Golftraining zu Hause: Training 5/5

Golftraining zu Hause Training 55 best golf workouts

Auf der Suche nach guten Golf-Work­outs? Golf­übun­gen zu Hau­se? In Video 5 die­ser 5‑teiligen Video­se­rie stellt Ihnen Jaa­cob Bow­den, PGA, ein ein­wö­chi­ges Golf­trai­nings­pro­gramm vor, das Sie bequem von zu Hau­se aus durch­füh­ren kön­nen. Es ist eines der bes­ten Golf­trai­nings, das Sie durch­füh­ren kön­nen, um die Schlä­ger­kopf­ge­schwin­dig­keit schnell und dras­tisch zu erhö­hen, Ihrem Spiel mehr Power zu ver­lei­hen und Bom­ben zu schla­gen sowie Ihr Han­di­cap und Ihr Tor­chan­cen­po­ten­zi­al zu sen­ken. Golf-Trai­nings­pro­gramm Trai­nings­rou­ti­nen im Über­blick: Tag 1 – Dyna­mi­sche Schwung­stär­ke Tag 2 – Iso­me­tri­sche Abschwung­stär­ke, dyna­mi­sche Schwung­ge­schwin­dig­keit, vol­le Schwung­wie­der­ho­lun­gen Tag 3 – Iso­me­tri­sche Abschwung­stär­ke, dyna­mi­sche Abschwung­ge­schwin­dig­keit, vol­le Schwung­wie­der­ho­lun­gen Tag 4 – Ruhe und Erho­lung Tag 5 – Iso­me­tri­sche Abschwung­stär­ke, Dyna­mi­sche Schwung­stär­ke, Dyna­mi­sche Schwung­ge­schwin­dig­keit, Vol­le Schwung­wie­der­ho­lun­gen Tag 6 – Dyna­mi­scher Abschwung Über­ge­schwin­dig­keit, Vol­le Schwung­wie­der­ho­lun­gen Tag 7 – Erho­lung & Erho­lung Hin­wei­se: Wenn Sie die Übun­gen beson­ders sym­me­trisch für bei­de Kör­per­sei­ten durch­füh­ren möch­ten die Kraft­übun­gen, das ist in Ord­nung. Jaa­cob Bow­dens per­sön­li­cher Fort­schritt: „Zu dem Zeit­punkt, an dem ich die­ses Update bereit­stel­le, sind heu­te 2 Wochen ver­gan­gen, seit ich wie­der mit dem Schwung­ge­schwin­dig­keits­trai­ning zu Hau­se begon­nen habe. Ich habe in die­sen 14 Tagen nur 6 Trai­nings­ein­hei­ten absol­viert (meis­tens mit dem Tag 5‑Training), aber ich bin auf mei­nem Swing Speed Radar bereits wie­der auf 17 mph. Hier sind mei­ne bes­ten Geschwin­dig­kei­ten mit mei­nem aktu­el­len Fah­rer-Gamer für die Tage, an denen ich in einem Trai­ning war. Wie Sie sehen kön­nen, ist es irgend­wie ein Zick­zack-Auf­wärts­mus­ter des Fort­schritts Mein vor­he­ri­ger per­sön­li­cher Rekord im Jahr 2007, als ich im Long Dri­ve antrat, war 155 mph. Wenn ich ein­fach dabei blei­be, sehe ich nicht ein, war­um ich nicht wie­der auf die 155 oder sogar auf die 155 zurück­kom­men könn­te höher. Es ist nur eine Fra­ge der Zeit, die kon­se­quent in die Arbeit inves­tiert wird.” – Tag 1 – 187 km/h – Tag 2 – 122 km/h – Tag 5 – 129 km/h – Tag 7 – 127 km/h – Tag 11 – 132 km/h – Tag 14 – 132 km/h // Momen­tus Sports Speed Whoosh (im Video ver­wen­det): https://​amzn​.to/​2​K​2​y​OhC Wider­stands­bän­der (im Video ver­wen­det): https://​amzn​.to/​2​x​3​Y​asI Durch­schnitt­li­che Golf­schwung­ge­schwin­dig­keits­ta­bel­le :‑2/ Zusätz­li­che Golf-Trai­nings­plä­ne von Jaa­cob Bow­den und/oder Swing Man Golf: https://​swing​man​golf​.com/​p​r​o​d​u​c​ts/ Golf Fit­ness – Schwung­ge­schwin­dig­keit Trai­nings­zer­ti­fi­zie­rungs­pro­gramm (für Pro­fis und Trai­ner): https://​swing​man​golf​.com/​c​e​r​t​i​f​i​c​a​t​i​on/

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17 thought on “Golftraining zu Hause: Training 5/5”

  1. Well onto it now and think your right with long dri­ve guys swap­ping to to your golf if you like. Look at koep­ka etc, when they are on they have a big advan­ta­ge. I’m nor­mal­ly 114–117 with fair­way fin­der dri­ver so inte­res­ted to see whe­re this lands me but will give it a shot .

    1. 114 is PGA TOUR average for the sea­son, so you aren’t giving up a distance advan­ta­ge rela­ti­ve to tour play­ers. Howe­ver, the­re is also a cor­re­la­ti­on with hig­her club head speed and hig­her world ran­king. So, distance and speed, like Koepka’s, for examp­le, I agree give an advan­ta­ge against the field. Part of the nice thing about swing speed trai­ning is you can keep your fair­way fin­der, but just train your body to exe­cu­te it faster.

