Golfschläger, Fitting & Bauen | Live Q&A mit UGP

Golfschlaeger Fitting amp Bauen Live QampA mit UGP Ausrüstung

Schal­te live ein und stel­le dei­ne Fra­gen zur Golf­aus­rüs­tung mit unse­ren Gäs­ten Matt Mora und Kevin Moo­re von Urban Golf Performance! 

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14 thought on “Golfschläger, Fitting & Bauen | Live Q&A mit UGP”

  1. I was “fii­ted” for a set of irons last year and I am not sure about the result. I know that I am uprigtht, but, I was fit­ted for 2* flat. I amd fla­ring every iron shot. Also was told that an R flex was appro­pria­te. Dri­ver swing speed is 117, irons swing is also pret­ty fast. This has not built con­fi­dence in my swing. Age 68 7 iron 185 yds, dri­ver 295.

  2. Love Kevin’s explana­ti­on on the Pro­ject X LZ vs S300. Had a very simi­lar expe­ri­ence in a fit whe­re two dif­fe­rent shafts made my swing very dif­fe­rent, much more dif­fe­rent than the shafts were from each other.

  3. Do you guys have any thought on the fuji­ku­ra vis­ta pro gra­phi­te iron shafts? Have been using the Accra I seri­es shafts in a a 90gram stiff shaft. Or, is the­re ano­t­her brand gra­phi­te shaft that you like for a bet­ter seni­or play­er.. thanks

  4. I’ve expe­ri­en­ced big dif­fe­ren­ces with grips going from Ultra­light grips on a Bur­ner TP dri­ver to a mid­si­ze GP Vel­vet shaft. 40 ish grams will make a big feel difference.

  5. This col­lab is gre­at. This Q and A was awe­so­me Matt. Can’t wait for the next one. Quick ques­ti­on, do you know which grip mas­ter grip you have on your clubs? There’s several and can’t figu­re out which one it is (defi­ni­te­ly not the kangaroo).

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