Golftraining zu Hause: Training 2/5

Golftraining zu Hause Training 25 best golf workouts

Auf der Suche nach guten Golf-Work­outs? Golf­übun­gen zu Hau­se? In Video 2 die­ser 5‑teiligen Video­se­rie stellt Ihnen Jaa­cob Bow­den, PGA, ein ein­wö­chi­ges Golf-Trai­nings­pro­gramm vor, das Sie bequem von zu Hau­se aus durch­füh­ren kön­nen. Es ist eines der bes­ten Golf­trai­nings, das Sie durch­füh­ren kön­nen, um die Schlä­ger­kopf­ge­schwin­dig­keit schnell und dras­tisch zu erhö­hen, Ihrem Spiel mehr Power zu ver­lei­hen und Bom­ben zu schla­gen sowie Ihr Han­di­cap und Ihr Tor­chan­cen­po­ten­zi­al zu sen­ken. Golf-Trai­nings­pro­gramm Trai­nings­rou­ti­nen im Über­blick: Tag 1 – Dyna­mi­sche Schwung­stär­ke Tag 2 – Iso­me­tri­sche Abschwung­stär­ke, dyna­mi­sche Schwung­ge­schwin­dig­keit, vol­le Schwung­wie­der­ho­lun­gen Tag 3 – Iso­me­tri­sche Abschwung­stär­ke, dyna­mi­sche Abschwung­ge­schwin­dig­keit, vol­le Schwung­wie­der­ho­lun­gen Tag 4 – Ruhe und Erho­lung Tag 5 – Iso­me­tri­sche Abschwung­stär­ke, Dyna­mi­sche Schwung­stär­ke, Dyna­mi­sche Schwung­ge­schwin­dig­keit, Vol­le Schwung­wie­der­ho­lun­gen Tag 6 – Dyna­mi­scher Abschwung Über­ge­schwin­dig­keit, Vol­le Schwung­wie­der­ho­lun­gen Tag 7 – Erho­lung & Erho­lung Hin­wei­se: Wenn Sie die Übun­gen beson­ders sym­me­trisch für bei­de Kör­per­sei­ten durch­füh­ren möch­ten die Kraft­übun­gen, das ist in Ord­nung. Jaa­cob Bow­dens per­sön­li­cher Fort­schritt: „Zu dem Zeit­punkt, an dem ich die­ses Update bereit­stel­le, sind heu­te 2 Wochen ver­gan­gen, seit ich wie­der mit dem Schwung­ge­schwin­dig­keits­trai­ning zu Hau­se begon­nen habe. Ich habe in die­sen 14 Tagen nur 6 Trai­nings­ein­hei­ten absol­viert (meis­tens mit dem Tag 5‑Training), aber ich bin auf mei­nem Swing Speed Radar bereits wie­der auf 17 mph. Hier sind mei­ne bes­ten Geschwin­dig­kei­ten mit mei­nem aktu­el­len Fah­rer-Gamer für die Tage, an denen ich in einem Trai­ning war. Wie Sie sehen kön­nen, ist es irgend­wie ein Zick­zack-Auf­wärts­mus­ter des Fort­schritts Mein vor­he­ri­ger per­sön­li­cher Rekord im Jahr 2007, als ich im Long Dri­ve antrat, war 155 mph. Wenn ich ein­fach dabei blei­be, sehe ich nicht ein, war­um ich nicht wie­der auf die 155 oder sogar auf die 155 zurück­kom­men könn­te höher. Es ist nur eine Fra­ge der Zeit, die kon­se­quent in die Arbeit inves­tiert wird.” – Tag 1 – 187 km/h – Tag 2 – 122 km/h – Tag 5 – 129 km/h – Tag 7 – 127 km/h – Tag 11 – 132 km/h – Tag 14 – 132 km/h // Sports Sen­sors Golf Swing Speed Radar mit Tem­po-Timer: https://​swing​man​golf​.com/​g​o​l​f​-​s​w​i​n​g​-​s​p​e​e​d​-​r​a​d​a​r​-​r​ed/ Momen­tus Sports Speed Whoosh (ver­wen­det in der Video): https://​amzn​.to/​2​K​2​y​OhC Wider­stands­bän­der (im Video ver­wen­det): https://​amzn​.to/​2​x​3​Y​asI Dia­gramm der durch­schnitt­li­chen Golf­schwung­ge­schwin­dig­keit: https://​swing​man​golf​.com/​a​v​e​r​a​g​e​-​g​o​l​f​-​s​w​i​ng- speed-char­t‑2/ Zusätz­li­che Golf-Work­out-Plä­ne von Jaa­cob Bow­den und/oder Swing Man Golf: https://​swing​man​golf​.com/​p​r​o​d​u​c​ts/ Golf Fit­ness – Zer­ti­fi­zie­rungs­pro­gramm für Schwung­ge­schwin­dig­keits­trai­ning (für Pro­fis und Trai­ner): https://swingmangolf .com/zertifizierung/

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19 thought on “Golftraining zu Hause: Training 2/5”

  1. Hi Jacob. As Sports Sci­en­tist I like the over­loading approach you have come up with.
    Should you com­ple­te all sets in each Block befo­re moving onto doing all the sets in the next Block, and so on?
    Or, should you do 1 set in seri­es for each block, then move to the 1st set in the next Block, and then return to do the 2nd set for each Block in series/consecutively?
    Many thanks 🙂

    1. Hmmm, I guess it’s just a mat­ter of per­so­nal pre­fe­rence. I’ve done both ways. If you’­re in a hur­ry or time crun­ched, perhaps doing all the sets in one block is quicker to get done to keep from con­stant­ly rota­ting around the posi­ti­on of your bands/equipment. On the other hand, rota­ting blocks more mimics golf, in which you hit a dri­ve, hit an approach, hit a chip or putt, etc. That also gives a cer­tain body part or moti­on a litt­le break while you do some­thing else. You could also do both…some things all at once and some whe­re you rota­te. Pros and cons to both ways, I guess!