  2. @Jaacob Bow­den, PGA Awe­so­me work/content! I’ll be try­ing it out as it’s very much inli­ne with exer­ci­ses I like to incor­po­ra­te with weights at the gym or home. Won­de­ring if you’­ve che­cked out Chris Barnard’s stuff – “tri­pha­sic” iso­metric, eccentric, con­centric trai­ning – for strength, speed, explo­si­ve­ness, power absorp­ti­on, recrui­t­ing fast twitch mus­cle fibers… All that com­bi­ned with golf spe­ci­fic trai­ning like you have here, and I agree we will see bet­ter trai­ned more ath­le­tic gol­fers that swing 130s. I could only mus­ter 107 mph yes­ter­day, but hope to get back to 115 soon and more. Thanks buddy!

  3. Gre­at con­tent, thanks for pos­ting. I bought some bands and star­ted week 1 on Mon­day. At 63 I’ve got a pret­ty slow swing speed ( approx 84mph a few weeks ago) 11 han­di­cap. Saw 89 mph yes­ter­day so some pro­gress alrea­dy. I’d be hap­py with 95 . All the best from the UK !

  4. I’m 75 and have seen my distan­ces drop, espe­cial­ly in past 3 years. And, of cour­se, to regain that distance, I have been swin­ging har­der, making poo­rer con­ta­ct, and hit­ting fewer fair­ways and greens. I have decent fle­xi­bi­li­ty. I think most of my pro­blem is just loss of mus­cle and strength. So this pro­gram matched what I was loo­king for. Jaacob’s video inst­ruc­tions are clear and his empha­sis on not try­ing to do more than you safe­ly can is espe­cial­ly on tar­get for seni­or gol­fers. I’m at the end of week 1 now. The exer­ci­ses are rigo­rous but not bru­tal. I have not hurt mys­elf. And the resis­tance I am using for each exer­cise is begin­ning to creep up a litt­le. My dri­ver swing speed has gone from 89 mph on day 1 to 95 today (day 7). I know I won’t make gains like that every week, but it is an encou­ra­ging start. Thanks Jaacob. 

    I will add one com­ment about the radar swing speed moni­tor. I bought the one Jaa­cob recom­mends, and I find it very hel­pful. Being able to see your pro­gress in actu­al mea­su­red swing speed is very moti­vat­ing. But bes­i­des that, the moni­tor pro­vi­des data on swing chan­ges. for examp­le, I have always won­de­red what would my swing speed do if I shor­ten­ed up on the dri­ver grip, or flat­te­ned my swing a bit, or deli­ve­r­ed the club more from the insi­de. Now I know. Pret­ty cool.

  5. Trai­ning with rub­ber bands for qui­te some time to get back from a qui­te seve­re shoul­der inju­ry and now after a year … things are clo­se to in order again. Del­to­id power was down to 40% and cur­r­ent­ly at 80% and at 52 this is OK for the gol­fing game for now. Will push fur­ther. Stay metal, Eric. 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻

  6. @Jaacob Bow­den, first of all, thank for all this. I am 60, but always ath­le­tic. Star­ted two weeks ago and my speed was in the high 90’s mph. Star­ted incre­a­sing resis­tance and making more reps, wood­chop and Bruce Lee resis­tance sequence (now can hold up to 60lbs) and last swing speed was con­sis­tent 165 mph. Honest­ly, I am per­plex haven’t visit the dri­ving ran­ge yet. Nor­mal­ly I fade bad at high speed swing but now I am full con­fi­dent that even slowing down will be adding mas­si­ve yards to my dri­ver. Thanks and gree­tings from Texas!

    1. Sure thing, glad to help. Yeah, that’s part of the idea. If you rai­se your max speed, your play speed goes up pro­por­tio­nal­ly. Keep up the gre­at work!

  7. 60 years old. End of week 1. Using ligh­test of the Super­speed golf trai­ning aid to cali­bra­te my speed… star­ted at 98 avg. 102 max. Now 104 avg and 109 max. Can’t wait to see whe­re I am after week 2!!!

    End of week 2 (exten­ded as I had some con­flicts). Avg now 107 and max of 110!! Hoping I can con­ti­nue and get to an average of 115 and a max of 120. Week 3 starts tomorrow.

  8. Gre­at con­tent – How do you incor­po­ra­te this work­out in spring and play­ing rounds on the wee­kends? Thanks for your help! Guy

    1. Thanks, glad you like it.

      Hmmm, it real­ly depends on the indi­vi­du­al and their goals and sche­du­le. So, it’s a litt­le dif­fi­cult for me to say without having more infor­ma­ti­on about you.

      This par­ti­cu­lar seri­es is a lot of swing work all in one week. If it’s a bit much and/or you want to lea­ve ener­gy for wee­kend golf, you could perhaps just pull out the Day 4 work­out and only do that once or twice a week…say on Mon­day and Thurs­day if you do it twice and like to play on Satur­day, or may­be Tues­day (for Satur­day rounds) or Wed­nes­day (for Sunday rounds) if you only go once.

      Typi­cal­ly, I find if you repeat a given work­out at least once per week, you can still make gains from week to week.

    1. I like ones that tra­vel well, don’t take up much space, can be sta­cked tog­e­ther, are dura­ble, and that have a way of mea­su­ring pro­gress. Real­ly, any brand that has tho­se type of things are fine.

      Per­so­nal­ly spea­king, the ones I’ve had for a long time and the ones that are in this video are made by Bodylastics.

      You can get tho­se on Ama­zon here:


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