­zen auf Wii Sports Resort Golf Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​P​o​o​f​e​s​ure

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    1. U know what u must stay con­fi­dent don’t let the wind bring u down just like Mit­chel jor­dan when he used the wedge to make a touch­dow from the free-throw line from the water

  1. Ah not­hing bet­ter than watching poo­fe­s­u­re scream in the midd­le of the night 😆 poo­fe­s­u­re makes my day

  2. God­dam­mit poo­fe­s­u­re i have an exam and a rese­arch paper due tomor­row and i got to get it done stop enter­tai­ning me 😂

  3. Some­thing about beef boss thro­wing an abso­lu­te piss mis­si­le down the bow­ling lane just sits right with me

  4. I can belie­ve that Beef boss would be mad enough to play some golf when the wind is *that bad* 

    What I can’t belie­ve is that his scream would­n’t be heard from miles away

  5. oh damn you know it’s bout to be a cer­ti­fied clas­sic from POOFESURE when he uploads mega Wii Sports resort golf , imma bou­ta to die laug­hing LMAOOOOOO

  6. Think I saw you in a game of bow­ling on switch sports, though unsu­re if it was you or someo­ne who took the time to make beef boss

  7. For some rea­son I pic­tu­re the mayor of Wuhu Island orde­ring the­re to be wind tur­bi­nes sur­roun­ding the golf resort with this being the result.

  8. I love how the golf water is pur­p­le at the start and the pins are blue lol. If the­res a mod edi­tor whe­re you can chan­ge the sta­ges, back­ground and items (Swords in sword play, bow­ling ball and pins, fris­bee and dog, etc…) I want to use it cau­se I think I can be crea­ti­ve. If anyo­ne knows a mod edi­tor or some­thing im tal­king about com­ment @ me and send the link. Cool video poof!

  9. “Remem­ber that Wii Fit sold more than Breath of the Wild somehow” I WAS TODAY YEARS OLD WHEN I LEARNED THIS CURSED FACT

    1. …which is actual­ly (sho­ckin­gly) fal­se. BotW has sold 25.8m as of Dec 2021 whe­re­as Wii Fit’s only at 22.1m

  10. 700 Mph winds are about Mach .91, or about 2x the speed of the Bridge Creek Moo­re Tor­na­do, which had the world record speed of 301Mph, kil­ling 107 peop­le, and the­se peop­le are play­ing GOLF in it… XD

  11. thats unbe­li­able un pla­sub­ly cra­zy I hope this oocu­recn­ce never sei­zes to occur inbsi­de of a real PGA golf tourana­ment were pro­fes­hinals golfs play­ers will duke it out to see who the best play­er insi­de of the oturment is

  12. In experts only golf, I’m pret­ty sure the ball can only go in a spe­ci­fic direc­tion, which you can tell from rota­ting the camera

  13. Hey mikeoxbigx36x, I was won­de­ring if we’­re ever gon­na get that Coo­king Mama video whe­re you just ran­ted? Also, when you hop­ping back onto CoD Wii big man?

  14. Ok, the­se are offi­cial­ly my favo­ri­te kind of vide­os Poo­fe­s­u­re does. I’d like to see more of the­se at some point. 🙂

  15. you­re real­ly good at this actual­ly i think its admi­ra­ble i dont think i would be able to get it it seems real­ly difficult

  16. dude you got­ta try kai­zo table ten­nis, I don’t have storm island cau­se I don’t wan­na mod my family’s Wii but it loo­ks so fun

  17. The back­ground music being “Two Trucks” in one of the bow­ling mods was some­thing I never knew I nee­ded or even wanted.

    1. i did­n’t even fuck­ing rea­li­ze that was the music im shocked
      i guess i was too dis­trac­ted by the fuck­ing ”OH YEAH” of the other song that was playin

  18. The cha­os mod for golf is the equa­li­vant of how poof’s wii remo­tes with wii moti­on plus insi­de work when he’s about to win some­thing very hard

  19. It’s nice to see Poof having fun with the­se mods every now and then. But the ques­ti­on remains: Can he beat Matt in Swor­d­play Show­down Rever­se in nor­mal Wii Sports Resort? 😈

  20. can you get a mod whe­re the­re is extre­me wind in some­thing such as bow­ling? or may­be some­thing like basketball

  21. Seems we have very, very seve­re winds… uh up to 666 in power and see­min­gly has the power of a tor­na­do. The golf cour­se on the east of the island has been defor­med with the abyss being seen below and the various parts of the golf cour­se having been tur­ned into severely defor­med for­ma­ti­ons of some kind. 

