Golftraining zu Hause für schnellere Schlägerkopfgeschwindigkeit

Golftraining zu Hause fuer schnellere Schlaegerkopfgeschwindigkeit exercises

Suchen Sie nach einem Golf­trai­ning, das Sie von zu Hau­se aus durch­füh­ren kön­nen? Suchen Sie nicht wei­ter, da Tyler groß­ar­ti­ge golf­spe­zi­fi­sche Übun­gen lie­fert und die Bewe­gun­gen auf­schlüs­selt. Die­se sehr ein­fa­chen, aber effek­ti­ven Golf­übun­gen brin­gen Ihr Golf­trai­ning auf die nächs­te Stu­fe, um Ihre Schlä­ger­kopf­ge­schwin­dig­keit zu erhö­hen und Ihre Golf­leis­tung zu steigern.

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16 thought on “Golftraining zu Hause für schnellere Schlägerkopfgeschwindigkeit”

  1. Thanks for the infor­ma­ti­on very infor­ma­ti­ve!! Hope­ful­ly with the­se exer­ci­ses I will achie­ve my a sin­gle digit. handicap

    1. micha­el kaplan are you refer­ring to the qua­li­ty of the audio? I am working on that. Clo­sed gara­ge isn’t very friend­ly. Pos­si­b­ly will have a mic and will defi­ni­te­ly be able to open the door to redu­ce the issue. Thanks for the input though and glad you like the con­tent. I hope it is hel­pful for everyone.

    1. Frank Q that would kin­da be the point. Make sure you are doing it as much like your swing as pos­si­ble for the pla­ne you want and ing­rain the pat­tern while making the key mus­cles fire and func­tion at a hig­her level.

    1. Each exer­cise is dif­fe­rent and has a dif­fe­rent goal in mind. For examp­le, the first exer­cise that he shows is the rota­ti­on. For this I would recom­mend going for 3–5 reps each side working the abi­li­ty to rip the cord and sta­bi­li­ze. For the pull ups, I would recom­mend 5–10 reps at the level that you can hand­le. If you need the band, use the band and find the ran­ge that works for you. For reps, you can always slow down your tem­po to incre­a­se the inten­si­ty and or add reps. Keep in mind, as a gol­fer, you do not need to do a lot of reps, but the reps you do should be very pre­cise and con­scious­ly done. No mat­ter what, meet your body whe­re it is do not push through pain in movement.

  2. 7 years alrea­dy went by when I began play­ing and all tho­se years were fil­led with prac­ti­ces and trai­ning les­sons. When I got the golf swing secrets , Jοm­tοnο Naha (Go ogle it), I was able to crea­te a 75 shot after 2 buckets. Now, I am more skill ful regar­ding grip, ball posi­ti­on, through swing drills, and much more golf ide­as. My han­di­cap is begin­ning to decre­a­se also from 13. It is remar­kab­le guide!.

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