    1. When I filmed this par­ti­cu­lar work­out seri­es, my first work­out I did 134 with the Speed Whoosh on March 30, 2020. By April 12th, 2020, I was up to 153.

      I recall I’ve done fas­ter, though.

      In 2015, I remem­ber I trai­ned for a few mon­ths to get my speed back up. I just che­cked an old trai­ning jour­nal and I see a 162 with a Speed Whoosh on March 19th, 2015. On March 26th, 2015, I also hit 200 mph ball speed at Krank Golf’s head­quar­ters. That trans­la­tes to about a 133 mph Track­man club head speed.

      The fas­test I was swin­ging was when I trai­ned the most in 2007. I hit 155 mph on the Swing Speed Radar. That woul­d’­ve been low 140s on a Track­man. So, back then if I had used a Speed Whoosh, I migh­t’­ve been able to get it up in the 170s.

    1. @Jaacob Bow­den, PGAI assu­me day 1 on the sche­du­le is a mon­day. This would make rests days mon­day and fri­day. Also I assu­me i could keep this sche­du­le while com­pe­ting or as speed main­ten­an­ce during golf comp sea­son. I was a full time road cyc­list and rest days were mon­days and worked best during the sea­son as well

    2. @Ian Bald­win I recall that for this video seri­es I said Day 1 to give peop­le the fle­xi­bi­li­ty to pick what day that is for themselves.

      If it beco­mes too much at any time or during golf sea­son, doing just the Day 4 work­out 1–2 times/week works well if you con­ti­nue try­ing to go fas­ter and add resis­tance as you are able.

      The Day 4 just once per week is also ple­nty for main­ten­an­ce if you stay in the same spot resistance-wise.

    3. @Jaacob Bow­den, PGA thank you! Immedia­te results for me yes­ter­day after day two. Shot 18 last night and I’m tap­ped as a result too. Hard to build speed when Im alrea­dy tired. Oops! It was ama­zing having all the swing mus­cles fee­ling rea­dy yes­ter­day too even though i worked out first thing in the morning

  2. Hi Jaa­cob – is it ok to par­lay the­se exer­ci­ses with a super speed swing trai­ning (weigh­ted golf sticks) or should they be done sepa­r­ate­ly to redu­ce mus­cle fatigue

    1. I would do a block of the swings with your dri­ver, becau­se that’s ulti­mate­ly whe­re you need the speed.

      But, yes, you can use a varie­ty of other things as well for your swing reps.

      I put trai­ning aids for buil­ding speed in to 3 cate­go­ries: wind resis­tance, hea­vy clubs, and light clubs. The Super­Speed Golf trai­ning aids fit in the lat­ter for over­speed training.

      Per­so­nal­ly, I would also recom­mend only swin­ging in the way that you actual­ly swing the club, taking a litt­le break bet­ween trai­ning swings, like at the same rate you would hit balls at the dri­ving ran­ge. Some­ti­mes I see peop­le with the Super­Speed trai­ning aids get­ting too slop­py and swin­ging out of balan­ce, rapid firing the reps, and swin­ging in ways that aren’t like how you swing. In my obser­va­ti­on over the years, bet­ter results come from mimi­cking your swing as best as you can, from trai­ning aid swings to exer­ci­ses that you do for your swing.

    2. Thanks for the feed­back! It’s kind of tough for me to get a dri­ver swing in the gym .. could you still see some gains without the swings? Could I do the work­outs and then swing later on in the day? Or does it need to be right after the exercise?


    3. @player-16 sure, glad to help. 

      The swings can be at other times. 

      I know what you mean about the gym, though. 

      Some­ti­mes I would take a cou­p­le trai­ning aids and/or dri­ver in to an empty room whe­re they do clas­ses and swing in the­re with a towel on the ground for pro­tec­tion. I’ve also done them in the par­king lot after­wards. And then other times, I would just wait and do them at home or on the ran­ge later.

  3. Hi Jaa­cob,
    I have been using your work­outs and have incre­a­sed by swing speed 5 MPH in a very short peri­od of time. I have sub­sti­tu­ted nun­chucks for the hand­les and hold them just as I would my golf grip. For me that has been one of the best things that I could have done. Just a thought. Thanks again!!

    1. Congrats on the speed incre­a­se! Good idea about hol­ding them like a golf grip too. Mimi­cking the golf swing is some­thing that I per­so­nal­ly have found to be an often unde­re­sti­ma­ted area of making rapid impro­ve­ments with swing speed training.

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