    Thank you John now onto the news. Bow­ling has recent­ly been hit with cha­os as a night-like set­ting has hit and bow­ling balls are causing Bow­ling Pins to spon­ta­ne­ous­ly freak out and bow­ling balls eit­her going extre­me­ly fast, slow or clip through the floor into the abyss.

    1. 666 mph is liter­al­ly more power­ful than the most power­ful recor­ded tor­na­do on earth (which had wind speeds of around 500 mph).

  22. Just wan­ted to let you all know that on Nin­ten­do switch sports, I won my first ever bow­ling tour­na­ment online, first place

  23. *_after lear­ning his last inci­dent, thr Mii deci­ded it was­n’t healt­hy to golf on 510+ winds, so he tri­es 700+, which is enough to des­troy the planet’s sur­face in half_*

    “ano­t­her _fiiiiine_ day for golf!”

  24. Poo­fe­s­u­re is the only per­son who could fail to throw a strike even if the hand of God came down to per­so­nal­ly knock over the pins.

  25. James 3:10 From the same mouth come bles­sing and cur­sing. My bro­thers, the­se things ought not to be so. Also Jesus is king God is king

  26. Poof should be some­whe­re in the gaming hall of fame becau­se of all the chal­len­ges he’s able to do and com­ple­te the num­bers and vide­os defi­ni­te­ly stack up for poof to be a hall of famer gamer🤣

  27. Ah yes… a rela­xing resort with a chill 700mph wind and a land­s­cape which loo­ks like Minecraft’s ampli­fied world had a baby with with a crap­py mobi­le game….

  28. New sub­scri­ber here. Thank you for get­ting me through some tough days man.
    You have an awe­so­me com­mu­ni­ty, keep it up.

  29. I don’t think Poof has ever expe­ri­en­ced “cos­mic” bow­ling, whe­re they dim the lights, and ever­ything glows. It’s meant to be all trip­py and shit.

    1. Is this not a nor­mal thing? I’ve seen peop­le call it dif­fe­rent things like comic bow­ling or glow bow­ling but I don’t think I’ve ever gone to a bow­ling alley without it

    2. @Big John’s Bre­ak­fast Log we have it in Cana­da too. Best to wear white clot­hing and draw on yourself with high­ligh­ters and then the black light makes it glow

    3. This is just what bow­ling loo­ked like ever­y­ti­me I went to it in my home­town, lol. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, the place clo­sed down 🙁

  30. this is the only game (mod­ded wii) that’s so rage-worthy that will make poof a nor­mal per­son when try­ing to play the nor­mal wii.

  31. Music is the “It’s always sun­ny in Phi­li­del­phia” The­me song… not spon­gebob but sor­ta not real­ly at all close

  32. I love poo­fe­s­u­res raging as the next gal but having a break from screa­ming is very soot­hing at least to me

  33. I feel like the swing accu­ra­cy mat­ters for expert. Like not just direc­tion and how hard you hit it. The­res a third variable.

  34. 11:45 Poo­fe­s­u­re try­ing to cal­cu­la­te the right amount of sleep for tonight so he won’t be tired tomorrow:

  35. Ok here me out, were the golf maps rlly dis­tor­ted? If u look at the mini map it loo­ked like the ball just fol­lo­wed the wind n it just appeared screwed

  36. As a gol­fer, I can say that yes, trees in the midd­le of the fair­way are a thing.
    Also, as a gol­fer, this cra­cked me up

  37. It said “Remin­der that Wii Fit sold more than Breath of the Wild somehow…” and honest­ly I am just as puz­zled as the per­son who made the mod.

  38. Lean lake I love lean 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  39. I like how there’s an ent­i­re new Nin­ten­do Sports game out and ever­yo­ne is still play­ing the classics.

  40. you should play kir­bys dream cour­se its golf with kir­by abi­li­ties whe­re the hole is crea­ted by kil­ling all but one enemie though its bet­ter with multiplayer

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  42. Poof you were sup­po­sed to release the bow­ling ball from the top, you bow­led low and play­ed yourself haha 😄 it had poten­ti­al you just play­ed incorrectly

  43. 11:20 That one kid at mini­golf on the hole over who is genui­nely more enter­tai­ning to watch than your own fami­ly becau­se of just how they mana­ge to fuck up their shots.

    1. Reminds me of this one time when I went to mini­golf with my fami­ly. We saw a dad and their two sons (If I remem­ber cor­rect­ly), and one of the kids wha­cked the ball off a rock into the par­king lot. Good times.

  44. LEAAAANNNNN😈👿🦄🦄😈🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🦄👿👿💁🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️👿🍇✝️💟✝️✝️🍇🍇🍇✝️💟💟💟♒️♊️☂️☂️👿🦄🚺⛎

  45. Impos­si­bowl actual­ly is har­der, in a cool phy­sics way.

    Basi­cal­ly, so I don’t bore you to death with an explana­ti­on, all fric­tion is remo­ved from the pins, making it so ins­tead of tip­ping over a pin will sli­de around, this com­pli­ca­ted bow­ling becau­se when you get a strike, your ball is only actual­ly hit­ting like 4 of the pins at the most, most of the pins are kno­cked over by other pins, so this new fric­tion­less bow­ling modi­fies janks up the shots so ins­tead of fal­ling at an ang­le, the pins just go back­wards and hit less pins, resul­ting in splits, like we saw in this video

  46. *Nice, chil­led and relax tro­pi­cal soft music plays*
    Poof: It’s like some hor­ror movie sounds in the backround

  47. Oh good fox whe­re is poof gol­fing? Jupi­ter? This is no Flo­rid­i­an hurricane…

    Also are nega­ti­ve winds even pos­si­ble sci­en­ti­fi­cal­ly, last I che­cked winds don’t suck.

  48. Fun fact. The ice giant Nep­tu­ne has wind speeds of about 700 mph. 

    Poof just gol­fed in one of the most vio­lent wind con­di­ti­ons known to man.

    1. There’s a pla­net that has 2000 mph winds, and rains natu­ral­ly for­med glass shards side­ways. Not that we’ll ever get the­re, but y’know.

  49. The music befo­re each cour­se was used in the Spon­geBob trai­ning video and is the “the­me” song for Always Sun­ny In Philadelphia

  50. Will you play Nin­ten­do switch sports but the golf cate­go­ry, that would be sick! Hope­ful­ly they release that update soon, don’t under­stand why they wouldn’t release it with the game as it’s the best game in the game

  51. I love how you hit all of the pins when you were try­ing to throw the ball back­wards, but then when you actual­ly throw it for­wards you mis­sed pin 10

  52. “Remin­der that Wii Fit sold more than Breath of the Wild somehow.”

    It’s easy to under­stand. Good games sell

  53. I don’t know why, but this video is more enjoya­ble to me.

    I just rese­ar­ched it; Wii Fit sales: 22.67 world­wi­de, as of March 2012

    Breath Of The Wild sales: 14.27 mil­li­on world­wi­de; as of March 2021, but as of Decem­ber 2021; that num­ber is 25.80 million.

    6:10 was cor­rect for a few mon­ths at least.

  54. 6:09 “remin­der that wii fit sold more then botw somhow” 

    you know at first I thput it ment wiii sports becu­se of cor­se it sold more it was a pack in but then I reli­sed they ment wii fit

  55. All the other wii you­tubers: play­ing switch sports
    Poo­fe­s­u­re: in terms of switch sport we have mod­ded wii sports resort

  56. Idk which is fas­ter: 🤔 A… ✈️ *1,000 mph Bloo­d­hound SSC or,*
    Beef­Boss: 👁🍔👁 *aims like he got that ball caught in a women’s skirt. 2 hal­ves of 350 mph but quar­ter­ly to 1,000*

  57. He’s got­ta find a mod for wii sports base­ball that makes the ball be pit­ched extre­me­ly fast, and go extre­me­ly far